Film Theory: Don't Look Away Don'ẗ̶̖́ Loo̶̹͑͜k Aẃ̸̗ạ̵̕ỹ̵͙ Look̵̪͊̈ Away (Local 58)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    A little while ago I was told to check out a mysterious RUclip channel called Local58. So, I did. What I found was a creepypasta like story told in fragmented pieces in using footage from a "local news station". Theorists, I am hooked! Today we are going to figure out what is going on in the creepy world of Local58!
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    Twitter: @MatPatGT
    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: BanditRants and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
  • Film & AnimationFilm & Animation

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  • Nightcore_ Melanie
    Nightcore_ Melanie Day ago +1

    I am going to go full screen.Wish me luck.

  • Rifted Cyfr
    Rifted Cyfr Day ago

    the cold war and aliens?
    *[Ominous synth music]*

  • Rifted Cyfr
    Rifted Cyfr Day ago +1

    no no no I'm scared help me comments

  • L :3
    L :3 Day ago

    I’m not sure if it’s a good idea watching this at like 2:00 AM

  • Sapphire STARR
    Sapphire STARR Day ago

    I wish that the aliens were doing a positive thing by controlling the signals, instead of being scary aliens. That they wanted to control the station to tell them that they existed, but their attempts to communicate to the public was being manipulated and distorted due to the government’s own attempts to seal the truth. The aliens wanted to say hello, but found that the leaders of the country were being mean people by controlling the signal that the aliens knew was a possible link to their domain. They try to get people to look at the moon because they live there or whatever, but the government makes a fake emergency alert thingy that makes the people don’t want to look up and find them. Being frustrated and having hurt feelings, the aliens planned to try to get the public to know that their leaders are mean. They show that, at some point, the government had a video to manipulate the public by killing them self’s and their families because they lost the war. And instead of ensuring the safety even after their defeat, they rather take everyone done with them as they do the same. This being the case, in modern day, they wanted to meet a human and they made a GPS signal guide a man (or like lady or whatever) to a secluded spot that they can have no interruptions in meeting species to species and have just a great time (like a tea party or whatever they had common) This would have been nice if this was what the channel was doing, but maybe that’s just me wishing that they were like chill aliens and stuff :P

  • EdibleMilk
    EdibleMilk Day ago

    Mom, I don’t want to go to the moon now

  • Olivia Beken
    Olivia Beken Day ago

    who’s ready to storm area 51?!?

  • Nuclear-skull Toxicated-811


  • Kazaria The Vulpix

    I’m wondering though if the “victory pose” in contingency has anything to do with looking at the moon. It’s the same position as the skeleton in the Show for Children. I dunno. Might be looking too far into it lol

  • jigglymelons
    jigglymelons Day ago

    nice using history by rich brian at the beginning

  • John StienBec
    John StienBec Day ago

    aliens: look at the moon bich
    weebs living in their moms basement: pathetic

  • John StienBec
    John StienBec Day ago

    yo but what if the aliens are made of radio signals or whatever, thatd explain why they dont just go and yeet the humans (the thing in youre on the fastest available route could just be one of the sicko mode humans from the sleep thing)
    also, this could be a war between aliens using the humans sort of like how the us and ussr fought through other countries instead of just beating each other up directly, (with the cold war imagery referencing this) and "their domain" being the humans domain instead
    but hey thats just a theory
    a fucking garbage theory lmao

  • Melod._
    Melod._ Day ago

    why was I so scared to look out of my window

  • Mistshadow 156
    Mistshadow 156 Day ago

    I was too scared to watch the video, so I started scrolling the comments section and missed everything, so now I have to rewatch it :(

  • xoxo maine
    xoxo maine Day ago +1

    Now, do you REALLY wanna raid Area 51 now?

  • AlmightyHat4911
    AlmightyHat4911 Day ago

    3:08 MatPat called me out

  • Faith Wilson
    Faith Wilson Day ago +3

    Storming Area 51 don’t sound like such a good idea anymore :/

  • yeros 319
    yeros 319 Day ago +2

    Mt alien i got from area 51 asking me how to turn my shower at
    /I \
    / \

  • Kuma The Weeb
    Kuma The Weeb Day ago

    Yep, no sleep for me tonight.

