- NEW MINIGAME: Football with fans in experimental mode!

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • - NEW MINIGAME: Football with fans in experimental mode!
    In this video, I play with some fans to do a new minigame in experimental mode, which is based on football. We divided into two teams, with the aim of hitting me into the goals.
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    Bubble Is Gone (Alien Mashup)
    TheFatRat - MAYDAY feat. Laura Brehm

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  • Cacti Fin
    Cacti Fin  Year ago +11

    *Thank you all for 6k subs! I also had fun playing this fan suggested minigame!*
    Join my Discord server to play and chat with me!
    Mashup surprise! 🎁

    • Cecilia YUEN
      Cecilia YUEN Month ago

      I met u cacti fin

    • Conflate
      Conflate 8 months ago

      Now probely with the stick, playing...

    • hans5915 Krummenacker
      hans5915 Krummenacker 10 months ago

      How do you activate auto heal?

    • nawzad karim
      nawzad karim Year ago

      When you see me I am not a Auto heler ,Name aryan

    • Atzelord
      Atzelord Year ago +1

      Cacti Fin hey you should do a new version of this minigame with the new weapon (huge knockback but low damage), that would be cool

  • Klasicky adam cz ,
    Klasicky adam cz , 16 days ago

    why is no experiment moomoo io

  • Rosana Avalos
    Rosana Avalos Month ago

    Lol xd

  • CGamerul Yt
    CGamerul Yt 4 months ago +1

  • water vs blood blob
    water vs blood blob 4 months ago

    I Did see lyra today my name is trfd and i kille HIM/her

  • sr haru
    sr haru 7 months ago


  • John Hendrix
    John Hendrix 7 months ago

    I once saw Lya in a LT video.

  • Hong Wong
    Hong Wong 7 months ago

    U should get a bigger feild

  • Panda Boy
    Panda Boy 8 months ago


  • Roven Pontilar
    Roven Pontilar 9 months ago


  • Ярослав Соколов

    So fun and cool :)

  • iGodfishy
    iGodfishy 9 months ago


  • Vanilda Gonsalves
    Vanilda Gonsalves 10 months ago

    6 VS 0

  • X GD
    X GD 10 months ago

    im yt

  • X GD
    X GD 10 months ago

    you is pro good

  • Abdullah Ahmed
    Abdullah Ahmed 10 months ago


  • Feroukhi Salim
    Feroukhi Salim 10 months ago +1

    it good video

  • mr.joker
    mr.joker 11 months ago


    • Cacti Fin
      Cacti Fin  11 months ago

      I made it clear that was needed in order for this minigame to work. So what's your point?

  • Mateusz Labich
    Mateusz Labich 11 months ago +1

    Stoled from eXistenZ

    • Cacti Fin
      Cacti Fin  11 months ago

      I think you'll find he stole it from me, actually.

    OROCHI 11 months ago

    with texture = more like

  • Amanda
    Amanda 11 months ago

    Well we'll 1v1 soon

  • Jayden Kim
    Jayden Kim 11 months ago

    He got the clown hat lol

  • No majiy
    No majiy 11 months ago

    With the bat they can score from the middle of the stade lol Love this one should play it with friends

  • Google Sync
    Google Sync 11 months ago

    One of the songs is called Mayday!

  • ehecatl3
    ehecatl3 11 months ago

    ik lya and laura . .

  • Chickenbutt :D
    Chickenbutt :D Year ago

    Use bat

  • Kami No Yami
    Kami No Yami Year ago

    Boner alert the red team guy's name... Bruh!

  • Kami No Yami
    Kami No Yami Year ago

    That's not just football that's humanball

  • iiAstral xx
    iiAstral xx Year ago

    Cool mayday with thefatrat

  • Flugor17 Jaworgaming

    cacti fin ball xDDDDD😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • min go
    min go Year ago +1

    link music

  • Joako albarracin
    Joako albarracin Year ago

    esta malisimo

  • Joako albarracin
    Joako albarracin Year ago

    soy español

  • 乃モれちㄚ
    乃モれちㄚ Year ago

    make a bigger place but still gg

  • Hercules Sambalod

    wtf y do im crying in the second song ;-;

  • yassin Sahla
    yassin Sahla Year ago +2

    This video wasn't good..... IT WAS GREATTTTTTT!!!!!!

  • ᔕŘ.Escanor
    ᔕŘ.Escanor Year ago +1

    lol nice game kk kk k

  • No Mercy
    No Mercy Year ago

    Me old fan GG my dream is to become a moot Uber ;D :D love u 💖

  • Stacy Liu
    Stacy Liu Year ago


  • mariana boyarchuk

    Like is video

  • Hei Ko
    Hei Ko Year ago

    nice idea

  • Corrupt Legend
    Corrupt Legend Year ago


  • XYZ Gaming
    XYZ Gaming Year ago

    Nice xd

  • Mope io Animations

    Wtf its hat secret o.o

  • WizTeamOC
    WizTeamOC Year ago

    I had the same idea but with boost and spikes

  • Diane T.
    Diane T. Year ago

    Lya was in gmn's video, and they're really fast at eating. xD

  • xuan thuy
    xuan thuy Year ago


  • Gamer Attitude
    Gamer Attitude Year ago +1

    looks fun!!

