Taste Testing KFC Copycat Recipes

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • This week on the KFC show we are Taste Testing Leaked KFC Recipes & Copycat KFC Recipes. We are going to use this information as a base to start narrowing in on our own recipe to replicate the flavour To cook KFC at home. We are getting closer to cracking the secret KFC recipe for 11 herbs and spices, so you can make KFC chicken at home with our KFC secret Recipe Clone Hack. We have tested the Chicago Tribune leaked KFC Recipe - it was horrible. We tested Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Copycat KFC Recipe - Lacking, totally lacking. We tried Quang Tran KFC Leaked secret recipe - so-so. We tried Nicko's Kitchen Copycat KFC Fried Chicken - Meh. We tried Whats4Chow KFC Fried Chicken Secret Recipe - Original Recipe... so far from real it was horrible. We tried Chris LEA Copycat KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken Original Recipe, Secret ingredients... Nope. We Tried Recipe30 KFC Secret recipe accidentally revealed... Nope. But our copycat secret kfc recipe hack revealed - will be epic.
    Cracking The KFC Recipe Playlist: ruclip.com/p/PLgOb3zseg1hR4RkgFSZFm7tUTSimCEDNO

    Chicago Tribune Leaked KFC Recipe:
    2 cups all-purpose flour
    2/3 Ts salt
    1/2 Ts dried thyme leaves
    1/2 Ts dried basil leaves
    1/3 Ts dried oregano leaves
    1 Ts celery salt
    1 Ts ground black pepper
    1 Ts dried mustard
    4 Ts paprika
    2 Ts garlic salt
    1 Ts ground ginger
    3 Ts ground white pepper
    1 cup buttermilk
    1 egg, beaten
    **Ts - what does this mean? Ts is not an abbreviation used in cooking tsp (all lower-case) is used for teaspoons, and Tbsp is used for tablespoons. This led a lot of people to dismiss this recipe - along with the use of celery salt and garlic salt. The Tribune maintains this means Tablespoon, but for us that’s just waaaay to much spice for 2 cups of flour. If it is teaspoons, you get something that’s almost edible.
    Ken's Recipe v7:
    3g MSG
    3g white pepper
    2.5g black pepper
    0.5g sage
    0.5g coriander seed
    0.375g ginger
    0.25g red pepper flakes
    0.25g clove
    0.25g allspice
    0.125g marjoram
    0.125g summer savoury
    0.125g thyme
    All ground and mixed with 200g flour and 25g salt

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  • Buddy
    Buddy 5 days ago

    Glen, how is it going with nailing this recipe?

  • Dimas Prahastra
    Dimas Prahastra 6 days ago +1

    i tried kfc leaked recipes, but not black as yours!. and it tasted amazing.

  • SweetMami33
    SweetMami33 11 days ago

    Which chicken seasoning was it?

  • michael macias
    michael macias 14 days ago

    I hope your next KFC video is on which spices you're using.

  • david smith
    david smith 21 day ago

    Did you ever get it spot on

  • Julumkana
    Julumkana 25 days ago

    I’ve tried a recipe that is a duplicate of KFC chicken and it’s not 11 herbs and spices. You are on the right track with the pressure deep fryer.
    It’s basically ap flour, salt, black pepper and msg For dry ingredients. The wash is milk and 1 egg. I have the recipe in a recipe book in storage so if interested I can dig up the exact measurements.
    Perhaps the original recipe was 11 herbs and spices, but this msg recipe is exactly like what you buy at KFC. We’ve tried it. We even fried the chicken and put it in a KFC box and let someone try it and they could not tell the difference.

  • shashit kotian
    shashit kotian Month ago

    I think it is salt and white and black pepper and and msg and flour to hold all that

  • pod4477
    pod4477 Month ago

    Made this the other day without the allspice, cloves, and savoury, and it’s very close. I bought those ingredients today and I’m going to try again. It needed ALOT more msg though, and I increased the white and black pepper a lot. At our KFC you can see all the black pepper on the skin indicating they are using a lot of black pepper. I suspect they’re using a tsp of msg per piece of chicken also. Probably don’t need to add salt at that point because it gets very salty from the msg, which is why our KFC has always been so salty here.

  • 2bobaf
    2bobaf 3 months ago

    What is allspice?

    • Glen & Friends Cooking
      Glen & Friends Cooking  3 months ago

      Allspice is the berry of a tree / shrub that grows in the Caribbean. Here is our video explaining it: ruclip.com/video/6P621QXw8BQ/video.html

  • PLF
    PLF 3 months ago

    Clove and allspice were more popular back then, so might very well have been more consistent with that - but subsequently changed to appease modern palates.

