The Greatest Showman | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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  • missreds88
    missreds88 Час назад

    The song's been stuck in my head for two days help me

  • Joshua Rumbolt
    Joshua Rumbolt Час назад

    The part of the Marvel Multiverse where Wolverine starts his own school for frea... for gifted people.

  • Sahanaz Ahmed
    Sahanaz Ahmed Час назад


  • Ines Lep
    Ines Lep 2 часа назад

    Can’t wait to listen to all the songs 10 000 Times on repeat

  • Mikaela Jackson
    Mikaela Jackson 2 часа назад


  • Jordan Chavez
    Jordan Chavez 2 часа назад


  • pastel ribbons
    pastel ribbons 2 часа назад

    whoever dislikes this video probably spits on babies.

  • Махамбет Мамыров
    Махамбет Мамыров 3 часа назад

    I know where I will be on 20th December

  • Gracie Isaac
    Gracie Isaac 3 часа назад

    This movie comes out on the day B4 my b-day !!

  • Melinda Dee
    Melinda Dee 3 часа назад +2

    🔴 *The Greatest Showman FuII Movie* [ ]

  • Gracie Isaac
    Gracie Isaac 3 часа назад

    This movie comes out the day on my birthday !

  • Ametxart
    Ametxart 3 часа назад

    I'm here for Keala. She's the real queen 😍

  • luna's gal pal
    luna's gal pal 4 часа назад

    does anyone know which song(s) in the soundtrack luna sang parts of?

  • Paola  Agno Santander
    Paola Agno Santander 4 часа назад

    Porque este 2do tráiler es diferente al 2do tráiler q lanzaron para Latinoamérica???
    Alguien me responde por favor

  • amelie zoe k
    amelie zoe k 4 часа назад

    Was that KC undercover ?

  • fatima yazdani
    fatima yazdani 4 часа назад

    Amazing 💜💜💜

  • Bella Lestrange Riddle
    Bella Lestrange Riddle 5 часов назад

    There is Rocky Blue and Troy Bolton. This is going to be perfect.

  • Hunter Jones
    Hunter Jones 6 часов назад

    When does Wolverine rip somebody apart?

  • Пётр Солнцев
    Пётр Солнцев 6 часов назад

  • sevgi_
    sevgi_ 6 часов назад

    if hugh jackman play in film, apsolutely the film going to perfecly

  • Faerin
    Faerin 6 часов назад


  • Cat Noir
    Cat Noir 7 часов назад

    I saw Zendaya and I clicked

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers 7 часов назад

    Finally, a good looking movie.

  • Nurul Fildzah Zatalini
    Nurul Fildzah Zatalini 8 часов назад

    Zac effron will ruin the movie

  • Jessica Frankiewicz
    Jessica Frankiewicz 8 часов назад

    Can't waaaiitt 😍

  • Marie Kaufmann
    Marie Kaufmann 8 часов назад

    Goosebumps only from the trailer 😍👌

  • josh109864
    josh109864 9 часов назад

    The song is the best I replayed 1111111111111111111111million times

  • Gina Cendekia
    Gina Cendekia 10 часов назад

    okay but...the animals...

  • Leezit Jhendale
    Leezit Jhendale 10 часов назад

    Hope this will be a great movie and not just a great trailer.

  • Meme Machine Fixed
    Meme Machine Fixed 12 часов назад

    Wait, did the count survive, or is this his origin story or something?

  • Rohan Sharma
    Rohan Sharma 13 часов назад

    I lightly buy it since I have heard from good sources that the real showman wasn't exactly the noblest guy and a little grey, different from all inspiring like in these trailers, he was inspiring but a little grey in some areas, the trailers are not giving me the grey. I am going to listen to the songs anyway.

