The Try Guys Old Age Makeovers

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • The guys get professional makeup to get a taste of what they'll look like when they're 80, and then show their loved ones to gauge their reactions. The final video of a special four-part series exploring old age.
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    Jessica Leigh Schwartz
    Ariel Fulmer
    Becky Habersberger
    Jae Yang
    Make-up Artist - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
    Make-up Artist - Jen Osborne
    Make-Up Assistant - Brenna Haukedahl
    Make-Up Assistant - Alexa Coleman
    Devlin McCluskey
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    Licensed from AudioNetwork
    Licensed from Audioblocks
    Licensed from Videoblocks
    Official Try Guys Photos
    By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto
    2nd Try, LLC STAFF
    Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger
    Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer
    Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
    Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
    Producer - Rachel Ann Cole
    Producer - Nick Rufca
    Production Manager - Alexandria Herring
    Editor - Devlin McCluskey
    Editor - YB Chang
    Editor - Elliot Dickerhoof
    Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
    Social Media Manager - Allison Bagg
    Camera Operator - Miles Bonsignore
    Sound Operator - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
    Production Assistant - Sam Johnson
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Comments • 12 778

  • InxanityplazXOX
    InxanityplazXOX 6 hours ago

    I have some one in my family who looks like ned...

  • Faith Zhao
    Faith Zhao 9 hours ago

    Zach is so CUTE!!!

  • Heaven Judd
    Heaven Judd 17 hours ago

    can we please get eugine a bf?

  • HentaiOnIceWithMoreSauce

    How come Keith looks like Mr. Rogers

  • Crowley The Gardener

    The last guy was the best, anyone agree?

  • Amythest 8L/XG
    Amythest 8L/XG Day ago +1

    Eugene is hot as fuck....……………………………………

    Because of the war

  • Hims are better Moms are worse

    Get a haircut Ned

  • AJ Robbins
    AJ Robbins Day ago +1

    Keith’s girlfriend’s reaction had me in stitches 😂😂😂

  • Memaa Me
    Memaa Me Day ago +1


  • Toys for You
    Toys for You Day ago


  • aroharmy sal
    aroharmy sal Day ago

    When eugene said *jagiyah* at 15:35 my inner kdrama addict jumped out so bad😂

  • Royqg jk jkKjo soto
    Royqg jk jkKjo soto 2 days ago +1


  • Michaela Wolfe
    Michaela Wolfe 2 days ago +1

    Honestly Eugene and Zach look great

  • Alenlen M.O
    Alenlen M.O 2 days ago +1

    This is adorable. 😂 I have a soft spot for old people. I love this video!

  • J Simmons
    J Simmons 2 days ago

    This episode that made me not like Maggie. Zachy goes in for a kiss and she gives him ‘b*tch face’. The whole time she is stiff and awkward and next to Ariel’s loving looks with Ned she just comes off as a shallow b*tch.

  • Julia Deibler
    Julia Deibler 2 days ago

    Oh my god Becky is my favorite 😂

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 2 days ago

    beckys reaction had me in tearsssss

  • Random ACCOUNT :P
    Random ACCOUNT :P 3 days ago

    Why is eugene the only one who does not have a gf yet :P

  • Claire R
    Claire R 3 days ago +3

    Eugene: “I’m single... because of the war😅”

  • Claire R
    Claire R 3 days ago +1

    I’m 13 and my grandad is 93 and was in World war 2

  • Lana Fadhila
    Lana Fadhila 3 days ago

    Keith: “Compliments! Give me the compliments!” 😂😂 18:14

  • Mina Dannelly
    Mina Dannelly 3 days ago +1

    I think Becky's reaction is incredible. They're gonna have a long and happy marriage. That's a good relationship right there.

  • pablostridvlogs _
    pablostridvlogs _ 3 days ago

    to much fried chicken?? : D

  • Lifeisfun84
    Lifeisfun84 3 days ago +1

    Ok Zack has a beautiful face When he had the baldhead cap on!

  • Calvin Vu
    Calvin Vu 4 days ago

    Let’s hope that they’ll be best buds forever.

  • Madison Klein
    Madison Klein 4 days ago

    Since Zach has back problems, we already know that he’s gonna be an, “Aw my back!” Old man.

  • Linda Chica Ramnarine

    Eugene: Koreans will get this..

  • maxxx maxxx
    maxxx maxxx 4 days ago

    wait why does eugene still lowkey look good what-

  • Mossears133
    Mossears133 4 days ago

    Somehow they have better makeup artists on their own than they did at buzzfeed 😂

  • Isabella Vera
    Isabella Vera 4 days ago

    Who looks best old:
    1. Zach
    2. Eugene
    3. Keith
    4. Ned

  • kacperkrakowski RBLX
    kacperkrakowski RBLX 4 days ago +2

    Random dude on the street to Eugene: Why don't u have a girlfriend?
    Eugene: *because of the war*

  • panda_ playz
    panda_ playz 5 days ago +1

    I wanna bib where's my bib

  • SBG 12
    SBG 12 5 days ago

    Old Keith looks like the guy who says get off my lawn! I love Keith he's so funny!

