NEW! ROYAL CROWN RECRUITS!? | Clash Royale Mythbusters! Episode #4

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • New! Royal Crown Recruits? Clash Royale Mythbusters Episode #4
    Clash Royale gameplay from RadicalRosh. Hope you guys enjoy the video, and congrats if you stayed until the end!
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Comments • 335

  • siva MR. SIVA
    siva MR. SIVA Month ago

    Myth:if u place a skeleton army in the river it will not land on river

  • Petra van Noordenburg
    Petra van Noordenburg 2 months ago

    Myth Skeletor army cloned and raged gives 3 star crown

  • Manfred Ng
    Manfred Ng 2 months ago

    Myth: try all the spell cards on recruit,dark knight and guards see they can survive

  • hoor Shaikh
    hoor Shaikh 4 months ago

    You can pick up all four cards at a time by using four fingers one for one card.

  • Redstone Pro
    Redstone Pro 4 months ago

    Myth: When you hold royal recruits in a mirror it says you can play them across the bridge (but you can't)

    UMESH CHAVDA 4 months ago +1

    Myth please when you deploy mega knight on royal giant when locked on princess tower then it will lock on another building near it if placed after royal giant locked on princess tower

  • Vijay Parihar
    Vijay Parihar 4 months ago

    This video is uploaded on my birthday

  • Sva’ Ni
    Sva’ Ni 5 months ago +1

    MyTh:can you heal shield?

  • Anuj youtuber
    Anuj youtuber 5 months ago

    Myth: You can easily get three crowns by placing sparky behind peeka

  • Lookatmywindow Yaitsmyhouse

    100 likes? This vid deserves 10k to be correct

  • PHD Mc muffin
    PHD Mc muffin 5 months ago

    Yes Pekka laughs when it hits but it says want to die when it spawns

  • Minh Trần
    Minh Trần 5 months ago

    How dare you, call P. E. K. K. A a he

  • Rintumoni Sarma
    Rintumoni Sarma 5 months ago


  • Zangetsu Gaming101
    Zangetsu Gaming101 5 months ago

    I heard that if you time the pause on the rocket just before it hits the ground it would look all wierd (sorry hard to explain)

  • Spik e
    Spik e 5 months ago

    Myth: This channel

  • gone wole
    gone wole 5 months ago

    and dislike button

  • Ibrahim Wingo
    Ibrahim Wingo 5 months ago +1

    What do you montage with

  • zwykły vlog
    zwykły vlog 5 months ago

    I like turtles

  • Chyambu Lama
    Chyambu Lama 5 months ago

    When u put minions and mirror and enemy put poison purple color comes

  • Arián Uzumaki
    Arián Uzumaki 5 months ago


  • ZenTunE
    ZenTunE 5 months ago

    Can people come up with better ones.. Most of these are so bad

  • benjamin beal
    benjamin beal 5 months ago

    myth:when you have freez spell in your deak the freez xan kill a whole sckelton army :)

  • baby fish btw
    baby fish btw 5 months ago

    Myth if u unsubscribe it turns red

  • Mr_Dragon_Henry
    Mr_Dragon_Henry 5 months ago

    I don't get how pekka was laughing, but I'm pretty sure that she was laughing because she was on Rosh's video! 😂

    ExOTiON59 TYPZOKZZ 5 months ago +1


  • Jackbot 1
    Jackbot 1 6 months ago

    If you look carefully at training camp then builder's workshop you will notice some similarities such as the tree and the log! Could training camp be destroyed and rebuilt as the builder's workshop?

  • Heather Sibley
    Heather Sibley 6 months ago

    Myth you can,t get 90,000 subs

  • bdbd_tupe
    bdbd_tupe 6 months ago

    The music so annoying

  • Googlememate851
    Googlememate851 6 months ago

    pekka is a girl

  • Lol Lipop
    Lol Lipop 7 months ago

    myth: you can play many cards same time

  • W0lf P0t4t0
    W0lf P0t4t0 7 months ago

    Myth: if you hit the subscribe button it will turn grey

  • Andy Figueroa
    Andy Figueroa 7 months ago

    Myth: you can clone a fire ball

  • Chris Wang
    Chris Wang 7 months ago

    raged lumberjack can kill mini pekka

  • Chris Wang
    Chris Wang 7 months ago

    raged mini pekka can kill mega knight

  • Orange Dude
    Orange Dude 7 months ago

    If you put barbarians Vs elite barbarians barbarians win

  • Arijit Mitra
    Arijit Mitra 7 months ago +2

    Show me knight v/s goblin

  • Harsh Vardhana
    Harsh Vardhana 7 months ago

    Raging max elites might destroy the skarmy?

