Game of Thrones: Cast Commentary on Jon, Daenerys, and Jorah Meeting (HBO)

  • Published on Aug 14, 2017
  • Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, and Iain Glenn offer a closer look at Jon, Dany, and Jorah's tender moment in "Eastwatch."
    Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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  • right spyder
    right spyder 20 days ago

    cmon jon! give them a moment for god's sake

  • Emilce Diaz
    Emilce Diaz Month ago +2

    She should take Jorah out of the friend zone. That guy is hot!

  • Cerebral Cortex CEH

    What's with Kit's dandruff?

  • Madeline Garber
    Madeline Garber Month ago +1

    I love when John was petting Drogon. I probably would’ve been shaking like a leaf even though I have nothing but respect for Danny’s dragons. The scene where she and Jora reunited got me emotiona.l.

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 2 months ago

    Jorah deserves to be with Dany

  • Eshareth
    Eshareth 2 months ago +1

    Jorah Mormont | Live for Her

  • Emma Roussely
    Emma Roussely 3 months ago +1

    "his daenerys" 😭😍😭😍

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 4 months ago +2

    Poor Jon just can't say anything right lol can he?

  • mohamed Nasser
    mohamed Nasser 5 months ago +1

    What is the music

  • singye wong
    singye wong 6 months ago +1

    My milk has more color than Emilia Clarke

  • Gabrijela Vrankovic
    Gabrijela Vrankovic 6 months ago +1

    will someone finally kill this grandpa jorah... like damn

  • Slice of Life
    Slice of Life 7 months ago +1

    This relationship don't make any sense to me. Didn't like where they were.

  • theplourde
    theplourde 7 months ago

    Who does she have a lady boner for more? Jon or Lord Friendzone?

  • ً
    ً Year ago +1

    why isn't no one talking about how flawless emilia's face is? i mean jesus look at her skin, we love a beauty queen

  • kWoN oUjO
    kWoN oUjO Year ago

    love the fact that Emilia is so damn different from her Dany persona....... She's so witty.....

  • jeff kennedy
    jeff kennedy Year ago +2

    lol the romance couldn't be more forced. all jon did was go to her castle, ask for her support while refusing to pledge his allegiance, come up with a dumb suicidal plan to convince Cersei of something that would've never changed her mind, fail miserably and call for her aid thus defeating the whole purpose of them going alone in the first place, and unnecessarily stick around the battle field in order to outdo the others in bravery, getting her dragon killed in the process. even twilight has a more believable love story, at least the twilight girl was just an awkward teenager looking for some thrill in her boring life, what qualities did daenerys find in jon that jorah doesn't have? i seriously can't think of a more uninteresting personality than jon snow.

  • Chrissy 00
    Chrissy 00 Year ago +3

    I know everyone wants Dany to be with someone younger and "more appealing," but I have always wanted her and Jorah together. He is loyal and honorable and I love the guy 😊

  • LiVeLiKeURdying2
    LiVeLiKeURdying2 Year ago +1

    BUSTED! lol I loved it!!! I hope we will see more Jon & Daenerys interaction... I think that's what we missed out on very much in s7 but to a certain standpoint, I understand why that is. Hopefully now that they've finally come together, we will see them interact in a way where they discuss more private things alone or just have a personal laugh at something. We were missing that sort of intimate thing between the two... maybe that's where some got lost or felt it was 'rushed.'

    • Shakazulu
      Shakazulu Year ago

      it will happen next season

  • Summerhead MC
    Summerhead MC Year ago +2

    Emilia & Kit such chemistry!!!!

  • Kim Melicor
    Kim Melicor Year ago

    0:42-0:50 hahahahahahahahahahha

  • Ess Ji
    Ess Ji Year ago +1

    Ser Jorah meets Ser Cockblocker Jon lol

  • James
    James Year ago

    "Things can be ironed out afterwards" - Doubtful. I'd be surprised if all three of these characters survive Season 8 lol

  • Alex McCleod
    Alex McCleod Year ago

    Why wouldn't Jorah tell Jon that a member of the Nights Watch cured him?

    • Alaric Balthi
      Alaric Balthi Year ago

      Maybe he said, offscreen. It's not something that would be important to the viewer how Jon reacts to that information. Trying that treatment was forbidden, as Sam said, so perhaps he thought if it would spread who did it, it might harm Sam's career. And Jorah doesn't know that Jon and Sam are close friends. So as he is nowdays a man of honor, i dont think he will very easily reveal the healer. But curing greyscale is rare and im sure they talked about it in general.

  • Firstname Lastname

    This is the second video I've seen in which she uses "it's an attractive quality for her" as a way of saying "it turns her the fuck on."

