Platinum & Palladium vs Gold & Silver - Mike Maloney with Jeff Clark

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Download Mike's best-selling book for free here: Platinum and palladium are both precious metals, just like gold and silver, because their occurrence in the earth’s crust is rare.
    In fact, platinum is actually more rare than gold.
    So why doesn’t GoldSilver sell them?
    It has to do with their uses, and their status as a safe haven. Here’s what you need to know before investing in these metals…
    Are Platinum and Palladium “Investment” Metals?
    Platinum (Pt) and palladium (Pd) are part of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). They’re both silvery in color; in fact, platinum’s name is derived from the Spanish term platina, which means “little silver.”
    Given their unique chemical makeup, these metals are used almost exclusively in industrial applications, particularly in catalytic converters to reduce pollution from vehicles. Platinum is more often used in diesel engines, while palladium is used more in gasoline engines.
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  • GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

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    • Ahmed Ahmed
      Ahmed Ahmed 19 days ago

      We all live in riba (sad world)

    • Christopher Harbour
      Christopher Harbour Month ago +1

      Platinum is money. The US mint produces $100 coins as well as other denominations. Platinum historically was also used for some of the finest jewelry. It use to be that the best quality diamonds would be set in platinum not gold or silver.

    • GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)
      GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)  Month ago +1

      @Precocious Deathdealer Thanks, great to hear.

      MUSTAFA Month ago

      Your opinion plz

    • beswick1111
      beswick1111 Month ago +1

      one more point the chart of gold and silver and pt performance during crashes, PLATINUM on AVAERage performed BETTER than SILVER during crashes, so I don't know why people are bothering to stack silver now, because when the DOW tanks, silver will be easily back to US$15 or LESS.One a final point, GOLD CRASHED in 1982 because the FED increased % rates to 15% to kill inflation, that crushed golds bull run, THEY CANT DO THAT NOW, the FED ant even raise rates to 4% now or the economy will collapse, this time when things go belly up, nothing will stop the gold bull run, if the FED didn't raise % rates to 15% in 1982, golds bull run wouldn't have ended at US$850, it would have kept going to US$1000+

    BEE NOVA 7 days ago

    That's funny last recession people was stealing converters copper and anything else you can get money for.

  • Leif Jarle Vestbø
    Leif Jarle Vestbø 9 days ago

    Surface free energy of platinum nanoparticles at zero pressure

  • goapsyfreestepforlife
    goapsyfreestepforlife 15 days ago

    If Mike Maloney wont even buy Platinum, I'm going all in.
    I am basically betting that this cycle platinum and palladium will undergo a severe revaluation. I think the gold and silver markets are healthy and can handle a spike in investment demand. Silver will spike but I will not be surprised if the high is somewhere near $45 this time around.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 18 days ago

    The historical use of platinum would make me nervous to invest in. No monetary history and there was even a time miners were throwing it in the sea because it WASN'T silver and considered counterfeit. Not a huge fan of it's industrial applications right now that would drive me far enough to invest in it also. BUT. Simply put, would you rather a platinum made chair or a chair made of plastic?? Easy, the platinum chair would be considered nice by everyone for reasons hard to explain. It's just nice.. The same way gold is just nice and has value. What it's value will be in the future we can't say but it will have some kind of value which is kind of the bottom line for all precious metals...

  • Habib Bhatti
    Habib Bhatti 19 days ago

    I feel that Platinum/Palladium are more speculative because they are industrial metals, but when the price of gold and silver skyrockets the cash will chase these to. It may be ok to diversify your precious metal holdings with a very small amount of these metals for speculation purposes. It adds portfolio diversification. We do not know what technological changes can happen. Imagine if platinum is used in next gen technology, the price would explode.

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 19 days ago

    Mike why do you use fake money to get real money that's riba

  • Amin Akhmadi
    Amin Akhmadi 24 days ago

    Do you ship international?

