Jo's Opinion: Top Ten Cartoon Crushes

  • Published on Mar 27, 2017
  • An experiment with making a list video that I meant to have done in time for Valentine's Day. Well it took forever, is still really rough, but I declare it donzo! The portions I animated were done in TVPaint. All clips are copyright their respective owners.
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  • Shadow VirusCybug
    Shadow VirusCybug 3 days ago

    I had crushes on villains because i guess because of their personality but there were Anti-heroes I know there’s some people who had a crush on Sonic but I got over that quickly after that

  • Camryn Brewer
    Camryn Brewer 8 days ago

    I had crushes on Don Karnage, Basil, Robin Hood, and Yakko, too!

  • Ruthellen Martinez
    Ruthellen Martinez 14 days ago

    OH MY GOD!

    I literally exhaild very loudly when you mentioned baslile!! I thought I was weird!!!! But he made me feel a certain kind of way lol

  • Jill Evers
    Jill Evers 15 days ago

    Cool crush choices especially Robin Hood. I have to admit; I have a crush on Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • xari the heckling
    xari the heckling 15 days ago

    4:50 Wait... _Sky Pirates?_
    **mao mao theme starts playing in the background**

  • Cheyenne Jones
    Cheyenne Jones 29 days ago

    Yako yaaaaaaaaas ❤️❤️

  • S Strangeling
    S Strangeling Month ago

    Who remembers Snufkin?!

  • Kurro K
    Kurro K Month ago

    when I was little....
    I had a crush on Marvin the Martian from looney tunes.

  • BoodleBobs
    BoodleBobs Month ago

    Hi Jo, I have just seen Monkey rag and think it is fab! I wanted to reach out as have done an animated short/song too. Good to know people in the same space. Well done again. Lovely work!

  • riicefields
    riicefields Month ago

    this is like a video I always wanted but never thought I’d get?? It’s so different. I have a crush on some of these guys too. I had a feeling yakko would be your #1 and he was :o I used to crush on him hard. still do I guess. yeah I’m 16 but I can’t really help myself I’m obsessed with cartoons ☠️

  • Lil Jazz
    Lil Jazz Month ago

    Danny phantom is my crush 😜
    Adrian aka chat noir too
    Jenny From my life as Teenage robot
    Kim possible
    Zuko and Salsa for Avatar

  • Tetashi Voices
    Tetashi Voices Month ago

    Great list and the animation is adorable. It would be phenomenal if you were on the team to create the Animaniacs reboot as well.

  • LD// Drew Drawz
    LD// Drew Drawz Month ago

    Hey if you liked basil then, this will just add onto the fire

  • LegendofStorms
    LegendofStorms 2 months ago

    I had a crush on the real beetlejuice in grade 6...😍💀

  • Zip Doodles
    Zip Doodles 2 months ago +1

    8:28 absolute sycophath = Furry

    (Not true!!)

  • Zip Doodles
    Zip Doodles 2 months ago +2

    My top 5
    1. Dipper Pines -Gravity Falls
    2. Chel - Road To El Dorado
    3. Lola Bunny - Spacejam
    4. Mirage - The Incredibles
    5. Kida - Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    (I was Dippers age don't worry)

  • Aggie Johnson
    Aggie Johnson 2 months ago

    Bro where's demitri from Anastasia on this list 😂😂

  • Auntie tãmíyä :D
    Auntie tãmíyä :D 2 months ago

    Yesss I loved bazil

  • H and Friends
    H and Friends 2 months ago

    My fictional crushes
    1. Chat noir (miraculous ladybug)
    2. Max (shark boy and lava girl)
    3. Austin moon (Austin and ally)
    4. Pin (free rein)
    5. Chase and Leo (lab rats)
    6. Luka (Miraculous ladybug)
    7. Cameron (ant farm)
    8. Lucas (girl meets world)
    9. Season 3 farkle (girl meets world)
    Anybody agree with any of these?

    OMG HAX 2 months ago


  • Ryleigh Newman
    Ryleigh Newman 2 months ago

    I had a huge crush on Leonardo from the TMNT it was the weirdest crush I ever had but it was funny.

  • Introvert-Chan
    Introvert-Chan 2 months ago

    Personally, I have a crush on a Leo from tmnt 2012. I mean, he is rly cute :3

  • MKartracingqueen
    MKartracingqueen 2 months ago

    I too am a Yakko lover and a Launchpad lover! They were my first and second crushes. I also have crushes on Murdoc Niccals and the Genie.

  • Liz 22
    Liz 22 2 months ago

    I relate too much to liking Yakko and that last animation with him and your persona (I'm 13 and still like him dammit but that's okay because I heard he was 14 yay).

  • XxLili playsxX
    XxLili playsxX 3 months ago +1

    I had a crush on Aladdin....

  • MultiRobotnik
    MultiRobotnik 3 months ago

    Most of these look like furries.

  • Alexa Doodles
    Alexa Doodles 3 months ago

    Gosh I'd never dare admitting my cartoon crushes publically, it's embarrassing

  • bugman bugman
    bugman bugman 3 months ago

    an alarming number of characters on this list are animals.