  • Lisa Scarlett
    Lisa Scarlett Year ago

    I liked Daenerys in the first few seasons.. but she's just cold and irritating now. TORMUND & BRIENNE 😍 this better happen

    • Alaric Balthi
      Alaric Balthi Year ago

      I have gone in the opposite direction. First seasons everyone said how beautifull she is etc.. and all i was, almost puking my guts out when saw her, all whiney and demandind. Recent seasons, whole different story! She is more beautifull, more queen and less annoying. Definately would risk couple of dragons to try to seduce her ;)

  • Not Joking
    Not Joking Year ago +1

    wow she said Jorah is the one does that mean Jon + DANYYY arent gonna be an actual thing???

  • J Kat
    J Kat Year ago +9

    Emilia Clark is so beautifull!!!!

    • Alaric Balthi
      Alaric Balthi Year ago +1

      Pretty yes but i like Daenerys more. And thats saying something as i rarely don't like blondes. And that dark dress that she has worn many times during this season.. Just hot! :)

  • VidyaSimran
    VidyaSimran Year ago

    Kit H. talking about Jon : And yet "his" Danereyas is trusting him (Ser Jorah)".
    we know, we know, your Dany ❤️🤣

  • Peter Te
    Peter Te Year ago

    Had the most fucked up dream last night. There were three books in a room and GRRM read two of them to me. I looked at the third book and he said we'd better take a break so that you can enjoy the next book fully. Next thing i know i was back in the 90's in my dad's old car from the 90's. Anyone else with GoT related dreams?

  • Adam O
    Adam O Year ago


  • The Bebop
    The Bebop Year ago

    Where is the how to train your dragon memes

  • Morgan Maggs
    Morgan Maggs Year ago +4

    1:12 I think I just feel in love with Emilia Clarke 😍

  • meryem seni
    meryem seni Year ago +7

    Forcing a romance between Dany & Jon is just fanservice, Jorah & Dany have great chemistey & a better couple

    • Alaric Balthi
      Alaric Balthi Year ago +3

      Love cannot be chosen, it just happens. When Jon walks in front of her, Daenerys sees first time a leader who totally puts his people first. Risking his own life to help them. Daenerys has been fighting men opposite to that for years and seen only whoring, slaving, arrogance and demeaning of people. Jon represents everything opposite to that while still standing strong, risking his life to not bend the knee. And he is good looking, smart and has a grasp of diplomacy. How can that NOT make an impression on Daenerys? Jorah... Yes he has many good qualities and fiercely loyal but after so many years he feels more like a dearest and most trusted uncle. Love him? Yes but have sex with him? no...

  • Drew's Corner - Drew C. Ryan

    Sure Emilia. Troll harder. But my god do I love these 3.

  • Κωστας Διαμαντόπουλος

    Why killing John Snow George R. Martin???????? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😭😪😭😪😪😪

  • Anna Lee
    Anna Lee Year ago

    lol when jon pouting (POUT! XD) at dany and jorra hugging.........lord of brooding

  • doOdLeiSbOrEd
    doOdLeiSbOrEd Year ago

    Viseryon dies next ep

  • lam nguyen
    lam nguyen Year ago +1

    this is the second time emilia said jon snow has attractive quality to dany. LOL can they make it any more obvious

  • Paulsicles
    Paulsicles Year ago +2

    Jon: (Reaches out hand so Drogon can smell him)
    Drogon: (Smells his hand) Why is the back of my neck wet?
    Dany: (Blushes)

  • Aayush Kala
    Aayush Kala Year ago +1

    After watching episode 5,I am way more freaking excited for Sam,Jorah and Daenerys meet up

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  • G.R.I. T.S.843
    G.R.I. T.S.843 Year ago +2

    Sir Jorah has been there for Dany from the beginning. This is a very touching moment.

  • Damjan Damjanoski

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  • intra
    intra Year ago

    Wats the song playing in the background?????

  • Jonathan Tucker
    Jonathan Tucker Year ago

    Dany will marry Tyrion I bet.

  • ᄏᄏᄏ아니 롤

    Ayieeeh... Dad's jealous that mom's hugging another man so intimately lol :)))

  • Maor
    Maor Year ago +1

    Is it wrong for me to want them to be a thing?

  • Abdulaziz Bukhari

    Jon you need head and shoulders

  • pattithestranger
    pattithestranger Year ago

    too many things are happening this season, too many

  • 1shamanqueen
    1shamanqueen Year ago +2

    I am in love with this GOT like Jon is in love with Danerys #TeamJonerys

  • تمار ماجد

    I saw the sixth episode.
    "Dragon will die"


    I THINK that Danaerys will be shown to be the daughter of Jaime Lannister and the Mad Queen's wife. Jaime was Kingsguard and might have fucked her. Hence the blond hair. Hence her being so much younger than Prince Raegar. Hence Jon Snow (Targaryean) is not her nephew, hence they can marry/fuck. MORE WINE!!

