This Is One Of The Craziest Stories I Heard In A Minute........................

  • Published on Apr 29, 2017

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  • The Radio Guy
    The Radio Guy  Year ago +155

    Who was wrong the man or woman?
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    • Big shid Gang
      Big shid Gang Month ago

      I watched the whole add! You did the impossible!!!

    • Tyshun Abraham
      Tyshun Abraham Month ago

      +T1_24s exactly

    • T1_24s
      T1_24s Month ago +1

      Woman coz she probably set him up coz how’d he get shot at as soon as he left the house with her ontop of that she even slept with the person that shot him she was probably just as unfaithful as he was🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    • RageRandy Gaming
      RageRandy Gaming Month ago

      She's in the wrong, but they're both fucking stupid.

    • Tyshun Abraham
      Tyshun Abraham 2 months ago

      +Winter wolf ninja hell no she did worse she slept with the guy again after he got shot at

  • Sean Campbell
    Sean Campbell 2 hours ago

    Setup Chick

  • buck f
    buck f 8 hours ago

    She's a fucking hoe. Crying? Fr?

  • Alice Lee
    Alice Lee 17 hours ago

    Man has some thick ass hair

  • ishopatkmart foru
    ishopatkmart foru 2 days ago

    She's a slut with a stinky pussy

  • R.S.H GangGang
    R.S.H GangGang 2 days ago

    What a crake up he got shot then she slept with the one that shot him

  • Herry Manin
    Herry Manin 3 days ago

    She set him up on god

  • 96donov
    96donov 3 days ago

    you know his ops are watching this

  • Kayla Garcia
    Kayla Garcia 3 days ago

    *crying* she cheated as well didn't she???and with the shooter cmon rlly an your gonna sit there and cry 😂

  • Tiffany Stubblefield

    Girl shut up crying. You tried to get him killed...

  • Savage
    Savage 3 days ago

    She do not want to be with this man. She set him up to get killed.

  • yousifmq
    yousifmq 4 days ago

    "We was" ??!!

  • Late Snack
    Late Snack 4 days ago

    She crying even though she slept with a man twice that could have killed him😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Louis Mcarthur
    Louis Mcarthur 5 days ago +1

    At that point I'd bury the MF that shot me and this hoe bro you whipped and stupid too many women out there to waste your time on this nasty bitch bruh

  • Phillip Strong
    Phillip Strong 5 days ago +1

    Hes fucked ither way.. She has his child so hes stuck with that for life.. Can't be laying down with wild Hyenas bro.

  • True Jinn
    True Jinn 6 days ago

    that girl is evil. She for sure set that shooting up.

  • naomi tay
    naomi tay 6 days ago

    I think the guy kind of sound like MJ 😊

  • Ethan Thomas
    Ethan Thomas 6 days ago

    The fact that i can have anyone i want out here literally. Bitch the more you lie the more your 8head grows

  • kiki ___
    kiki ___ 7 days ago +1

    She's stupid right?

  • Token Green
    Token Green 7 days ago

    Moral of the story dont be with somebody if youre both fuckin other fuckers...

  • Richey Mula
    Richey Mula 7 days ago

    Bitches ain shit

  • Sebastine Yamason
    Sebastine Yamason 7 days ago +1

    Y Is she crying lol she slept with the men who shot the guy hahaha

  • Brodie Taylor
    Brodie Taylor 8 days ago +1

    Lady full of crap like you cheated he mighta cheated but she cheated with the guy who shot him and honestly the guy shoulda walked

  • Vicki Ross Tudor
    Vicki Ross Tudor 8 days ago

    Yeah.. I’ve never seen a flag more red than actually getting shot and living to tell the story.

  • mrDannyS
    mrDannyS 9 days ago

    aksed me? wtf english is that

  • Xahir Ali
    Xahir Ali 9 days ago

    He shot u and then she gave him a shot😂😂😂😂😂👏

  • Moneyman Mayo
    Moneyman Mayo 9 days ago

    The girl is acting all butthurt because she got cheated on but she cheated on him too and slept with the man who shot her boyfriend two times he could’ve died over her and he forgave her for it all but she is all salty because he slept with someone else like she’s the one who got him shot

  • Hillary Wolford
    Hillary Wolford 9 days ago

    These bitches are heartless as fuck . What a bitch

  • Peach Paste
    Peach Paste 10 days ago

    This girl is a bad girlfriend

  • Drugs Are bad
    Drugs Are bad 11 days ago

    These 2 are both scummy

  • Thehuncho Legendary1
    Thehuncho Legendary1 11 days ago

    Life is not a game he have her up cause she sleep with the dude that’s shat him for her

  • Ange Duarte
    Ange Duarte 12 days ago

    mannn this fuu looks like eazy e

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath 12 days ago

    Gang culture is a big problem kids trying to be adults is the next

  • Alucard_Loveless Gaming

    I don't know why the crowd cheering she trash too.

