Housing Japan's Homeless (Part 3)

  • Published on Dec 30, 2017
  • This is part 3 of a series of videos on homelessness in Japan. In this episode we talk once again with Professor Tom Gill from Meiji Gakuin University as well as take a tour of a doya (flophouse) and doya-gai's (skid rows) in Tokyo (San'ya) and Yokohama (Kotobukicho).
    In parts 4 and 5, we'll talk with some formerly homeless individuals, follow along with an NPO (Non-profit organization), and get a grasp on the overall state of homelessness in Japan.
    Part 1: ruclip.com/video/eK--oCVP18A/video.html
    Part 2: ruclip.com/video/-9RgkZebW1s/video.html
    Initial video: ruclip.com/video/Q8vhdQOH-Tk/video.html
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    - Sanyukai sanyukai.or.jp/english.html
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    Skid Row - By unidentified photographers, 1874 (in top image) - Seattle Public Library collection: SPL51130 & SPL7314, Public Domain, commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23867310
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  • Life Where I'm From
    Life Where I'm From  Year ago +39

    Homeless in Japan playlist ruclip.com/video/Q8vhdQOH-Tk/video.html
    Initial video: ruclip.com/video/Q8vhdQOH-Tk/video.html
    Part 1: ruclip.com/video/eK--oCVP18A/video.html
    Part 2: ruclip.com/video/-9RgkZebW1s/video.html
    Part 3: ruclip.com/video/kBPyN3LE65g/video.html
    Part 4: ruclip.com/video/OUNo06G3BeQ/video.html

    • Mary Lee
      Mary Lee 3 months ago


    • Sahid Hindralaksana
      Sahid Hindralaksana Year ago +1

      Did you made all of these videos by yourself? Creative, filming, interviews, editing?

    • MrsWenBM
      MrsWenBM Year ago +4

      Life Where I'm From Wow! I've watched Parts 1-3 and all I can say is this is a very well thought out and thoroughly researched video! Great job!👍🏻

  • Clarissa 1986
    Clarissa 1986 Day ago

    $400-500 for a small one room place? Sounds kinda expensive to me :)

  • Poseidon. M
    Poseidon. M 2 days ago

    Capitalism is a huge swamp. It must be disinfected.

  • fordie 58
    fordie 58 8 days ago

    Professor Gill you are amazing with your depth of knowledge about Homelessness in Japan, which I first thought was an oxymoron before I began watching this most brilliant documentary series. LIFE WHERE I'M FROM you have educated me tremendously about this important issue, and I am deeply grateful for the intelligent information that you have provided to us. I not only now understand that homelessness in Japan is an issue of deep importance to humanity, but that your love of humanity is what is saving this tragic world. THANK YOU DEEPLY! I also understand that it is no easier to be homeless in Japan than in America or any other continent. Praise be to those homeless people whom God has sent to show us the state of our humanity, which is pitiful. Both Japan and America are making valiant efforts to address the issue of homelessness. However, they fail to make an effort to eradicate THE CAUSE! The cause is man's inhumanity to man! Keep teaching us! How do we eradicate THAT CAUSE?! Must we eradicate our greed in order to do so?

  • bkminchilog1
    bkminchilog1 11 days ago

    Doyagai would work well! In America. background check and drug test monthly. Cheaprent and chill athmosphere

  • Staci Towery
    Staci Towery 20 days ago

    What is Patreon?

  • Dave N Japan
    Dave N Japan 25 days ago

    Many people in public housing that should not be there" 🙈👎 Cheat on their income report"

  • Mat&Susan Channel
    Mat&Susan Channel 25 days ago

    I recognize your voice, from your videos with your kids. 😊

  • a2jy2k
    a2jy2k Month ago

    Man...the worst parts of Japan look like the decent or sub-par parts of the US.

  • I know I suck dick but

    Tbh I'd live in a doya. A TV, air conditioning and a spacious sleeping space? That's pretty good enough for me.

  • Andrew Moses
    Andrew Moses Month ago +1


  • Joel Little
    Joel Little Month ago

    The more public housing you create the more public housing you will continuously need to build.

  • Dark Fan
    Dark Fan Month ago

    The NPOs really aren't "nonprofit" and sound like something the yakuza could be involved in.

  • noooddle
    noooddle Month ago

    Hey-I'm-living-in-Japan video are not unique. But the quality, depth, and thought of your videos are. I am pretty familiar with the country and am definitely impressed with the topics you have noticed and the understanding you have reach. Really good work.