  • SonicRising
    SonicRising 3 months ago

    Have you tried any recipies that contain Mace? (the spice, not the spray lol) I have a recipe that adds just a tiny amount of mace and it makes a huge difference.

  • danis wara
    danis wara 3 months ago

    I have tried the Chicago Tribune one, and it taste so different that I thought perhaps I done something wrong in the middle. Turn out that the recipe itself is the problem, thanks God.

  • mju34
    mju34 3 months ago

    Can you just do one that is only black pepper, white pepper, salt and MSG, and compare that directly to KFC? I'm convinced that what most people are tasting when they think of that "distinctive KFC flavor" is really the MSG

  • James D'Aquisto II
    James D'Aquisto II 4 months ago


  • Montana fishing Fun
    Montana fishing Fun 4 months ago

    Wow this was a great little adventure in the KFC chicken world. Thank you I’m gonna try these. I need to get one of those pressure cookers

  • Teacherman
    Teacherman 4 months ago

    Updates please!!!

  • TheArieusStream
    TheArieusStream 4 months ago +1

    I'd love to see an update. How is the KFC refining going?

  • miguelguineastudio
    miguelguineastudio 4 months ago

    I've been close tonight!!!
    Like many of us, I've been "trying to replicate" the recipe since years, from time to time, but not taking the effort too much seriously, doing the web "copycats" that usually taste good, with variants, and in some cases over-flavoured, with a lot of aromathic herbs, but not close to the kfc of the 80's, my grandpa used to buy us every sunday.
    This method is for the common, with no pressure cooker.
    Method and ingredients:
    -A whole chiken, cut up following Jamie Waldron's instructions.
    To prevent the chicken from being dry when frying, or very raw, I previously cook it in a casserole, with water, salt, black pepper, mustard, and a little bit of curry. At this point your nose will tell you this is a good starting point. Get it to medium rare/medium, since you will finish cooking the meat later at the frying pan, with oil. Maybe you can try to leave it overnight at the fridge, to marinate, but as I just did tonight, I only have left it stay about an hour or a bit more, cooling down, while was doing Glen's dump cake recipe.
    The mix.
    First I mix the spices, and then the flour:
    -3 tablespoons of salt
    -2 and a half tablespoons of white pepper
    -2 and a half tablespoons of black pepper
    -1 tablespoon of paprika (paprika... really? Yes. Now it wouldn't be so noticeable as Chicago Tribune recipe)
    -1 tablespoon of garlic powder
    -1 tablespoon of onion powder
    -1 tablespoon of oregano
    -1 tablespoon of basil
    -1 tablespoon of ginger
    - 2 and a half tablespoons of curry
    Mix it properly.
    -1 cup ( 350 mm volume) of all purpose flour.
    Mix it with the spices.
    Then you will have a bowl with the mix, find another one for the wash.
    In a previous attempt, I did a proper eggwash, and it didn't convince me, nor the flavour or the final coverage of the batter. Don't get me wrong, it tasted great, and it looked traditional and homemade, but not like the thing I was searching. Somewhat more like a food chain restaurant. So tonight I did only use milk, no eggs, with a couple of mustard tablespoons, and added part of "the flour and spices mix", until it was somewhat doughy ( In previous iterations I used something similar as marinated overnight in the fridge. But not tonight)
    Prepare the frying pan. I use vegetable oil, olive oil. If olive oil its expensive at your place, you can try other vegetable oil.
    Wash the chicken at the milk/flour/spices mix and then toss it to the dry mix at the second bowl. Get rid a bit of the excess, but not too much! cause you want that thing covering you chicken. And then to the frying pan. Try not to manipulate the pieces too much or they will lose the batter.

    When I have tasted it, I have shouted a great "YES!!!"... which has sounded throughout my neighborhood, here, at 3 a.m. Madrid time. The flavour was also inside the meat. I've eaten half chicken stand up in a blink! I just stopped to leave something for the family to eat tomorrow!
    Greetings to all!

    • miguelguineastudio
      miguelguineastudio 4 months ago

      This week's attempt.

