The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Spring 2017 | New Games Coming Soon on PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are the 12 BEST Upcoming Games to ABSOLUTELY play this Spring 2017! The best & newest games coming in April, May & June 2017! Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

1:48 Little Nightmares

3:35 Battalion 1944

5:35 Agony

7:45 Uncharted The Lost Legacy

10:44 Sea of Thieves

13:06 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

14:24 Friday The 13th Game

15:40 Prey

18:20 Injustice 2

20:07 The Surge

22:03 Dirt 4

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Автор Toad El Psycho ( назад)
Wow. I'm not impressed by none of this shit. I'm gonna checkout Injustice 2 though

Автор MrWalalaa ( назад)
the surge looks like shit

Автор hue toob ( назад)
No one wants yet another world war 2 game. Everyone was sick of it being beaten into our skull in school then we had to endure it in the virtual world repetitively.

Автор Aryoza Aryoza ( назад)
The last good game I've played was The Witcher 3. And none of these will be half that good.

Автор i want to get sucked Off ( назад)
1:07 " Go Deep inside"

Автор Abdelwahab Taoufik ( назад)
downlod it now https://uploadocean.com/dts5lwbr6fz1

Автор Deathly_challenger ( назад)
little nightmares gave me a limbo vibe

Автор Luke ( назад)
Some of these games look promising and interesting (Little Nightmares, Agony) while others look very, very bland (Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Battalion 1944)

Автор Derek Lohr ( назад)
Is it just me, but these games are weak as fuck! There ideas are running out and the graphics are getting worse!

Автор LitGeekSquad Official ( назад)
prepare for downgrades...

Автор kobe carreto ( назад)
nobodys going to buy agony thats for sure

Автор Michael Edenfield ( назад)
Well. agony is going to be banned in Australia.

Автор PNK PNK ( назад)
alot of bullshit....

Автор Godri ( назад)
sly cooper come on'!

Автор Sérgio Canali ( назад)
am i the only one who would like a triple A vietnam fps?

Автор Jacob Longman ( назад)
It's kinda sad about battalion 1944 as the next cod will be in WWII so it might not do as well

Автор Harsimran Kaur ( назад)
I liked the (Friday 13th! !) that game is going to be awesome! !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Steven Postmus ( назад)
What is agony about

Автор Zach Stacy ( назад)
What has this world come to.... we really let kids play a game about being a demon in hell? This isn't Spawn we're talking about guys... that's truly demonic and disturbing. Kids playing that game are going to end up killing small animals before you know it. Wow I'm so ashamed. Hell is not something to be considered a game. Demonic whispers while sacrificing people... all time low for humanity.

Автор kozaczyna85 ( назад)
you show boring games..

Автор James Madison ( назад)
injustice gods among us sounds fun

Автор Gamer Zombie ( назад)
sub me plz

Автор The Concan ( назад)
Everything here is garbage and/or will be hit by heavy downgrades.

Rising storm 2 may be good if it's anything like Battlefield vietnam.
Sea of thieves could be good depending on how it compares to Blackwake.
Prey may have interesting story.
Racing game looks good, but it's a racing game, slight suspicion it might be like all other racing games.

Автор Flaming Potato ( назад)
Halo 6?

Автор uniekenaam verzonnen ( назад)
Best fellow gamers,
Read this comment very well.
all these upcoming games will be full of glitches, bugs, ugly graphics, a storyline that suck, gamebreaking stuff, and other garbage.
you'll spend your money and you'll play the game for a few days, maybe weeks.
and than you'll realize that you play pure garbage. all of this because the game developers lazy and greedy.
so you addicted to good games you played and for now you will be hypnotized with this trailers that look like movies and everything high graded in it.
now we have to stand up and don't buy these garbage games to let these developers know you can't mess with us.
please make a good decision.

Have a nice day everyone!!!!!

Автор Max Mad ( назад)
have you people ever wonder. only in videos games & movies the governments are always the bad guys & in real life they do bad things & stress the people but the people don't react to it like in movies or games.

Автор TheOtherClone ( назад)
What game is thumbnail? I immediately thought army of two when i saw it.

Автор Skull Crusher ( назад)
i know it just released now but you could have put for honor somewhere in there..

Автор S3XY REAGAN IAM ( назад)
wth is agony. jesus

Автор MetalheadRob Redbar ( назад)
Little nightmares is the only game that looked good imo. Seems like all the others are only about looking good graphically.

Автор Chad White ( назад)
This looks like free games from the App Store those graphics through and most of those are already made

Автор Jammie Games ( назад)
Sniper ghost warrior looks good

Автор Jalen Green ( назад)
yo im straight on that demonic vampire game

Автор Samuel Dingui ( назад)
Battalion 1944 I Can't wait

Автор DanielHamer ( назад)
It is such a pity that the quality of newest games is continuously dropping... In the previous years I had games to look forward to... Now... This list really doesn't make me wanna buy anything... I will be waiting for Resident evil 2 Remake,Final Fantasy 7 remake and Death Stranding instead

Автор Avocadobeats123 ( назад)
Definitely getting Agony and Prey asap

Автор Maxmilian Halim ( назад)
The video quality is bad

Автор SersageRoll ( назад)
little nightmares looks like some intense shit

Автор Ethaniel Watson ( назад)
how is dirt 4 a rpg

Автор Tugra Han Duman ( назад)
Agony look so sick!
I can't wait to get it!