  • Teresa Fonseca
    Teresa Fonseca Month ago

    The sistem to help is amazing but life is hard to them trying to live on some house such huge payments... And they have to pay comunities places ... What a life ...

  • Vasantha Mohan
    Vasantha Mohan Month ago

    This is a brief exploration of homeless people in Japan. ....thanks for sharing the other side of Japan

  • Warrior
    Warrior Month ago

    6:09 in the states I would give rent one of these for free just to get the homeless off the street put some solar panels on it and a bathroom at the end of the hall. they can live there as long as they want. job or no job

  • cgf1973
    cgf1973 Month ago

    Bravo for tackling a difficult subject with sensitivity and fairness. You are much better than anything on FOX News.

  • Greg Sneed
    Greg Sneed Month ago

    Thank you. Gosbless

  • Sean Regehr
    Sean Regehr Month ago

    Why on earth do renter's charge a "gift" fee to would be rentee's? Either they do not understand what a gift is or they are simply being greedy at the expense of the people and helping to create the conditions. I wonder how many companies would stay in business operating like this? Picture next time you go to buy groceries you look over your receipt and notice a $25.00 Grocer Gift line item but you only spent $20.00 on groceries because that is all you can afford. No logic here, things need to change.

  • Wolfs Rain
    Wolfs Rain Month ago +1

    We give them nice cardboard boxes to live in. When visiting Washington DC stop by almost any street to see some.

  • Pitch Shifter
    Pitch Shifter Month ago

    At 9:04, I laughed so hard when the auto subtitle replaced ひんこんビジネス (poverty business) with King Kong business. ( ^∀^)ゲラゲラ

  • allebenali
    allebenali Month ago

    Almost exactly like the UK apart from the absence of drugs and women

    DREW MURDAUGH Month ago

    On the flip side try going to skid road in downtown Los Angeles .Garbage everywhere mentally ill people wandering the street with baskets full of whatever garbage they tend to hoard. Drugs are rampant. This is the Democratic liberal non response to homelessness in our Fair City. California has about zero responsibility to indigent people. And yet Americans are so arrogant and selfish

  • Captcha Neon
    Captcha Neon Month ago

    I’ve heard so many people complain about people getting public housing and at the same time if those people don’t have it and are homeless, they complain about that too. Just because you don’t “approve” of homelessness and assistance doesn’t mean you get to constantly complain about it. At the end of the day, regardless of why they’re in that situation they are still people and they still require shelter.

    BADMOJO Month ago +1

    AGAWA , SENDIA ,,,,,2014

  • sharon anderson
    sharon anderson Month ago

    And in the best country in the world (usa) the homeless are just abandoned and ridiculed.

  • IlluminaAssel
    IlluminaAssel Month ago

    2 months?... In austria/tirol, you have to pay 3 rents, to give you're landlord the security that everything you may destroy, would be payed for or that he can take it for not payed months, if you move out.. after you payed those 3 months, you have to pay for the actual rent. In tirol a one room apartment costs up to 750 dollars, if you want to live in the center of Innsbruck or in the near of the center. A 2 room apartment can cost up to 1200 and a 3 room up to 1900 and much more.. And when I say a one room apartment, I'm talking about 20 m2 or less! if you're unlucky enough, you can't find anything else, than a 12 m2 big one room apartment, for the extra low price of 700 dollars and have to beat 50 other interested persons.. It's a shame, that all this is just legal..

  • frank Smith
    frank Smith Month ago

    in England it's called the spike ! if you build more home's in desirable places.You entice more people to try there luck to live there ! as a Englishman I'd tough it out for a year or two to live in Westminster. I've been deported to Cornwall.🤔

