LOOPER First and Last Scene 2012 | Bruce Willis | Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Published on Nov 21, 2012
  • LOOPER First and Last Scene 2012 [HD] | Bruce Willis | Joseph Gordon-Levitt:
    Many people have commented about how the audio in the clip is very low. Sorry about that. Watch out for the end - there is a sudden increase in volume when the video ends.
    Looper is a 2012 American science fiction action film written and directed by Rian Johnson. The film stars Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt. In Looper, time travel is invented by the year 2074 and, though immediately outlawed, is used by criminal organizations to send those they want killed into the past where they are killed by "loopers", assassins paid with silver bars strapped to their targets. Joe, a looper, encounters himself when his older self is sent back in time to be killed. The film deals with themes of time alteration, age, love, crime, and parenthood.
    Looper Trailer 2012 - Official movie trailer in HD - starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt - directed by Rian Johnson - in the futuristic action thriller Looper, time travel will be invented - but it will be illegal and only available on the black market.
    Looper movie hits theaters on September 28, 2012.
    When the mob wants to get rid of someone, they will send their target 30 years into the past, where a "looper" - a hired gun, like Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - is waiting to mop up. Joe is getting rich and life is good... until the day the mob decides to "close the loop," sending back Joe's future self (Bruce Willis) for assassination. The film is written and directed by Rian Johnson and also stars Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, and Jeff Daniels. Ram Bergman and James D. Stern produce. Looper movie trailer 2012 is presented in full HD 1080p high resolution.
    LOOPER 2012 Movie
    Genre: Action and Adventure, Thriller
    Director: Rian Johnson
    Cast: Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Noah Segan, Piper Perabo, Jeff Daniels
    SPOILERS!! Writer/director Rian Johnson answers all the burning questions you have about his time traveling action drama LOOPER, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. The interview with Germain Lussier from Slashfilm.com took place September 25, 2012.
    Did you know Rian Johnson's Looper (2012) is actually a remake?? In this installment of SuperCuts - we unearthed the 1994 trailer for Disney's Looper - starring a much younger Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a younger, hairier Bruce Willis.
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  • Smart plug
    Smart plug 9 months ago +18

    i thumbed down the loud outro NOISE

  • Tyler Almquist
    Tyler Almquist 6 months ago

    This movie is like the grandfather paradox. Not a paradox. You can actually look at the grandfather paradox as a superposition where you’re grandfather is alive and dead at the same time. Go watch minutephysics’s video on it.

    ANTHONY WORKOUT 6 months ago

    None of this would of happened if marty didnt drive over old man Peabodys pine trees

  • WaapRepeat
    WaapRepeat 11 months ago

    It's a movie and human time travel doesn't exist, so stop that rediculus pop-culture-nerd-tesseract-bulldust. Nice movie, that's it.

  • Alim Khan
    Alim Khan Year ago


  • Corinthian
    Corinthian Year ago

    Why is the audio so low on every video with this scene?

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell Year ago

    Back there, people said that Rian Johnson was underrated

  • Sepedra Inc.
    Sepedra Inc. Year ago

    Forgot how much I liked this movie despite the criticism.

  • M.H.0903
    M.H.0903 Year ago

    Logical Time Travel:
    Your future self arrives, tells your 'current self' to time travel backwards in time to the point where your future self arrived. *goes back in time*
    Your future self arrives, tells your 'current self' to time travel backwards in time to the point where your future self arrived. *goes back in time*
    Your future self arrives, tells your 'current self' to time travel backwards in time to the point where your future self arrived. *goes back in time*
    Your future self arrives, tells your 'current self' to time travel backwards in time to the point where your future self arrived. *goes back in time*
    Your future self arrives, tells your 'current self' to time travel backwards in time to the point where your future self arrived. *goes back in time*
    Your future self arrives, tells your 'current self' to time travel backwards in time to the point where your future self arrived. *goes back in time*

  • Arlene Sanders
    Arlene Sanders Year ago

    Because your future self is going to be wearing the same clothes as he did years and years ago... uh huh.

