• Published on Sep 16, 2018
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    I feel incredibly blessed to be able to hold this thing. If you have cool parents, a waffle iron and a cleaning service, you too can do this yourself at home.
    Waffle Cone Maker:
    Parchment Paper
    Tin Foil
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  • thotsuki bakuhoe
    thotsuki bakuhoe 3 days ago

    There is a lollipop called drumstick

  • Rory Pablo
    Rory Pablo 7 days ago

    I’m eating one of those right now

  • Kenzie Miller
    Kenzie Miller 8 days ago

    Huge popsicle

  • Leahgirl 2010
    Leahgirl 2010 10 days ago

    Unicorn sherbet

  • tammy coleman
    tammy coleman 10 days ago

    The lady Got to take a bite first and she didn’t do anything

  • QingYing Lin
    QingYing Lin 11 days ago


  • Shika IMark
    Shika IMark 23 days ago

    Why do you always say how u peeing please stop

  • Jason Duran
    Jason Duran Month ago +1

    5:00 Should be able to feed 1 teenager!

  • Rebecca Davey
    Rebecca Davey Month ago +1

    That’s a lot of chips

  • futuristic
    futuristic Month ago +1


  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Month ago

    I died when julia threw the foil at jp

  • Lily Wells
    Lily Wells Month ago

    i like the small one better so the ice cream and chocolatte wont melt

  • TC_Franky03 16
    TC_Franky03 16 2 months ago


  • Pro Teen Gaming05
    Pro Teen Gaming05 2 months ago

    I would eat the giant ice cream because theres more ice cream there

  • Ivys Kitchen
    Ivys Kitchen 2 months ago

    I'm jealous.. I want to eat that!

  • Gregory Perrine
    Gregory Perrine 2 months ago

    Yeah I have a suggestion this is a watcher I would like you to make the biggest shrimp egg roll that you can make I know you made the other egg roll but it wasn't in their champion. Who doesn't like shrimp egg roll right

  • Empty Shows
    Empty Shows 2 months ago

    *grabs veggie chips*
    Jp: (I cant eat this)
    *puts it back*

  • dabber 101
    dabber 101 2 months ago

    normal ice cream because it is easier to eat

  • Mr Noob
    Mr Noob 2 months ago

    gaint icecream cake

  • collarmole
    collarmole 2 months ago

    Ice cream for life.

  • Joey The kangaroo
    Joey The kangaroo 2 months ago

    Why didn’t you dip the ice-cream into the chocolate and place the nuts on?

  • Miguel Acosta
    Miguel Acosta 2 months ago +1

    You guys should get a world record

  • maroon xoxo
    maroon xoxo 2 months ago

    Can you make 10 000 smallest ice creams and cones and form it into a giant ice cream😁😁😁😁

  • Lucas Messinger
    Lucas Messinger 2 months ago


  • Jaynie
    Jaynie 2 months ago

    That intro was on an energy level that I will not reach today... oof

  • Andreas Sangma
    Andreas Sangma 3 months ago

    Its not tasty at all

  • Red Ocean Knight
    Red Ocean Knight 3 months ago

    I was eating drumstick ice cream right now while watching this

  • Abrum Wilson
    Abrum Wilson 3 months ago

    I like the fudge filled ones

  • Liz H
    Liz H 3 months ago

    should be able to feed one teenager. LOL

  • Rhonda Snelson
    Rhonda Snelson 3 months ago

    Is it weird that I literally just watched and show like about 50 times cuz it's that funny

  • KayyNorth
    KayyNorth 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who’s confused as to how they just bite into the ice cream ?

  • _ECatherine _
    _ECatherine _ 3 months ago

    Jp went tryhard whisking

  • Jonalyn Advincula
    Jonalyn Advincula 3 months ago

    12,40 ( should be able to feed 1 teenager

  • mr cringemaster
    mr cringemaster 3 months ago

    Why did you guys change the title?

  • Miranda Lyttle
    Miranda Lyttle 3 months ago

    You should make a 🍫inside a🍗inside a🍪

  • kat cupcake205
    kat cupcake205 3 months ago

    You live in Orlando I live in Palm coast

  • Hanging with Em
    Hanging with Em 3 months ago

    Can u make a McDonald’s shamrock shake

  • Kendall Carr
    Kendall Carr 3 months ago

    Can I please get a shout-out

  • BlackCat Studios8
    BlackCat Studios8 4 months ago


  • mss. unicorn
    mss. unicorn 4 months ago

    1:06 i live in orlando i agree with him

  • Big Bertha
    Big Bertha 4 months ago


  • Zafar6tee9
    Zafar6tee9 4 months ago +1

    My stomach hurts

  • S M
    S M 4 months ago

    Jew Lia

  • Rexy - ROBLOX
    Rexy - ROBLOX 4 months ago

    drumstick? oh nvm now i know what u mean

  • Gary Stinten
    Gary Stinten 4 months ago

    i want to see a triple stack pancakes..
    that is as big as a car tyre..
    21" pancakes with a tub of ice cream and a bottle of syrup..

  • Marco Smallwood
    Marco Smallwood 4 months ago


  • Darius Coker
    Darius Coker 4 months ago

    What do you guys do with the good after

  • Kevin
    Kevin 5 months ago

    Holy crap.