Автор kwstas kara ( назад)
i played inside and now i see little nightmares it gonna be cool. best games ever.

Автор Ashton Gordon ( назад)
All these games are shit

Автор Yusuf Khan ( назад)
This new world war 1 or 2 game is worse than battlefield one such a disappointment

Автор damn roger ( назад)
on the battallion thing im gonna put send nudes on my weapon

Автор Adam Jones ( назад)
Injustice 2 is bae

Автор Devon Montgomery ( назад)

Автор Rezuvious ( назад)
they literally just came out with sniper elite 4. hold ghost warrior back till next year.

Автор Avyn Lunde ( назад)
they said battalion hasn't happened yet but battlefield 1 has happened

Автор UPINDAT247 ( назад)
Friday the 13th will be a BOMB!!

Автор Sam Tanner ( назад)
Who in the world would want to play agony

Автор Evan Mccallister ( назад)
12 best 60$ dlc that will cost you another 60$ to unlock the full game and for any additional content it will only cost you your soul if you already sold your soul any newborn will do thank you for your purchase please don't lube up your butt next time we like to hear your screams while you pay us all your hard earned money

Автор Evan Mccallister ( назад)
fuck the uploader of this video for putting ads in there ads

Автор Erick Gault ( назад)
most of these look like half finished junk or make no sense

Автор Sebastian M ( назад)
buying Agony definitely... it looks cool and weird as fk

Автор Turtleee Man ( назад)

Автор CountableOwl 80 ( назад)
Agony is a doom clone

Автор CountableOwl 80 ( назад)
Wasn't Battalion named Days of War before?

Автор MrMatu2t ( назад)

Автор Heavenly Satan ( назад)
Finally a good bell game

Автор Erisson Magalhaes ( назад)
Rising storm 2 have so shitting graphics

Автор Andy Ceja ( назад)
What about Destiny 2?

Автор Reyes x Zulu ( назад)
You are amazing

Автор jacobrulestheschool ( назад)
Error. Persona 5 not found.

Автор Zombie_Slik ( назад)
4:05 so Battlefield 1? xD

Автор hollowfied7greed ( назад)
...Where the fuck is persona 5?

Автор Diarra Cruickshank ( назад)
i find Friday 13th seemed basic and op

Автор Diarra Cruickshank ( назад)
Yes i buying Injustice

Автор ThatGuy PS ( назад)
In the movie they were big the mimics were big

Автор TheAwesomeRich Or SniperRich ( назад)
what's the point of agony?!

Автор Alex Enslin ( назад)
wow! sniper ghost warrior has really bad graphics. it cant be real

Автор REPVILE ( назад)
Gotta be honest, Rising storm looks like something Ill play the hell out of.

Автор ТОП Лучших ( назад)
go to my channel pls :)) thx

Автор Craig S ( назад)
want to make a game that will impress me create one that will pay my bills

Автор Craig S ( назад)
most of these games look like they were made 6 years ago

Автор rane H ( назад)
sniper ghost warrior 3 was so cool

Автор Phantom 404 ( назад)

Автор TARS ( назад)
Ummm, where the fuck is Player Unknowns Battlegrounds??

Автор Pita bread ( назад)
ghost warrior lol

Автор RazvanUC ( назад)
I don't know if all these games will be released this spring but if any of them will, I will play them and i will post them on my channel.

Автор Epiccomedy ( назад)
I'm just waiting for dying light 2
I don't care about this over hyped games

Автор András Czeitner ( назад)
Ghos warriror three as on of the bigges upcome ? Buggiest game of the year all of them. City interactive cannot do good game. In hungary we have a serie about that company games. It is a joke

Автор Hard boiled Egg ( назад)
All of them are just shitty indie games

Автор Kristian Dalsgaard ( назад)
Wtf was that Agony shit!?

Автор Firstname Lastname ( назад)
Yeah....... no.

Автор JOHN BRAGA ( назад)
the game sniper ghost worrior 3

Автор JOHN BRAGA ( назад)
is that in the computer???

Автор I'm Done ( назад)
And nope, NONE of these interest me, I'm suprised that Yooka-Laylee isn't on this list.

Автор XerxiesLv426 ( назад)
Agony looks interesting as does Friday the 13th.

Автор Andrew J. ( назад)
so uncharted 5 is about nathans mom

Автор NinjaCraft 164 ( назад)
Yeah right 2017 can do better than this

Автор Jaden Lee ( назад)
Little nightmares looks way too creepy =c

Автор Gamer Cry Stop motions ( назад)
The first game looks like a PS3 beta form 2012

Автор Aiden Stephens ( назад)
For those wondering why some games have bad graphics, beta is a thin ya know

Автор Mr. Pefect Cell ( назад)
Sea of thieves looks like friendships are going to be put to the test and I foresee many a mutiny.

Автор I'm a bagel ( назад)
I'm a bagel!

Автор Coyote Music ( назад)
what about shadow of war

Автор StoRM tRoOper ( назад)
battalion full copy of battlefield 1

Автор 3024ification ( назад)
OMG ALL OF THIS GAMES ARE THE BEST??? omg ik its their opinion but theres not much good games coming out except for uncharted but i dont like story mode shits

Автор StoryTime Gaming ( назад)
The call of duty was the most interesting one by d
Far, but with the actual cod being boots on ground this year, I wouldn't pat 60$

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