  • Buckwheat Loves Cryptos
    Buckwheat Loves Cryptos 24 days ago +1

    Love Your Teachings Gentleman

  • Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget

    PS 1) I know why you sell what you buy 2) I dont like gold and silver, but I hate fiat more. Cryptos have yet to run through a market crash/crisis.

  • Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget

    @goldsilver, please show your sozrces before you claim something is more rare. There are sources claming palladium is rarer, while others state gold is rarer. I think you should take the mean or average.

  • curtisharrell
    curtisharrell 25 days ago

    NOW I'M NO EXPERT HERE like some of you good folks, but it seems that what's really called for, to cover all possible bases and contingencies is an investment spread of the 4 metals (leaning heavily in whichever direction you like) that still takes all metals, their strengths and weaknesses during a recession, into account.

    For instance I'd invest half between silver and gold, that half further subdivided heavily in favor of what I could afford at the time, and another half between platinum and palladium.

    THAT latter half I would invest in slightly in favor of whichever metal is doing best at the time.

    Now THAT'S a well-rounded metals portfolio, especially since the last two metals are also being used more and more in technological applications beyond their current forte as catalysts.

  • mark thomas
    mark thomas 29 days ago +1

    A crack just emerged in the financial markets: The NY Fed spends $53 billion to rescue the overnight lending market

  • mark thomas
    mark thomas 29 days ago

    what is going on at the n y fed? do a video

  • Gbob Zburner
    Gbob Zburner Month ago

    just because its rare, doesnt mean its valuable. The demand of buyers is what pricing is derived from.

  • Damla Dogan
    Damla Dogan Month ago +1

    Good job Mike

  • kulturfreund66
    kulturfreund66 Month ago

    What are Ruthenium coins like? Do you have to water them?

  • ewmism
    ewmism Month ago

    You accept BCH??? Hahahahaaa! Plagiarism of the Bitcoin brand !!

  • Vampire_born_in_2006

    I made 100% on palladium and rhodium, sold all last year, could have waited more. Gold and silver are around where they were. I would bet on platinum

  • Matt Maloney
    Matt Maloney Month ago

    10% GST does not apply to gold, silver and platinum in Australia

  • sdgfsE sedgw
    sdgfsE sedgw Month ago +1 Mike look juvelery from Platina

  • doctor martin
    doctor martin Month ago

    hey mike, ive been looking at the st louis adjusted reserves lately and it seems as if they are reducing it quite significantly. is this an indicator that they actually might be on a good track or does this not really indicate much?

  • silver fox
    silver fox Month ago

    arnt emission standards worldwide increasing... US resession may not stop asian demand

  • I'm Buck
    I'm Buck Month ago

    My Platinum is on fire bought that stuff up at 750/oz us if it goes above 1000 I'll sell for gold

  • xXxcastenada
    xXxcastenada Month ago

    I would be curious to know if platinum can be exchanged for cash as easily as gold can.


    09/12/2019 palladium is flying
    you believe these guys
    going to $2300

  • Andreas Wer
    Andreas Wer Month ago

    Silver did not perform that well either in a recession

  • Trans Girly Official

    Platinum was used as money in Russia. Platinum is known as rich man's gold. So please get your facts right.

  • Matthew Hunt
    Matthew Hunt Month ago +1

    How did this channel go from dollar collapse/inflation to "recession?" Metals are for inflation/collapse and cash is for recession. Go back and watch your videos Mr. Maloney. You might learn something.

  • Mr Andre
    Mr Andre Month ago +2

    Based on that talk, we should not even bother eith silver... just gold ;)

    • Matthew
      Matthew 18 days ago

      True. But IMO it's about not trusting the fiat currency, a currency crisis and wealth preservation against inflation even when things are going "good". If all I cared about was these bubble cycles and recessions I would just invest in safe stocks.

