We Went Camping In Our Backyard

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
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  • shy Colton
    shy Colton Day ago +2

    My mother is literally a 40-something year old woman getting ready to drive her RV hundreds of miles down to Tennessee with her 4 dogs (2 Chihuahua mixes, a Minpin, and a Bassett/Goldie) to set up on a plot of land in the mountains. I just sent her a link to this video, she's flattered.

  • Lizzie Johnson
    Lizzie Johnson Day ago

    My cousin literally was the middle aged women driving her RV around America with not four, but FIVE dogs! Though unfortunately she’s down to three now :c

  • Mary Gough
    Mary Gough Day ago

    Your a terrible vegan because you actually ate honey not that chocolate is made out of milk and marshmallow is made out of meat

  • Giselle Barajas
    Giselle Barajas Day ago

    All I want to know is the brand of the chocolate bar

  • fetB
    fetB Day ago

    1:18 what are those?

  • Stix mattoon
    Stix mattoon Day ago

    KERMIT......slow it down psycho 🤣

  • RosieTheRo
    RosieTheRo Day ago +1

    6:50 bunny lays down like a camel and it's adorable

  • Em _
    Em _ 2 days ago

    actual goals

  • Varya Maliboo
    Varya Maliboo 2 days ago +1

    привет из России! Ты крутая, мы тебя любим!

  • Jessica Stohr
    Jessica Stohr 2 days ago

    Has Julien never had a smore?!

  • Jessica Stohr
    Jessica Stohr 2 days ago

    2:23 (Kermit) why do you stink?
    *deadpans at camera*

  • k4rg0d00d13
    k4rg0d00d13 2 days ago +1

    two things: where's the link for this awesome tent? And when will you make a follow up video where you sleep in sleeping bags?

  • Huffle puff
    Huffle puff 2 days ago +1

    11:43 this is why I love you jenna😂

    Also Kermit has a foot fetish 13:05

  • Aubrey Hess
    Aubrey Hess 2 days ago

    Do Vegans swat flies?

  • Vinka Sakota
    Vinka Sakota 2 days ago +1

    I love kermit so much !!!

  • Dawn of The walkers
    Dawn of The walkers 3 days ago

    I don’t fuck with hiking, camping etc. ever heard of the missing 411?

  • Katies Kreations
    Katies Kreations 3 days ago

    Maybe you could donate it to a homeless person when you're not using it anymore :)

  • datpsychoelische 101

    The fuck is smors?!

  • Carli Haas
    Carli Haas 3 days ago

    5:30 tent ASMR

    LALA KAYLA 4 days ago +1

    This is one of my favorite videos. 💙

  • JustJ8
    JustJ8 4 days ago

    Omdoggggg DANDIES!!!! YES

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  • Tori Tortuga
    Tori Tortuga 4 days ago +1

    I'm still waiting for the canoeing vid. :(

  • Christiana Soto
    Christiana Soto 4 days ago

    why is bunny so skinny

  • Mossears133
    Mossears133 5 days ago

    Julien: man that thing is heavy huh?
    Jenna: *flexes*
    My gay ass: 😍💀😍

  • Brianna Johnson
    Brianna Johnson 5 days ago

    No one:
    Cermet: 5:20

  • Ruby
    Ruby 5 days ago

    this might be one of the few videos where Jenna wanted to do something and it worked out better than expected

  • Shy Kitty
    Shy Kitty 6 days ago

    Where’d y’all get this tent I’ve been looking for an big instant tent for a while

  • Dean O.
    Dean O. 6 days ago

    Whats tripping me out is that new dog seems to have the same mark between it's eyes as Jenna's scar that's between her eyes. :-I

  • Dean O.
    Dean O. 6 days ago

    You should never give a dog chocolate because chocolate gives dogs diabetes. Dog's die from diabetes. But i guess it's O.K. to give Marbles chocolate because everybody already knows that Marbles died about a thousand episodes ago. :-I

  • lebunnylub
    lebunnylub 6 days ago

    I love how jenna is like "is it okay to bring four dogs to a campsite" as if 3 out of the 4 even count as dogs

  • Grace Michienzi
    Grace Michienzi 6 days ago


  • Puppyheart27 B
    Puppyheart27 B 6 days ago +1

    Jenna: Why do you stink?
    Kermit: *Just looks at camera in silence*

  • YaBoiSaamik
    YaBoiSaamik 6 days ago

    There's something magically about a close up of Kermit by firelight.

