Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | "Witness" TV Spot

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • "I've never seen anything like her." Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel is NOW PLAYING in theaters.
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Comments • 625

  • Yitzchok Loiterman
    Yitzchok Loiterman Month ago

    It's not *that* good

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +1

    I hit captain marvel

  • Eduard G.L
    Eduard G.L 2 months ago

    The movie was *OK* not great, would I recommended maybe. I just don't like how they tried to force women to be so important in the movie.

    IDK ROT 2 months ago

    [Skyrim opens with an Imperial wagon driving four prisoners down a snowy
    mountain pass. All are seated and bound; the one dressed in finery is gagged.]
    Ralof: Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border,
    right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that
    thief over there.

  • spiderman fun by jharen alvaro

    Marvel in third movie of Spiderman as Tom holland please the title i want "spiderman the rise of venom" please Tom vs tom

  • Hayden Bale
    Hayden Bale 2 months ago

    Mediocre at its best.

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 2 months ago +1

    Captain Marvel x Spider-Man = Spider-Marvel. Marvel make them a couple in the MCU please!

  • Rassi Rex
    Rassi Rex 2 months ago

    Where's my endgame trailer

  • Vano Bazgadze
    Vano Bazgadze 2 months ago +1

    Endgame treiler: I'm waiting for that moment

  • Jeremiah Paul
    Jeremiah Paul 2 months ago

    Captain Mistakes Were Made. Yikes! Fire the writers and Brie Larson.

  • Olsy Dany
    Olsy Dany 2 months ago +1

    Our next capt.. 😁

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler 2 months ago +1


  • 01 Player
    01 Player 2 months ago

    Where did you get these critics? 😂
    I love marvel but that movie was the worst out of every movie. 99% of the critics say the same

  • The2ndSIlver
    The2ndSIlver 2 months ago

    To be honest, let's set all of the hate on Brie Larson aside and focus on the story of captain marvel. Many people aren't going to see the movie because of the issues with the things Brie Larson has said, and her actions, when they should all be focusing on the storyline and character. Believe me when I say that the movie was amazing! And it saddens me when people are judging her and the movie due to her actions and words. No shade towards anyone, just my opinion 🙏🤷‍♂️😁

  • Panivovegeta Channel
    Panivovegeta Channel 2 months ago

    critic have spoken : its average !!

  • Bangtan Gurl
    Bangtan Gurl 2 months ago +1


  • Gabriel Papp
    Gabriel Papp 2 months ago

    I saw it last night. It's a very good movie.
    Naming it game changer might be a bit much. Maybe the character and her powers will change the game in Avengers.
    But as a movie, I don't see it as a game changer. It actually continues the great MCU movie formula. It works.

    DUCKS CAN RECORD :p 2 months ago +3

    Before the movie as a joke I said that goose will save the universe from thanos. After watching the movie I th..think I may be correct

  • Ragavendhar M
    Ragavendhar M 2 months ago

    So many Scenes from Trailers are Missing in the Movie. Why i don't understand.?? 😓😓😓😓

  • Rohan patel
    Rohan patel 2 months ago +1

    You are my science guy😂😂😂😂

  • Pa Mak
    Pa Mak 2 months ago +3

    I'm planning to watch it again... So good

    • Whisper
      Whisper 2 months ago

      عاشق أبي طالب...are you serious

    • عاشق أبي طالب
      عاشق أبي طالب 2 months ago +1

      Where can I watch this movie please and what's it's name

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 2 months ago

    saw it today, strictly average performance by brie.

  • Teka M
    Teka M 2 months ago +2

    she is the most amazing actor!!!

  • matt john
    matt john 2 months ago

    Save your money... it sucks. dull, bad acting, crap special effects. Marvel has done so much better... why go lame on this one?

  • mochjakaria
    mochjakaria 2 months ago +2

    50 more days to save the Avengers 👊

  • Ivan Stankovic
    Ivan Stankovic 2 months ago +1

    Paid comments, deleted reviews, rt censorship, calling people with opinions "trolls".. So much bad vibe surrounding this movie.

  • Muhammad Jubair
    Muhammad Jubair 2 months ago

    Anyone waiting for End Game???

  • MicellaniuS7
    MicellaniuS7 2 months ago +1

    Now when i see the movie i say thanks marvel for tribute to Stan Lee and the movie is really good Goose Fury and Captain marvel I love 😍😍😍 Thanks and Troll cry now

  • Muhammad Jubair
    Muhammad Jubair 2 months ago

    Anyone waiting for End Game trailer 2???

  • Cesar Duarte
    Cesar Duarte 2 months ago

    The worst marvel movie ever 😷

    • Whisper
      Whisper 2 months ago

      Its very average. There have been worse ones

  • Horror Dash
    Horror Dash 2 months ago

    Just saw the movie, 9/10, GO SEE IT!!!!!!!

  • Knight of Arkronia
    Knight of Arkronia 2 months ago +1

    Remember when people thought this movie would suck?

