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  • outasi
    outasi 7 месяцев назад +1

    Best remix

  • DJ Dantheman
    DJ Dantheman Год назад

    Amazing remix of this song love it, keep up the good work!!!

  • soundXpert
    soundXpert Год назад

    Great Track Promotion Pimps!!! :)
    Feel free to subscribe us for more content! :)

  • Andrew Demetrius
    Andrew Demetrius Год назад

    Hi guys :-) I have a Troll problem can you help?

    • Andrew Demetrius
      Andrew Demetrius Год назад

      Hi, what is your e-mail? I can't find it. I have a bad chest infection and I need some help with this guy whom keeps shooting himself in the foot but just will not give it up! My channel went private because I hated all the problems I kept having with copyright etc and some suggestions that I cut up my mixes with commercial breaks! No way! I opened it up again to try and catch this dude and ridicule or indeed RINSE him, BUT he has multiple accounts and keeps making up more and more and kept disliking my videos... loads one after another and comments from mostly BRAND NEW ACCOUNTS and the same SYNTAX, you know, writing style with the same Pussy this and faggot that etc! same guy everytime! Maybe we should trash his channels.... ;-)

  • the white 2pac
    the white 2pac Год назад