      The past try was a bit strong so I repeated the method with some modifications
      -I have doubled the flour (2 cups now)
      -I have reduced the black pepper, white pepper and curry to 2 tablespoons each.
      -I have forgotten to add mustard at the bowl of the wash this time, but not at the casserole It was unintended.
      I went to a kfc to buy some pieces of chicken to make a comparison, and a sort of "blind taste test" with friends. I must admit that I had not bought in these establishments for quite a long time, having eaten for years mostly homemade fried chicken, and... at the moment in which I smelled the oil in which they were frying everything... I have noticed that I wouldn't like their chicken like before.
      I took yesterday all the pieces to a game night with friends, and most of us liked better the homemade pieces (ah... my dear friends, so kind to me... haha).
      But honestly... "my" chicken meat was more juicy and more flavorful, and not only because it was free-range chicken, but also cause the pre-cook introduce flavour into it and prevents to get dry. The KFC meat was dry. The batter was pretty close at peppery and crunchiness, more greasy and brown-orange at the KFC. They could be distinguished from each other by some accents, but nothing in the antipodes like exaggerated herbs taste, or the Chicago Tribune one. I got some ideas for the next attempt. The curry spice mix has 1 ingredient that should be diminished in order to approach more to KFC. I will cut the paprika to half spoon, and play a bit with a very small amounts of clove and cumin, avoiding falling into their strong presence they tend to give.

      We will found out!

  • Aces Cher
    Aces Cher 4 months ago

    Accent Salt is in the recipe also,,the recipe i have has this and yes tastes like KFC from way back ❤❤

  • Pete Meleady
    Pete Meleady 4 months ago +1

    What's happened to the final one?

  • meanchiefjones
    meanchiefjones 4 months ago

    What is summer savoury spice/herb?

    • Glen & Friends Cooking
      Glen & Friends Cooking  4 months ago

      It's an Herb - fairly easy to find more information about it on the internet.

  • mrbulin
    mrbulin 4 months ago +2

    When is will you test the next step?

  • Aaron Huslage
    Aaron Huslage 4 months ago

    My thoughts are that the recipe that you’re trying to nail is not the same recipe that the Internet is trying to nail. The Internet seems dead set on getting the “original” recipe from pre-corporate sellout days. You’re trying to copy the recipe that is currently being made in the restaurant. There are definite differences that I remember from my childhood in the 70s from today, so I can’t help but think that all of those recipes could have, at some time, been the “correct” recipe.

  • Doc Fisher
    Doc Fisher 4 months ago

    What type of oils were they frying with in that time period ?
    That could throw off texture as well .
    Could the possibility back then mean that Ts actually have meant an actual “tea spoon” as in a spoon you use mixing sugar in your tea ?
    I know the tea spoons in have ( ice cream sundaes spoon I call it) does not measure a teaspoon .

    • Glen & Friends Cooking
      Glen & Friends Cooking  4 months ago +1

      The colonel was using hydrogenated vegetable oil (there are several interviews from the 1950's where he openly says this) - but - the oils he was using are very different than those available today; even if they have the same label. Crisco is an example of one that changes it's formula constantly and no longer uses the same mix of oils.

  • Lee Ledbetter
    Lee Ledbetter 4 months ago +2

    I'm just checking up on the KFC series for any progress. The search continues. :) BTW - love your series here on youtube.

  • Gabrielle Metzger
    Gabrielle Metzger 5 months ago +4

    Just wondering if we will ever see the end of this little story. Or have you abandoned the effort?

  • LSanti
    LSanti 5 months ago +1

    Love this KFC series. Keep them coming.

  • SS4 Kaioken
    SS4 Kaioken 5 months ago

    I want kfc now lol

  • David McKean
    David McKean 5 months ago +10

    I tune in every day looking for the next episode in the KFC series.

  • James Fraederichs
    James Fraederichs 5 months ago +2

    Patiently waiting for Glen and partner to crack this code. This I need before I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil.

  • SuperBigDog2U
    SuperBigDog2U 5 months ago

    How much Marion Kay spices did you use with 200g flour and 25g salt?

  • S Chandler
    S Chandler 5 months ago +2

    Have you finished cracking the kfc code?

  • Tim Erickson
    Tim Erickson 5 months ago

    There is a small chain of of chicken restaurants in the Seattle area called EZEL'S its been featured on Diners drive-ins and dives. Oprah has the chicken flown in to her in Chicago. I think it would be a great recipe I know it's soaked in buttermilk and it has a much better flavor than any Chicken I have eaten

  • Carlanga
    Carlanga 5 months ago

    Nice video, but the only issue is that you are comparing KFC 2019 vs an old recipe. In the past few decades I have tasted different flavor profiles in their KFC chicken and the last one is the most meh. I bet the old one had a nice hit of paprika because that is a flavor that most in the US at the time where accustomed. Clove and allspice in fried chicken would be too weird a taste in 1952, too christmassy/sweet.

