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Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

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  • Camilo Gamer
    Camilo Gamer 29 секунд назад

    *Ya pasó de moda*

  • Robson Camargi
    Robson Camargi 57 секунд назад

    Despacito. em. 2018

  • Zeyn ;3
    Zeyn ;3 Минуту назад


  • Zeyn ;3
    Zeyn ;3 2 минуты назад

    2018 ???? + in comment

  • Zeyn ;3
    Zeyn ;3 2 минуты назад


  • Gil Pardo
    Gil Pardo 3 минуты назад

    Esa canción me gusta mucho!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡

  • Abaro Omote
    Abaro Omote 3 минуты назад

    25m good job

  • Lam Nguyen
    Lam Nguyen 3 минуты назад

    Wtf, 2 million dislike ? Those guys dont have ears

  • ROI 1
    ROI 1 4 минуты назад


  • Nikki Lazy
    Nikki Lazy 4 минуты назад

    this song will always be the best

  • Blues Gold
    Blues Gold 5 минут назад

    Latinos?? Americ United states?? O latinos Comenten 2O18!!

  • francisco adriano
    francisco adriano 5 минут назад

    a 1 bilhao de vilus

  • francisco adriano
    francisco adriano 6 минут назад

    vamos chegar a 0 milhoes

  • Cx3zA
    Cx3zA 7 минут назад

    This video is most viewed on YouTube?! I can't believe...what is so special?

  • Dallas
    Dallas 7 минут назад

    Don't know why people call this shit,but this is awesome.

  • Shahzad Sultan
    Shahzad Sultan 7 минут назад

    Dy your awesome and still listening this song in 2018 and I will listen in 2019 my favorite song

  • Sloths are sloths
    Sloths are sloths 9 минут назад

    4 billion views omg what has the human race come to

  • nahuel robledo
    nahuel robledo 10 минут назад


  • The Crystal Gem
    The Crystal Gem 13 минут назад

    Ladies and gentlemen......

    The most viewed video on the planet....
    Some how this makes sense.

  • Vanessa Carolina Pulido Valencia
    Vanessa Carolina Pulido Valencia 13 минут назад +1

    0:27 Que te duele?

  • Cyberbot Gameplay
    Cyberbot Gameplay 16 минут назад +1

    Cade os br HueHue

  • علي ال
    علي ال 17 минут назад +1

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱ادمان الي معي لايك👍👍👍👍👍

  • Kaledy Gomes
    Kaledy Gomes 17 минут назад


  • Fatima Souza Maria
    Fatima Souza Maria 18 минут назад


  • adeagus adeagus
    adeagus adeagus 19 минут назад

    La mejor cancione del mundo

  • Meyriele Altino
    Meyriele Altino 20 минут назад +1


    JD GAMER 20 минут назад +2

    ♥ *2018* ♥ *BRASIL* *REPRESENTA* 😎

  • Juan Encalada
    Juan Encalada 20 минут назад

    2018!!! Hijueeeputaa!!!! tiene q sonar este verano si o si.

  • TikiElCrow #Cubito
    TikiElCrow #Cubito 21 минуту назад

    Que asco esta puta cancion

  • Felipe games513
    Felipe games513 23 минуты назад


  • Raven Pausa
    Raven Pausa 23 минуты назад


  • Wall Fb
    Wall Fb 24 минуты назад


  • Carol Valdez
    Carol Valdez 25 минут назад

    Me gusta mucho mucho la música

  • Jamar Johnson
    Jamar Johnson 25 минут назад +1

    Ummm didn't Justin Bieber sing the first part of the song or am I trippn' balls. (Not trying to be rude just asking why)

  • Juan Diosa
    Juan Diosa 26 минут назад

    Antes amaba esta canción ahora me da asco :(

  • Roselyn Castillo25
    Roselyn Castillo25 26 минут назад

    #song of the year😍🎧

  • Amadeu indião brabo Abreu
    Amadeu indião brabo Abreu 26 минут назад +1

    sauvi sauvi meu fanm

  • anaDj 1234
    anaDj 1234 26 минут назад


  • Carrie Lee
    Carrie Lee 27 минут назад

    soon 5B 🤫

    ROBLOX _VIDS 28 минут назад +1


  • Miguel simon Renteria
    Miguel simon Renteria 29 минут назад

    Fonsi !!!! D.Y!!!!!!!

