Driver San Francisco - Drifting, Crashing and Jumping

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  • Richard French
    Richard French 7 месяцев назад

    How do you drift

  • Oleg Черепанов
    Oleg Черепанов 8 месяцев назад


  • ArččiYYss
    ArččiYYss Год назад

    Window 8?

  • Bay Başgan
    Bay Başgan Год назад +1

    very bad

    SKURA 2 года назад

    Nice bro.

  • Mox raiss
    Mox raiss 2 года назад +2

    good but ur drift need some work ;)

  • Vandromme Kévin
    Vandromme Kévin 2 года назад +1

    Recherche joueurs en ligne pour faire les trophées en ligne sur ps3. Voilà mon ID: knvd62660

  • Bawlerz
    Bawlerz 2 года назад

    Good work

  • ------ Ivory -----
    ------ Ivory ----- 2 года назад

    u drift is shit

  • Long Live Pepe
    Long Live Pepe 2 года назад

    Im the 1,000th subscriber

  • Ikac
    Ikac 2 года назад

    i now how to km/h 

  • Motaz Mostafa
    Motaz Mostafa 3 года назад +1

    Man u really suck . I got 1679 points in one drift noob

    • Sirrunalot
      Sirrunalot 3 года назад

      Gee, drifting in circles over and over again must be so fun and that's how this game is meant to be played, right?

  • Tom Loader
    Tom Loader 3 года назад

    i mean days

  • Tom Loader
    Tom Loader 3 года назад

    you dont have alot of money i have like over a million and the best cars in the game and all that in a few weeks

  • IG Gameplays
    IG Gameplays 3 года назад


  • Jeem
    Jeem 3 года назад

    Driver SF Is Was My Best Games Ever !! But The Problem Is Not Get Any Update And Any New Cars!!!

  • AdriaN
    AdriaN 3 года назад

    Here in Spain for PC is 14.45€

  • John Walker
    John Walker 3 года назад

    Wow you are bad

  • Launker Mods
    Launker Mods 3 года назад

    What is the menu Of Cars?

  • mgparks172000
    mgparks172000 3 года назад

    Do you use a wheel?

    • mgparks172000
      mgparks172000 3 года назад

      Ohh... ok thanks

    • RageDev
      RageDev  3 года назад

      No, I was using a keyboard at the time

  • richie baby
    richie baby 3 года назад

    i was thinking of getting gta 5 but this looks way better

    • XoAzolasHD
      XoAzolasHD Год назад

      this is a good game but get gta5 much more variety

    • The Puncake Master
      The Puncake Master 3 года назад

      +Waluigin64 that is probably because gta v is newer

  • Jens Thalau
    Jens Thalau 3 года назад

    you can"t even drift a R8 just dumb

    • oskar badenfelt
      oskar badenfelt 3 года назад

      +HyperDashSpaceUnicorn Just weld the center diff and remove the front driveaxels (Y) no need to change any parts ;)

    • HyperDashSpaceUnicorn
      HyperDashSpaceUnicorn 3 года назад

      +Cherry AppIe Juice Yup :)

    • CherryAppIeJuice
      CherryAppIeJuice 3 года назад

      +HyperDashSpaceUnicorn I have seen some on youtube, I didn't know if he meant in real life. Same with a Lamborghini lots f people do that.

    • HyperDashSpaceUnicorn
      HyperDashSpaceUnicorn 3 года назад

      +Cherry AppIe Juice Yeah that's another thing.. But it can be done by changing the transmission and buying a different differential and stuff, but it's a hell of a lot of work! A guy here in Norway has actually done it, but he works with Audi's as a profession and he's been doing those things for several years. So I feel ya :)

    • CherryAppIeJuice
      CherryAppIeJuice 3 года назад

      Ya, but I don't know if it is like that in the game. Plus he said you can make it two wheel drive? Which did not make sense to me.

  • Jens Thalau
    Jens Thalau 3 года назад +2

    dude you realy suck at drifting

  • jayveion moore
    jayveion moore 3 года назад

    Ah man he was so close

  • Elias Silva
    Elias Silva 3 года назад


  • Joar F.
    Joar F. 3 года назад

    i'm using it as often i can :)

  • Lexar tm
    Lexar tm 3 года назад

    Why do you people never use the cockpit view, aka. the view any racing game should be played in?

