[MV] ONEUS(원어스) _ Valkyrie(발키리)

  • Опубликовано: 9 янв 2019
  • [MV] ONEUS(원어스) _ Valkyrie(발키리)
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    ONEUS's debut mini-album, [LIGHT US] is an album with the theme of ‘Light Us’ which means the ONEUS’s music created by people's lights, and at the same time it has the meaning of lighting up the darkness as the title song ‘Valkyrie’ suggests.
    The title track 'Valkyrie' is a dance track that starts with an impressive guitar riff and develops into a heavy sound, and the sound that contains hip-hop elements is impressive.
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  • Ivana Trajkovska
    Ivana Trajkovska День назад

    New fan here! Pls educate me✌

  • koreasak SJ
    koreasak SJ День назад

    veo alta fama en el futuro a este grupo

  • Nicole Wood
    Nicole Wood День назад

    Low-key the beat from 30 seconds to Mars Rescue Me

  • Anna Druta
    Anna Druta День назад +1

    Wow . Thi is actually my favourite song .

  • Uma ahgase iludida
    Uma ahgase iludida День назад

    Já amei esse grupo ❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷😍

  • dyan oK
    dyan oK День назад

    I LOVE. ❤

  • Min Yunki
    Min Yunki День назад +1

    This boy group is really starting to gain popularity. And this song took me by surprise! 😂❣️🙏😲

  • Priya Akame
    Priya Akame День назад +1

    guess I found my fav song of 2019❤

  • Tine Dulom
    Tine Dulom День назад


  • buzzing bea
    buzzing bea День назад +1

    Btichcuse me??!!

    Why are they so hot oof ❤💗

  • Nabila Genia
    Nabila Genia День назад

    I support they when they at produce 101 season 2 and finally they debut 💙

  • my husband is Suga from BTS
    my husband is Suga from BTS День назад

    wow bitch this is awesome

  • my husband is Suga from BTS
    my husband is Suga from BTS День назад

    0:05 I think i’m gonna love this

  • Seok Jin
    Seok Jin День назад

    Tienen mucho talento akbdkqvfkqbdb ✨💕

  • Jazzy Bebo
    Jazzy Bebo День назад

    0:19 sounds like charlie puth wtf

  • Seok Jin
    Seok Jin День назад

    aaaaaaa me encantan mucho ❤
    Esperó brindarle todo mí apoyó posible ✨

  • Ryan Shah
    Ryan Shah День назад

    This song is PURE 🔥 FIRE!!

  • XxStormHorsexX
    XxStormHorsexX День назад

    Anyone else get hardcore Fake Love, DNA, BS&T vibes from this video? I'm not comparing them to BTS at all, this is a great group and probably the best debut song I've heard.

  • Bts Bitch
    Bts Bitch День назад

    This is the best debut song I’ve ever heard. I stan 100%. You boys deserve so much attention, you’ll go far! FIGHTING!!

  • DDD I
    DDD I День назад

    Ваааув мне Ваша песня понравилась♡и мемберы тооже ♡не плохое начало......Буду ждать от вас многого

  • Maria Gomes
    Maria Gomes День назад

    Who are they, where are they from, how old are they, where am I, I'M--

  • Alexandra misaki
    Alexandra misaki День назад


  • Princess Briar Rose
    Princess Briar Rose День назад


  • Princess Briar Rose
    Princess Briar Rose День назад


  • Princess Briar Rose
    Princess Briar Rose День назад


  • Marion Raimboeuf
    Marion Raimboeuf День назад

    I love it, this is totally my style 😍😍

  • Embun Damai
    Embun Damai День назад

    This song stuck to my head, and I keep streaming the mv ..

  • Aguilar아나아
    Aguilar아나아 День назад +1


  • AnaRivera
    AnaRivera День назад

    Quiero focus amo

  • Shizuka Yumino
    Shizuka Yumino День назад

    Damn this reminds me of BTS aura and to think they would feature a matrix trick in this

  • Emelyn Rasdan
    Emelyn Rasdan День назад

    Keonhee oppa yaaa~~
    At last you debut!! Now I've found another group to stan after wanna one 😢😔

  • sky craft
    sky craft День назад

    Idk if I'm crazy, but 2:49 sounds like Jungkook (BTS). The MV in general kinda reminds me of BTS. Not in a bad way! That's one of the best Debut songs I've ever heard.