  • Planet Tasty
    Planet Tasty 5 months ago


  • JayDen mcallister
    JayDen mcallister 5 months ago

    Ice cream on a rainy day gotta love it

  • og pop
    og pop 5 months ago

    Them hand jp

  • Katrina B
    Katrina B 5 months ago

    Little Crude Brother is lowkey kinda cute

  • Amber Fraser
    Amber Fraser 5 months ago


  • autumn dupree
    autumn dupree 5 months ago

    This is so 😎😝😜😍😍

  • Melanie Brown
    Melanie Brown 5 months ago


  • Juanise Wilson
    Juanise Wilson 5 months ago


  • Radical Platypus
    Radical Platypus 5 months ago

    I’m actually peeing bad I have kidney stones but still watching your vids worth it

  • Trans Meme
    Trans Meme 5 months ago

    *MAKE IT LARGER FOR 2019!!*

  • Morgie Tillis
    Morgie Tillis 5 months ago +1

    When I was watching this I smelled my screen and it smelled like Pancakes

  • Don't Threaten Me With A Good Pancake

    Has JP been watching Logan Paul or something? cus that intro tho 😂

  • Bailey Chain
    Bailey Chain 5 months ago

    Cornettos are betteer

  • Hiram Pena
    Hiram Pena 5 months ago

    Big Brother

  • legendarykid400
    legendarykid400 5 months ago


  • rianna smith
    rianna smith 5 months ago


  • Ice cream Please_123
    Ice cream Please_123 5 months ago

    What the heck I can’t eat nuts unless they are gluten free but I’ll still try your . Recipie

  • Rhonda Olds
    Rhonda Olds 5 months ago

    Giant puss pop

  • Glittery Girl
    Glittery Girl 6 months ago +1

    I have a challenge start with a smore batter and deep fry it, cover it in chocolate, put inside a pancake, cover in batter again and fry, and finally put it in a cake and decorate with chocolate ganache and peanuts. Then put it in a pie.

  • oscar rivera
    oscar rivera 6 months ago

    Hey JP & Julia I think you should make a giant ice cream taco for a other video

  • Tyquasia Davis
    Tyquasia Davis 6 months ago

    Make a giant ice mm

  • Douglas Hillman
    Douglas Hillman 6 months ago


  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown 6 months ago +1

    You should make a strawberry cake

  • Wyley Horner
    Wyley Horner 6 months ago

    do a giant creamsicle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marvins Sica
    marvins Sica 6 months ago

    hey man can you make a giant cake for me and send it florida,maimi 1350 Ne 119TH apt 3w

  • B. Couture Vibes Nyc
    B. Couture Vibes Nyc 6 months ago

    Need this in my life 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Robert Hansborough
    Robert Hansborough 6 months ago


  • Mr.Yeetster Yeet
    Mr.Yeetster Yeet 6 months ago

    He hit PUBERTY

  • Mr.Yeetster Yeet
    Mr.Yeetster Yeet 6 months ago


  • Jae Thee Goat
    Jae Thee Goat 6 months ago

    Giant m&m ice cream sandwich next plz

  • Emily07
    Emily07 7 months ago


  • 정 용 말jym
    정 용 말jym 7 months ago

    If im big i will go with big one...but im more like that cutey little ice cream

  • 123smfshjfYT defaultboi

    I got a challenge for you take cookie dough wrap it in pizza dough bake at 375 for 5 minutes wrap it in bacon deep fry till crisp then wrap it with ground chicken do the egg wash process then deepfry then put cheese and pepperoni on top of pizza dough and then wrap it then wrap it in hamburger or ground beef and deepfry then wrap it in hamburger pizza dough with cheese and pepperoni lastly wrap it in ground chicken and the egg wash process and this will be called JP makes stuff while Julia does not approve. This took me long to write so please make

  • Joud Imad
    Joud Imad 7 months ago


  • XxLizGxX 7
    XxLizGxX 7 7 months ago

    Giant candycane

  • XxLizGxX 7
    XxLizGxX 7 7 months ago

    I think you should do a giant funyon

  • Ben Spencer
    Ben Spencer 7 months ago

    Giant Klondike bars

  • Lawson McClellan
    Lawson McClellan 7 months ago

    Do a giant poptart

  • Lawson McClellan
    Lawson McClellan 7 months ago


  • Cure Starlight
    Cure Starlight 7 months ago

    Why does the thumbnail say GIANT DRUMSTICK?😂😂😂

  • W. Niles
    W. Niles 7 months ago

    make a giant doughnut with rainbow glaze "UNICORN DOUGHNUT!!!"

  • jose nelson toralde
    jose nelson toralde 7 months ago

    Make a giant pancake and a giant butter and a giant plate

  • Anika's video diary
    Anika's video diary 7 months ago

    There’s so much good stuff on your channel that I don’t know what to watch or where to start

  • Holland12345
    Holland12345 7 months ago

    really my mouth was watering for that and yall ate it in front of me and my sis face

  • Enrique Ramos
    Enrique Ramos 7 months ago

    I prefer big

  • Kt Q
    Kt Q 7 months ago

    I Been asking to do a giant eggroll

    POOCHIE ROSE 7 months ago +1


  • vicdmise
    vicdmise 7 months ago

    I really only watch this show to see Julia, so don't go cutting her out of it. Otherwise, it's just Sausagefest: The Food Show.

  • Wavvy Kegan
    Wavvy Kegan 7 months ago

    make a giant orange cream popsicle!!

  • idcimnaii !
    idcimnaii ! 7 months ago

    Y’all fye💪🏾💪🏾

  • danvers ,vlogs
    danvers ,vlogs 7 months ago


  • Kawaii Kiwi’s
    Kawaii Kiwi’s 7 months ago

    “Should be able to feed one teenager” 12,000 calories...