The Dog Tier List

  • Published on Apr 28, 2018
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  • KekeneKeyGames
    KekeneKeyGames 2 hours ago +1


  • Boaz Chapman
    Boaz Chapman 20 hours ago

    6:22 oh god what’s that shaking thing

  • Rajarshi Karmakar
    Rajarshi Karmakar 21 hour ago

    What tier would be the dholes?

  • Henry .s
    Henry .s 23 hours ago

    Put a group of lions in siberia and watch them all die. Saying wolves couldn't take a giraffe down was retarded

  • Henry .s
    Henry .s 23 hours ago

    Wolves should be s and the AVERAGE dog should be f. They wouldn't stand a chance finding they're own food and rely completely on humans

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 2 days ago

    Uh, what about hyenas, dingoes, and tanukis?

  • Apollo
    Apollo 3 days ago

    Good boi
    Good girl
    Good doggo

  • Daniel Mattos
    Daniel Mattos 3 days ago

    All dogs are good bois

  • xd BenGrazer
    xd BenGrazer 3 days ago

    Nice fortnite edit

  • Giant Onions
    Giant Onions 4 days ago

    What about bush dogs and dingos

  • P1rate20
    P1rate20 4 days ago

    Coyotes are way underrated in a human dominated meta. Dogs and cats may be successful through mutual partnership, but coyotes have been able to take advantage of the environmental changes brought about by humans. Coyote range has greatly expended while the population of wolves and painted dogs have plumetted.

  • Mj Mockingbird
    Mj Mockingbird 4 days ago

    One of the Coolest RUclip channels iv found

  • colleen
    colleen 4 days ago

    lol calling living beings "builds" lol

  • pinky
    pinky 4 days ago

    reading about the russian foxes teaches you as much about humans as it does about dogs.

    • pinky
      pinky 4 days ago

      @colleen because selecting for an obvious physical trait also selects for 'hidden' behavioural traits linked on the dna chain

    • colleen
      colleen 4 days ago

      pinky because of their ability for abstract thought, like humans? lol

  • CJ Evan
    CJ Evan 5 days ago +1

    Is this a game or someshit?

    • colleen
      colleen 4 days ago

      Boopy_YT yeah, that's not fun it's bizarre lol

    • Boopy_YT
      Boopy_YT 5 days ago

      He makes real life animals sound like an RPG video game. Basically a more fun way to learn.

  • Tony Webb
    Tony Webb 5 days ago

    Dude you are way wrong about coyotes they are a tier easy lagest range most survivability they are everywhere

  • Ian Hamilton
    Ian Hamilton 5 days ago +1

    I removed every single special ability from my dog build and instead put as many points into HP and size as I could.

  • Ay'mann Skalli
    Ay'mann Skalli 5 days ago +1

    why you can't do humans tier list? oh wait thats racist

  • JB Ghuman, Jr
    JB Ghuman, Jr 5 days ago +6

    S Tier - "highly sophisticated social structure is actually built around propping up the weaker members, rather than following the move to the highest ranking member." It's official... love wins.
    💓🤝💓 emotional intelligence

  • Robert Boren
    Robert Boren 5 days ago

    Some studies suggest that the African Cape Hunting Dog is the most successful predator in all of nature, succeeding something like 2 out of every 3 attempts. While you detailed the wolf's hunting methodology in good detail, you didn't mention much of the African Cape Hunting Dog's. And it is really quite fascinating.
    Prey selection is crucial to all predators, and all dogs are pretty good at selecting good prey. By selecting injured, really young, or really old animals and intentionally separating them from their herds, the dogs increase their chances of success dramatically. Once suitable prey has been separated from its herd, the pack will often break up into two groups. The pack instinctively understands that it is a shorter distance across a circle than around it. So one group will head straight across the circle while the other group chases the animal around the circle. Once the first group makes it to the other side of the circle, the other group, now rested and waiting, will take over chasing the animal, while the first group jogs back across the circle and rests. The second group resumes chasing the animal around the circle. This process repeats, with one half of the pack cutting across the circle and resting, so that there is always fresh dogs chasing the animal around in a circle. The prey, of course, gets no rest, and is ran until it is simply exhausted and can go no further. At this point, the dogs will anchor its hindquarters and wrestle the animal to the ground as they wait for the other half of the pack to find them. Once the entire pack has descended on the animal, they begin feasting, often while their prey is still alive. They eat as much as they can as quickly as they can, to avoid having their hard earned calories stolen from them by bigger and stronger predators, like lions and hyenas. Cape Hunting Dogs are so successful that other predators know to watch and follow them in order to get in on the action.

