Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling

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Made in Everdream
Concept by: Lindsey Stirling

Shot on location at White Horse Ranch in Landers, California

Просмотров: 84366995
Длительность: 3:39
Комментарии: 33835

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Автор The Jokers ( назад)
Un bisous de la France

Автор Etuate Lafferte ( назад)
*Beast mode activated...*

Автор Л е р а Т я н ( назад)
Just wow, no words! I also want to start playing the violin

Автор Tania C ( назад)

Автор Emy Terminator T800 modèle 101 ( назад)
Just Perfect 💝💕😘👑

Автор Margo De Helt ( назад)
iu could hear this all day

Автор Viok The Valient ( назад)
*Its hiiigh note*

Автор Master Gaming ( назад)
Who could have know people in the old day use sound wave for weapon

Автор Mariela Pacheco ( назад)
this song shoes me that girls are the best

Автор Dinora Mejia ( назад)
Simplemente hermoso

Автор vincethe4231 ( назад)

Автор one boy and a camera ( назад)
where's my chelp

Автор HoodedGargoyle ( назад)
1.) Wish I could dress like that
2.) Wish I could play violin
3.) Wish I could play violin while dressed like that

Автор Raminder Dhillon-Acosta ( назад)
she kinda looks like gabby from the gabby show

Автор Perla Iveth Rincon Baez ( назад)
que buena instrumental.
eso se llama arte

Автор Nancy Yun ( назад)
the music video was a great idea your a inspiration!

Автор *Lohana* ( назад)
Without doubt one of the best music videos I've ever seen violin art is splendid

Автор Zombiewaster215 ( назад)
this should be the theme song for borderlands 3 <3

Автор Jose Fernandes ( назад)
I like this song it's so amazing and I like the beat of the song

Автор Mohamed Rizwan ( назад)
freaking awesome..........................................

Автор rehana arshad ( назад)
This would be the best song yet

Автор Arek Bujnik ( назад)
It's awesome :D

Автор wilmary carolina salas ferrer ( назад)
guao quiero ser ella

Автор huguette titeux ( назад)
lindsey est une personne formidable

Автор AnnucksZooi ( назад)
I ship the badguy and the goodgirl

Автор Анастасия Няшка ( назад)
вау супер

Автор Carina Hofmann ( назад)
How are The Guys of roundtable Rival

Автор Alexandra Pastorková ( назад)

Автор Crystal Wheaton ( назад)
she so awesome

Автор chenry768 ( назад)
and i like that electric violin does the sound come from the horn??

Автор Mambo Numbafive ( назад)
might have been better minus the steampunk accent but the music was BEAUTIFUL and stunning as always

Автор A W RAMONE ( назад)
muito bom

Автор thatonecoolpirate ( назад)
whats his name?

Автор PERRY WINKLER ( назад)

Автор qsd qus ( назад)
so goood

Автор Leticia Clemente Carvalho ( назад)
love you 😘😘

Автор Katharina Kiesel ( назад)
this was the Best one

Автор Tom Young ( назад)
Kind of made me think of Pat Benatar, Love is a Battlefield. When her 'pimp' gets violent. Just sing and dance at him and he is helpless to stop the girls.

Автор Jonny French ( назад)
sad 2 report Luserfer
luv,s tone ,,,but I haue half
& a guide ing light 🚩

Автор Onur İşler ( назад)
beyler gözünüzü seveyim bana boyle gaza getirici guzel müzikler onerin

Автор Paul Yuk ( назад)
Came out 3 years ago! STILL rocks me!

Автор Edjelson Silva ( назад)
To todo a repiado

Автор david snith ( назад)
Wow so talented! Love all your work Lidnsey! And your an amazing dancer aswell as a violinist!!

Автор Boban Prastalo ( назад)
I would fall apart if I would turn my hips so fast.

Автор GamingBlueNOOB :3 ( назад)
Our teacher on Music Lesson played this xD

Автор Jason Sampieri ( назад)
You are all brilliant, what an amazing formula you have managed to develop! Great stuff, very fun to watch!

Автор Yannis Guénard ( назад)

Автор Adam Blahut ( назад)
Best song ever :3

Автор DIY WITH ANDREA ( назад)
I wish I could add this offline. ( I cannot get away with this music of hers!!)

