Star Wars Episode 9 Final Trailer BREAKDOWN

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer BREAKDOWN today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review official final trailer 2019!
    Star Wars Episode 9 Final Trailer review & breakdown today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction to the official final trailer for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker in 2019! Rey vs Kylo Ren! Finn and Poe! C-3PO! Emperor Palpatine! Space horses?! Enjoy this breakdown of the official final trailer for Star Wars Episode 9 before you see the full movie in 2019! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on RUclip today!
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  • Gavin Rippstein
    Gavin Rippstein 14 hours ago

    Feels like she making up her own problems. 'the picture is too clear'? What! I understand the gritty feeling of star wars, which I love, but that grittiness comes from the set and costume design, not the camera quality. The prequals were too clean

  • Shelley Reed
    Shelley Reed 5 days ago

    😂 huge space hazard

  • Connor Marois
    Connor Marois 6 days ago

    this lady is so funny

  • DJ BMurda
    DJ BMurda 9 days ago

    6:28 This is why I love grace hahahahaha

  • steve koz
    steve koz 10 days ago

    this break down is worse than the Last Jedi

  • Siddharth Verma
    Siddharth Verma 10 days ago

    Po Dameron

  • Siddharth Verma
    Siddharth Verma 10 days ago

    Grace is in Love With Poet Cameron

  • Siddharth Verma
    Siddharth Verma 10 days ago

    Talking about the clarity and realistic visuals then I wanna say that Marvel does unrealistic visuals

  • plusgirlbworld
    plusgirlbworld 12 days ago

    A lot of the scenes look like they’re on sets :/. we as the audience aren’t supposed to feel that way.

  • mezlabor
    mezlabor 12 days ago

    Im waiting on the spoiler reviews to decide if Im going to see this or not. I avoided all spoilers for the last two but after tlj I'm just not taking the chance

  • eeeemmteeee
    eeeemmteeee 13 days ago

    wait.... is boyega the new chewy?

  • Russian-bot 01101010
    Russian-bot 01101010 13 days ago

    I hope Finn dies, Rey dies, Poe dies, and the end of the movie we cut to a smoking R2 who had just plugged in to a power receptacle on the Death Star. Yes, this was all scrambled droid visions after being overloaded.

  • Kosh800
    Kosh800 14 days ago

    If they were going for a Native American theme with the horses then it's a shame no one told them they had no horses before the Europeans brought them over ...

  • J
    J 14 days ago

    As a fellow Monaghan, its pronounced Mon-a-han. The g is silent.

  • Skjelm
    Skjelm 14 days ago

    "Jar Jar is the key to everything"

  • Jm Rocks
    Jm Rocks 15 days ago

    I feel like I would want to watch a SW movie made by Michael Bay.

  • AsSeenOnTV
    AsSeenOnTV 15 days ago

    5:47 did you have a stroke?

  • Scott Manns
    Scott Manns 15 days ago

    Please..Please..Have this the LAST Star Wars movie. One can only take so much Bantha Fodder!!!

  • whiteknight723
    whiteknight723 16 days ago

    Remember the attack of the clones debacle in terms of the Visuals where it became absolutely animated towards the end? Maybe it was to smoothly transition us into the clone wars animated series to slot in between, who knows lol! I think they got the Visuals spot on in Rogue one it had that gritty real feel excluding Tarkin and Leia that is. I think they should of used Rogue one as a template for the Visuals.

  • ra803 g
    ra803 g 16 days ago

    I thought I was quitting star wars but now think I'm just done with Hollywood. They hate men and I'm over it.

  • Om Patel
    Om Patel 16 days ago

    Characters: breathes*
    Grace: “I ship them”

  • Pete Abdou
    Pete Abdou 16 days ago

    How about Chewbaccas bandalere and bowcaster on the dhelf in the background of the statue shattering scene with Rey and Kylo?

  • Arvind Talukdar
    Arvind Talukdar 16 days ago

    What spoilers? I mean, if you saw the the original trilogy, the whole trailer is a spoiler.

  • J Dubbz
    J Dubbz 16 days ago

    So glad this is the last one, maybe Dsny+ can revive this franchise!

  • Maya Notmayo
    Maya Notmayo 16 days ago

    There’s probably something behind Rey in that final shot that was taken out

  • Phantasm65
    Phantasm65 16 days ago

    Who else besides me wants to kiss Grace

  • MAsonTRIX
    MAsonTRIX 16 days ago

    @6:28 Get Grace to 1 MILLION SUBS

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 17 days ago +1

    The SAGA ended with ROTJ. This is something else.

  • A Internet
    A Internet 17 days ago

    Can y'all stop posting spoilers in the comments?

  • Mayo Versand
    Mayo Versand 17 days ago

    Have fun

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett 17 days ago

    I will buy my tickets as soon as Iger says Disney screwed up Star Wars and fires KK, JJ, the Johnson, the entire story group and that guy from the Scoobie doo movies that swears too much

  • Noel Dickinson
    Noel Dickinson 17 days ago

    Final trailer was underwhelming. Hopefully this means there will be a lot of surprises when the movie comes out.