    TOMYKONG 3 months ago +1

    Even though i didn't realize i was bisexual yet, i totally am the same with the last one

  • small bean the doodle
    small bean the doodle 3 months ago +1

    I had a crush on The Once-ler from the Lorax Movie and Steve From Curious George

  • Light Petals
    Light Petals 3 months ago

    Hey, don’t worry about it, aha. I am a teenager and still have cartoon crushes

  • Eya2004
    Eya2004 3 months ago +1

    You know, i've start fall in love since i was a little girl:

    My first crush was Opptimus Prime from #Transformers
    and today my crush is now Steven from #StevenUniverse

  • J.A.J Doodler
    J.A.J Doodler 4 months ago +2

    When you can totally relate to falling in love with yakko 👌👌

  • numaTruehome 100
    numaTruehome 100 4 months ago

    I’m still crushing on Ms. Saturday from the secret Saturday’s

  • Bork Nitis
    Bork Nitis 4 months ago

    Soo relatable

  • Winter Gray Wolf
    Winter Gray Wolf 4 months ago

    My personality crush is loopy de loop, hokey wolf, rudolph, big bad wolf, and more crush I have it😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️

  • vanessa stone
    vanessa stone 4 months ago +1

    Guys.... I think she's a furry 😖

  • Nunya Biss
    Nunya Biss 4 months ago

    Never had a cartoon crush

  • goth frog
    goth frog 4 months ago

    I had a crush on an anime fire....

  • Rob Dawg
    Rob Dawg 4 months ago

    “So that people don’t think I’m totally crazy”
    Furries? Crazy? No way…(after a little digging) oh holy shit, never mind

  • Bonllora !
    Bonllora ! 4 months ago

    ..yeah okay sooo mayyyybe I had a crush on uhm .. the ginger kid from little Einstein’s hahaha haha ha haaa.... hmm

  • Makka Pakka
    Makka Pakka 4 months ago

    Now I was only born in the 2000's, but my dad introduced me to the gummi bears as a kid and I thought it was cute and all, but... sunni gummi was the best!
    Probably just because of her look and style, and possibly because all of the other characters were the wrong age for me (I hadn't gotten to gusto's appearance yet I don't think, I just don't remember him) 8 year old me might've had a little crush on sunni gummi.

  • Temmie
    Temmie 4 months ago

    Welp, he had to run......

  • Ded
    Ded 5 months ago

    Okay. This is a great video. But I want all of us to appreciate the last part because it's super cute 😍

  • CG
    CG 6 months ago

    Well I loved Lydia' s character. It is just so distinct and interesting. In Talespin, Rebecca I think? was the most interesting character for me as well, she was different from your typical disney character.

  • Alberto Laurella
    Alberto Laurella 6 months ago

    I just realized that animation had a ton of charming male characters, but very few female ones, like I tried thinking about it but the only one that came to me is Mulan

  • courtney timmins
    courtney timmins 6 months ago

    I can't count how many cartoon crushes I have of both hands...and I am slightly embarrassed to say that I'll just list my current top 10. (MY REAL LIFE CRUSH REJECTED ME OK) (these include video game characters too, I like too Protecc them ;-;)
    10. Leon S Kennedy
    9. Vash the stampede
    8. Levi Ackerman
    7. Nadia, julian and asra
    6. Bayonetta
    5. Jim Hawkins
    4. Connor DBH
    3. Prompto and ignis (FFXV)
    2. Raiden MGRR (My particular favourite model of him)
    1. Reno Sinclair (FF7)

  • Blue Pencil
    Blue Pencil 7 months ago

    *Enjoy's my crushes a safe distance away*

  • Angel Cat55
    Angel Cat55 7 months ago

    Yakko was definitely my cartoon crush as a kid as well :)
    .... actually he still is.

  • Luka Vibes
    Luka Vibes 7 months ago +1

    I agree with all of these!! (Especially yakko who is still one of my favorite characters to this day)

  • Chat Noir / Adrien
    Chat Noir / Adrien 7 months ago +1

    Lucy from 3 below IS My crush 💕 =∆=

  • MysTère 5
    MysTère 5 7 months ago +1

    *2019 ?*

  • GalaxyGeekyWolf :3
    GalaxyGeekyWolf :3 8 months ago

    I had a crush on Peter Pan from 7-9 then it went down but it's come back 😅 Also Robin Hood (Not as bad as Peter like for 6 months when I was 8)

  • __ShellBell__
    __ShellBell__ 8 months ago

    I never had animal crushes...
    Only like, one or two..

  • patanella
    patanella 8 months ago

    BUGS WAS MY FIRST INNOCENT TODDLER CRUSH AHHHHHH and yakko was probably around the same time but he made a comeback for me when i got the box sets in middle school 😂
    girl thank you for validating us and for wrapping up the video so well! charisma and a hot VA always charm harder than looks. still, i think the ultimate recipe is tufty hair, knowing smirks, and dangerous eyebrows. i’m a sucker.

  • patanella
    patanella 8 months ago

    “he was really the only character i GAVE a crap about” if that’s not me about every cartoon crush of mine

  • martin kullberg
    martin kullberg 8 months ago

    I liked the animations you made.

  • Charlize Wheeler
    Charlize Wheeler 8 months ago

    You're not the only with a crush on yakko trust me

  • PlayRehearsal !
    PlayRehearsal ! 9 months ago +1

    I had a crush on hermie the elf from Rudolph the red nose reindeer
    And fix it Felix

  • {Reagan Sweetheart}
    {Reagan Sweetheart} 9 months ago

    Don't worry girl. I have A LOT of cartoon crushes. Trust me! A LOT! 😂😅