  • Shay Dizzle
    Shay Dizzle 13 часов назад


  • FourFiveChicken
    FourFiveChicken 14 часов назад

    So this is what happened after Logan finished the civil war

  • chinggiskhaan123
    chinggiskhaan123 14 часов назад

    the soundtrack is going to be crazy

  • Zeal Ren
    Zeal Ren 16 часов назад +1

    The Range and talent Hugh Jackman has is insane, to go from playing one of the most animalistic mutants in comic book history to singing in award wining musicals is incredible. Now a days all you need is 3 million plus followers to get a role in a movie. No talent required. **cough cough**

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 16 часов назад


  • mannofnope
    mannofnope 16 часов назад

    Trailer music?

  • Louise Lim
    Louise Lim 17 часов назад

    I dont know why 1:26 makes me so happy. I guess its just the way the knives hitting the board match the beat. its nice though.

  • emeleel
    emeleel 17 часов назад

    Oh wow.... I like this one even better than the first trailer! This one is soooo good!

  • Carolina Merino
    Carolina Merino 18 часов назад

    OSCAR ;]

  • Lala Bones
    Lala Bones 19 часов назад

    Zendaya on it? ok ill watch it

  • Jenny Cork
    Jenny Cork 19 часов назад

    i am already obsessed with this movie

  • lula may
    lula may 19 часов назад +1

    was really intrigued by the movie and excited to see it until i saw zendaya. I'm sorry, but lets be honest: she can't act. she is not on the same level as Hugh and Zac and she just doesn't fit in. I'm not saying she is a bad person, she is just not a particularly good actress. disappointed, cause without her it would have been better. but then again that is just my opinion :)

  • tiagovalen
    tiagovalen 20 часов назад

    Prestige meets Les Miserables?

  • Maiya Sinanan
    Maiya Sinanan 21 час назад

    Gonna see this one!!! Zendya beautiful as ever a must see!!!!👍👍👍

  • mello wikky
    mello wikky 21 час назад

    Hope the movie is as good as the trailer

  • HI _
    HI _ 21 час назад

    when i saw the trailer in the theaters i squealed my mom "shh you're obsessed"

  • Andrea Roa
    Andrea Roa 22 часа назад

    This honestly looks amazing it truly gave a huge smile on my face

  • Ysabelle's Life
    Ysabelle's Life 22 часа назад

    zendaya killing it yet again🙌🏼

  • missjo5ie
    missjo5ie 23 часа назад

    I thought it said The Greatest Snowman when I clicked on it

  • Janice Fredricks
    Janice Fredricks 23 часа назад

    Hugh Jackman can do anything and everything!!!

  • damla söker
    damla söker День назад

    Finally Zac 😊

  • Lila Fox
    Lila Fox День назад

    I honestly I am so excited for this movie. Ever since the first trailer couple months ago

  • lonely boy
    lonely boy День назад

    Logan looks great

  • Natalie Marshall
    Natalie Marshall День назад

    also, moulin rouge feels. loving that

  • Natalie Marshall
    Natalie Marshall День назад

    chills because yessssssssssssssssssssss

  • vidhi mathur
    vidhi mathur День назад

    Cant wait to see this one! Hugh looks super handsome as always :D

  • Dany K.
    Dany K. День назад +1

    This looks like a genuinely feel good movie with great music. looking forward to it

  • tarushi kelkar
    tarushi kelkar День назад

    I don't think Zac and Zendaya have much scenes in this but I always wanted to see them together on screen. My two favs.

  • Christopher Weir
    Christopher Weir День назад +1

    I can’t wait to see this, it looks so good

  • han blue
    han blue День назад

    This is great relly relly great

  • Kylie K.
    Kylie K. День назад +1

    I just watched the whole movie, basically. It was nice, extraordinary! ❤️

  • Midnight DreamerZ
    Midnight DreamerZ День назад

    Can somebody tell me which songs are playing in the background

  • Pauline Hoffmann
    Pauline Hoffmann День назад

    Madagascar 3 in real-life version

  • Asude Birtane
    Asude Birtane День назад

    I think I am dying now....😍😍

  • Jennifer Persichilli
    Jennifer Persichilli День назад

    I think I've watched this trailer at least 20 times... I'm so excited!