  • Лорд Доминатор

    Like like like 👍👍👍

  • Sinister Manus
    Sinister Manus Year ago

    awesome,keep going and I think you will beat corrupt x's subscriber lol.

  • 1000SubsNoVids
    1000SubsNoVids Year ago

    In gold mind nugget i see lya and now i see lya again.


  • Student Chase Prow

    i couldnt be in it sob sob sob AAA

  • Ferret :D
    Ferret :D Year ago

    Wow, you got hacker hat Cacti!

  • Penguin LaTer
    Penguin LaTer Year ago

    nice idea

  • Dark Kinfe
    Dark Kinfe Year ago

    im like 100!!

  • marwff
    marwff Year ago

    boner alert did nthing

    • Cacti Fin
      Cacti Fin  Year ago

      I believe they were either struggling with lag or away. Thanks for watching.

  • Hunter
    Hunter Year ago

    Nice idea people Will use this
    And you gonna be a great RUclipr ;)

  • Judith Ragsag
    Judith Ragsag Year ago


    • Cacti Fin
      Cacti Fin  Year ago

      As I said, the use of auto heal for this minigame only, was necessary in order to make it possible.

  • dawt bik kian
    dawt bik kian Year ago

    I miss playing haven't played for almost half a year

  • Necros
    Necros Year ago

    lol good idea!
    now i need to be more active lol
    btw, i will LIKELY lose this account and my discord account but it will be named the same

  • TonTon
    TonTon Year ago

    Lol awsome!!

  • Clayspo
    Clayspo Year ago

    Nice video! Hope to see more in the future!

  • Aqua Pupper
    Aqua Pupper Year ago

    Thanks for taking my suggestion, I would recommend the barbarian hat but only for 1v1s because it would be a little confusing with more than 2 players

  • Geovana Camargo
    Geovana Camargo Year ago

    Love you :D

  • Town
    Town Year ago


  • Soup
    Soup Year ago

    In before someone on reddit decides to use this as evidence that you always cheat. Nice to see you playing with fans though c:

  • E ncore
    E ncore Year ago


  • Morgl The Oracle
    Morgl The Oracle Year ago +9

    tbh, even if the video wasn't super entertaining, i'm glad someone finally found a way to use scripts in a way that doesn't ruin the game for others, and is actually fun. good job on that

    • Atzelord
      Atzelord Year ago

      Morgl The Oracle When a autohealer IS pro, that destroy the game.

    • Necros
      Necros Year ago

      welp, you made it to the vid, now me getting into the squad lol

  • Lili floplag
    Lili floplag Year ago +1

    Cactus Like

  • useless chicken
    useless chicken Year ago +1


  • Spencer Ho
    Spencer Ho Year ago +2

    Is the real lya in dis


    I'm fine when you use scripts for fun. But if you use it for cheating. That's crossing the line!

    • Cacti Fin
      Cacti Fin  Year ago

      Well, thankfully the auto heal was only used to make this minigame possible.

  • Snipher
    Snipher Year ago

    Using pole arms are better :P more knockback

    • Cacti Fin
      Cacti Fin  Year ago

      Yeah, there was also that issue.

    • Atzelord
      Atzelord Year ago

      Snipher And i think he wouldnt survive with ... 4*40 damage or 6*40 damage...

    • Cacti Fin
      Cacti Fin  Year ago

      Yeah, that's true. They are a bit slow, though. The rate at which a weapon hits would make quite a difference. Thanks for watching!

  • BigDumpling
    BigDumpling Year ago

    I'm in your discord remember

  • BigDumpling
    BigDumpling Year ago

    Man I wish I could go in by the way nice add me next time

  • Cacti
    Cacti Year ago

    miss the old times man :’(

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Year ago

    Great video! 😄

  • Harry May
    Harry May Year ago

    Soooooooop btw keep up the good work with tyyyy #subcibed6months

  • Erick Ibarra
    Erick Ibarra Year ago +1

    nice vid cacti must be hard 2 coordinate that anyways keep up the great work :D

    • Erick Ibarra
      Erick Ibarra Year ago

      o np ur my favorite .io youtuber :)

    • Cacti Fin
      Cacti Fin  Year ago +1

      Yeah, this was actually the second attempt of the minigame. And thanks!

  • Corrupt X
    Corrupt X Year ago +33

    You didn't mod yourself into a Cactus!

  • Pharma Syst
    Pharma Syst Year ago +3

    gg guys

    • XelliX
      XelliX Year ago +1

      I missed u guys , ( miss my discord acount too ) , by the way great vid. cacti :D

    • Cacti Fin
      Cacti Fin  Year ago +2

      Thanks Pharma!

  • Si Qi Yang
    Si Qi Yang Year ago +4

    :D nice vid

  • Jeff Frozen
    Jeff Frozen Year ago +2

    Hey im 3 rd love yt channel

  • Ptoki1
    Ptoki1 Year ago +3


  • xXiiSavege Playz
    xXiiSavege Playz Year ago +2