  • YUSAF621
    YUSAF621 17 days ago

    I will not go and see this until I see reviews come in. I was so disgusted with the last one that I feel very hostile to the franchise and view everything Disney does with it with suspicion. I feel the same way with Paramount and Star Trek as well.

  • Guido Mista
    Guido Mista 17 days ago +1

    As someone who's generally enjoyed the new movies, even I have to say that without Adam Driver they wouldn't be nearly as interesting to me. He really kills this role.

  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno 17 days ago +1

    I don’t understand why you want every character to be gay. If a character is gay than fine but it has to just come of natural.

  • Cody Greenly
    Cody Greenly 17 days ago

    that shattering thing was emperor palp possessing someone and after kyle and rey destroy that the spirit possesses kylo and rey kills him

  • Stealthy Mongoose
    Stealthy Mongoose 17 days ago

    Rose's sister who died at the beginning of last jedi with basically no lines was more interesting than Rose

  • Kenroy Kentish
    Kenroy Kentish 18 days ago

    I thought Rose died in The Last Jedi and also Adam Driver should definitely be the MCU's Dr. Doom Just look at this guy he's great at portraying complex and flawed characters

  • Djinghis Khan
    Djinghis Khan 18 days ago

    Disney star wars movies are just tech demos for Visual effects artist - the story is void. Attracts people who like shinny objects.

  • Philip Nartey
    Philip Nartey 18 days ago

    Been watching your videos for a year now, just realized just how beautiful you are. It's crazy, you are a really pretty lady. I think it's your mannerisms too.

  • Wonderboywonderings
    Wonderboywonderings 18 days ago

    >I wanna see how it ends!
    Did it ever really begin?

    DINSTAR-AS 18 days ago

    The trailer opens with Lara Croft running through a mysterious jungle location

  • iJOHNATHON white
    iJOHNATHON white 18 days ago

    No comment, definitely not into the po and fin romance or any of the romance for that matter. Like who cares? Where's emporior stoke? I s he really dead? I thought he'd have a come back like... (spoiler)
    Darth Mal had in the animated series. Awe, this is some horse@$#%@

  • Chris King
    Chris King 18 days ago

    P's new throne looks like Hela's crown of spikes.

  • mikesgirl8304
    mikesgirl8304 18 days ago

    I've seen so many great reactions, Grace's was terrible, so awful. I actually feel bad for her that she's so devoid of joy and excitement. I fucking hate her

  • Zak Smith
    Zak Smith 18 days ago


  • Darryl Lowe
    Darryl Lowe 18 days ago

    stop down playing my boy finn

  • fenix23
    fenix23 18 days ago

    No one:
    Grace: It's so romantic.

  • Ez-8
    Ez-8 18 days ago

    I saw the trailer.
    They really need to change the name to Star wars there is no hope.

  • Carolina Moreno
    Carolina Moreno 18 days ago

    never sin anything Like your self

  • Jay Gahm
    Jay Gahm 18 days ago

    Could you imagine if Grace really talked liked this doing day to day life things???? lol

  • kilayla13
    kilayla13 18 days ago

    I bought my tickets! Same day the trailer aired. And i plan on staying away from the media till it comes out.

  • TheJennyWalaShow
    TheJennyWalaShow 18 days ago

    So what is Disney gonna do about SW TLJ? The franchise is still not fixed.

    • Keyser94
      Keyser94 2 days ago

      If they were going to do that they need to change the whole plot of Force Awakens or I should say, actually put an actual plot in it, with context and world building, because the whole movie is nothing more than a stupid nostalgia fest devoid of anything.

  • Daniel Gilbert
    Daniel Gilbert 18 days ago +2

    Bringing Palpatine back feels forced.
    Disney is desperate.

  • Minerva Casterly
    Minerva Casterly 18 days ago

    The throne looks like the original design before they went for the one we saw on ROTJ. If they have the emperor attached to it, living like a half man, half machine, like some biomechanical abomination like in H. R. Giger drawings, it will bring to mind the emperor from Warhammer 40K

  • Ed S
    Ed S 18 days ago

    Grace, do efap with Mauler plllzzzzzz!

  • hagiospneuma23
    hagiospneuma23 18 days ago

    is this really the LAST star wars ..... EVER???

  • Luis Romero
    Luis Romero 18 days ago

    ok grace, i watched a lot of mistakes on these trailers. first, that 3PO scene, they are not his friends. his friends were Luke and Han and R2. i can't believe you didnd't say nothing abnout it. Second, the second death star blew up in thousand pieces and were blasted to oblivion. third, if palpatine is alive the first 6 movies were almost pointless, its an insult, and a big one, its unforgivable. at the end, disney mess up this franchise. the theme park has nothing to do with the movies. I just love episodes 1 to 6 and that is all for me. greetings

  • James Bushell
    James Bushell 18 days ago +1

    “I thought, why mess with it?’” Hamill told the Times. “The idea of catching lightning in a bottle twice was ridiculously remote.” (Mark Hamill)

    • ii ii
      ii ii 18 days ago

      James Bushell But Hamill still cashed his check

  • Landrick
    Landrick 18 days ago

    guys cant be just be bros anymore they gotta do the "Let's make them gay!!" for no reason.