  • isbsey
    isbsey 14 days ago

    They're too young to commit to anyone, and here are two children from another broken home. When I was young the fear of disappointing your family, not to mention yourself and an innocent baby, kept a lot of unwanted babies from being conceived. This wasn't a good way of warding off unwanted pregnancies either but now that we are "enlightened" young people don't seem to consider ANYTHING! Not themselves, their families, the cost in money or mental anguish and certainly not what kind of life and future the poor babies are going to have. They say Education is the answer. It's all out there. No dirty secrets, untalked of subjects any more. Free contraception with no stigma. There IS a solution but it's too awful to think of.

  • Mass Wave TV
    Mass Wave TV 14 days ago

    This dude a lame n that bitch is a skeeza n he got shot for over her.. nigga u a lame n a SIMP...

  • Malik Burton
    Malik Burton 14 days ago

    Why that nigga look like Xavier wulf

  • Hillary Nyonje
    Hillary Nyonje 15 days ago

    I owe no one abstenance after a break up. I'd fuck the next day

  • Pringles Clarke
    Pringles Clarke 15 days ago

    Bro you still a get bun she still a cheat dwl

  • Zax
    Zax 16 days ago

    this nigga is eazy e

  • red beamkevv
    red beamkevv 16 days ago

    Wasted her time I’m lost

  • khalil lee son
    khalil lee son 16 days ago

    she gotta have that good pussy for all that shit to be going on lol

  • Seat Jamal
    Seat Jamal 16 days ago

    She crying this woman a devil

  • Seat Jamal
    Seat Jamal 16 days ago

    Stupid girl no amount of love will I stay near a woman who wants u dead

  • Cokane x
    Cokane x 16 days ago

    This must be one if the stupidest bitches living on this earth. Your boyfriend gets shot, then you sleep with the same person who shot your boyfriend? I wouldn’t even talk to her, especially when she says “When I can literally have anybody I want” like if you don’t shut those booty lips the fuck up, cheating bitch

    DOMINIC PETERSON 17 days ago

    She set that nigga up 😂 he dum as shit

  • Rarely Riah
    Rarely Riah 17 days ago

    She’s either high , or slow. I don’t feel sorry for her .

  • Memphis 2 Houston
    Memphis 2 Houston 17 days ago

    A totally toxic relationship

  • fortnite boss
    fortnite boss 17 days ago +1

    She's acting like if she didn't cheat but when she heard dat he had sexual intercourse with other females she crying . 😂😂 Dis woman have me weak

  • Jasmine Taylor
    Jasmine Taylor 17 days ago

    They cute together tho

  • Jasmine Taylor
    Jasmine Taylor 17 days ago

    He crazy he handsome & he seems to be smart so i would just drop her & find someone new & she slept with the guy bc she dosent really care but im an outsider looking in tho just kinda seems like she is unsure about what she wants to do he seems like he cud be a good man & she know that but she prolly still want 2 do her

  • kbeavers19
    kbeavers19 18 days ago

    She tries to justify her actions to much

  • Shawn Lucas
    Shawn Lucas 18 days ago

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  • kayla 123
    kayla 123 18 days ago

    I don’t know wtf to say😂

    MAJIN GHIDORAH 18 days ago

    He was cruisin to the nail salon in his 64

  • Matt C
    Matt C 18 days ago

    wait a minute both aren’t faithful but this guy got SHOT for her

  • Tah'Jai Allen
    Tah'Jai Allen 19 days ago

    LOL why are they so toxic

  • Niketa Lemoth
    Niketa Lemoth 19 days ago +1

    This is funny. I am dying. They both cheating. Oh well 50 50 lmao

  • Jesus Lover
    Jesus Lover 19 days ago

    She seem trifflin

  • Roza a
    Roza a 20 days ago

    She looks so dumb and she sounds dumb too

  • Jenna Welborn
    Jenna Welborn 20 days ago

    You guys are so rude

  • dewain powell
    dewain powell 20 days ago

    I’m I feel this one

  • ModernWarHeroII
    ModernWarHeroII 21 day ago

    Why is it that woman can just keep running they're mouth but at the sametime they doing shit too smh
    Dont trust a soul

  • Vaportraper
    Vaportraper 21 day ago

    🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 why the hell didn't he left her in the first place after he got shot like thats obvious cue to leave

  • Graviti Eddings
    Graviti Eddings 21 day ago +1

    She is *NOT* the victim here. She's right to break up with him cos he honestly deserves a better life, and she ain't it. If she had stayed with him he would have ended up miserable under her claws.