  • Tsai Tan
    Tsai Tan 2 months ago

    the cat will defeat thanos

  • Tsai Tan
    Tsai Tan 2 months ago +1

    the movie is really nice. back off haters.

  • Syed H R
    Syed H R 2 months ago +1

    When it will be released in Pakistan?

    • Syed H R
      Syed H R 2 months ago

      +Whisper Yes I know it's delayed, I wanted to know the exact date of release

    • Whisper
      Whisper 2 months ago

      Syed H R its delayed and unknown if it will come out in Pakistan at all. So no release date.
      That was the first article in google so that couldn’t have been that hard.

    • Syed H R
      Syed H R 2 months ago

      +Whisper the internet says nothing, it says it's not just released yet

    • Whisper
      Whisper 2 months ago

      The internet is a thing you know

  • 21 subs sin videos :'v Gameplays & mas

    In the end captain marvel backs to the space

  • 王昕臨
    王昕臨 2 months ago +1

    I want to see Stan Lee

  • Dia KAUR
    Dia KAUR 2 months ago +1

    The CGI was pretty good

  • saeed sajjad
    saeed sajjad 2 months ago

    watch captain marvel full movie link ------ @t

  • saeed sajjad
    saeed sajjad 2 months ago

    watch captain marvel full movie link ------ @t

  • Kalau Gitu
    Kalau Gitu 2 months ago

    End game trailer 2!

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 months ago

    Ignore the bots, this movie sucked!

  • Vishakh Kurup
    Vishakh Kurup 2 months ago

    I found the writing rather lazy.....Because after watching the trailers i was like " man, i need to watch this film" but unfortunately the movie didn't live upto its expectation........Big marvel fan BTW.....just being honest......

    DEADEYE VYAS 2 months ago


  • 아임요그루트
    아임요그루트 2 months ago +1


  • madhur sharma
    madhur sharma 2 months ago

    Super flop

    • the cartoonist
      the cartoonist 2 months ago

      it's tracking ahead of Black Panther, so, not really.

  • Avinash Biku
    Avinash Biku 2 months ago +2

    Superb movie....

  • Solunous
    Solunous 2 months ago +1

    Compairing this to DC super powered female Wonder Woman this movie was a bit lackluster.

    • Jerilyn Bridges
      Jerilyn Bridges 2 months ago

      Solunous I beg to differ! Compares to Wonder Woman, this movie was a bit more definitive in nature! If by the fact that it focused a lot more on Danvers, I wouldn’t call it lackluster: I would call it assertive!

  • Anirudh Bhattacharya
    Anirudh Bhattacharya 2 months ago

    The Stan Lee tribute was beautiful.

  • Poophead
    Poophead 2 months ago +1

    Movie is horrible. Theyre deleting comment of people who dont like it

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 2 months ago

    The worst and most boring movie in MARVEL history

  • AZTechVideos
    AZTechVideos 2 months ago +1

    But what about the audiences? 50% on rotten tomatoes lol

    • COLTON
      COLTON 2 months ago

      You means the fake audience cores ? The cores they vave before the movie release?

    • Hermanus Aurelius
      Hermanus Aurelius 2 months ago +1


  • Sai Chaitanya
    Sai Chaitanya 2 months ago +4

    Film is lit🔥🔥🔥🔥......
    I don't care about reviews.

  • Nurcan 05366701568 Kaygusuz


  • Alex24
    Alex24 2 months ago +1

    It was A GREAT movie!

  • Tappa Tappa
    Tappa Tappa 2 months ago

    Garbage day !!!!

  • Kaushal Desai
    Kaushal Desai 2 months ago +1

    Love the movie watched just now
    Hit like👇

  • Guray Can Kosan
    Guray Can Kosan 2 months ago +1

    Goose is the most powerfull hero in the movie fkleeöörm :)

  • Nilu New
    Nilu New 2 months ago

    Now Playing faster

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy 2 months ago +2

    Conclusion : The remaining avengers get Fury's pager, it stops working and then captain marvel is
    in the front of us

  • GIL X
    GIL X 2 months ago

    • *_SUPERSAVES_* } 'Y E S H U A' ★ I believe . I receive gift of salvation . I move to a new _good_ _life_ ~

  • Leader Snoke
    Leader Snoke 2 months ago

    Movie’s bad side was Brie Larson.When I was watching her I could feel that she is acting.I hope she acts better in Endgame.

  • Champ Studios
    Champ Studios 2 months ago

    watched the movie twist & turn is very superb. but how she gst the power of superhero is very boring and irritating compared to other marvel movies.they give immortal power to cap marvel like superman that was a major minus

  • Christopher Königsfeld

    Marvel you did an amazing job!!! I watched the movie tonight and it was f*cking amazing and Brie Larson ist perfect for this role!!! Hope she read it :-))
    Greets from germany

  • Sharis Pérez
    Sharis Pérez 2 months ago

    Amé la pelicula!!! Esos efectos estaban increíbles!