  • David Agayev
    David Agayev 3 года назад music and drive

  • MaxThePunisher
    MaxThePunisher 3 года назад

    Shut up and enjoy CrushyDrift))

  • dylan hendriks
    dylan hendriks 3 года назад

    i have $1.824.771.053

  • dylan hendriks
    dylan hendriks 3 года назад

    you are the worst drifter that i have ever seen in my life man !

  • Passaretti DaLi
    Passaretti DaLi 3 года назад

    really u must learn how u drift -___-

  • Passaretti DaLi
    Passaretti DaLi 3 года назад

    01:50 failed :3

  • saleh alo
    saleh alo 3 года назад

    check for my channel to learn how drift

  • ZOMBIER 1990
    ZOMBIER 1990 4 года назад

    how much does everyone have on this game coz I have like almost $55,000,000

  • ZOMBIER 1990
    ZOMBIER 1990 4 года назад

    dude can u really drift

  • Daniel Guevara Marlez
    Daniel Guevara Marlez 4 года назад

    Oh snap ... Mortal Kombat has changed a lot :/

  • DESTROYER999998
    DESTROYER999998 4 года назад

    yes he can, its called oversteer.

  • DESTROYER999998
    DESTROYER999998 4 года назад

    Yeah but you cant do the missions again. Only challenges i think.

  • Jake Mcdoodle
    Jake Mcdoodle 4 года назад

    You can drive

  • Lumbrez
    Lumbrez 4 года назад

    the Corvette can't drift get the Nissan r35 and you will know what's the dk car.

  • Nurys Paulino
    Nurys Paulino 4 года назад


  • xJeanie Horror
    xJeanie Horror 4 года назад

    ahahah nice one lol

  • Said Hussein
    Said Hussein 4 года назад

    wow tokyo drift

  • Артем Кухтин
    Артем Кухтин 4 года назад

    лох печальный

  • Mohammad Elshehhi
    Mohammad Elshehhi 4 года назад

    I'm a millionaire in this game

  • Digipak はそれを切り開く
    Digipak はそれを切り開く 4 года назад

    this vid is called Drifting, Crashing and Jumping coz u can't do a real drift :)

  • _blake.ded.doggo.193_
    _blake.ded.doggo.193_ 4 года назад

    And no he is not roman

  • _blake.ded.doggo.193_
    _blake.ded.doggo.193_ 4 года назад

    Show off

  • jezperD
    jezperD 4 года назад

    Driver San fransisco

  • Ramanpr33t
    Ramanpr33t 4 года назад

    Are u using mods?

  • Ramanpr33t
    Ramanpr33t 4 года назад

    Are u using mods?

  • Dee LaFlaree
    Dee LaFlaree 4 года назад

    wat is dis game on..

  • luke fowler
    luke fowler 4 года назад

    Good driver

  • Evgeniyaslim
    Evgeniyaslim 4 года назад

    only a very long time to boot

  • Mike Theunissen
    Mike Theunissen 4 года назад

    You can't. The game doesn't support wheels. I've tried to play this with my G27 but no.

  • BaYa_xCouGaRz YT
    BaYa_xCouGaRz YT 4 года назад

    6:00-6:05 o_O

  • microtest
    microtest 4 года назад


  • RageDev
    RageDev  4 года назад

    @MrJdmania2000 k

  • leo bot
    leo bot 4 года назад

    are you retarded?