  • Andreza Farias
    Andreza Farias 30 минут назад

    Fezzz um ano amo essa música

  • RandomNathan236 THE SAVAGE
    RandomNathan236 THE SAVAGE 30 минут назад +1

    Got more views than gangnem style........wait that means it broke the record of the most viewed video on youtube 😲

  • sylvie heart
    sylvie heart 31 минуту назад

    Hermosos lindas canción

  • 사나없이사나마나
    사나없이사나마나 31 минуту назад +1


  • Jerrett Runge
    Jerrett Runge 33 минуты назад


  • Eel Hacker 010101
    Eel Hacker 010101 33 минуты назад +1

    Dejen de escuchar esto

    • Eel Hacker 010101
      Eel Hacker 010101 7 минут назад

      Karjan Vayrk jaja La que te dije Esta buena,depende si te gusta A vos.

    • Karjan Vayrk
      Karjan Vayrk 14 минут назад

      Ok. Espero que no sea como esta jajaj.

    • Eel Hacker 010101
      Eel Hacker 010101 26 минут назад

      Karjan Vayrk busca en Youtube,es una canción que se volvió muy conocida

    • Karjan Vayrk
      Karjan Vayrk 29 минут назад

      Que es eso?

  • Minna Abdelrazig
    Minna Abdelrazig 34 минуты назад

    الفيديو وسخ بس الأغنية حلوووه

  • Rĭhçãß Deĭágñëß
    Rĭhçãß Deĭágñëß 35 минут назад

    Soon 5B top music in youtube

  • KAKAROTO 2.0
    KAKAROTO 2.0 35 минут назад

    Como veo que la siguen escuchando los ingleses aquí le dejo la canción en inglés, quiero mi like XD
    Yes, you know I've been looking at you for a while now
    I have to dance with you today
    I saw that your look was already calling me
    Show me the way that I'm going
    you, you are the iman and I am the metal
    I'm getting closer and I'm putting together the plan
    just by thinking, the pulse accelerates
    already, I'm liking more than usual
    all my senses are asking for more
    I have to take it without any trouble
    slowly, I want to breathe your neck slowly
    Let me tell you things in my ear
    so you can remember if you're not with me
    slowly, I want to undress you with kisses slowly
    I sign the walls of your labyrinth
    and make your whole body a manuscript
    I want to see your hair dance
    I want to be your rhythm
    that you teach my mouth
    Your favorite places
    let me surpass
    your danger
    to provoke your screams and forget your last name
    If I ask you a kiss, come see me
    I know you're thinking about it
    I've been trying for a while
    mommy are you looking for it
    you know that your heart with me makes you bam bam
    know that baby is looking for my bam bam
    see proof of my mouth to see how it tastes
    I want I want to see how much love you have
    I do not have hurry I want to take the trip
    we started slow later wild
    little step by little soft
    We are going to stick a little bit
    when you kiss me with that skill
    I think you are malice with delicacy
    little step by little step
    We are going to stick a little bit
    and that beauty is a puzzle
    but to mount it here I have the piece oyeee
    slowly I want to breathe your neck slowly
    Let me tell you things in my ear
    so you can remember if you're not with me
    slowly I want to undress you with kisses slowly
    I sign the walls of your labyrinth
    and make your whole body a manuscript
    I want to see your hair dance
    I want to be your rhythm
    that you teach my mouth
    Your favorite places
    let me surpass
    your danger zones
    to provoke your screams
    and forget your last name
    slowly, let's do it on a beach in rich
    Until the waves scream, there is blessed!
    so that my stamp stayed with you
    little step by little soft
    we go peniting bit by bit
    that you teach my mouth
    Your favorite places
    little step by little soft
    We are going to stick a little bit
    to provoke your screams
    and forget your last name

    • KAKAROTO 2.0
      KAKAROTO 2.0 6 минут назад

      Karjan Vayrk from nothing friend :D

    • Karjan Vayrk
      Karjan Vayrk 12 минут назад

      Err... sorry bro. Good work :)

    • KAKAROTO 2.0
      KAKAROTO 2.0 25 минут назад

      Karjan Vayrk 😂😂???

    • Karjan Vayrk
      Karjan Vayrk 28 минут назад


  • trickshot4life
    trickshot4life 35 минут назад +1


  • Abdou Merzouki
    Abdou Merzouki 35 минут назад

    omg 4.7 Md

  • Ahmed Tawfik
    Ahmed Tawfik 37 минут назад

    2018 ?

  • musica de regaeton y trap
    musica de regaeton y trap 39 минут назад +1

    no manches cuantas visitas

    • Karjan Vayrk
      Karjan Vayrk 27 минут назад

      Ya esta manchado amigo.

  • Christopher Weathersby
    Christopher Weathersby 41 минуту назад +1

    Why the fuck does this have so many views?