  • Emma Carns
    Emma Carns 5 days ago

    keith was terrifying!

  • Alli XD
    Alli XD 5 days ago

    Eugene needs to get a girlfrined
    Like if u agree

  • KKay 000
    KKay 000 5 days ago

    Jesus Christ The war seems to come up alot in Eugene's Family

  • soap_ie brandi
    soap_ie brandi 5 days ago

    zach and maggie and the cutest thing oh my god 😍😍

  • soap_ie brandi
    soap_ie brandi 5 days ago

    no one:
    absolutely nobody:
    eugene: because of the war

  • Mohammad khan
    Mohammad khan 5 days ago

    “ I wAnT a BiB wHeReS mY BiB “ hahaha

  • Diana Kahsay
    Diana Kahsay 5 days ago

    eugene looks like a retired doctor hhhhhh

  • Anny Lym
    Anny Lym 5 days ago

    Ned is about to go back to future

  • Anny Lym
    Anny Lym 5 days ago

    Eugene is the grandpa that you meet on Gay Pride

  • Anny Lym
    Anny Lym 5 days ago

    Keith look like the old Ken

  • Anny Lym
    Anny Lym 5 days ago


  • Roronoa D. Zoro
    Roronoa D. Zoro 5 days ago

    zachs gf is out of his league

  • Samuel Cho
    Samuel Cho 5 days ago

    Ned looks like a real life Rick Sanchez...

  • Valentine Girl
    Valentine Girl 5 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Eugene: because of the war

  • Anallie Nguyen
    Anallie Nguyen 6 days ago

    Becky's reaction is so funny

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 6 days ago

    that doesn't look old
    except the asian

  • Erik Romero Frontaura

    The best is Eugene

  • skele tom
    skele tom 7 days ago

    just use faceapp duh

  • sprouty _
    sprouty _ 7 days ago

    17:40 OMG i think i just died seeing eugene's dad smile-

  • syeda fatima
    syeda fatima 7 days ago +2

    Doesn’t keith look like writhik Roshan in Krish
    I think only the Indians will understand it

  • Faith 101
    Faith 101 7 days ago

    Zach: ew
    Keith: oh-
    Ned: HOLY
    Eugene: I LIKE IT

  • Just sub to me for no Reason

    Eugene’s dad laugh is weird af

  • Carole Nash
    Carole Nash 7 days ago

    Eugene came out the best

  • Teenage Dream
    Teenage Dream 7 days ago

    Do anyone notice Eugen outed himself in this video before the coming out video?

  • Meka B
    Meka B 7 days ago

    Asian don’t raisin ✌🏼

  • ItsaMeAidan
    ItsaMeAidan 7 days ago

    Keith looks like Jeff Goldblum!

  • KrizM95 Gaming
    KrizM95 Gaming 8 days ago


  • Scott Dooley
    Scott Dooley 8 days ago

    Funny enough cartilage doesn't stop growing

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 8 days ago

    How is he still hot

  • Sinnisstar le Riche
    Sinnisstar le Riche 8 days ago

    It's not wine that ages well. It's whiskey.

  • Billy Jo
    Billy Jo 8 days ago

    Ned and zach fuking hilarious

  • Anna Kosov
    Anna Kosov 8 days ago

    Could have waited 2 more months for the face app. Why waste so much make up @tryguys?

  • xX_Random_Student_Xx
    xX_Random_Student_Xx 9 days ago +1

    This is how many times Eugene said
    "because of the war"

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond 9 days ago +2

    Why is nobody talking about how amazing the professional makeup artists did their job, so highly detailed...

  • Cowboy Preacher
    Cowboy Preacher 9 days ago

    Omg Ariel is so cute abt it i adore her

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley 9 days ago

    They will still be funny and nice, at any age. That's what matters most.

  • Lego Weirdo
    Lego Weirdo 9 days ago

    If Eugene is the hottest try guy then when is he the only one without a gf

  • Firefly Scott
    Firefly Scott 10 days ago

    is it just me, or is Ariel ALWAYS smiling? (Not a bad thing about her)

  • Pamela Laws Ordonez
    Pamela Laws Ordonez 10 days ago

    Even that Eugene is the oldest he still looks the best not trying to be mean to the other try guys

  • Lina Lina
    Lina Lina 10 days ago +1

    Lmaooo, yes Eugene. Us Koreans know what ur talking about

  • Johanna Högström
    Johanna Högström 10 days ago

    I love Keith’s and Becky’s relationship

  • Laia Lola
    Laia Lola 10 days ago

    16:06 ariel's look to Ned, that's love yall