  • Nicklaus
    Nicklaus День назад +1

    I smell a lot of oscar nominations...

  • Cherry-Ann Saki
    Cherry-Ann Saki День назад

    These are not tear-- aww fuck it. That music made me!

  • Eric Twele
    Eric Twele День назад

    I always love a good musical (in this case, this one and "Coco")!

  • iinRez
    iinRez День назад

    I cannot stand musicals.

  • Wang Cat
    Wang Cat День назад

    the circus performers are like mutants.... everyone’s afraid of them. hugh jackman being the lead is so fitting :DDD

  • actual_ atul
    actual_ atul День назад

    The trailer made me Happy from the Inside.

  • Nashit aysha
    Nashit aysha День назад

    so Bollywood!! love it

  • Yvette Downs
    Yvette Downs День назад

    Already crying from the trailer! Can't wait!

  • Auliya Zuhri Harahap
    Auliya Zuhri Harahap День назад

    Is there anyone else know about the soundtrack? Look like fun song

  • bratzyael
    bratzyael День назад


  • Piyush Shende
    Piyush Shende День назад

    I smell oscar from this film

  • Manjari Dhoundiyal
    Manjari Dhoundiyal День назад

    Hey checkout my new cover of hindi songs tu jo mila/raabta.

  • llamadoH Gaming
    llamadoH Gaming День назад

    Good god... sensationalizing carnies... This is the last thing we need.

  • junrel bardon
    junrel bardon День назад

    I can smell trophies coming......

  • Mayur Garg
    Mayur Garg День назад


  • steve blum
    steve blum День назад

    Who's wants to runaway & join Hugh Jackman's circus ? feat Zac efron

  • 493favour
    493favour День назад

    I can't wait! I've watched this over and over again and I'm still not satisfied. Ahh I love it. We need more movies like this, honestly.

  • Arlene Nguyen
    Arlene Nguyen День назад

    I’m literally in tears.... that this movie has an inspiring message and that those messages are given to us by amazing and talented actors.... but why are you promoting animals trained to entertain us?? There are lions and elephants and yeah those could all be CGI but it’s still not right! Please remove them. I was so excited until I saw them.

  • Judy-J
    Judy-J День назад

    Please tell me where i can find the song Hugh sings.. he has an amazing voice

  • GameFreak 1311
    GameFreak 1311 День назад

    Which songs do they use in this? 😱I love it!

  • Don Ralston
    Don Ralston День назад +1

    a musical just in time for Oscar season. good luck (sincere smile)

  • charlie adam2
    charlie adam2 День назад +1

    can't wait to watch this movie.

  • 1995
    1995 День назад

    Madagascar 3.0: Humans

  • ahmed abdel-aal
    ahmed abdel-aal День назад

    So Zendaya is going to kiss for the first time. Wow can't wait to see that.

  • Maria  Chelo Bañes
    Maria Chelo Bañes День назад

    Does anyone of you gets a Sing+Madagascar 3 vibes? 😍

    DIPANKAR DAS День назад

    OMG..... Simply magnificent.....

  • Shan Gill
    Shan Gill День назад +1

    awesome trailer

  • Bryles Nolick
    Bryles Nolick День назад

    I love Zendaya... I think she is an amazing person for what I see but her acting isn’t improving and I’m so mad about it

  • IndianTelephone
    IndianTelephone День назад

    I got happy goosebumps from this trailer. I hope the songs last me as long as La La Land last year!

  • emluvslou
    emluvslou День назад

    Lol I didn't read the title properly and I thought it was called 'the greatest snowman' and I was like wtf has this story got to do with snow? 😂

  • Georgina Kelly
    Georgina Kelly День назад

    this movies line up is no joke

  • AlexReynard
    AlexReynard День назад

    FREAK SHOWS ARE EMPOWERING, FOLKS! Yup, that's a new one.

  • lipstickngore
    lipstickngore День назад +1

    My baby Zendaya 😍❤

  • YenChaChi
    YenChaChi День назад

    Oscars! Oscars! Oscars!