  • Relict 805
    Relict 805 2 years ago

    Worst example of time paradox, if he shot himself then that means nothing would have ever happened, wich means he would have never had to shoot himself... if you say, but time wont affect them because it happened, then the same can be said about the old one, if we use that rule then he wouldnt disappear.

    • Godd Howard
      Godd Howard Year ago

      The second old joe went back in time the line branched off into its own entity

  • Chrissy Jones
    Chrissy Jones 2 years ago

    am i deaf or is this really hard to hear

  • Kermit
    Kermit 2 years ago +43

    *Sara was one hell of a pretty single mom.*

  • Wildlyfer
    Wildlyfer 2 years ago

    Just curious but even after Young Joe shoots himself and eclipses Old Joe, is there a possibility of a sequel? The movie is so good, I'm just curious as to know what others might feel about this possibility?

  • Zach Billings
    Zach Billings 3 years ago +59

    All of you assholes trying to pick holes in the movie missed the scene where they're sitting in the diner and Bruce Willis says, "We're not gonna talk about time travel or paradoxes because then we'd just be sitting here arguing about it all day." That line was directed at the audience as well, I believe, and not just for on screen characters

  • The 'Nexus'
    The 'Nexus' 3 years ago

    how can you understand such simple answersUnless you know such complex questions42

  • Mike Fly
    Mike Fly 3 years ago

    I can't find it on here but the scene where she calms him down. Jesus! I'm glad I didn't see it in the theater because I was just BAWLING on the couch 😢😢😢

  • Teh SparX
    Teh SparX 3 years ago

    What I dont understand is why Old Joe decides the Rainmaker is the reason he is captured by the mob and his wife is killed. He was hired as a looper, this would happen according to mob rules with or without the Rainmaker??

    • Godd Howard
      Godd Howard Year ago

      The rainmaker ordered all the loops to be closed with him dead the loops would stay open for longer

  • Stripes
    Stripes 3 years ago +3

    Real quick, trying my hardest not to nitpick but I'm a little confused. Old Joe came back to save his wife but after everything that happened like killing Abe and the Syndicate. Old Joes wife would never have been killed so Old Joe would have never come back in time to cause Cid to become the rain maker. An even after all that somehow Old Joes wife was killing an he came back in time. Young Joe would never become the Old Joe the came back. He'd spend his time with Sara. An not go to China an meet his future wife let alone come back in time to kill Cid. So Old Joe should just vanish seeing as though Young Joe won't go back in time in the future. Can someone please explain? Sorry for the headache.

    • The Last Flame
      The Last Flame 2 years ago

      Reindeer My theory was that there are two parallel universes. When someone utilizes the time machine they not only go back in time, but jump from one universe to the other in the process. Let's call them universes A and B. Joe A fulfills his looper duties and lives out his life, eventually meeting his wife where then she is killed. Joe A travels to universe B to save his wife where the events of the movie take place, in universe B. Now let's say that Joe B hadn't have killed himself, and the loop had continued. I believe Joe B was the Joe that was killed by Joe A in the opening sequence, where he successfully collects the gold. Since already bound to contract, and with no mercenary experience, Joe B would've been easily killed by Joe A. This theory is assuming that Joe A, the one at the end of the movie, spent the rest of his life failing attempts to kill rainmaker, spending his remaining days in universe B.

    • John Travoltage
      John Travoltage 3 years ago

      I'm fairly sure it was a loop that just repeated itself. The mob that they are fighting are not necessarily the same that send back people 30 years. Eventually the rainmaker, born from his mother dying takes over, closes all the loops, sending joe back in time, which causes it to happen again.
      Everything was already a loop, he ended up breaking it, and changing the future.

    • Sky Quill
      Sky Quill 3 years ago +4

      That's why it's a paradox.

  • Phantom style
    Phantom style 3 years ago

    The girl Is a telekenetic why doesent she just pull the gun from him?

    • Horacio Poggi
      Horacio Poggi 3 years ago +1

      Alexander hedlund she is a lesser telekinetic, she doesn't have the power that the kid has.

