TOP Shocking Auditions From X Factor Global!

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
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Comments • 26 823

  • Maya Linguini
    Maya Linguini 3 hours ago +1

    the first girl yelling "IN EVERY COUNTRY" scared me a bit

  • Chi Kei Lee Lee Chi Kei

    This show was supposed to be a family show

  • Agate V
    Agate V 6 hours ago

    Simon's face 28:43 soo me

  • Jessica Reinholds
    Jessica Reinholds 7 hours ago

    Zoey walks out me what a lovely person

  • Jasmine Piggie
    Jasmine Piggie 7 hours ago

    I love Nicole’s faces with the first audition. In the beginning she looked as if she was feeling Lorna. 😂😂😂😂

  • Julie Tucker Hughes
    Julie Tucker Hughes 8 hours ago

    Zoe Alexander...Pink act...i wonder if shes ever watched this back and realised how much of a nutter she was..she really was CRAZY..and she abused the judges...she brought it all on herself...🤯

  • Julie Tucker Hughes
    Julie Tucker Hughes 8 hours ago

    The second GIRL on her #shocked she could count to number 4

  • Otaku
    Otaku 9 hours ago

    I thought Zoe’s act was okay sorta until she was like “WERE ALL GONNA GET IN A FIGHT!!!!!!”

  • Hanane Kaddouri
    Hanane Kaddouri 10 hours ago

    zoe : I just wanna please people ...

    what she meant : I just wanna beat people🤣🤣

  • Flip Flop Doodle
    Flip Flop Doodle 11 hours ago

    In the first act: Poor Louie
    The camera man is probably at the hospital and the microphone well...


  • Ahmed Hamdi
    Ahmed Hamdi 12 hours ago +2

    She is so drunk
    IM TALKING ABOUT THE FIRST CLIP It’s so embaressing

  • a b
    a b 14 hours ago

    “that was good wasn’t it? let’s face it”

  • a b
    a b 14 hours ago

    “no baby no”

  • a b
    a b 14 hours ago

    the cameraman doh :(

  • Zahra Thatcher
    Zahra Thatcher 14 hours ago

    Fishnets was a total crackhead tbh

  • Gacha-gangster style
    Gacha-gangster style 15 hours ago

    Zoe they never said that!!!

  • Spotless
    Spotless 16 hours ago

    24:29 what the hell is wrong with her hair and face??

  • 251. Ro
    251. Ro 16 hours ago

    The first one dudeeeeeee🤦😂

  • Bemi Tos
    Bemi Tos 17 hours ago

    Dirty really dirty

  • tae tae's precious box smile uwu

    Well at least the pink girl got an identity....

  • bitchesfixedhearts
    bitchesfixedhearts 19 hours ago +1


  • Alien Invader
    Alien Invader 20 hours ago


  • Hope Harden
    Hope Harden 21 hour ago

    Zoe was a sweetheart and she was so respectful.. what happened?

  • Talia Reay
    Talia Reay 22 hours ago

    Omg Rachel gave me a horrid vibe already

  • Talia Reay
    Talia Reay 23 hours ago

    The fishnet girl needs to be caught by the cops

  • fati anoucha
    fati anoucha Day ago

    Snape is SHOOCKETH

  • fati anoucha
    fati anoucha Day ago

    Snape called, he wants his hair back

  • Allison Ramos
    Allison Ramos Day ago

    14:49 isn’t that the same girl that sings with her friend and is rude AND gets hit in the face.

  • Tiffany Mcdonagh xoxo

    25:45. Me looking at my JC exam results 🤐😂

  • Ellieplays roblox

    Zoe’s act
    Me:oh s
    Audience:this girl a brat
    Judges:u bad gurl
    Zoe:Angel as he||
    Camera:in hostpital.
    Microphone:in hostpital

  • Ellieplays roblox

    The first girl I’m like 0-0 JUDGE ABUSE

  • Gacha_Anna
    Gacha_Anna Day ago +2

    The first one though...

    what the heck-

  • ruth McDermott
    ruth McDermott Day ago

    So funny

  • picsart edits
    picsart edits Day ago

    Lauren was actually pretty good, her pitches were just all over the place


    The one before the Michael Jackson one...