  • RealestRealist
    RealestRealist Month ago

    Not pricing gold in dollars because you think dollars are trash isn't quite the whole thing. Price dollars against metals instead. I don't like to disagree with people like Kiyosaki and Schiff but I won't be buying gold when I have money. It doesn't seem to make sense to me.

  • Douglas Like
    Douglas Like Month ago +1


  • Douglas Like
    Douglas Like Month ago +1


  • Rodney Leon
    Rodney Leon Month ago +2

    This is strange. Peter Schiff's metals guy is gay too.

  • TV Acc
    TV Acc Month ago +1

    LOL What do you think it does to your credibility when you use the orange color for silver? Do you think it masks or hides the fact that silver was almost always going down during recessions, just like Platinum and Palladium did? This is what I've been saying for years. Silver is NOT an investment grade metal, nor money. In the EU, you even pay 20% VAT on silver, but not on gold bullion.

  • Caomhghin
    Caomhghin Month ago +1

    Mike Maloney just makes up very lame excuses why he doesn't sell platinum!
    Gold and platinum will have the same status as a risk free Tier 1 asset under the regulations of Basel III.
    Everything Mr. Maloney said in his video about Basel III and gold is equally true for platinum.
    It makes no sense anymore to consider gold but not platinum as money!

  • Chicago Report
    Chicago Report Month ago

    Looks too much like silver priced too much like gold

  • Roy Madison
    Roy Madison Month ago

    The United states mint thinks platinum is money. It mints platinum American eagles . Not only that it places them at twice the value of the gold American eagles. Platinum has $100 minted on it, were as the gold has $50 stamped on them. "IF" we ever revert to the gold standard and the U.S.DOLLAR is rethrowned with gold. PLATINUM "AS MONEY" WILL BE WORTH TWICE THE VALUE OF GOLD. Not only that Platnium costs $600 less than gold. (Per ounce). Now, dont even get me started on that other metal....who the hell would want to buy it anyways???

    MENE MENE TEKEL Month ago

    I Agree 100% with Mike on this one :) !
    I happen to have a small position, just because I like something different, not for an investment.

  • Gašper Kemperle
    Gašper Kemperle Month ago

    Looking at the table Platinum actally has better average performance than silver during stock market crashes

  • Olkeriil Remengesau

    Gold investments for Americans are Andrew Yang for Vice President and Tulsi Gabbard for President in 2020. Register to vote.

  • michael lilienfeld
    michael lilienfeld Month ago

    Buy gold silver and bitcoin

  • chris
    chris Month ago

    I was buying Palladium back in 2005 for $269 an ounce. Turned out to be a better investment than my gold Holdings

  • LB
    LB Month ago

    Thanks for honest video about platinum and paladium Mike. This makes me ask question. Is silver also industrial metal and demand might drop in recesion?

    MUSTAFA Month ago

    Hi Mike what’s your opinion for this podcast

  • beswick1111
    beswick1111 Month ago +3

    on AVERAGE according to his chart, SILVER has fallen 14% and PT has fallen 9% why don't you clowns mention this? why would anyone stack silver now when we know theres going to be a great depression eventually, and silver will be US$15 or even US$12, stack than when prices fall, even if premiums go up abit more it will still be smarter to buy silver after it crashes than paying US$18 for it now.

    • dlllester
      dlllester Month ago

      Hard to say, silver crashed last time before we all saw the plan of central banks to print their way out of any recession. Now people know to expect QE on steroids with no chance of ever going back to a "normal" interest rate, so it likely will not happen the same way, although it could, obviously. If 1% of money in the stock market went into silver it would probably go up at least 10x because the total annual production right now equals about 16 billion dollars. That's a ludicrously tiny amount compared to the amount of currency out there in circulation. The problem holding it down besides sentiment of the general public, is that a lot of money will flow into silver stocks instead of the metal itself. That's part of the reason why in the recent run up we've seen some primary silver stocks double and triple with a 2-4$ increase in the spot price. I think it's very likely in the coming scenario there will be silver shortages, as in you want to buy it, but it's all spoken for. With how tiny the market is, a person would be silly to discount that possibility, IMO.