  • maheboob ali
    maheboob ali 2 months ago

    Waiting for End game trailer

  • maheboob ali
    maheboob ali 2 months ago

    Superb movie.

  • Tay Clark
    Tay Clark 2 months ago +1

    Brie can act the trailers dont do her justice

  • Phonphum Khunnatham
    Phonphum Khunnatham 2 months ago

    Captain Marvel isn't it. It's fun too. Thailand, mostly for this movie, is 8-10.

  • Aydin The Blazer
    Aydin The Blazer 2 months ago

    It was ok not good, nor was it bad

  • pro'szone
    pro'szone 2 months ago

    We cannot watch the movie in nepal

  • Pradeep Raj
    Pradeep Raj 2 months ago +2

    You are Wong....All of you are Wrong...To tell this is the best Marvel Origin story to the rest of the world!!!

  • Hell Arrow Noe
    Hell Arrow Noe 2 months ago

    I saw this movie. It's absolutely Fantastic. 🤓

  • August Ransom
    August Ransom 2 months ago +1

    I saw the movie and it is boring!
    Trust me I love all the marvel movies except for this one.
    I really did not like this movie.

  • Soffy 17D
    Soffy 17D 2 months ago

    The movie is very Good , one of best of Marvel Top 3 👍👌👀

  • Pinkamena Pie
    Pinkamena Pie 2 months ago +1

    Hey leaving my opinion here since you guys bought the whole internet just to avoid admiting you made a bad movie. I felt Ironman 3 guilt after spending my money to see 2 hours of meh plot, the cat was great but is the only good part of this movie. I hope Endgame to be better than this. Thanks Bye !

  • valix crent
    valix crent 2 months ago +1

    I'm gonna pass, heard nothing but negative reviews, even from some of my die hard marvel friends.

  • Marcial Ramos
    Marcial Ramos 2 months ago +1

    oh and damage control can't hide everything

  • rishawn98
    rishawn98 2 months ago

    I’m watching this movie tonight. Can’t wait

  • Cameron McEwen
    Cameron McEwen 2 months ago +1

    This movie keeps looking more and more terrible.

  • chitti grim reaper
    chitti grim reaper 2 months ago +2

    Movie not bad and not good at the same time

  • ArcyTheAtrocious
    ArcyTheAtrocious 2 months ago +1

    Fury, Fury, Fury

    This is a spoiler. Ppl will figure it out ;)

  • MagicalGirl4
    MagicalGirl4 2 months ago +1

    Loved this movie!! Definitely now apart of my favourite MCU films.

  • 1,000,000 Subs Without a Video

    Fun movie, surpassed my expectations

  • Blaze Tutors
    Blaze Tutors 2 months ago

    Great movie!!!

  • The Star Wars Fangirl 77

    I'm not gonna get to see it untill next week 😭😭😭😂

  • Nick Valentines
    Nick Valentines 2 months ago

    Going to see captain marvel tonight. It better be good..

  • Ophelia Jikl
    Ophelia Jikl 2 months ago +32

    The movie is beyond what I expected. 👏❤ 10/10

  • jerzeydolphins
    jerzeydolphins 2 months ago +1

    WORST MOVIE IN A FEW YEARS , However i think brie would be a perfect fit for a miss piggy Movie , jus sayn

  • Lana Del Taco
    Lana Del Taco 2 months ago

    I really don’t get the hate
    It was good

  • Benson Mecham
    Benson Mecham 2 months ago +1

    The Cat is the best part of the movie we all know that

  • eljaydl
    eljaydl 2 months ago +3

    Jan-Michael Vincent, Star of 'The Mechanic' and 'Airwolf,' Dies at 73.

  • Kos Sele
    Kos Sele 2 months ago

    Just awesome !!!

  • Olan Forde
    Olan Forde 2 months ago +1

    Loved This Movie I Want More Binary Lol Cant Wait To Own This Masterpiece

  • 제이비DEF.licious
    제이비DEF.licious 2 months ago

    I'm not a troll, I'm not a fanboy, I'm not an anti, I'm not feminist, I'm not anti-feminism. I'm a movie viewer, I like all kind of movie genres, but I mostly go to cinema to watch action movies, especially the ones that have good VFX and good direction of those.
    Captain Marvel is a really good movie.
    She is my fav female superhero if I have to give her a place.
    I loved Stan Lee's tribute intro and his cameo was sweet, made me tear up a lil.

  • monomachus H
    monomachus H 2 months ago +4

    The fact that nick looses his eue to the cat is a joke......and is a great representation of the movie as a whole......

  • Zboy 115
    Zboy 115 2 months ago +2

    Movie was LIT 🔥

  • Patric loy
    Patric loy 2 months ago +1

    It’s only hyped cos she’s a woman and they brought it out on International women’s day. It’s not bad . But nothing special

  • Peppe G-Virus
    Peppe G-Virus 2 months ago