  • Corral Dynasty
    Corral Dynasty Year ago +1

    who wants RUclip downloader?

  • Callan L
    Callan L Year ago

    Honestly, I wish there could be a blooper of the Dany/Jorah reunion where Kit just steps in when Ian is kissing her hand & pushes him away from Emilia saying like "That's quite enough touching. Thank you." And sounding a bit jealous.

  • Jerome Johnson
    Jerome Johnson Year ago

    I just saw ep 6, it was I can't even put it into words. Be careful with this episode it might make you cry to all the real fans out there..Gendry people don't why he is back lol to make the freaking armor for the dragons. I know this show doesn't seam like it but this is a mythical story. This is like one movies from the old days that didn't have the Tech to make it look good with shitty story line.. In those movies they always some cool as armor at the end to fight the bad guys..

  • laureen jiyr
    laureen jiyr Year ago +1

    Jon : *breathes*
    Danearys : I think that's an attractive quality

  • Sword Of The Stars

    The Night King KILLS and RESURRECTS one of Dany's dragons in one of the lamest "shocker" episodes. You don't feel anything because everything is rushed. They came up with the stupid plan to catch a Wight to convince Cersei (WTF) and then she charges up to the North in 10 seconds and gets a dragon killed for... what?
    Dany isn't even sad about her dragon, she is sad about JON, someone she hasn't met for more than a WEEK.
    This season is HORSESHIT.

  • capo
    capo Year ago

    I neva thought i'd hear daenerys say 'just chilling'

  • Ladi Smith
    Ladi Smith Year ago +1


  • CJLAKE1234
    CJLAKE1234 Year ago +2

    She should've given Ser Jorah a kiss good bye. He's earned it.

  • CJLAKE1234
    CJLAKE1234 Year ago

    Why does it look like he has dantrift?

  • swfcindy
    swfcindy Year ago +2

    LOVED this scene! I love the rare, unguarded Dany, the ever faithful (well, except that one time...) & gallant Jorah & the look on Jon's face that said "there's more to this Mormont than meets the eye...and the history between these two is extremely powerful!" Excellent acting!!!

  • martyna
    martyna Year ago +6

    -BUSTED. Me and Jon Snow just chilling on a cliff by ourselves.
    lmao love emilia, she's always funny

  • Arjin Eminoglu
    Arjin Eminoglu Year ago +1

    İron throne is mine by rightfull and i take what is mine with ice and fire

  • Vipul Doshi
    Vipul Doshi Year ago

    Can somebody get jon snow a bottle of head and shoulders? That dandruff is out of control

  • Charlie Hansen
    Charlie Hansen Year ago

    Does Jorah recognize Longclaw at all?

  • allbusiness22
    allbusiness22 Year ago +1

    Sad if any of those dragons die and turned into a wight

  • Minded
    Minded Year ago

    I recently started rewatching GoT and noticed that bronn says that he has been beyond the wall for business and I really hope it's a good twist if some sort

  • Minded
    Minded Year ago

    Episode felt little rushed and but quicker to the good stuff I get

  • BloonatoR
    BloonatoR Year ago +1

    In episode 6 one dragon dies and become white walkers dragon :D

  • dbdnw4
    dbdnw4 Year ago +2

    I love Emilia's personality. She's what makes me love Daenerys. I don't imagine anyone else in that role

  • Id4n
    Id4n Year ago +1

    Everyone loves Dany.

    And not just the fans ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Clara Monteiro
    Clara Monteiro Year ago

    They didn't mention the fact that they are starting to feel attracted to each other with them being related. AWKWARD.

  • Raj Man
    Raj Man Year ago

    Is this a reality show?? Dany sounds different when she's talking to the confessional camera. Is this a New Zealand show??

  • nebula1400
    nebula1400 Year ago

    Jorah will end up being the wight walker Jon brings back.

  • bukovinian
    bukovinian Year ago +1

    Danny will get married to Jaime Lanister, to make a strong Ally and unify the houses.

  • jason m
    jason m Year ago

    When are these fooking ice spiders coming? That is the real question

  • B Sweat
    B Sweat Year ago +1

    HBO did a great job with CGI Drogon! He has skin, pulse, nerve action, personality, flames and insinctive flitches. Even glowing throat as flames come out. Absolutely amazing.

  • A Song of Ice and Wildfire

    Jon and Daenerys have no chemistry, blame it 50% on their acting and 50% on shitty writing

  • Jean Denim
    Jean Denim Year ago

    it dawned on me. jorah was looking at jon strangely a few times in this ep........i thought at first because of dany or the sword. then i remembered. didn't jorah serve under rhaegar? did jorah recognize a bit of rhaegar in jon?