    Really freaks my nerves out

    1.she looks like Mona lisa that's really ugly

    2.she admits everything she wants and doesn't agree to reality

    3.she doesn't have talent



  • maggie toneguzzi

    Legend has it that micphrone still haunts the x factor stage in madness of zoey Alexander...

  • imma avocado
    imma avocado Day ago +1

    Imagine the first girl’s tan lines after wearing that..🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Kylea Brown
    Kylea Brown Day ago +1

    I ThiNk TheY wErE alL HigH

  • Jennifer Foster
    Jennifer Foster Day ago

    7:44 umm model

  • Yani Bradley
    Yani Bradley Day ago

    Thanos is that you??? Working part time security?

  • A Child
    A Child Day ago

    The woman with the shocked face at 14:48 isnt that the girl who sung on xfactor with her sister and then her sister got pissed so she elbowed her in the face

    Sorry for the paragraph

  • Jonnieman02
    Jonnieman02 Day ago

    Does anyone know what Zoe’s dad was saying on the stage?

  • George Jung
    George Jung Day ago

    zoe alexander as pink.....


  • Lauren Of Laughter


  • Destiny Stephens
    Destiny Stephens Day ago +1

    🎤 is dead
    Camera man got shot
    Dad is crazy
    Zoe is also crazy
    Crowd shocked 😮

  • Kenna Drawz
    Kenna Drawz Day ago

    The first one made me wanna take a bullet to the head

  • Andro Bristol
    Andro Bristol 2 days ago

    abby and lisa’s shocked reactions are so funny during. Zoe’s act. Lol. Inspiration?

  • TheFiesta
    TheFiesta 2 days ago

    14:59 I feel so bad for him

  • Emily Savochka
    Emily Savochka 2 days ago +1

    “I’m gonna start a fight”
    Yes Zoe, yes you are

  • Michele McCue
    Michele McCue 2 days ago

    my first thought on the first woman was that he outfit is future danielle cohn

  • Love.your. Laugh
    Love.your. Laugh 2 days ago

    The first girl looked as if Chloe from dance moms and Brittney Spears had a baby

  • NZia piasa
    NZia piasa 2 days ago +1

    22:30 I cried for them okay!! ❤ The girl is super lucky 😭

  • Beck Provencher
    Beck Provencher 2 days ago

    Zoe wasn't that bad until she blew up at the judges.

  • ŠtārryŴöłf _.
    ŠtārryŴöłf _. 2 days ago

    Rachel: let’s face it ,that was good wasn’t it
    Simon: No.
    Rachel: *EYES GO WIIIIDE*

  • annalisa hallett
    annalisa hallett 2 days ago

    The person with the nets wasssss soooo WEIRD shasing garen

  • Tata28하진
    Tata28하진 2 days ago

    That girl after the marriege guys part was creepy :(

  • Legend Nation
    Legend Nation 2 days ago +3

    Rachel: I can sing like prince...
    Rachel: *sings horribly:
    Me: you compared yourself to prince!

  • MaecySab
    MaecySab 2 days ago +1

    i deadass thought zoe was going to apologize, oh boy i was *DEADASS WRONG* oh boy oh boy

  • bròkën søúl
    bròkën søúl 2 days ago

    It was so funny when Gary tried to run away from the britney spears impersonator.

  • Fiona Yang
    Fiona Yang 2 days ago +2

    Gary running for dear life*

  • Davin Fcd
    Davin Fcd 2 days ago

    David Gray looks like the boyfriend of Princess Mae the sister of Bretman😂

  • bimby anak ni kris
    bimby anak ni kris 2 days ago +1

    👁 👁

  • harley McCune
    harley McCune 2 days ago

    inorna bliss???? wait is she your freestyle dance teacher???? XD

  • Lily Bean
    Lily Bean 2 days ago +1

    Zoey got off too a good start than 💥🔥

  • Madison White
    Madison White 2 days ago

    Michael comes back as his self but still doesn’t satisfy the judges

  • aniyah baker
    aniyah baker 2 days ago

    Conspiracy theory:
    I think the producers of the show told her to sing a pink song for drama or something else idk but yea

  • Caroline Figueroa
    Caroline Figueroa 2 days ago +8

    The First Lady bends down I was like” emmmm well 🤦🏽‍♀️ that’s a no”

  • Zoe Moncrieff
    Zoe Moncrieff 2 days ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • AGallstar Films
    AGallstar Films 2 days ago

    Wow Oh oh oh oh oh OUHHHHH!