  • beswick1111
    beswick1111 Month ago +4

    you can buy PLATINUM about US$600 cheaper per ounce than gold and its x25 rarer, I know what im buying now, I talked to a mining engineer about platinum a few weeks ago and what he thinks will happen to PT prices longer, he says he dosent know, all he said is GET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN , because long term its only going to go up, mining will fall all the time as supply runs out, and demand will only increase, even if electric cars win out.

  • Sean Raschiatore
    Sean Raschiatore Month ago

    doesn't matter when gold and silver become too expensive, platinum and palladium will still be scarce and serve as an alternative medium of exchange.

  • cadavernl
    cadavernl Month ago

    In that chart of 7:13 the gold box between 1980 and 1982, shoudn't that be yellow as well?

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Month ago

    Get the Silver 100oz and 10oz Britania bars back in stock ! they are awesome , by far my favorite bars.

  • 438295
    438295 Month ago +1

    I won't touch Gold. Make no sense to buy gold when Platinum is so cheap. Platinum is way way undervalued and get's no attention. When it moves it's going to move big. If you want to be in something while it's really beat down, get some platinum now. Personally I love it better than anything. The price is so incredibly right, right now. (I have plenty of silver already too).

  • Neil Hilton
    Neil Hilton Month ago +1

    Awesome thanks for explaining that 😁👍👍

  • swordoftruth
    swordoftruth Month ago

    you and your tesla = ego

  • T.J. Donatello
    T.J. Donatello Month ago

    Electric cars are not going to replace combustion engines - they're only going to complement the market. Also, why does Jeff Clark sound like a computer-generated voice?

  • socalsilver
    socalsilver Month ago

    Think most of us saw this coming a while ago. Probably not anytime soon but I bet those metals will be in much lower demand in 20+ yrs. Especially when thinking about catalytic converters.
    I’m sticking to the other two ✌🏼

  • cali13guy
    cali13guy Month ago

    Where are the gold and silver charts during recessions?

  • T kash
    T kash Month ago

    Wow mike teslas sure are sharp think that might be my next car whats your opinions on electric verses gasoline? Is it a solid investment on saving?

    • GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)
      GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)  Month ago

      Go test drive a Tesla Model 3. You'll soon realize that all other cars are just plain stupid in comparison.

  • Tomas Av.
    Tomas Av. Month ago

    Silver is industrial metal too. Thats why in europe you even pay VAT for it.

  • Tomas Av.
    Tomas Av. Month ago +1

    Little bit stupid video. mike always say how little there is gold. Platinum even less, but for some unknown reason he thinks platinum is not money. Yes it is. Its. Ot because of peoples feelings toward it. Gold so always drop in good times. So its not money too? Video should be done a little bit differently. Just showing that you should buy platinum in resessions and gold in good times :)

  • Nichts 43
    Nichts 43 Month ago +4

    Tesla what a rip off of the American public and destruction of the environment. Look into the mining of Lithium and the energy expenditure and pollution generated making those batteries. On the west coast electricity is not generated from nothing. Most is natural gas, oil , and such. east coast is predominantly coal still. So you have a coal powered car, or natural gas powered car. Subsidized heavily, by the taxpayer. Buy a 4 cyclinder Subaru you'll do better, or a Honda, either way, a stock 4 cyclinder for life of vehicle and maintenance is more environmentally friendly than that prius or Tesla. we only ever hear the marketing about these vehicles. Dig beyond the propaganda . Love the channel though.

    • Elliott
      Elliott Month ago

      Agreed! Peace.

    • Collin C
      Collin C Month ago

      Well said. It is interesting how someone as pro-free-market at Mike is a fan of Tesla, given the heavy subsidies they receive from the government.