Автор Дима Мелиашвили ( назад)
cold sing good

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)
all the dislikes are the cowboys that got rekt by girls in this video

Автор Dilara Aksoy ( назад)
Too original

Автор kiattikun215 ( назад)

Автор Kristyn Natalya ( назад)

Автор Iwantpizza1234 ( назад)
Why do i feel weird watching this?

Автор Mr Byson ( назад)
What are your real Face looks like Lindsey ?!!

Автор David Thompson ( назад)
that was amsing

Автор Bonnie Coffey ( назад)
One of the best videos I've seen and heard in long time .

Автор Cristiele Moretti ( назад)
muito legal😍

Автор Lana Haven ( назад)
no one else commenting on the bugle-violin

Автор Longshot PC ( назад)
I suppose the advantage to being a musical bandit is that you can't be charged for mudrer

Автор Linda Dutro ( назад)
you probably know your good at viline

Автор Sophie Elliott-May ( назад)
this is what you call Girl power 😄

Автор Aiden O'Sewart ( назад)
I kinda wanna see someone do a Firefly compilation with this song

Автор J and A Gaming ( назад)
I'd smash(the girl)

Автор Malika Tatard ( назад)
assi je m'appeler lindsay💖💖💖💖 ja dor trop bien tes chansons

Автор Object r136a1 ( назад)

Автор Ferenc Kiss ( назад)

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)
im in a serious relationship with the replay button

Автор The Alex Play ( назад)
so cool

Автор The Alex Play ( назад)
I love this song, Hello from Ukraine

Автор Marya Mohamad ( назад)
wow 😆😆😆😆

Автор Tommaso Cascella ( назад)
Can someone tell me the name of the two female dancer besides Lindsey?

Автор von rokers ( назад)
this song is the best

Автор Davide Luciani ( назад)
does exists a purchasable album with hers songs and videos too?

Автор Ananya Mukherjee ( назад)

Автор Paola Kotzias ( назад)

Автор Dominik Poznański ( назад)
l love you

Автор Elizaveta Obsekova ( назад)

Автор Jerry Kw ( назад)
정말 이노래 좋음. 린제이 로한도 좋아하지만 린제이 스털링 음악을 더 사랑할것 같아.

Автор Jerry Kw ( назад)
Is she similar who Lindsey Lohan ? I thought she REALLY was ... (maybe broken english :) 린제이 로한 닮지 않았나요?정말로 난 그런줄 알았어.ㅋㅋ 정말로 연주 잘하는데 멋진 전자바이올리니스트. 바네사 메이나 본드가 생각남.

Автор תימאא ענבר ( назад)
😙😍love villon😙😍

Автор Shanna Pagaduan ( назад)
Love the music and dancing at 1:01 - 1:17. All I'm looking at is Lindsey. She is really good.

Автор FireCloud ART ( назад)
i am liked so is beautifully // Perú :D

Автор Clay Goodin ( назад)
0:50 the guys dancing tho... the cringe...

Автор Julie C ( назад)

Автор ShockGamer LoT ( назад)
this fits McCree so well

Автор Pura Mentira Cuack ( назад)
Sos la mejor. Desde aca Argentina

Автор Dijanus Laura ( назад)
sau gut der hammer

Автор Julie Loft ( назад)
Love her. Love her creativity and talent. She so much bigger that AGT and the best thing ever to happen was to be voted off the show. True creativity is stifled by big labels and mainstream entertainment. Keep collaborating and creating! It's working.😎

Автор Kimberlee Strickland ( назад)
this is fkn GREAT

Автор Open Road Homeschool ( назад)
favorite one!

Автор Totoro Foxy ( назад)
Wow so Cool and Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎

Автор Malaikah Rahman ( назад)
west cow boys with electric guitar and violin= my dream ;-)

Автор Chosen Few ( назад)
lol awesome

Автор Hubert Kapera ( назад)
I want to see her with Arima Kousei :D

Автор Selina Binder ( назад)
cool des ist so geil 😎😎😎

Автор Adrian Lara ( назад)
My favorite song... LOVE U... Come to México please!!!!

Автор Florence Bonzai ( назад)
I love this music

Автор Rocio Herrera ( назад)
It's 2017 and I'm still watching this !

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