  • Deus Ares
    Deus Ares Day ago

    I listen to these like podcasts, so I'm just going to to put my phone down and tell myself that I'll be fine

  • Komrad_Emerald
    Komrad_Emerald Day ago

    Maybe I'm just dumb, but how did you reach the conclusion that they are aliens? Just wondering.

  • Mai Andersen
    Mai Andersen Day ago +2

    watching this alone at *3AM* WAS MY BIGGEST mistake ever

  • Lemons!
    Lemons! Day ago +1

    MatPat: *from 1987*
    Every FNaF fan plus Scott: *GASP*
    MatPat: *Started from 1983*
    FNAF Community: *AAAAAAA*

  • Channa Thorng
    Channa Thorng Day ago +2

    I’m hiding in the comments, however, *im on mobile. It will still be visible*

  • Alejandro Hernandez

    Not scary at all matpat

  • Patricia Partain
    Patricia Partain Day ago +2

    Me: watches creepy stuff like creepypastas or horror games
    Also Me: doesn't want to watch Local 58

  • Aydenisahuman being
    Aydenisahuman being 2 days ago

    Watch nexpos video on this

  • Tristen Higginbotham

    In the middle of the video, my screen turned black and my mouse became a metal hand; I was terrified! Then I realized it was The Witcher finally launching after I completely forgot about it.

  • Shadowmoon_wolf xoxox

    I’m save in the comments

  • A sexy Soda
    A sexy Soda 2 days ago

    Me:crap I'm going to bed

  • princess Lologococo
    princess Lologococo 2 days ago

    Legit got so scared I waited a week to finish this vid

  • Tsumi_No_Shi
    Tsumi_No_Shi 2 days ago

    moons huanted

  • jeff Phillips
    jeff Phillips 2 days ago

    Maybe it’s not aliens but Russians

  • Kitshine studios
    Kitshine studios 2 days ago

    At 1:10 when it said marble hornets, I said out loud "yes!" (Since I am a very big fan of the series and creepypasta ) and everyone in the train looked at me like "..... what does this girl do on here"

  • PlayStation 4 Guy
    PlayStation 4 Guy 2 days ago

    And I had to sub

  • PlayStation 4 Guy
    PlayStation 4 Guy 2 days ago

    This is creepy

  • Paul ROBLOX gameplay and more

    What if the max headroom incident was aliens that’s why they never found the guy or girl that why they said advertising slogans and Michael Jackson that what they will hear from messing with the sound and video and the other part I don’t know maybe aliens like that idk

  • Aslyra *-*
    Aslyra *-* 2 days ago

    "another FNAF theory"

  • Manavi Ghosh
    Manavi Ghosh 2 days ago

    'ẗ̶̖́ o̶̹͑͜ ẃ̸̗ạ̵̕ỹ̵͙ k̵̪͊̈

  • chronowarrior21
    chronowarrior21 2 days ago

    if you like stuff like this check out noc+10 or everyman hybrid

  • TreeTheEnderHyena
    TreeTheEnderHyena 2 days ago

    *it's not underground anymore...*

  • Harbinger of Hentai
    Harbinger of Hentai 2 days ago

    just thought I should give my hot take on some things.
    this is an old pinned comment I made on the Nightmare Expo discord helping further make the video order clear and in general just something interesting to me
    "so something interesting i found in contingency is that when the broadcast says "have a great night" it shows a picture of the man on the moon. This is interesting because Lyndon Johnson's presidency ended on January 20th 1969 but America didn't reach the moon until July 20th 1969 therefore something is off as Johnson couldn't have signed the document if his presidency was over which can confirmed to be over as America has landed on the moon meaning its at the very least taking place some time after July 20th 1969 in a time where Johnson's presidency is extended meaning the cold war could have also gone drastically differently as during some time of the war Johnson would be president and not Nixon assuming he still becomes president after Johnson.
    overall it at least shows there are either some inconsistencies or this is some form of alternate reality where some certain events in history went much different
    take this information how you will it is old but I felt it was worth sharing, tbh it probably doesn't matter or isn't true or doesn't follow this theory

  • VyTEM /GlitchCraft
    VyTEM /GlitchCraft 2 days ago

    Good thing I'm not an American Citizen...

