• Published on Jul 2, 2017
    LSK: t.co/3pBpompnzd
    TD: t.co/YTdSAc09wT
    JESSER: t.co/r2PLVLBCJj
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Comments • 683

  • Čia Marius
    Čia Marius 3 months ago

    Best intro ever!

  • Billy Assaf
    Billy Assaf 7 months ago +1

    How old is Zack

    AKOBIR AHTAMOV 7 months ago

    I have the same ball!!!!

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 8 months ago

    Who else came from TD vid

  • Ryan Read
    Ryan Read 8 months ago

    whats the song at 8:02? anyone know?

  • Миша Шмель
    Миша Шмель 8 months ago

    basketball is my life

  • Landon Schlanger
    Landon Schlanger 9 months ago

    Jesse had 7 Kris had 4 not 6 and 5 they finnessed Jesser's point

  • Fortnite Mobile
    Fortnite Mobile 9 months ago

    Cringe at the beginning

  • Angie Pendergrass
    Angie Pendergrass 9 months ago

    Cringe alert 00:27

  • Luke DeFalco
    Luke DeFalco 9 months ago

    Love that song dance till your dead plus jezzer 😂

  • PsYcHoTic Fungus
    PsYcHoTic Fungus 9 months ago

    zack changing the background music every 14 seconds

  • Kyle McGregor
    Kyle McGregor 10 months ago

    Who’s sneakers are those sqeeaaak

  • Big boy Tings
    Big boy Tings Year ago

    Jesser is gay as fuck he literally looked at Zacks ass biting his lip at 9:31

  • David dorleus
    David dorleus Year ago

    they would not know how to stir it

  • Matthew Ama
    Matthew Ama Year ago

    Jesser at the end got me dead af😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Austin William
    Austin William Year ago

    Why does Kris’s release took 69 years to wind up

  • IsaacTheGamer TUT


  • Ian Wilson
    Ian Wilson Year ago

    Lsk thinks he’s so good he always wants game winner

  • PAiN Jynx
    PAiN Jynx Year ago

    The whole intro is whipping

  • TyFy Seretik
    TyFy Seretik Year ago

    the shock kaler was cool

  • Makhiyah Paschal
    Makhiyah Paschal Year ago +1

    What do lsk mean

  • BIGboy 31
    BIGboy 31 Year ago

    Lol the dance montage 😄

  • Goat DaSavage
    Goat DaSavage Year ago

    Jesse is so white

  • YBC Gaulden
    YBC Gaulden Year ago

    I miss these videos with just them 4😭😂😭

  • Rob Gaming
    Rob Gaming Year ago


  • Black_ Nerd
    Black_ Nerd Year ago

    5:36 to 5:41 is the biggest flop i have ever seen

  • x Toxic x
    x Toxic x Year ago +1

    Jesser had 7 because he put back Kris’s miss meaning TD should’ve gotten a 7 and Zack getting a 4.😂Constructive criticism.

  • Luke DeFalco
    Luke DeFalco Year ago

    Love that song dance till you die

  • Austo Li
    Austo Li Year ago +1

    man yall gave LSK an extra point when that should have been Jesse's point

  • lit channel
    lit channel Year ago +3

    I love that intro like and reply if you think so too

  • DG playz
    DG playz Year ago +1

    Jesse got so finessed at 10:30

  • Solar Baller
    Solar Baller Year ago

    7:00 song please

  • Luke Savage39
    Luke Savage39 Year ago

    If Los was here, whoever he was guarding would try to score all the points so he would get shocked so hard

  • Gavin Apperson
    Gavin Apperson Year ago

    actually kris had 4 and jesser had 7

  • a wood
    a wood Year ago


  • Loser_Sheens
    Loser_Sheens Year ago

    I know its 2018 but this was hands down the best intro ever and I had to reWatch it

  • Wusni
    Wusni Year ago +1

    5:55 travel

  • sleuth 2077
    sleuth 2077 Year ago

    Jesser is queer

  • Elijah Cook
    Elijah Cook Year ago

    The edit at the beginning though😂

  • Rachine Thomass
    Rachine Thomass Year ago


  • Cade Mosher
    Cade Mosher Year ago

    At the end jessers shot gave kris points

  • Mason Lawrence
    Mason Lawrence Year ago

    Jesse had 7 kris had 4

  • psn_repsup psn_phukdapolice

    i wanna see you put the batteries in the shock colloer prove it was rreally working and shocking yall your ful the people and geting paid show the people first then do it

  • Hennesse Hooper
    Hennesse Hooper Year ago

    rematch time

  • Brandon Chen
    Brandon Chen Year ago +1

    6:07 looks like something out of a karate movie . lol

  • LeoThe 5
    LeoThe 5 Year ago

    The music makes me enjoying the video so much even tho I don’t normally like this type of music it’s good for the vid

  • Erin A
    Erin A Year ago

    Jesser that driving post scorer with a 34 three that keeps shooting threes

  • NBA Baller
    NBA Baller Year ago

    5:40 and 10:31😂😂😂😂had me dead

  • Zachary Borja
    Zachary Borja Year ago

    You guys should shock your face instead of the arms/legs

  • Harold Swift
    Harold Swift Year ago

    Do it again

  • Mr Goat
    Mr Goat Year ago

    The intro is kinda a.... funny! 😆

  • holy savage
    holy savage Year ago

    There were so much calls in this game its not even funny

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Year ago

    5:43 that things movements are uncomforting, imagine if it was chasing after you 😧😧😱😱

  • Torrence Williams

    song? 6:36

  • Abby Trimble
    Abby Trimble Year ago

    Go London

  • Maks Kisena
    Maks Kisena Year ago +1

    0:14 had me done bro 😂😂😂

  • Noah Fesperman
    Noah Fesperman Year ago

    What was that shot td

  • Jãý Bãñdø
    Jãý Bãñdø Year ago

    He kicks the robot all u hear in the background is " what the hell carl !"

  • Bigman_n_u_noit
    Bigman_n_u_noit Year ago

    u got 610 and 63 vs 61 and 62 what

  • Puthy
    Puthy Year ago

    4:20 song???