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Year ago +3

    Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.. Great Love and Chemistry... Fantastic Actors.. They are both so good together..

  • Hometown Rapper
    Hometown Rapper Year ago +17

    everyone is complaining about how predictable the show is right now....and im just rolling my eyes because
    there is only two seasons left and less charaters so their paths are more clear...its like if season one was the start of a race where every character participated and season 7 is the race coming to an end where you see less people making it to the end so no shit the series is not as unpredictable as it no shit you can better predict how the end will be just like in a movie if u watched 3/4 of it its pretty easy

  • Noor Rizwan
    Noor Rizwan Year ago +1


  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor Year ago +1

    *OMGGG Episode 7 leaked- Jon and Daenerys have sex and Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen. Cersei loses the baby and Knight King breaks the wall with ice Viserion*

  • Maisha Ali
    Maisha Ali Year ago

    Your still John snow after you speck about the show

  • Lehel Hanko
    Lehel Hanko Year ago

    i just wanted to tell you something :-)

  • kefkapalazzo1
    kefkapalazzo1 Year ago

    Emilia clark had less expression than drogon

  • Shameer S
    Shameer S Year ago

    Mean while Episode 6 leaked !

  • Damien Wayne
    Damien Wayne Year ago

    I LOVE Emily Clarke
    I HATE danearys stormborn

  • Rapas
    Rapas Year ago

    Jorah, the Lord of House Friendzoned Forever.

  • right spyder
    right spyder Year ago +4

    Moment I was waiting for so long.....sir Jorah and daenerys ❤️

  • Misbah Ali
    Misbah Ali Year ago +3

    jorah 😍

  • Sam Hamsord
    Sam Hamsord Year ago

    So Far Jon didn't really show any love sympathies for Dany, I like that. Every fucking dick tries to roll his balls to her, this is fucking disgusting, I don't like her in the first place, all her story is quite pathetic "baang I got dragons I'm gonna free the slaves and kill the tyrants! If damn slaves would want their masters dead they would kill them on their own. World is much more fucked up place, to save people you gotta build a powerful economy, and that takes a powerful and just mind, and she doesn't has that, that's why she was failing so much. Taking that iron throne, why would any sane person want that so much??!! She's just as fucking insane as her pussy brother! Taking stupid imp for advisor?! Just shows yet more how stupid she is. Can't see why Tyrion is considered smart, he can put few words together and he's good person, but he ain't smart. Qyburn is smart, Samwell read more books and has cleaner mind, Bronn is quite smart too. The only gift Tyrion had is being a Lannister, all the advisorship for Dany is so fucking lame. Watching all that shit makes you almost sympathise for fucking Cersei, she got better advisor, she's older and smarter, she got good faithful bro, she's doing good, she's evil serpent but she's mentally strong and smarter.
    All the gifts Dany has is her fucking lizards, If lannisters were smarter they would build a hundreds of ballistas and put them on ships and carts, them dragons would be useless or dead, and what then? Dothraki would just raid the whole area and Dany would be done for.
    There is no slaves in westeros, who is she gonna free? That scene with lannisters cowards showed that just fine. A bunch of cowards that didn't fought to the death just kneeled of fear for the dragon, Dany's reasoning didn't meant shit to them.
    If something gonna grow between Jon and Dany at least it would be funny to find out that they are just like them Lannisters xD, northern fags gonna be quite amazed to find out they proclaimed a fucking targaryen to be #KingInTheNorth. Jon wouldn't be much changed though, he always fucked up, and in his serving for the greater good it matters not who was his irresponsible idiot father.

  • Necrom
    Necrom Year ago +3

    The Books WILL be better.
    In season 3 you couldve convinced me otherwise.
    Since s5, the scripting makes me want to die.

  • Sam Hamsord
    Sam Hamsord Year ago

    1:13 Oh yes he would pretty much die, he was fucking writing a farewell letter and preparing to commit suicide. All he did was coming to Citadel like: "hey guys, here I am,.save me" and they were like: "Naaaah, you're too sick, just die man" Sam saving him was a fucking miracle for him and heroic exploit for Sam. It's quite funny to see actors don't really understand what's going on in their movie lol.

  • Howtwoeasy
    Howtwoeasy Year ago

    Poor Kit looks like he has a serious dandruff problem

  • TheGreatOneInter
    TheGreatOneInter Year ago +1

    Damn...this song

  • AngryZombie808
    AngryZombie808 Year ago

    The Lord of Friendzone is back bitches! Jon Snow gonna have to compete to get into her pants now.

  • Kate Quinn
    Kate Quinn Year ago +2

    "He has been the one since the very beginning" ... I'm so used to giving and now I get to receive 🙏🏼

  • jitu rawat
    jitu rawat Year ago

    Emilia seems very talkative as a person