  • BallJointed Wing
    BallJointed Wing 5 days ago +2

    Wish you touched on the immensely successful 3 way hybrid, the coywolf

  • Zedaraze
    Zedaraze 6 days ago

    Ahh imaginary places by busdriver in the background. Heard it immediately

  • CBK_NAH 13
    CBK_NAH 13 6 days ago

    3:51 why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Kingkhas 1
    Kingkhas 1 6 days ago

    U know I thought the hyena would be here

  • Yukihyo
    Yukihyo 7 days ago

    Coyotes are becoming buffed by mixing with domestic dogs and wolves! Will they be re-teired eventually?

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Fox player😾

  • Beef Wellington
    Beef Wellington 7 days ago

    All are S tier cause they’re all good boys and girls

  • ミートローフLv 154

    All doggos are S tier

  • Rocket
    Rocket 7 days ago

    3:09 cuteest thing i‘ve ever seen 😍😍

  • Amy Regester
    Amy Regester 8 days ago

    At 6:39 it is said that charge is also an intimation move which it definitely could be, bulls, buffaloes, and large deer could give a devastating or even game ending blow using the move charge. But if you aren't strong enough to do a strong enough charge attack you should use the move "mock charge" which can intimidate players by tricking them into thinking that you have a strong charge attack. But if they have high resolve then your best option is to run as fast as you can.

  • M_C _GAMER
    M_C _GAMER 8 days ago

    All dogs are GoodBoi tier which is a step above S tier, duh!

  • Spoder Man
    Spoder Man 8 days ago

    Just a quick note to new domestic dog players, don’t spawn in Asian servers

  • the5711
    the5711 8 days ago

    damn that made me sad

  • Jamie Stearns
    Jamie Stearns 8 days ago +1

    There was one coyote main who tried to use an extreme intelligence-buff strategy and even unlocked Advanced Tool Use, but some troll who played a roadrunner kept getting him killed. I suspect he was hacking the game’s physics engine too.

  • cyberwolfy37
    cyberwolfy37 8 days ago

    wait what about dingos, hyenas, and domestic dog? this list feel like it could be bigger.

  • Dein Silver Drac
    Dein Silver Drac 8 days ago

    The fox/jackal/coyote are very adaptative and intelligent animals they can survive in every habitat
    After the wolve and painted dog are same but in big pack of animals for kill every prey

  • Chris Darrow
    Chris Darrow 8 days ago

    if anyone is interested the music is Imaginary Places by the busdriver your welcome

  • Just Your Everyday Pig

    My fatass dog would be f tier

  • godofthisshit
    godofthisshit 9 days ago +1

    I was curious to see if the African Wild Dog would be S tier, with them being one of the most successful hunters on the planet.

  • Big Nut Man
    Big Nut Man 9 days ago


  • Ultima Gamer
    Ultima Gamer 9 days ago

    What about dingos???

  • eeveegaming4798
    eeveegaming4798 9 days ago

    Chihuahuas aren’t big but they do have the highest brave stat and it’s bark makes it a scare for any other builds looking to come near it even humans sometimes have troubles with them

  • MJC Titcho
    MJC Titcho 9 days ago

    i thought this was a dog breed tier list

  • Phil Pacific
    Phil Pacific 9 days ago

    differential between jackals, hyenas, coyotes??!? they are all different.

  • Giovani Perez
    Giovani Perez 10 days ago

    My top 3 dlc's
    3. 911
    2. Roman Empire
    1. African Slave trade

  • Manlyman Physiques
    Manlyman Physiques 10 days ago

    Fox is definitely F tier, cool class though

  • Our Lord and Savor Nerm

    GUYS there should be a game like this

  • Alpin Art
    Alpin Art 10 days ago

    hyenas are b tier

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 10 days ago

    You're forgetting a major advantage these builds have over almost all other predator builds is their stamina is way higher. A wolf build can track an animal for hundreds of miles and weeks on end, where as most cats give up after like, 40-50 yards after they get winded. That's legitimately why they are one of the most successful predators the world has ever seen.

  • MC FukC
    MC FukC 10 days ago

    Good to learn the meta finally!

  • Sameer Hussain
    Sameer Hussain 10 days ago

    How do I play this game? I want to play the underdog

  • Joon Choi
    Joon Choi 11 days ago


  • Dustin Gleason
    Dustin Gleason 11 days ago

    I’ve never heard hyenas called African painted hounds

  • Luka Cavdo
    Luka Cavdo 11 days ago

    7:27 look where the dog on the left is biting.

  • ScaryNoodleJoJo
    ScaryNoodleJoJo 11 days ago


  • mikey galvan
    mikey galvan 11 days ago

    I just love how he compares it to a game. Subtle but I love it

  • Man of the North
    Man of the North 11 days ago

    no hyenas?

  • Andrew Hill
    Andrew Hill 11 days ago

    Okay is this like a video game or something I’m so fucking confused

    • RandomPerson
      RandomPerson 11 days ago +1

      It’s biology and science taught in a very interesting way

  • Josh's Travel
    Josh's Travel 11 days ago

    like the halo reference at 1:41