  • Greek Ball
    Greek Ball 7 months ago

    When you rage elite barbarians, they sound the same as the barbarians do,and if you slow down normal barbarians with an ice wizard they sound like the elite barbarians.

  • MicM Mic
    MicM Mic 8 months ago

    Myth:guards can counter 2 royal re recruits

  • Kazi Matra
    Kazi Matra 8 months ago

    If you put a lightning spell where no arena tower exists or a troop is deployed , the spell will not fall in the ground + it's a waste of 6 elixir

  • Lai Thi Hoang Mai
    Lai Thi Hoang Mai 8 months ago

    Here's a myth for you: A perfectly placed Graveyard, a perfectly placed Freeze and a perfectly placed Rage can three crown

    DARKYNOS 8 months ago +1

    Throw a rocket and throw the goblin barrel and you will notice the smoke of a rocket covering the barrel
    Try a rocket trick 🌝🍷

  • shubh jain
    shubh jain 8 months ago


  • Lugia TheHyper
    Lugia TheHyper 8 months ago

    A giant skeleton and witch (cloned) can get you a three crown with no defense from other team

  • Jholo Romasanta
    Jholo Romasanta 8 months ago

    Myth: When you slow a barb, it sounds like an elite barb and when you rage an elite barb, it sounds like a barb. Plz try.

  • Tõnu Strandson
    Tõnu Strandson 8 months ago

    Myth you dont need to hold the button in 2v2 to see opponents cards u can tap it only

  • maninho Dragon man
    maninho Dragon man 8 months ago

    Se soltar a horda de servos no mega cavaleiro quando ele estiver perto da ponte ele consegue ir na ponte da o pulo e encostar na torre

    Desculpa sou brasileiro

  • Shankar Bansal
    Shankar Bansal 9 months ago

    My myth - Wizard yells fire , pekka yells butterflies, mini pekka yells pancakes when deployed

  • Prateek progamer
    Prateek progamer 9 months ago

    Myth if you splash the subscribe button it will become grey

  • Miguel Games77
    Miguel Games77 9 months ago


  • SpeakOfThe Devil
    SpeakOfThe Devil 9 months ago


    POKEMON JDFEW 9 months ago +1

    MYTH: when you choose lavahound but you don't set him he flaps his wings

  • Mehmet Ege Oyunda
    Mehmet Ege Oyunda 9 months ago +3

    I have a myth:
    If you look miner's backpack you can see golds and stones

  • Tienne Bdg
    Tienne Bdg 9 months ago

    Myth You can freeze a freeze

  • Otto Tamkivi
    Otto Tamkivi 9 months ago

    Clan war end 2 sec before 00.00!🤗

  • Unbeatable Legend
    Unbeatable Legend 9 months ago

    Myth if you click the subscribe button it turns grey

  • NEXTREND Herní kanál
    NEXTREND Herní kanál 9 months ago

    when you put Royale Hogs on the river and your opponent gives them a frezze so crash game but he has to give your opponent frezze to royale hogs when I'm on the river

    MD SHAMSHER ALI 10 months ago +2

    When a prince and bandit face each other in rage the bandit doesn't get any effect but the prince get

  • raams creations
    raams creations 10 months ago

    A lumberjack will shake when it is time out when he is locked on to a building targeting tank

  • Řoyal Gãmëř
    Řoyal Gãmëř 10 months ago

    Name of the editor

  • Royal Legends
    Royal Legends 10 months ago

    Sparky cannot hit bandid while it dashing.

    COOL DUDE 10 months ago +2

    Myth: skeleton barrel and balloon both make the same sound when deployed and moving

  • Hosea Christian
    Hosea Christian 10 months ago

    lol that laughing pekka is op

  • Horus Alpheus
    Horus Alpheus 10 months ago

    Myth: when you watch a battle in x4 speed the miner's digging is invisible

  • ElectroPotatoes
    ElectroPotatoes 10 months ago +1

    Myth:Lumber Jack And Balloon is able the 3 crown....