  • Annie Bangtan
    Annie Bangtan День назад +2

    Visuals are amazing, as well as the song, this is one of the best debuts in my opinion 😍

  • Meryem Al Fatly
    Meryem Al Fatly День назад

    am i the only one thats hearing fuck your way

  • Meryem Al Fatly
    Meryem Al Fatly День назад +1

    fuck your way?

  • HZ Coiy
    HZ Coiy День назад

    They super

  • uO O
    uO O День назад +1

    유튜브 광고로 떠서 들어왔는데 처음에 뜡뜡뜡뜡하는거 듣고 어후 심상치가 않아서 들어왔더니 어휴 노래가 너무 좋네요,,,,와 오래들을것같네요 와 노래가 그냥 와....

  • Ana S
    Ana S День назад

    Vaya esto esta muy bueno, hay que darle más apoyo a este grupo, merecen crecer.

  • drusilla duke
    drusilla duke День назад +1

    2:55 DAMN

  • kelly Clementino
    kelly Clementino День назад

    Brasileiros, se manifestem

  • Shamsullah Najafi
    Shamsullah Najafi День назад

    I am in Neumnster

  • Creepy History
    Creepy History День назад

    No paro de escucharla uwu 💖👌

  • Nurlathifah Thifa
    Nurlathifah Thifa День назад

    Wow...this is Mamamoo little brother? I think i like it. They have the same vibe as Mamamoo's.

  • jimin da mochi
    jimin da mochi День назад +2

    Wowwwwwwwww I'm in love with this song I hope they will always be like that

  • Mark Tuan
    Mark Tuan День назад +1

    I am a fan from Thailand🇹🇭 💕 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  • L Lawliet BTS
    L Lawliet BTS День назад

    Non posso smettere di ascoltarla 😍😍😍 qualcuno italiano?

  • Kat le kit kat
    Kat le kit kat День назад +1


    Please no

    Dont tempt me


    I cant even handle 2 groups rn uhuhu

    Damn it

    • Jay
      Jay День назад

      Just do it 😆😆😆

  • syeda duaa
    syeda duaa День назад +2

    A BOP

  • saschanikita
    saschanikita День назад +2

    Uhhh, I got here on accident but I'm not complaining

  • Malak Hujairy
    Malak Hujairy День назад +3

    This song is awesome 💜💜

  • Naega Hosh
    Naega Hosh День назад +1


  • Sasang-l Ohjisoon
    Sasang-l Ohjisoon День назад +1

    Wow is so perfect boy group 2019

  • kimbap kidding
    kimbap kidding День назад +1

    To the 138k fans of ONEUS:

  • kimbap kidding
    kimbap kidding День назад +1


  • kimbap kidding
    kimbap kidding День назад +1

    Let's reach 3 million before January 20!! Guys we can do it!! Hwaiting😊

  • Mến Hoàng
    Mến Hoàng День назад +4

    fannstar.tf.co.kr/ PLEASE VOTE ONEUS FOR THE ROOKIE AWARD. At the end of the page, you can change to English. Get some free stars and vote.

  • xio xox
    xio xox День назад


  • Hyunjin’s Smile
    Hyunjin’s Smile День назад


  • Hyunjin’s Smile
    Hyunjin’s Smile День назад +2

    Awe so now BTS and Mamamoo have new brother groups! I'm here to stan.

  • Giang Nguyễn
    Giang Nguyễn День назад +1

    THis song is good

  • Az-zahra Septiana
    Az-zahra Septiana День назад +1


  • Secha Ninda
    Secha Ninda День назад +2

    OMG THEYE’re sooo GOOD , im in to the fandom

  • warmestmachine
    warmestmachine День назад +2

    This is good, I'm staying.

  • Jae Rustia
    Jae Rustia День назад

    Ohh!!! Not bad, love their voices, deep but sweet 👍

  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan День назад

    Эпик ✨

  • -
    - День назад

    Damn im sorry late for this bop:(

  • Halima Eltoni
    Halima Eltoni День назад +2

    They will have bright future ,,the music vocals and raps are nice

  • kumolin
    kumolin День назад

    kinda sounds like wannaone energetic hehe

  • exo_messed_up
    exo_messed_up День назад +1

    *I'm stanning them right now !!*

  • wh0aLena ,
    wh0aLena , День назад +2

    I came from their AD and I'm actually not disappointed with this song when I clicked on it.