  • Omar Abdullah
    Omar Abdullah 22 days ago

    These people are all slow.

  • Guest Account
    Guest Account 22 days ago

    Bitch deserved it she slept with the man who shot him -_-

  • Dameion Arthur
    Dameion Arthur 23 days ago

    When I watch these I get the feeling that this might happen to me

  • JR Xav
    JR Xav 24 days ago

    this is why females should fucking go to hell

  • YahudahThe LionKing
    YahudahThe LionKing 24 days ago

    A woman’s ego is just as aggressive as a man’s and likewise men are just as emotional as women, we just have different body parts and extra testosterone, most of the time...🤔

  • Shayne And Kylie Questions


    Oh wait

  • Kween Ataenikk
    Kween Ataenikk 25 days ago

    In my opinion she deserves it... How tf u gon fuck the nigga that shot yo man😒😒😒😒

  • Yumny Kiddd1
    Yumny Kiddd1 25 days ago

    I couldnt tell if he was indian, black, or native american.

  • Samuel Brent
    Samuel Brent 25 days ago

    But she slept with the guy that shot him like whats wrong with here

  • Purple Sunflower
    Purple Sunflower 25 days ago

    Dude looks like a lady! 🎵 🎤

  • king 93706
    king 93706 25 days ago

    Yeah bro. Lol

  • Rebecca River
    Rebecca River 25 days ago

    Someone should shoot her ugly ass.

  • Raekwon  Kane
    Raekwon Kane 26 days ago

    Right after they said she fucked the nigga that shot him 2 times she talking about being faithful

  • Cameron Loop
    Cameron Loop 26 days ago

    That’s crazy they all clapping for her and sad for her 🤦‍♂️ that’s really crazy.

  • kaee.
    kaee. 26 days ago +1

    “once...” , she says. like, sis... it still doesn’t change the fact that u cheated. cmon now.

  • Fleece Johnson
    Fleece Johnson 26 days ago

    Why was Steve poking fun at the poor guy...

  • lol dat
    lol dat 27 days ago +1

    Why she mad bro she slept with the man who shot him like wtffff

  • damari wilkes
    damari wilkes 27 days ago

    Ion give a fuck. What she say 😂 she slept wit the nigga that shot him 😂 fuck ha crazy ass bi-polar ass emotions 😂💀👎🏾

  • Mike Tython
    Mike Tython 27 days ago

    If eazy e was somewhat loyal

  • Viggo Macintosh
    Viggo Macintosh 27 days ago +4

    They are both just funny, the guy keeps cheating and the girl cheats with the guy who shot her boyfriend smh😂😂🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Brooke Kennedy
    Brooke Kennedy 27 days ago

    I love this show

  • MTG. 600
    MTG. 600 27 days ago +1

    The definition of these bitches ain’t shit😂

  • Struggling Artist
    Struggling Artist 27 days ago +1

    They are both in the wrong

  • xifye
    xifye 28 days ago

    2:42 pause and you will see black widow in her 16s

  • xifye
    xifye 28 days ago

    *Shes a hoe adlibs (hoee)*

  • ItsGenia !
    ItsGenia ! 28 days ago

    That bihh high 😂😂

  • Jöllhansch Kuppjärk
    Jöllhansch Kuppjärk 28 days ago +1

    They always have such problems speaking. Like they're unaccustomed to their mouths.

    They look absolutely brain dead.

  • Alex Macdon
    Alex Macdon 28 days ago

    but why they all laughing about it and shit? if my girl slept with the dude who shot me I'd kill em both bruh.

  • The2kayleen
    The2kayleen 28 days ago +2

    The way they talk tho is so chill

  • ArtisticAJ
    ArtisticAJ 28 days ago

    She set that fool up

  • DG Rippa
    DG Rippa 29 days ago

    Damn bottom line. A pretty face will do it

  • Paul St. Germain
    Paul St. Germain 29 days ago +2

    She just looking for justification to cheat on him again, slow as her brain works she is devious.

  • AlonaRoberta Manoharan


  • AlonaRoberta Manoharan

    Both cheaters STD aids omg

  • isaiah brown
    isaiah brown 29 days ago

    Lmao she think she can have anyone she looks like Kermit the frog ET and Mr potato head fucked and made a baby, I just realized her huge ass muffin top too she look like she's after preggo