  • The Hills
    The Hills 3 years ago +1

    Can we stop criticizing the movie & ENJOY IT ?!?! Gosh.

  • Chimp Wimp
    Chimp Wimp 3 years ago

    I don't get it. If the young Joe killed himself and took old Joe out of existence( which also means he never existed to begin with ), then what motivated young Joe to commit suicide if the elderly Joe was to blame?

    • Gondarth
      Gondarth 3 years ago

      Either way... Time Travel is bullshit! Back to the Future 3 is my favourite movie, but it can still make my head hurt if I thin about it to much

    • Chimp Wimp
      Chimp Wimp 3 years ago

      I see. That makes sense. I always figured the only way for it to make sense is if it were multiple universes.

    • Chimp Wimp
      Chimp Wimp 3 years ago

      I don't think you understand. I'm trying to say that I noticed a paradox.

    • Gondarth
      Gondarth 3 years ago

      He killed himself to ensure nothing bad would happen to whats-her-face and her son, as he had fallen in love with her... I forget the names. I haven't seen this in a couple months

  • Maceus
    Maceus 3 years ago +31

    should've killed the little shit.

  • Julio andres gomez
    Julio andres gomez 3 years ago +44

    Joe kills himself giving rise to a timeline in which never gets old so is never sent back. In the next loop iteration Joe never meets his old self and lives a prosper life until he´s sent back to himself. And here we go again. Multi-loop, braid-time. It´s complicated but never paradoxical.

    • M.H.0903
      M.H.0903 2 months ago

      Julio andres gomez
      Since old joe disappears then it is paradox time travel.

    • masterJ
      masterJ 6 months ago

      @xlifewritex i know what you mean...he was stuck in a perpetual loop...the minute old joe came back and did not get killed by young joe the loop changed...sort of how when trunks came back in dbz and told everybody about the future everything changed

    • xlifewritex
      xlifewritex 8 months ago

      @Affable Ed No that's not what i mean. Hard to explain.

    • Affable Ed
      Affable Ed 8 months ago +1

      @xlifewritex - If there are multiple timelines, then killing himself wouldn't cause his older self to disappear.

    • Samuel
      Samuel Year ago

      Julio andres gomez he’s not the same joe that got sent back to the past the future joe created a new timeline being sent into the past

  • Kirk Meyers
    Kirk Meyers 3 years ago +3

    dylan mcdermott or dermot mulroney?

  • daniel mcdermott
    daniel mcdermott 4 years ago +5

    Instead of killing himself to get rid of older Bruce Willis. Why not just shoot older Bruce Willis?

    • wolf00 o2
      wolf00 o2 Year ago

      daniel mcdermott because if he kills his older self that wouldn't change the outcome of who he will be when he's older

    • Jaydum
      Jaydum 2 years ago

      daniel mcderm

    • Sam Hinton
      Sam Hinton 3 years ago

      +Sam Hinton
      The guy's name was Kid Blue

    • Sam Hinton
      Sam Hinton 3 years ago

      Yep, they called it a Gat.

    • xlifewritex
      xlifewritex 3 years ago

      He was too far away

  • Degree7
    Degree7 4 years ago

    Terminator rip off.

  • Watason 723
    Watason 723 4 years ago +43

    Looper isn't a linear story, it's a circular one. A big criticism of the movie is the fact that everything wouldn't just work out at the end after he kills himself. Because the whole time travel thing the way it's presented as an ever changing mechanism that's constantly fixing itself. So after he kills himself, he there by eliminates his older self from coming back in time to set the plot in motion. Therefore time would correct itself and Joe would return to being another Looper just doing his job. That is until the day that he closes his loop, then he leaves, goes to China where he meets the love of his life. This changes him and molds him into a better man. Then the mob comes for him to close his loop and sends him back in time where he escapes his past self and seeks out the man who destroyed his life. This of course ending in past Joe killing himself to stop himfromkillingthe boy. Thereby resettingtime to where that Joe is just another Loopercarryinghislife. The story is a circle

    • jameshisself
      jameshisself 10 months ago +1

      You are forgetting there is no orphan son who grows up hating the world. This changes the outcome. The gifted one does not become evil. Loop changed. Story ends.