  • MrJdmania2000
    MrJdmania2000 4 года назад

    Mate your mumma failedat at 1:58 in the morning cuz that's the time she had sex with a male prostitute and 9 months later you were born ultimate fail

    DRIFTMANIA100 4 года назад

    hey this guy stole mu driving style maaan :D

  • Dainty Snow Leopard
    Dainty Snow Leopard 4 года назад

    Does anyone want to play Driver SF with me.I love jumping and doing crazy things and I need to level up.add me on xbox: reto60

  • Zöchi is a Homo ^^
    Zöchi is a Homo ^^ 4 года назад

    The nissan sounds like a porsche

  • Jon Snow The Crow
    Jon Snow The Crow 4 года назад

    0:20 Reminded me of good old San Andreas`s Garage door sound <3

  • SuperNes1996
    SuperNes1996 4 года назад


  • douglas costa silva
    douglas costa silva 4 года назад

    kara em 6:47 vc foi esperto kkk

  • AP's Underground Music
    AP's Underground Music 4 года назад

    Your a badass driver till 2:19

  • RageDev
    RageDev  4 года назад

    I have a new video of Driver San Francisco! Click on my channel name to view it!

  • Maciek Marecki
    Maciek Marecki 4 года назад

    i will drift better than you man this is easy MAN but nice cars and good drift good job MAN

  • Yessenia Roman
    Yessenia Roman 4 года назад

    Si vueno es el juego dungeon rampage

  • venelin venelinov
    venelin venelinov 4 года назад

    Driver San Francisco

  • Иван Хасанов
    Иван Хасанов 4 года назад


  • Me Like Moto
    Me Like Moto 4 года назад

    GTA I4

  • Adam Allen
    Adam Allen 4 года назад

    o i thot this was mario

  • afrim lajqi
    afrim lajqi 4 года назад

    you must be stupid the title says all

  • nayim hasnain
    nayim hasnain 4 года назад

    your just stupid- disliking a video means that it does not meat the description or title. you clicked on the link- if you have nothing good to say dont say it because no one wants to hear about the ignorant kid who didnt read the description and title before watching the video!

  • Nicoleta Vlasie
    Nicoleta Vlasie 4 года назад

    Driver san francisco

  • RageDev
    RageDev  4 года назад

    This is why the video is called drifting, CRASHING and jumping

    L.PERRY 4 года назад

    1:58 fail :) dislike

  • censink
    censink 4 года назад

    you made me cry at 3:09.

  • 420fuckthatshit
    420fuckthatshit 4 года назад

    yo dumbass momma

  • Daniel Robert
    Daniel Robert 4 года назад

    for drifting use ZR1 its better

  • Richard Klein
    Richard Klein 4 года назад

    super drift :D 2:20 :D my corvete oh noooo

  • Jake McElwain
    Jake McElwain 4 года назад

    REALLY!????? OMG, THINK I BROKE THE RECORD! I had one with a 792m!!!!!!!!!!

  • RageDev
    RageDev  4 года назад

    Mortal Kombat

  • RageDev
    RageDev  4 года назад

    Sure, It is fun, you can still drive around San Francisco at speed!

  • Jan
    Jan 4 года назад

    Is the game still fun after completing the career?

  • zach shortridge
    zach shortridge 4 года назад

    8:43 Holy shit im surprised the world didnt explode

  • shaik faruk
    shaik faruk 4 года назад

    w0w NyC drifting...

  • jeez people
    jeez people 4 года назад

    super dooper oober close call at 5:18

  • Csaba Turi
    Csaba Turi 5 лет назад

    This game crap!

  • Guter Kamerad
    Guter Kamerad 5 лет назад

    It's funny because the last driver I played for ps2 had a way better vehicle damage system and even physics. You could get out of the car and shoot too.

  • SneaKs
    SneaKs 5 лет назад

    i made 300 m whit hudson

  • Mark Allayban
    Mark Allayban 5 лет назад

    The game looks like Crash Time 4

  • RageDev
    RageDev  5 лет назад

    Yes but if you have a look at the upload date this was one of the longest drifts back then...

  • NaelGaming
    NaelGaming 5 лет назад

    thats not the longest drift. i personally made way higher than you and . thh world record is abuot 600meters

  • Влад Алеексеев
    Влад Алеексеев 5 лет назад

    Ok :)

  • Timmy76
    Timmy76 5 лет назад

    This game got bad reviews when it first came out, but tbh i thought it was brilliant and i enjoyed it very much.

  • Mert Y. Güngör
    Mert Y. Güngör 5 лет назад

    The best drift you say is about 300. i did 600 while going with a car lol