  • Andrew Guillen
    Andrew Guillen 2 days ago

    Bruh we all could find theorys or evidence but we're all too lazy to do it

  • Almon E
    Almon E 2 days ago

    Aliens are trying to kill us all and Im jumping because I think a hairballs a spider

  • Strayfade
    Strayfade 2 days ago

    Me: *hears the house settle*
    Also me: *pauses video and prepares for an alien invasion*

    • Strayfade
      Strayfade 2 days ago

      It doesnt help that im tryna watch this at 1:27 AM

  • Gaafdovjun Gaming
    Gaafdovjun Gaming 2 days ago

    Low key destroy all humans advertising

  • mymiddlenameis love.

    i think we should vote to nuke the moon

  • MisterSpooks
    MisterSpooks 2 days ago

    *_T H E O R I E S I N N U M B E R S_*

  • Winter Rose
    Winter Rose 2 days ago

    Comment it’s you actually left to look at videos
    Like if you just waited for matpat to tell you

  • Isabelle Warren
    Isabelle Warren 2 days ago +1

    Local 58 scares the demons out of me

  • Elliot Decides
    Elliot Decides 2 days ago

    My biggest fear is psychological horror and as soon as I heard “PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR” WELL HOW ABOUT I JUST DIE OR SOMETHING

  • Chloe Pala
    Chloe Pala 2 days ago

    *hides in the comments *
    * remembers I am in my phone*

  • Autumn Slavolska
    Autumn Slavolska 2 days ago

    The video just started and my mind instantly went to Marble Hornets- goddangit-
    Edit: MatPat actually knows Marble Hornets- ! Ohmagod- U just read ma mind- xDD

  • Melly SeouLovely
    Melly SeouLovely 2 days ago

    What about Channel 7? Are they connected?

  • Isabella Aguilar
    Isabella Aguilar 2 days ago


  • Isabella Aguilar
    Isabella Aguilar 2 days ago +1

    I’m going to try making it to the end of the video instead of watching something else.
    Wish me luck

  • Glitchy XCode
    Glitchy XCode 2 days ago

    Is it bad that none of this scared me?

  • Eric Esparza
    Eric Esparza 2 days ago

    Thank goddess they did this

  • ResentedCow 3173
    ResentedCow 3173 2 days ago

    I’m probably the only one who knows this. At the beginning the music was from ski safari 2

  • DB
    DB 2 days ago +2

    AAAA IM SAFE IN THE COMMENT SECTION. Also I have a window open and it’s a good day, so I feel more safe

  • debra wiggs
    debra wiggs 2 days ago

    What Is this vidoe ;§
    [email protected]#$%[email protected]!{{:”}

  • Lornfish 21
    Lornfish 21 2 days ago

    I live in Houston

  • SansFighter X
    SansFighter X 3 days ago

    The alien looked like a demogorgan

  • no no
    no no 3 days ago +1

    Did anyone else get a call from a restricted number right after they left local 58 channel

  • Natasha Z
    Natasha Z 3 days ago

    As Elon Musk tweeted,
    Neil A. (Neil Armstrong)

  • sibling warriors
    sibling warriors 3 days ago

    Aliens: the fuck is this planet 43
    Other alien: I thought they were smart

  • Lula HamstaLuvva
    Lula HamstaLuvva 3 days ago

    I am never leaving my house after dark ever again

  • Lula HamstaLuvva
    Lula HamstaLuvva 3 days ago +1



    OR AM I.

  • Chris Mugherini
    Chris Mugherini 3 days ago

    Too bad they haven’t posted any other videos in six months