    • Darryl Minaker
      Darryl Minaker Year ago +6

      No. In this time, Joe killed himself Sid and his mom will live out the rest of their lives. Old Joe and his future don't exist, Young Joe just realized the loop IN this movie, and he kills himself, ending it.

  • Cesar Salazar
    Cesar Salazar 4 years ago +12

    The reason I think one is left handed & the other right is that early on when the two meet & discuss young joe says something like, why is your face backwards. So time travel possibly alters the perception of body? But that's just a half arse guess.

    • wynt1r
      wynt1r 3 years ago +7

      I think that has more to do with the way we see ourselves. When you look at your self in the mirror, you are actually seeing your face backward. if you were able to look at yourself from outside your own body, like young joe does with old joe, you'd see yourself seemingly backward even though that's what it actually looks like

  • Dick so small, I piss on my balls

    Who is he narrating to? How is he narrating?

  • Ruby Barnard
    Ruby Barnard 4 years ago

    that girl got shot through belly leaving a hole in the back.

  • Wayne Blackburn
    Wayne Blackburn 4 years ago +17

    to me young joe epitomizes our nature we are selfish asses 9 out of 10 days but that 10th day we can make universely noble sacrifices

  • GreasySwalls
    GreasySwalls 4 years ago +3

    But if he killed him self . Wouldnt that never have exsisted ? Like the movie? Because that means his older self didnt come back in the first place to make him kill himself... Looper

    • Degree7
      Degree7 Year ago

      Dennis Williams LoL that’s contradicting the movie when his actions change the course of the past. It’s nothing to do with the paradox.

    • Raja ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ
      Raja ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ 4 years ago

      +GreasySwalls answer this... you wondering about this questions.. but you willing to let chicken or eggs pass by? since if we human cant determine if either chicken or egg come 1st.. then why wonder about time paradox? since.. its doesn't matter either of it come 1st.... right...?

    • Dennis Williams
      Dennis Williams 4 years ago +7

      @GreasySwalls It's a movie about time travel. A paradox is par for the course.

  • Edward Elric
    Edward Elric 4 years ago +56

    I don't know what crack your smoking but 480p is not "HD"...

    • crawford Snow
      crawford Snow 5 months ago

      Seems like Pretty good crack

    • Naldi Ardi
      Naldi Ardi 11 months ago

      @Edward Elric mmmmmmm; mmmmmmmmxmmmmm ada vm guemg KFC nnmgmgg mi kg kuku mi kljuyoooo pot ooooo

    • Edward Elric
      Edward Elric 4 years ago +2

      @Xenosis7 Thats funny because i see old videos with 1080p option with very few views...

    • Iron Fisc
      Iron Fisc 4 years ago +1

      +Edward Elric You know nothing... YT deletes 720p+ after a while to save space on their servers.

  • tritonmole
    tritonmole 4 years ago

    I love how he realizes he will seas to exist at the end...

  • Evil Gopher
    Evil Gopher 5 years ago +11

    A casualty loop. The second most dangerous prospect of time travel, the first being a paradox.

    "So I changed it"
    The most epic sentence I've ever heard in a time travel movie. If only time travel existed, imagine the possibilities, and the dangers.

  • Cloudy Daze
    Cloudy Daze 5 years ago

    The only flaw I have with the movie is the ending. If young Joe kills himself, then old Joe would never had existed. Thus old Joe couldn't travel back in time to kill the boy because he is dead, but if the old Joe doesn't go back in time, there is no reason for young Joe to kill himself, thus young Joe lives and so does old Joe. But if young Joe lives, then old Joe would live too and travel back in time to once again attempt to kill the boy. Thus the cycle continues.

