TOP Shocking Auditions From X Factor Global!

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
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Comments • 28 526

  • c o c o
    c o c o 45 minutes ago

    bruh zoe kinda scared me lol

  • PredMate
    PredMate 7 hours ago

    2:33 she look like bitnye

  • HiP3R SniP3R
    HiP3R SniP3R 8 hours ago

    That first one doe

  • Seraphina91
    Seraphina91 13 hours ago

    Louie was about to have a heart attack lol

  • Silochina Hariram
    Silochina Hariram 13 hours ago

    28:42 when simon rolled his eyes.🤣🤣

  • Jack Shelley
    Jack Shelley 15 hours ago

    Shocking . just comparing it to Michael Jackson it is bad really really bad

  • Cold Lemonade
    Cold Lemonade 16 hours ago

    The first girl is the 2017 Mia Khalifa

  • GGR Games
    GGR Games 18 hours ago

    So that TRAIN WRECK of an audition with Lorna Bliss was just so she could be famous? Really? That's kind of sad.

  • essi b2l
    essi b2l 23 hours ago

    6:16 he looks someone scary 😂

  • funneh fan and sweet tart fan


  • world ofwills
    world ofwills Day ago

    And.... 14:33 She came back as really Zoe Alexander!!! LoOoL

  • Angry Manatee
    Angry Manatee Day ago

    Zoey looks like a literal demon when she smiles. It's terrifying

  • Ariana Cronshaw
    Ariana Cronshaw Day ago

    Nicole is such an angel on how she speaks to the contestants

  • Unicorn Draws
    Unicorn Draws 2 days ago +1

    In german we don't say:,, it's not so good, because..."
    In german we say:,, alda will die mich eigentlich hochnehmen, die olle soll ma singen lernen..." ._.

    PICKLE RICK 2 days ago +1

    When the first girl was on Unknown T was playing😂

  • TheBlack Liongirl
    TheBlack Liongirl 2 days ago

    The first girl is insane. 😐

  • Geneva Sharp
    Geneva Sharp 2 days ago

    2nd girl my god oh oh no god help.!?.!? Is she fine ZOEY!!! Oh no!

  • EdVibes TV
    EdVibes TV 2 days ago

    2:51 is my reaction literally

  • Daynah Ball
    Daynah Ball 2 days ago +1

    The man in the black hair is ooo his eyes

  • Gamer73 TV
    Gamer73 TV 2 days ago

    I hate people who swears on shows or televisions.Not because they swear,its because if they swear a lot they have to censor it and that beeping is really annoying me XD

  • nepali gamer
    nepali gamer 3 days ago

    2:56 wtf

  • sfield63
    sfield63 3 days ago +1

    I think Zoe Alexander did a good job😌😊😊😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Garrick Roemer
    Garrick Roemer 3 days ago

    The poor men and judges that the first person sat on with almost no clothes

  • liz willis
    liz willis 3 days ago

    i think the first one took a wrong turn and ended up at the x factor instead of a strip club

  • Anonymous Channel
    Anonymous Channel 3 days ago +1


  • Ava Jack
    Ava Jack 4 days ago

    Number 4 needs a very big reality check

  • Moonsun's kid
    Moonsun's kid 5 days ago +1

    Oof the identity crisis is real

  • Autiana Rumel
    Autiana Rumel 5 days ago

    pink girl wanted to be known well now she definitely is.

  • The Slimy Crew
    The Slimy Crew 5 days ago +1

    Here’s a quick summary of all the stuff that happened:
    The first one: a live strip club
    The second one: Ear cancer
    The third one: Pink’s evil twin sister
    The fourth one: Live proposal
    The fifth one: A girl who needs therapy
    The final one: Michael Jackson spinning in his grave

    Thanks nicole i just couldnt be bothered to flim flam it

  • Luke the happy Camper


  • skaylar jon
    skaylar jon 5 days ago

    Wow zoey

  • Mythical
    Mythical 5 days ago +1

    Most of the emojis

    Idk why I did this??? Lol

  • Rimpal kaur
    Rimpal kaur 5 days ago

    First one was so disgusting 😤

  • Ninja X3
    Ninja X3 5 days ago

    4:01 you need a hug

  • Beyritacute MSP
    Beyritacute MSP 6 days ago

    24:18 “I got The Looks”
    Everyone- She is ugly af

  • Erwina Playz
    Erwina Playz 6 days ago +1

    The first girl looks more like a stripper 😭 R.I.P my eyes 😭😭😭

  • Prem_Gamer 25
    Prem_Gamer 25 6 days ago

    24:45 Yes she got 10 out of 10!

    With the cube root

  • Rosie 2017
    Rosie 2017 6 days ago +3

    She looked at the words on her phone

  • Rosie 2017
    Rosie 2017 6 days ago +3

    The second girl is a cheater

  • wesley dE GrOoT
    wesley dE GrOoT 6 days ago

    0:46 red ears XD

  • xX Einhornreise Xx
    xX Einhornreise Xx 7 days ago

    My BFF names Zoe.... My poor friend 😂

  • Destini Miller
    Destini Miller 7 days ago +1

    She was very energetic and i loved itttt 😂

  • thirsty guy
    thirsty guy 7 days ago

    Jesus, I've never seen bigger narcissistic attention whores than those 2 from the proposal. God, the ego.

  • Kim Leonie
    Kim Leonie 7 days ago +2

    When zoe sayed:,, You told me to sing a p!nk song." i got sad

  • K J S T M Adamson
    K J S T M Adamson 7 days ago

    29:54"And we can ride the boogay"

  • nelly muntu
    nelly muntu 8 days ago

    Ķķkkkjķkķķ je

  • • QᑌEEᑎ ᖴᖇᗩᑎᑕEᏚᑕᗩ •

    Zoe looks like Pennywise

  • Queen Sha
    Queen Sha 8 days ago

    I think Zoe is not bad but she need a practice

  • DA'Sha Lincoln
    DA'Sha Lincoln 8 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Zoe has a major identity crisis lmao and looks like pink mixed with the Joker

  • Star Queen
    Star Queen 8 days ago

    Simon casuly setting rolling eyes

  • Val342156_playz1234 0
    Val342156_playz1234 0 8 days ago +4

    The 3rd girl was over reacting to be honest

  • Enai R
    Enai R 9 days ago

    That girl zoe is the devil she will never be a artist

  • Alyssa Hawcroft
    Alyssa Hawcroft 9 days ago +1

    Second girl:I want to be a popstar
    Me mistaking it for something else
    Me:oh that makes sense she wants to be a pop tart

  • K J S T M Adamson
    K J S T M Adamson 9 days ago

    23:07 I'm not gonna lie this was pretty funny

  • Breanna Schute
    Breanna Schute 9 days ago

    The fourth one was so cute🤗😭

  • Emliy the pink cat
    Emliy the pink cat 9 days ago +2

    Zoe’s good but confusing and dumb and rude XD

  • Grace anonymous
    Grace anonymous 9 days ago

    I loved the first girl idk what they’re talking about

  • MeWithAFace T-T
    MeWithAFace T-T 9 days ago

    The first girl:try’s seducing judges
    Every single judge:👀

  • Kayli The Unicorn
    Kayli The Unicorn 9 days ago

    Demi Lovato was a judge!?!?!!!?!?!?! What??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Jamilette Delgado
    Jamilette Delgado 9 days ago

    The first edition I thought what is she going to do Is she going to do a stripper dance to inappropriate scarred for life