  • FisTaLIJKa
    FisTaLIJKa 10 months ago

    Myth: if your opponent kill you 3 crowns and at the moment you use anywhere graveyard, skeletons will die in turn

  • NØVA _vez
    NØVA _vez 10 months ago

    If you place a ballon and close the game the bomb explode infinity time

    PRO_TANMAY GAMING 10 months ago


  • Master
    Master 10 months ago

    _ Myth_
    when you place a tombstone and close the game and reopen it the tombstone will be closed

  • Alcatraz Guy
    Alcatraz Guy 10 months ago

    The archer arrows will keep following the target and not gonna miss

  • Alcatraz Guy
    Alcatraz Guy 10 months ago

    If your archer tower broke pause it and u will see the king still moving

  • sans
    sans 10 months ago

    a myth:Radical Rosh will put this on a myth

  • Taupe
    Taupe 10 months ago +1

    Myth: When a mega minion destroy the wheels of the cannon cart, he don't do his hit sound

  • Studio Tefałen
    Studio Tefałen 10 months ago

    [Myth] Bomb Tower can take out 6 Royal Recruits by itself.

  • Pubg Player
    Pubg Player 10 months ago

    If You Hit Unlike Button. It Become Blue Too.

  • Jon Chen
    Jon Chen 10 months ago

    Here's a myth: you can activate the king tower with the electro wizard and a tornado.

  • scottyCZ
    scottyCZ 10 months ago


  • Night raptor fury
    Night raptor fury 10 months ago

    Michle Jackson

  • Mohd Hafiz
    Mohd Hafiz 10 months ago

    When u uninstall the will be gone

  • AA gamer 10
    AA gamer 10 10 months ago +1

    Myth if a bomber attacks a raged prince the bomb wont hit the prince pkease try it

  • MooshYT Minecraft et plus encore

    Myth : Mega knight and bandit with clone rage can do three crown

  • Tarun Choudhuri
    Tarun Choudhuri 10 months ago +1

    myth when you throw a goblin barrel and pause the game the goblin barrel will become big and small. please try it. and my name is Ankush Roy

  • Memes. JEPEG
    Memes. JEPEG 10 months ago

    Myth:when elctro wizzard hits sparky, sparky shuts off temporarily

  • Charanjit Singh
    Charanjit Singh 10 months ago

    Myth new card VS all troop

  • AA gamer 10
    AA gamer 10 10 months ago +1

    If you go to tv royale and you klick on 2 share buttons at the same time the game will crash pease try it

  • Yalo BabaYT
    Yalo BabaYT 10 months ago


  • SnOMERCY Eye
    SnOMERCY Eye 10 months ago

    Mythe:when you press the subscribe you must touch the bell

  • TEᑕᑭᒪᗩYᘔ
    TEᑕᑭᒪᗩYᘔ 10 months ago


  • Vexos
    Vexos 10 months ago

    The best Chanell with miths! Subscribe! :)

  • vivek kumar
    vivek kumar 10 months ago

    Are u Indian

  • Everything here
    Everything here 10 months ago

    myth : when you place bandit with pekka and rage and mega knight they can take three crowns

    BRO GAMERS SKS AND SNS 10 months ago +1

    Clone spell is good than mirror or not ?

  • A human being
    A human being 10 months ago

    The magic Archer can activate the king's tower if the opponent uses tornadoes to pull him in the correct spot.(He will shoot the princess tower but it will also hit the king's tower if done correctly)

  • Unknown ERROR 404
    Unknown ERROR 404 10 months ago

    Myth: two sparkyers can do 3 crowns
    Myth: clicking subscribe button needs
    only 1 second

  • Amarjit Singh
    Amarjit Singh 10 months ago

    Myth when a enemic put a skarmy at the bridge and u put ewz but don't on them near the tower u will see that Ewiz don't throw his electrysity first he watch them

  • Animals of World
    Animals of World 10 months ago

    Hog sycel deck

  • LZebra educations tonk
    LZebra educations tonk 10 months ago


  • Rohini Nanal
    Rohini Nanal 10 months ago

    Is he indian?

  • Kamakani Maui
    Kamakani Maui 10 months ago

    Can a mini pikaya eat 100 pancakes in 10 secants

  • grind fort!
    grind fort! 10 months ago

    Myth: do a 1v1 in clan wars after share the match to your clan sometimes the arena changes(jungle arena= trainer camp)