  • Melissa Moraru
    Melissa Moraru 6 days ago +1

    Mash mellows aren’t vegan either 🤦‍♀️ they are made from pig fat

  • Gatcha wolfy wolf
    Gatcha wolfy wolf 7 days ago

    Jenna why do you sniff your dogs? And what is marbels real name , bobby or marbels?

  • Marry Christmas
    Marry Christmas 7 days ago +1

    I’m 6

  • Marry Christmas
    Marry Christmas 7 days ago +1


  • Marry Christmas
    Marry Christmas 7 days ago +1

    Hi Jenna

  • Mikayla Rubio
    Mikayla Rubio 7 days ago

    this video triggered my asmr and i was doing my homework, suddenly it was super hard to hold a pencil cause i was so relaxed hahahah

  • Mrs StraightTalker
    Mrs StraightTalker 7 days ago

    This is so adorable 😍😍😊
    It’s crazy to see how much you’ve grown over the past seven years. I say that because that was the last time I watched your videos. I was subscribed on my really old channel and then I made a new account when I switched phones and completely forgot to sub again.
    I just happened to come across your name in somebody else’s video and was like OMF I should see how she’s doing
    You’ve come so far it’s just wow 😂💜

  • KreativeKC
    KreativeKC 7 days ago

    Yooo I just went camping and I have that tent!!! Ayyyyyyyy!!

  • kaleb's konundrum
    kaleb's konundrum 8 days ago +1

    Just to be clear Bobby and marbles are the same dog right? Like the same person but with 2 names

  • Dr. Albatross
    Dr. Albatross 8 days ago


  • Moonlight Sea Breeze

    Just watched the video of the day she got Kermit. He actually wasn't a nasty boi when he was little still cried tho

  • Taylorheyyy
    Taylorheyyy 8 days ago

    i rate this video a tent out of tent

  • raquel rizzo
    raquel rizzo 9 days ago

    Have you ever heard of rainbow gatherings? If not you should watch a documentary about them on RUclip.

  • caitey bear
    caitey bear 9 days ago

    Jeez, I should really report this video for nudity. Jesus put on clothes jenna

  • Jazzmina67
    Jazzmina67 9 days ago

    Me throughout the entire video: where's,,, where's peach tho ;c

  • Teghan Climo
    Teghan Climo 9 days ago

    Bunny skinny

  • CJ Chavez
    CJ Chavez 9 days ago

    jenna and julian are always so wholesome that it took me a while to realize that they probably had sex in that tent

  • Go crazy Go stupid
    Go crazy Go stupid 9 days ago

    Julien: I lIkE ThE hAmMeR PaRt

  • Pimparoo
    Pimparoo 9 days ago

    Marble has a mean thirst for Peach's ears

  • Melodie Borges
    Melodie Borges 10 days ago

    Can you like... post a link to get that tent tho?

  • Emma •_• Kim
    Emma •_• Kim 10 days ago

    Jenna and Julian getting excited over this instant tent for 19 minutes and 3 seconds

  • Bailey Dutcher
    Bailey Dutcher 10 days ago

    When they cut to bunny in the cage at night I lost my shit what an adorable haunted looking girl

  • Orca Baryonyx
    Orca Baryonyx 11 days ago

    We be like: we go camping
    Bee be like: BEEPER Aw MaN!

  • Isabelle Deacon
    Isabelle Deacon 11 days ago

    My mum when i haven't showered
    "Why do you stink,why do you stink what have you been doing,"
    Same though

  • Dolly Dream
    Dolly Dream 11 days ago

    Best family vlog ever

  • Megan Faith
    Megan Faith 11 days ago

    Jenna: lifts incredibly heavy tent
    Julian: 🥺🥺🥺🥺😲😲😲😲