MEHUA | Animation Short Film 2017 - GOBELINS

  • Published on Sep 7, 2017
  • Synopsis :
    Deux jeunes filles aztèques vont recevoir le plus grand des honneurs : être sacrifiées aux Dieux. Mais le sacrifice ne se déroule pas comme prévu...
    Two young women are about to receive the greatest honour : be sacrificed to their gods. But the sacrifice doesn’t run through normally.
    Réalisateurs/Directors :
    Camille AIGLOZ
    Lucy VALLIN
    Michiru BAUDET
    Diane TRAN DUC
    Sélections :
    - Spark Animation (Canada, Vancouver)
    Contact Production :
    GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Moïra Marguin,
    Contact Festival :
    GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Luce Grosjean,
    Distribution :
    La distribution des films produits par GOBELINS, l'école de l'image est assurée par L'Agence du court métrage.
    Contact :
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    Facebook : gobelins.ecole
    Twitter : gobelins_paris
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  • Буги Буги

    Ищешь русский комментарий? 😄

  • The Basket of Goods
    The Basket of Goods 2 hours ago

    Gonna be real here, this is pretty good

  • Afrianto Anto
    Afrianto Anto 4 hours ago

    Video nya pendek. Coba yg nonstop

  • Jems Maibam
    Jems Maibam 22 hours ago

    Ymna fjei


    Such as hentai movie

  • دقائق إحترافية

    يلي متلي حاسس انو وحيد هون يدوس لايك 😂😂

  • Freaky Frank
    Freaky Frank Day ago

    WHY ARE PEOPLE GETTING SO WORKED UP ABOUT THE ABSENCE OF CLOTHS?? Cause everyone just keeps smearing there opinion on what is just apart of a human body

  • Marlon Figueroa
    Marlon Figueroa Day ago

    Siempre tenebrosa la cultura aborigen

  • Mohil Patel
    Mohil Patel Day ago

    Good video

  • Jailton Da cruz souza

    Gostei muito

  • XxXpAuXxX XtAphe

    *Никто*: ....
    *11 летние школьники*

  • my live
    my live Day ago


  • Hiyori Nishiko
    Hiyori Nishiko Day ago +1

    Imagine having to die like that...just because someone wanted your blood. That it was your destiny to die. How cruel is that. I’m happy that the girl thought for her freedom and that her best friend finally opened her eyes.

  • Good guy
    Good guy 2 days ago +1

    I didn't understand anything

  • Alyssa Bullock
    Alyssa Bullock 2 days ago +1

    Honestly, if you're going to die anyways, you might as well try fighting back.
    And if you do get killed in the end, at least you went down doing what you felt was right.
    Im glad the ending of this seems open for the two ladies, although chances are they were punished for their actions.

  • Francis Archie Ariola
    Francis Archie Ariola 2 days ago +2

    Reminds me of the movie apocalypto

  • 7 & 77
    7 & 77 2 days ago


  • Thomas Reese
    Thomas Reese 2 days ago +1

    Girls look a lot more beautiful when there naked.

  • جعفر حسن
    جعفر حسن 2 days ago

    وين العرب شو مافي

  • Михаил Агаларов

    ебанутые уроды и дети тоже такими же будут у вас. надо советские мультики смотреть!

  • Milkair MilkAir
    Milkair MilkAir 2 days ago +3

    I cant watch it;-;

  • Asraful Asraful
    Asraful Asraful 2 days ago


  • Joni Pranata
    Joni Pranata 3 days ago


  • Doom
    Doom 3 days ago

    Christianity is also same but with nuns being sex slaves of popes and cardinals

  • Mithu Malakar
    Mithu Malakar 3 days ago

    Ooo m

  • Smugly Otaku
    Smugly Otaku 3 days ago

    The short itself is quite enjoyable, the racists in the comment section are insufferable. THIS IS NOT AN ACCURATE DEPICTION OF MESOAMERICAN CULTURE! QUIT VIRTUE SIGNALING ABOUT HOW GREAT THE REPRESENTATION IS! Seriously this is based off of racist, Spanish colonialist accounts of their cultures that got exaggerated over time to focus entirely on the sacrifices to the point where they're viewed as nothing but barbarians and not advanced society they actually were. It's also NOT prowomen to show half naked women getting sacrificed like this especially since that's NOT historically accurate, the primary people sacrificed were people from enemy cultures who're kidnapped, others were volunteers, it's not as simple as "women were the victims of mass sacrifice" like some racists are saying, do your research people

  • Arthur Callahan
    Arthur Callahan 3 days ago

    Aztecs actually did this shit where they would eat peoples hearts. Pretty fucked up.

  • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    Not too sure about the wokeness of having the ebil men murder the whamen when in actuality the vast majority of sacrifices were men. Almost exclusively so.

  • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    Phantom Blood: Prologue

  • dale gend
    dale gend 3 days ago +13

    The end, as she hugs her best friend, i can't explain but I understand

  • king leo
    king leo 4 days ago

    this is satanic animation.bcz one eye bad evil symbol..impressive...this is new world order animation.avoid this animation.openly this religious people mgs us.
    avoid this religion and avoid their.
    believe own ur Allah/god.dont believe this evil religion..

  • Mark Bunbury
    Mark Bunbury 4 days ago +4

    They got this from a movie name apocolypto

    EL MATADOR. 4 days ago +1

    alquem e br

  • cao meister
    cao meister 4 days ago

    this is deep

  • Bapon RS
    Bapon RS 4 days ago +21

    To remain in power, people didn’t stop thinking twice b4 killing or mutilating

  • xasan hasan
    xasan hasan 5 days ago

    aim angry🖕

  • PG Tuber
    PG Tuber 5 days ago


  • dexter jones
    dexter jones 5 days ago

    I would imagine Godzilla (monsterverse) in his younger years coming in and challenging there (false) god because he cannot handle seeing this gruesome ritual and he would want to put an end all of this and save the woman that are being sacrificed for this so called "greater good" and kill the crazy man that tells them all of this.

  • Flawless Editing
    Flawless Editing 5 days ago

    deja vu

  • N V
    N V 5 days ago

    اكو عرب بلطياره 😂

  • My BUTT
    My BUTT 6 days ago

    Why are they sacrificing people dont they know theyre wrong!? But the girl is right

  • Tam Great
    Tam Great 6 days ago +2

    This is a pretty realistic depiction of sacrifice in early human tribes, truly heartbreaking.

    • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll
      Ett Gammalt Bergtroll 3 days ago

      No it is not. It is obviously trying to paint the progressive imagery of evil men and poor victimized women when in actuality the sacrifices were captured enemy warriors - men. No civilization would be dumb enough to sacrifice their women like this.

  • Gummy Lord
    Gummy Lord 6 days ago +6

    Man I wish I was actually a good artist so I could draw some sick Mayan stone creatures

    • dale gend
      dale gend 3 days ago

      You don't need to be a good artist, just some imagination and fun

  • Don Bailey
    Don Bailey 7 days ago

    What the hell, all religions are the same, except if you can use them to empower feminism, then one of them can be evil.

  • Abhishek ghosh
    Abhishek ghosh 7 days ago

    Ok not gonna lie I came here for.. you know😅 but shit,the animation looks stunning,story is so good.... I feel bad for those ancient 😣😔😔 killing them for some stupid reason they believe 😟😟😟

  • kirk lazarus
    kirk lazarus 7 days ago

    Sikim bunu cekenin varyoxun

  • Shyrinx
    Shyrinx 8 days ago +9

    Cmon everyone let’s sing the demonization song

  • M Fauzi
    M Fauzi 8 days ago

    Mantep ke'

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    لك فد شي هاذا

  • Fadlun Maulana
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  • بغدادي عراقي

    منو افتهم خل يفهمنة

  • علي العراقي

    هلو اكو عرب بالطياره

  • melhores momentos
    melhores momentos 9 days ago +3


  • MaRiEl TJ
    MaRiEl TJ 10 days ago

    I know we (mexicans) did bloody sacrifices, but I didn't liked the perspective you took, it was a honor to die for your goods and I think that's something we should respect from that old ideal, even so I really liked your production, congrats!

  • BlackBerry
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  • Jouba Mohammed
    Jouba Mohammed 13 days ago


  • derrik tie
    derrik tie 14 days ago

    the original mexicans.

    ABD AILRHMAN 14 days ago

    أكو عرب