  • JP Guthrie
    JP Guthrie Month ago

    To be clear about a few things. First, the number of homeless in Japan, a country of 125 million people, is about the same as the city of Los Angeles, a city of 4 million, even if you assume the number of homeless in Japan is double the official figure. A very important difference between the homeless in Japan and in America is that most homeless in America today, particularly those on the west coast, are drug addicts. In Japan drug use is almost nonexistent. Drug use in Japan is rare because drug laws are fanatically enforced. The chronically homeless in Japan are the mentally ill, and those with severe alcoholism. The others who find themselves homeless in Japan can usually get back on their feet, with 6 jobs for every 5 people, and construction contractors and such so desperate for help that they are giving out work application bonuses, people can easily find work.
    Housing is nowhere near as expensive in Japan as it once was, and one can find affordable housing in Tokyo if one doesn't mind living in a small place. Move-in costs are not as high as the professor states, unless you are moving into a new building. I needed to rent a small apartment to use as an office, and found a place on Yaesu street within walking distance of Tokyo Station. On the advertisement it asked for one month's rent, two month's deposit, and one month for the real estate agent. In the end, I had only to pay the fee to the real estate agent, the landlord charged me no deposits whatsoever, despite the fact that I was a foreigner. Not only that, but I was able to negotiate the monthly rent of 110.000 yen down to 80,000 yen (including utilities), which was not bad for a 35 square meter space in one of the most convenient locations in the city. The building was old, and had no elevator, but it was a quite a nice place for the price.
    If I had to, I could find my own place in most districts of Tokyo for $500 per month. It would be small, and might have the toilet in the shower, but at least it would be available. Currently, there are more than 8 million vacant buildings in Japan. If I were to want to live in the countryside, and inquired at the city or village offices, they would be able to show me numerous properties which I could rent for less than what many people pay each month for less than what many pay each month for cell phone service.

  • Truman
    Truman 2 months ago

    what is the meaning of two months of landlord gift? why need give gift to landlord plus on the rental

  • Deborah Miller-Wolf
    Deborah Miller-Wolf 2 months ago

    Wow , so spotless!

  • steve gale
    steve gale 2 months ago

    We do have social housing for the vulnerable here. Did you not bother to look into that?

  • Inn0 Erinn
    Inn0 Erinn 2 months ago

    Amazing japan ...

  • Inn0 Erinn
    Inn0 Erinn 2 months ago

    Japan is never blind ..
    Thats what i think....charity..💚

  • Patricia Hunter
    Patricia Hunter 2 months ago

    I am so glad someone is helping the homeless folks..

  • On Taka
    On Taka 2 months ago

    5:20 talking about renting a room in Japan, apart from the advance payment you have to make as explained in the video, many landlords would also want a "garantor", who would pay the rent just in case the tenant disappears.

  • On Taka
    On Taka 2 months ago

    Start of Video: Japan is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. So one might ask how it is even possible that some of its ciizen sleeps on the streets.
    One could ask the same question about the US.

    • Harrison Jr.
      Harrison Jr. 2 months ago

      Germany , UK have homeless people too , it's just a worldwive problem that there's no way to fix it

  • Melissa anderson
    Melissa anderson 2 months ago +1


  • Tgirls transformers
    Tgirls transformers 2 months ago

    That's why Japanese is better then America!

  • A A-T
    A A-T 2 months ago

    Thanks for the insight.
    And i think the government has to stop private NPO‘s to exploit homeless People by taking Up to 90% of their income ( by the way they‘re not non-profit anymore if they try to earn profits 😅)

  • nico5179
    nico5179 2 months ago +3

    2 months rent as “gift”? My arse! Who the heck established this BS law, theres a universal saying and it says, nothing is for free! So no, 2 months rent as gift shouldn’t even be considered, this is straight out theft. Hope they change this ridiculous law. 🤦‍♂️

    • ofallsadwords
      ofallsadwords 27 days ago

      It isn't a law, it's a cultural norm, which is even harder to change.

  • Enrique Rivera
    Enrique Rivera 2 months ago

    NPO's= Yakuza?

  • Crystal Roderick
    Crystal Roderick 2 months ago

    it seems impossible to get a chance to get an affordable place to live

  • Ren T
    Ren T 2 months ago

    Thank you for bringing awareness. Also, if you are rich enough to own a place you can rent out. Why must the renter give you a 2 months gifts? So messed up. NPO system is even more messed up. Benefit from pretending to be kind to rob from the poor. Welfare wouldn't approve or give you a chance unless you hire NPO who will rob you later is sickening. But that is the world we live in. The rich get richer because those that can barely afford it are at their mercy.
    If you can barely afford deposit how can you afford gifts to those who already have too much? Young people who can work and have a higher opportunity to be hired can maybe have a chance at making it out of homelessness. But will be HARD in this kind of system. OLD people who have a less likely chance of being hired will never be able to reach this goal. So this system still leaves the very old out on the street with minimal care.

  • salsanacho
    salsanacho 3 months ago

    Japan's skid rows look a lot safer and cleaner than a lot of other country's cities.

  • Kofuku Ebisu
    Kofuku Ebisu 3 months ago

    In my city in the U.S., there's been a large increase in homeless citizens (most of them come from other states as my city is considered a sanctuary). I've not heard of any shelters or programs like those mentioned in the video. It would be nice if the U.S. follow suit in what the Japanese are doing to help the homeless people instead of just shooing them away!

  • Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr

    I love this kind of content thank you very much for looking into this elusive topic

  • Mary Louise
    Mary Louise 3 months ago

    There are vending machines one for every 20 people ..they should make some of them free for these homeless people..

  • Justin Freeman
    Justin Freeman 3 months ago

    🎼 im in the business of poverty, let’s take it from the top~ 🎼

  • juniyananajukyu
    juniyananajukyu 3 months ago +1

    The business being described at 10:20 sounds like yakuza are involved. Taking 80-90%?! That’s crazy!

  • animangafan342
    animangafan342 3 months ago +2

    Most homeless old people are people who were not able to obtain a pension because they were laid off during the economic depression that lasted from the 90s into the 2000s. some were almost done with their time at work, getting ready to retire, then got fired.
    i heard that Japan has a lot of empty homes in rural areas that hav been abandoned. Since old people aren't going to be able to work as much or at all, i say establish their permanent living there and also send the younger, able-bodied homeless people to work in these communities as well, with jobs working stores, food & produce distribution, fixing the homes, health care work, sanitation work, etc. Services that get them money but also benefit the whole community. If the old people want to work, allow them simple jobs to make an income but do not deny them basic necessities. Then u've almost set up a self-sustaining community. Eventually it will become completely self-sustaining when the gov't no longer has to invest too much money in the community, once they get a cycle rolling, where the community pays into itself.

    • steve gale
      steve gale 2 months ago

      @animangafan342, all retirement age are entitled a state pension by law. I am 'Naive af ', no, I have lived in Japan since 1961 and you are just another idiot posting ignorant garbage about a subject you know absolutely nothing about. And semi-literate the word is 'because ' not idiotic 'cause '. That usage just tells everyone your age group.

    • animangafan342
      animangafan342 2 months ago

      @steve gale lol
      Those people didn't get their pensions cause the companies laid them off in order not to hav to pay their pensions. Naive af. "Elegible" doesn't mean everyone.

    • steve gale
      steve gale 2 months ago +1

      @animangafan342, all eligible age for pension here get a pension by law. Go away otaku freak.

    • animangafan342
      animangafan342 2 months ago

      @steve gale Spoilers:

      Suck ma ちんちん

    • steve gale
      steve gale 2 months ago

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • gaynano42
    gaynano42 3 months ago +2

    Lmfao 2month gift, more like stealing, its sad they have no respect for others.

  • Ever changing world Blusky

    What is remarkably different to me, living in a western society, is the order and cleanliness of the homeless in Japan. The homeless where I am from set up encampments that are rife with filth. They set up and the city moves in, and boots them out and it takes a week or more to clean up utter filth, rats, needles, excrement, etc. They just move to a different area and set up again. In the shelter in the film clip, so obviously clean, and somewhat respectful attitude of the residents there, having help for 6 months to manage finance, and get a job is key to success I suppose. They don’t address addiction, in these series. Which of course is the major difficulty in western worlds. I think I would rather be homeless in Japan.

    STAR OF DAVID67 3 months ago

    I spent nearly a year working in Japan and if I was ever so unfortunate to find myself being homeless I would pray it wasn't in Japan. The people are emotionless, robotic working machines, anything other than their idea of normal is frowned upon. not a country I will be visiting again.

    • steve gale
      steve gale 2 months ago

      @STAR OF DAVID67 , from a person who is clearly referring to twenty years ago that is rich. Half the homeless are running away from debt, usually from gambling.They do not want help because they would be traceable. We can not help those who do not want help. You are the arrogant one, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about and make judgmental ignorant comments spreading false information.

      STAR OF DAVID67 2 months ago

      @steve gale You sir are an arrogant git.

    • steve gale
      steve gale 2 months ago

      Good, clearly you prefer handouts instead of being responsible for yourself.

  • Lunky Straydog
    Lunky Straydog 3 months ago

    So company dormitories are being used by greedy politicians to rob the homeless.

  • ерунда сэндвич

    Here in Atlanta, we shuffle you homeless poor devils on a bus and ship you to FL and DC just so to have them shuffled you right back here

  • Jay K
    Jay K 3 months ago

    This is why I love Japan! This is because they care about the homeless and they want to help them to get out of poverty. But where I lived (In the Pacific Northwest) we don’t do crap about it which is bad...

  • fan babe
    fan babe 4 months ago

    Thanks for this video. Very enlightening, hopeful, positive, and well presented. God job!

  • FurryFace
    FurryFace 4 months ago

    uchaboogycho , lol , sorry i'm Canadian