    • Zedell123
      Zedell123 4 years ago

      +Cloudy Daze this is established as early on as when old Seth tries to escape but keeps losing bits of his body. if he never had any legs, how did he get anywhere in the first place? in Looper time happens in a reactionary way, "like a body dealing with a virus"

    • Clowntrooper
      Clowntrooper 4 years ago

      @Samuel Benitez How come we never see old rainmaker

    • Samuel Benitez
      Samuel Benitez 4 years ago

      @clowntrooper61 Old Joe kills Abe in that timeline in the movie, but Cid didn't really need Joe to become the Rainmaker, someone else shot him in the Jaw and killed Sara later on, we know this because Old Joe never met Cid when he was young, Old Joe never meets the one who killed Sarah and shot Cid in the Jaw, the injury that Cid received by Old Joe didn't do much but graze his cheek, whoever shot Sarah and Cid is still out there in the Timeline created by the Movie, this time most Loopers and Abe will not be there, if Kid Blue is not Abe, Young Abe will still be there.

    • Clowntrooper
      Clowntrooper 4 years ago

      @Samuel Benitez Well they both died

    • Clowntrooper
      Clowntrooper 4 years ago

      @Samuel Benitez How do you know another looper will kill Sarah? Is that just speculation or cannon? Also the other loopers are out of a job cos Old joe killed Abe.

  • ByronBanquo
    ByronBanquo 5 years ago +7

    I wish the director gave us alternate endings to satisfy the possibilities of other endings. What if the little boy did die? Would Bruce Willis be back with his wife? Would that be a happy ending for the main character or would it just perpetuate more evil? And other endings people have spoken below this video.

  • lhasziszijjin
    lhasziszijjin 5 years ago

    hd mi arse

  • Brown Eyes
    Brown Eyes 5 years ago +1

    Cool ending.

  • HowSci
    HowSci 5 years ago

    That is still stupid to kill himself.

    • Lebron Crawford
      Lebron Crawford 4 years ago

      +Rowt s WELP that leaves the older joe with another hand and healed injury. Young joe would probably bleed out later. His death was basically inevitable

    • Adam
      Adam 4 years ago

      He could've done it without dying, which wouldn't have rendered the ending a total downer.

    • P0RT4L: N3WB FTW
      P0RT4L: N3WB FTW 5 years ago +7

      Why? He stopped one of the worst things that could happen by killing himself!

    • rayaan kabir
      rayaan kabir 5 years ago +4

      Umm He Killed himself because there was no possible way to even get The Rainmaker As A Child so if he Killed his Youngself that would basicly prevent him from even becoming the Rainmaker

  • Sclasspsycho
    Sclasspsycho 5 years ago

    I haven't even seen the whole movie and this makes perfect sense. Is it weird to have extensive knowledge about time travel when you're just a girl on the internet?

    • ZephyrGames
      ZephyrGames 4 years ago

      It makes no sense at all. Young Joe kills himself so Rainmaker never exists. Therefore Old Joe's wife survives. Therefore Old Joe never goes back in time trying to kill Rainmaker. You can't change the past.

  • Jason Cando
    Jason Cando 5 years ago +55

    The ending resembles Bioshock Infinite.

    • Jason Stevens
      Jason Stevens Year ago +1

      Not to reopen a 3 year old can of worms or anything but technically Bioshock Infinite started development in 2007-2008 so it had a bit of a head start on Looper.

    • Jason Cando
      Jason Cando 5 years ago +1

      @Cloudy Daze Same thing.

    • Cloudy Daze
      Cloudy Daze 5 years ago +22

      No, Bioshock's ending resembles Looper. Bioshock Infinite was made after Looper.

  • Vernon Schillinger
    Vernon Schillinger 6 years ago +13

    Dudes, I hated Kid Blue SO much, he nearly ruined this movie. Give us a bad guy to love, not some moronic, jealous, conceited attention seeker.

    • Vernon Schillinger
      Vernon Schillinger 4 years ago

      @Samuel Benitez The presence of any such motif in the work of such an unprofessional director seems implausible. Rian Johnson could have, perhaps, studied and implemented a Freudian Complex in this piece, however, instead, opted to develop an intricate picture which holds a single merit of inadvertently presenting a parallel of religion, whereby I imply that the film is entirely logical and consistent in the universe which it creates, so long as the observer abstains entirely from thought.

