Spinning The Globe And Flying Wherever It Lands

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
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    We spun a globe and wherever our finger landed is where we had to fly to. Let's just say this was one of the most fulfilling journey's we've ever been on...
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  • Syndicate
    Syndicate 8 minutes ago +1

    60% of Luke’s language: *bleep*

  • BeepBeepNotAJeep
    BeepBeepNotAJeep 27 minutes ago

    Lands on Chernobyl well shit

  • Julius Goze
    Julius Goze 54 minutes ago

    Good thing he did not land on Iraq or else...

  • Heath Johnson
    Heath Johnson Hour ago

    this channel is just amazing, as an australian just warmed my heart seeing two random americans ask two random tradies to come with them on a life changing trip

  • Gaming W/ Nicko
    Gaming W/ Nicko 2 hours ago

    Straya. Home of the eshays

  • Philippinesball
    Philippinesball 2 hours ago

    Imagine if he lands on North Korea

  • Simón Vega
    Simón Vega 3 hours ago

    Man i need to see luke being a member of yes theory

  • Zosha Malewski
    Zosha Malewski 6 hours ago

    Rip the Great Barrier Reef ❤️

  • Ilan Sasson Wolf
    Ilan Sasson Wolf 7 hours ago

    Then it lands on Afghanistan

  • good borgar
    good borgar 7 hours ago

    *lands in the ocean*
    Oceannnn mannnnn take me by the handdddd

  • The good gamer Conway
    The good gamer Conway 9 hours ago

    Luke is. Amazing

  • MagicalMusic34
    MagicalMusic34 10 hours ago

    You guys are so awesome. You basically gave Luke a starlight wish at half an hour notice. 💫

  • Elvia Kubelis
    Elvia Kubelis 13 hours ago

    Not A Flex

  • Oceano 0-8-4
    Oceano 0-8-4 13 hours ago

    Impresionante 🤩, aprendí de este video y de estas personas, normalmente tengo esta perspectiva de la vida, donde vivo no hay tantas personas con las cuales compartir pensamientos 💭 así o quizás aún no las he conocido y siempre espero aprender algo de todo lo que me rodeo por ejemplo en este video mantenerme firme de una perspectiva buena de la vida pero los pies 🦶🏻 sobre la tierra, viajar es emocionante y nunca lo he hecho

  • Tomas Lozano
    Tomas Lozano 13 hours ago

    Sergio ramírez is here¿?

  • Tomas Saks
    Tomas Saks 14 hours ago

    Fuckings geys

  • valcarni1
    valcarni1 14 hours ago

    I'm from Brisbane and been to the great barrier reef. I liked how clear the water was back in the mid 90s.

  • Johannes Bender
    Johannes Bender 15 hours ago

    Made me Smile!

  • Satanen Perkele
    Satanen Perkele 16 hours ago

    This is pretty much how the fellow ship of the ring was created.

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith 19 hours ago +1

    Perfect! God Bless you all and Luke! :)

  • Adi du Plessis
    Adi du Plessis 19 hours ago

    Hey Guys XD I'm from Johannesburg in South Africa, and its been a life long dream of mine to travel around the world. The country I would most love to visit is Japan.

  • Bintang Wang
    Bintang Wang 19 hours ago


  • Charlie Robert
    Charlie Robert 20 hours ago

    i can only imagine if u got like manchester england u prolly wouldnt go there but would be funny as

  • Mac Fun
    Mac Fun 20 hours ago

    landed into area 51

    video ends

  • skeree
    skeree 21 hour ago +1

    Vi la miniatura y parecidas ninja:v

  • Lumanjo
    Lumanjo 21 hour ago

    We love you Luke, never stop trying to make life better. All the best for the future!

  • adithya Sankar
    adithya Sankar 21 hour ago

    I want to go like this

  • Fitim Hajdini
    Fitim Hajdini 22 hours ago

    this is definetly sweet and nice what u guys did, and for that guy nice fight after that accident bro. The key is to never give up no matter what, thank you all for this wonderful serie.

  • Gabriel Rojas
    Gabriel Rojas 22 hours ago

    F A K E

  • Yheik
    Yheik 23 hours ago

    i travel to moon like if u trust me

  • Icicle
    Icicle Day ago

    If you do not want to hear all the stupid babbling: they are going to the Great Barrier Reef and the journey starts at minute 3:20 .

  • YungBug
    YungBug Day ago

    I live in Brisbane Australia I also lived in north QLD and I’ve never been to the GBF

  • Deebs
    Deebs Day ago


  • Jenni Bautista
    Jenni Bautista Day ago

    Is no one going to mention that luke looks like an Australian version of zac efron

  • Madeleine Billie
    Madeleine Billie Day ago +1

    what’s horrid is that all of those reefs would have been colourful at one point and now its bleached

  • Nvlpy
    Nvlpy Day ago +1

    Luke es igualito a Mr.ego jaja

  • Mauricio Elizondo

    Spin: Syria. Oh Shit.

  • Sumit Malik
    Sumit Malik Day ago

    Live in india - want to spain with you guys

  • corumbinthewise
    corumbinthewise Day ago

    Why don’t you guys ever go to Africa? That would be awesome

  • Manny Torres
    Manny Torres Day ago


  • Mario Godoy
    Mario Godoy Day ago


  • Rakxeres
    Rakxeres Day ago

    Me emociona tanto esto ajajja

  • Xavier Pierre
    Xavier Pierre Day ago

    always wanted to go where my mom was born Montserrat

  • Angel Peñate
    Angel Peñate Day ago

    This incredible!

  • Susan Vaughan
    Susan Vaughan Day ago

    Made me smile, made me cry, and made me remember how awesome life is and people are. Awesome vid guys!

  • Video Surge
    Video Surge Day ago +1

    I wanna go to tomorrowland Belgium festival 🇧🇪😲😄😁🥰 for both weekends full pass and hopefully meet my favorite dj's and take some pics with them 😭but Im broke has f#%£
    😔 Well maybe one day who knows.

  • DublinGreen
    DublinGreen Day ago +2

    When a sh!+ passport hinders you from travelling story of my life

  • Mr. CRA
    Mr. CRA Day ago

    I'am very emotional cause this video you guys are really good persons....

  • Nur Azmina
    Nur Azmina Day ago

    This is how boys (im sorry mayyynn) be making friends like

  • B.K. Hota
    B.K. Hota Day ago

    Australians cuss a lot

  • justin miller
    justin miller Day ago

    Fuck i cryed.

  • peys032
    peys032 Day ago +1

    Anjir nangis gue liat endingnya 😭😭😭
    Really touch with personality from Luke , Heartwholeming

  • Shubhankar Viladkar

    One of the most heartwarming videos on RUclip.I am literally crying....


    Spins the globe: North Korea

    Surprised pikachu face

  • Benjamin Grimm
    Benjamin Grimm 2 days ago +2

    Luke is so kind thank god he is here with use make him a yes theory member pls

  • Hacker P
    Hacker P 2 days ago +3

    Rich people contest
    Mr.beast vs yes theory
    Bill gates: wai- im not in the list?

  • Blüü
    Blüü 2 days ago

    I felt bad because I live in Brisbane, and I didn’t even know this channel existed a few months ago. :(

  • Sonu Singh
    Sonu Singh 2 days ago +1

    India to USA!!!

  • anabertha gonsalwes
    anabertha gonsalwes 2 days ago

    You people are living my dream 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