  • AGallstar Films
    AGallstar Films 2 days ago


  • Zoe Moncrieff
    Zoe Moncrieff 3 days ago +1

    What the heck is the first one wearing?!

  • Addi Phillips
    Addi Phillips 3 days ago

    15:21 wow he is a hunkky hunk of hottness and he looks no older than 25 tops 😍😍😍

  • Taehyung’s illegirl

    The girl that got proposed to was rlly good tho...

  • Marie M
    Marie M 3 days ago

    I love it when Simon rolls his eyes in complete and utter desperation!!!

  • αкιуαмι αкιнιкσ

    The mom of Zoe looks Mexican lol

  • αкιуαмι αкιнιкσ

    5:51 - 5:56 someone asked you how is your name in spanish?
    And in spanish there are so much ways to say "joselyn"
    It can be "joselina" "Joseli" "Yoselin" Etc etc

  • ROX A
    ROX A 3 days ago

    Laura y David cantan hasta el culo, pero son encantadores! espero que sean muy felices juntos

  • Kazunechan
    Kazunechan 3 days ago

    1:41 he looks like the surprised pikachu 😂

  • Clara Mercury
    Clara Mercury 3 days ago

    2:55 WTF That is harassment!

  • GeeJay
    GeeJay 3 days ago


  • Ciara Cee
    Ciara Cee 3 days ago

    The one that got proposed to sang well... why did she get a no?!

  • Luna
    Luna 3 days ago +22

    Zoey was such a nice girl, I really liked her at the beginning, then she turned into satan😂😂😂

  • Joseph A. Brooks iii

    Second one horrible.😵

  • Joseph A. Brooks iii
    Joseph A. Brooks iii 3 days ago +3

    The first one is so funny. I died laughing.😂😂😂

  • Ashley East
    Ashley East 3 days ago +4

    The couple who got engaged made me so happy. I hope their beautiful flame doesnt fade 💛

  • sebastian_ciel _grell
    sebastian_ciel _grell 3 days ago +2

    25:43 Simon : No
    25:44 TrIgGeReD

  • Bei Ai Ren
    Bei Ai Ren 3 days ago

    Wtf did i just watch?!

  • Gene Darcy
    Gene Darcy 4 days ago +1

    I actually ignored everyone apart from how beautiful kelly is 😍

  • Yuliana Manta
    Yuliana Manta 4 days ago

    18:10 , OOOH HELL NO 😭😭😱

  • ilikepancakes
    ilikepancakes 4 days ago +3

    I feel bad for Zoey. She just misunderstood what was happening...

  • ilikepancakes
    ilikepancakes 4 days ago +1

    okay hold up this blondie is basically stripping on stage and oh my god im dying

  • Wangie Flower
    Wangie Flower 4 days ago

    Zoe sings kinda good 😐

  • K Pop Fan
    K Pop Fan 4 days ago +9

    I thought that the first girl was drunk and or high

  • Kawaii Avocado
    Kawaii Avocado 4 days ago +14

    “I hope to spread love” **simon rolls his eyes**

  • Kawaii Avocado
    Kawaii Avocado 4 days ago +1

    I loved the proposal 😍

  • Kawaii Avocado
    Kawaii Avocado 4 days ago +2

    RIP that microphone 😭😵

  • mina chou
    mina chou 4 days ago

    i think zoe's voice is good

  • Kawaii Avocado
    Kawaii Avocado 4 days ago +1

    I think Zoe is a great singer why would they think not :/

    • A red living onion named Celebi
      A red living onion named Celebi 3 days ago

      Kawaii Avocado she is good at singing but she wanted to be herself she didn’t want to be known as pink
      She wanted to be herself
      But the problem is, she wasn’t being herself

  • Kawaii Avocado
    Kawaii Avocado 4 days ago +2

    I loved Zoe before all hell broke loose 🤣

  • Diamond Baldwin
    Diamond Baldwin 4 days ago

    Did Zoe look like James Charles to anyone else? No? Ok...