    • Samuel Benitez
      Samuel Benitez 4 years ago

      @Vernon Schillinger There was more to Kid Blue than meets the eye, he might have been the younger version of Abe which is why he held a grudge on Old Joe.

    • Justice Hunter
      Justice Hunter 5 years ago +3

      hes not really a bad guy, he was more like the comic relief guy who we kinda feel bad for cause he's such a fuck up.

  • Big D
    Big D 6 years ago +46

    What's with young Joe being right handed, and old Joe left handed?

    • MrLethalShots
      MrLethalShots Year ago

      Zedell123 I know your comment is two years old but I think he says “your face looks backward” because he’s only used to looking at himself in a mirror.

    • Kermit
      Kermit 2 years ago +8

      *He was ambidextrous, really useful life skill.*

    • jasperhalsey
      jasperhalsey 2 years ago +8

      Zedell123 nah he only said that because when we look at ourselves in the mirror that what we think we look like but the mirror actually flips our image. So if you were too look at a clone of yourself, you would think that your face looks backwards when it really isn't.

    • Zedell123
      Zedell123 4 years ago +9

      +Big D Young joe to old joe: "Your face looks backward". the process of time travel involves reversing yourself somehow? all I can think of

    • Big D
      Big D 4 years ago +10

      Bruce Willis is naturally left handed........they probably figured us viewers were too dumb to notice. ;)

  • Frank The Bunny
    Frank The Bunny 6 years ago

    the movie was very underwhelming until it got to this point. this was a great ending, and pierce gagnon was phonomenal, he out-acted everyone, but the ending doesn't make up for the entire movie

  • Jennon McCurry-Tracey
    Jennon McCurry-Tracey 6 years ago +4

    Video is so fucking quiet -_-

    MKECBS1 6 years ago +1

    very predictable plot, I felt this film didn't deserve the hype it got

  • Alabaster Gaunt
    Alabaster Gaunt 6 years ago

    nobody really has a problem with his timing, it's more about the implications and various paradoxes that would arise from him killing himself?

  • Jmoney32689
    Jmoney32689 6 years ago +3

    Rule #1 of movies involving time travel: They make no goddamn sense and trying to make sense of them will hurt you.

  • Inigo90ful
    Inigo90ful 6 years ago

    The ending has no sense. Old Joe is not Young Joe. They are from two different timelines.

    • Affable Ed
      Affable Ed 8 months ago

      Then his death wouldn't have affected his older self.

    • Chris Swan
      Chris Swan 3 years ago

      Inigo90ful all time travel movies create their own rules. just sit back and enjoy the movie

  • MegaCellProductions
    MegaCellProductions 6 years ago +2

    This ending makes no sense.

  • Otto Niittymäki
    Otto Niittymäki 6 years ago

    But what made him become the rain-maker in the timeline where Joe did not come to kill him?

  • ashli674
    ashli674 6 years ago

    yeah, there is a small scene where the mom finds her baby and stitches him up and puts him to bed and then goes out to joe's body.

  • 3D50N90
    3D50N90 6 years ago +2

    Yeah I know but couldn't he had shot his arm off, or hand giving her and her son time to run.

    • D. Scott
      D. Scott 7 days ago

      The blunderbuss is only effective within a range of 10-15 feet. Young Joe would’ve missed any shot he took even if his aim was perfect

  • marceld13
    marceld13 6 years ago

    Such an underrated comment, should be top comment, very well explained, sir!

  • C4CProductions
    C4CProductions 6 years ago

    You know if you shoot any arm you cannot shoot the other as that arm is disabled.
    His future self could have still shot the lady with one hand even though in pain, it hapens all the time.

  • 3D50N90
    3D50N90 6 years ago +1

    Couldn't he had just shot his fuckin arm! instead of killing himself!?

  • Jelke Gulpen
    Jelke Gulpen 6 years ago

    it's not the ending, there is a small scene after that or am i wrong?

  • CorkusHawk
    CorkusHawk 6 years ago +1

    I was kind of dissapointed at the ending...