  • joe blo
    joe blo 5 months ago

    Salt explained by CS in this vid ruclip.com/video/QtzC72Qkxwc/video.html

  • Mend Sp
    Mend Sp 5 months ago


  • french fig farm
    french fig farm 5 months ago +1

    How is that KFC clone recipe coming along Glen?

  • Adam
    Adam 6 months ago

    I believe you're correct with 11 herbs and spices. I believe that salt was absolutely one of them!

  • Mike Emmons
    Mike Emmons 6 months ago

    I use a "recipe" I got from a book of exposed secret recipes in the 80's and the method from Mary Brown's Fried Chicken. I doubt you could tell the difference.

  • matrixcn73271
    matrixcn73271 6 months ago

    I love the channel you two!

  • tchevrier
    tchevrier 6 months ago +1

    These days Kentucky Fried Chicken is crap. Not very good at all.

  • Dank Videos
    Dank Videos 6 months ago +8

    My good friend is the great grandson of Colonel sanders and the real recipe is
    White pepper
    Black pepper
    Poultry seasoning
    And the secret is double pressure cooking

  • michael macias
    michael macias 6 months ago

    I’ve been trying to duplicate the original recipe myself also. I have seen some recipes out there that include cloves, and like you said the cloves stand out way too much. I’m trying to see if o can use it in very small amounts but if that doesn’t work I’ll just eliminate it. Having said that last night I made some pan fried chicken that came the closest I’ve ever come to getting that kfc flavor and I only used 8 herbs and spices. It was just a test but damn I feel like I almost got it.

  • the jaramogi
    the jaramogi 6 months ago

    We need to evolve, Come back something better than KFC.

  • Troy Megson
    Troy Megson 6 months ago

    I studied food science. Palette cleansers don't really work. Water helps but time is the only way to effectively cleanse. Don't listen to all the comments lol, you're good.

  • lordkaicer
    lordkaicer 6 months ago

    KFC is garbage anyway.

  • Daimon Smith
    Daimon Smith 6 months ago +1

    Where’s the fourth part 😭

  • Big Fire!!! Together forever!!!

    Squozen should have been the palate cleanser!

  • Simon Bone
    Simon Bone 6 months ago

    I'm wondering if anyone may know any details about the prolonged KFC vs. Burger King lawsuit in Edmonton in the 1970s. Burger King was a chain unrelated to the US company, but picked up the rights to sell KFC in the Edmonton area, so most outlets were branded as "Burger King/Kentucky Fried Chicken" and there were only a couple of KFCs that weren't part of the deal. KFC battled for years to exit the arrangement - and as I undertand it part of their argument was that Burger King wasn't upholding standards. Or did they mess with the recipe?

  • Basingstoke Dave
    Basingstoke Dave 6 months ago

    so is it 11 herbs and 11 spices making 22 ? wow im going down the pub

  • Basingstoke Dave
    Basingstoke Dave 6 months ago

    now just a little teaser , would you add a little szechuan pepper to..cheers

  • Brian Forbes
    Brian Forbes 6 months ago

    I love this series! You are both so much fun to watch

  • Alfie McGoldrick
    Alfie McGoldrick 6 months ago

    I don’t know why RUclip sent me here and I don’t know what’s making me hate you two so much

  • Jason
    Jason 6 months ago

    That's a lot of effort into recreating the most mediocre chicken on the planet.

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James 6 months ago

    You should try to clone Taco Bell Lava Sauce

  • Ангелина Суворова

    Fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk now I want kfc and I had it yesterday ... my ass is going to grow way too big till the end of the series

  • Dániel Veres
    Dániel Veres 6 months ago

    I think I could just watch anything with the two of you. Your chemistry on camera is amazing.

  • Please enter a name.
    Please enter a name. 6 months ago

    I’m keen to see if you can make it

  • jaaaron42
    jaaaron42 6 months ago


  • PotatoPirate
    PotatoPirate 6 months ago

    There is no way that the ‘leaked’ recipe is genuine. You just don’t use that much paprika for deep frying as it burns, and the overriding look and taste of KFC is certainly not paprika. I have a pretty good sense of smell and taste and I would say that the primary ingredients in KFC are white pepper, black pepper, celery salt, MSG, salt, some earthy herb such as sage, ginger, ground nigella seeds, aniseed, cardamom, ginger, mustard powder and a bit of paprika and garlic. I think the only green herb in there is sage, as anything else would be obliterated by the other strong flavours - for example dried basil would be utterly pointless. There is a very distinct white pepper taste to KFC but the underlying smell that you pick up when you walk past KFC comes from some of the other ingredients