15 Minutes Of The FUNNIEST FAILS In Fortnite

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • This video contains 15 minutes of the funniest fails in Fortnite.
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    This video includes:
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    Fortnite Funniest Moments
    Funniest Fails in Fortnite
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    I liked and subscribed only because they didn’t ask for it like every other RUclip channel

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      Why tf would you subscribe a Fortnite youtuber

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      Riise clan so u read a comment where he is saying he hates when people beg for likes and subs and all that then u ask for a sub?🧐

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      Ikr I hate that

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    היה שם ישראלי

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    An Na 16 days ago

    1:00 I thought they vaulted that thing

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    timthetatman looks like braun strowman in wwe

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    0:46 where the hell did he drop from to take no fall damage??

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    If anyone wants to friend me on fortnight my name is skull falling

  • Joey Macomber
    Joey Macomber 19 days ago

    If anyone wants to friend me on fortnight my name is skull falling

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    11:35 the hunting rifle uses medium ammo!?!?!?!?

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    Very nice video

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    0:43 this is what every player that use BRUTE deserve

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    BIG Noobs xD

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    Who tf plays Fortnite anymore

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      Nothing 1 Billion people including me

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    0:55 lmao

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  • ryan
    ryan 28 days ago

    The last one 😂
    Oh cuzz
    No way..oh no way 😂

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    Ryan Winchell 28 days ago +2

    It’s 14:51 not 15 minutes

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    Best fortnite videos hard gamer channel omg

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    13:18 that was so funny XD

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    ha now i have one year of good luck

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    Its actually 14:52 minutes of fortnite fails

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    Thanks for adding me to the video 4:19

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    6:23 anime battles be like

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    Who remember twitch building from dylan

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    All noobs wtf

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    Anyone realize that was the guy in soar Dylan’s video 3:18

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    1 sub = 5 subs

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    11:37 was my clip :)

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      Hεrmαη Hαjαηι ur trash

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    0:46 what что?

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    I haven't seen Daquan in a minute

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