  • xio xox
    xio xox День назад +1


  • neknarf1973
    neknarf1973 День назад

    That deep voice from one rapper wooooow !!!!

    • angelus_001
      angelus_001 День назад +1

      He is Leedo
      97 Line
      Main rapper vocal and dancer

  • Dino V-Q's
    Dino V-Q's День назад

    Nghe mùi và thấy hình ảnh của EXO và BTS đâu đây 🤔 có ai thấy giống ?

  • Shynar Alnazi
    Shynar Alnazi День назад +1

    Love from Kazakhstan. ❤❤❤👍

  • Alya Atha
    Alya Atha День назад

    I really am happy that Hwanwoong debuted on this great group omg 😭😭😭 The members is doing great, too great to even handled by my heart

  • Makenzi Miller
    Makenzi Miller День назад

    Stanning since day 1!!

  • Noor SS501
    Noor SS501 День назад


  • Jumaiyah Kamuning
    Jumaiyah Kamuning День назад

    Like Music 💞💕💝👍

  • Berna E.
    Berna E. День назад +1

    can someone tell me the name of the blonde guy? I've been into kpop for 3 years now and no one's voice tone captivated me this much after bts' jimin and v. the short vocal runs in the beginning when he flips the camera with his hand I LOVE THOSE

    • Berna E.
      Berna E. День назад

      +ocean harp08 thank you!

    • ocean harp08
      ocean harp08 День назад

      Seoho his name

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi День назад


  • Noor Ul Ain Mirza
    Noor Ul Ain Mirza День назад +2

    I discovered this video on an AD and i just fell in love with this 😍😍😍 The whole album is AMAZING 😙😙

  • 김준호
    김준호 День назад +1


  • Lupe *
    Lupe * День назад

    okay kings

  • rmcf - bts girl
    rmcf - bts girl День назад +1

    new generation's coming.... stray kids, oneus, ateez, txt, the boyz... 😍😭💕

  • ii JeonKoi
    ii JeonKoi День назад +3

    I’ve been here since 104k views and how’s it’s passed 2 million. Yayyyy

  • Fatima Nake
    Fatima Nake День назад +2

    Been into K-pop since 2nd generation and love how they brought it back at start of 4 generation

  • jyp dreamer
    jyp dreamer День назад +2

    Omooo I'm falling for this song... Come here bcause one of Twice video but this song on the intro.. Going to give them a lot of attention

  • anisliyana
    anisliyana День назад

    Seoho ❤️

  • anisliyana
    anisliyana День назад

    Ravn ❤️

  • anisliyana
    anisliyana День назад

    Leedo ❤️

  • anisliyana
    anisliyana День назад


  • daniisnotok
    daniisnotok День назад +2

    Oh crap, I was so captivated by the MV that I forgot to comment just how good this song and mv are. 😄

  • runnin butterfly
    runnin butterfly День назад +4

    *first 10 sec*
    Me: like and start streaming on RUclip spotify
    Edit: Subscribe them on their official channel guys

    • Bella Permata
      Bella Permata День назад +1

      Don't forget to subscribe ONEUS official youtube channel!

    SUGA KZ День назад +1

    I like song 👍 💟

  • samia shuptaali
    samia shuptaali День назад +1

    I am in love with this 6 boys bro😍😍😍😍😍😍
    I am here to support you guys and sure to love you guys😘😘#FIGHTING👊👊👊👊

  • iin xomnia
    iin xomnia День назад +1

    gonna stan them.

  • Cinthya Arias
    Cinthya Arias День назад +1

    I love them omg

  • i JuSt WaNt SoMe MiLk
    i JuSt WaNt SoMe MiLk День назад

    whom are hwanwoong biased?? He's so handsome😍

  • chi
    chi День назад +2

    BOP BOP BOP never regretted stanning geonhee since pd101 days

  • Baby J
    Baby J День назад +1

    They are so cute 💕💕