    • Karjan Vayrk
      Karjan Vayrk 25 минут назад

      Look for Einstein quotes... I believe he said something about... :)

  • Lionize XI Music
    Lionize XI Music 43 минуты назад +1

    Like si crees que la canción de Daddy Yankee - Dura... superará esta canción

  • Jordan Cl
    Jordan Cl 43 минуты назад

    2. ble

  • Doritos
    Doritos 44 минуты назад

    In case you broke the replay button

  • Fernando Cadena
    Fernando Cadena 44 минуты назад +1

    baia baia ....de donde salio toda esta gente de los comentarios xD

    • dave plant
      dave plant 13 минут назад


  • YourMom
    YourMom 45 минут назад +1

    almost 5 billion..........

  • Noel Reyes
    Noel Reyes 45 минут назад

    spaish I know

    TÊÇH VDV 48 минут назад

    Still my soul flies when hearing this song 😍😍😍

  • Jaharem_XD Elcrack
    Jaharem_XD Elcrack 49 минут назад +1


  • Gabriela Mamani Garcia
    Gabriela Mamani Garcia 51 минуту назад +1

    me gusta la cancion

  • V& Min
    V& Min 51 минуту назад +1


  • Alejandro Riveros
    Alejandro Riveros 52 минуты назад

    Me gusta las canciones

  • لانا الزهراني
    لانا الزهراني 53 минуты назад

    You thy 2018? Like.

  • Amerson Hermann
    Amerson Hermann 53 минуты назад

    legal a muvica

  • Pasquale dantonio antonio viesti
    Pasquale dantonio antonio viesti 53 минуты назад

    Torno al passato anche se e passato poco tempo

  • Nonbrejuan Apjajxjellido
    Nonbrejuan Apjajxjellido 53 минуты назад


  • josee berseck
    josee berseck 54 минуты назад

    DURA -Daddy Yankee (Video Oficial)::>>(ruclip.com/video/sGIm0-dQd8M/видео.html)

  • الحساب محذوف
    الحساب محذوف 55 минут назад +1

    واو 4 مليار مشاهده اغنيه بتجنن عنجد 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  • Rosario Hirossy
    Rosario Hirossy 56 минут назад

    Ya calmensen con esta canción

  • Alaa IHD
    Alaa IHD 57 минут назад +1

    Are you from 2020 ?

  • Kitten Comics
    Kitten Comics 57 минут назад

    From the future 2020

  • Ema Troya
    Ema Troya 58 минут назад

    Alguien de por aki ha escuhado el movimiento naranja 😂

  • คุณบอส เดกซ่า
    คุณบอส เดกซ่า 59 минут назад

    4.7 B

  • Moimen Al.sardy
    Moimen Al.sardy Час назад +1


  • Ricky Tha blueberry cat
    Ricky Tha blueberry cat Час назад +1


  • Edgardo YT Mendoza
    Edgardo YT Mendoza Час назад

    me gusta pero a laves no

  • Eugenio Ogando
    Eugenio Ogando Час назад

    Dominican Republic?

  • Thành Nguyễn Tấn
    Thành Nguyễn Tấn Час назад


    EGOROV Час назад

    Лайков больше чем подписчиков

  • Никита Демидов
    Никита Демидов Час назад +1

    19.01.2018 - 4 млрд 709 млн просмотров.

  • Jooyoung Park
    Jooyoung Park Час назад +1


  • Antonio Machado
    Antonio Machado Час назад

    Muite bone despacito

  • علوش فراوله
    علوش فراوله Час назад

    وينهم اخوتي العرب لايك
    #عراقي 🙋🙋

  • Xavier Villamagua
    Xavier Villamagua Час назад +1


  • Koura Bongo
    Koura Bongo Час назад

    very good

  • LemaxSTAR ツ
    LemaxSTAR ツ Час назад

    Like si la seguís escuchando aunque paso de moda xD

  • Moises Rivas
    Moises Rivas Час назад

    Hoy te vi caminando despacito con tu novio

  • Marie Laure Milome
    Marie Laure Milome Час назад

    Se col je t,aime. ♦♦♥♥😎😋😆🙂😍😘😎🙂😎🙂♥🙂😉😆😅😄😃😀😊😋😎😍😘😘😚😘😗🤗🙂☺😇😶😚😐🤖👸👸👰👰🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🗣🗣🗣💑💑💑💑💑💑👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👥👫💃💃

  • Marie Laure Milome
    Marie Laure Milome Час назад

    Se col je t,aime. ♦♦♥♥😎😋😆🙂😍😘😎🙂😎🙂♥🙂😉😆😅😄😃😀😊😋😎😍😘😘😚😘😗🤗🙂☺😇😶😚😐🤖👸👸👰👰🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🗣🗣🗣💑💑💑💑💑💑👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👥👫💃💃

  • Augusto vicente Coello Gutierrez

    super COOL digua

  • Dylan McClintock
    Dylan McClintock Час назад +1

    4.7 billion views in 1 year

  • Bautista Medina
    Bautista Medina Час назад

    Cuántas visitas la puta madre