Full Chocolate Armor - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 11) | Let's Play

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • It's Minecraft #390! In this gameplay, we make chocolate and laser rifles in Sky Factory 4.
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Comments • 883

  • Big 9
    Big 9 Day ago

    Tay zonday, and his hit single, chocolate pain

  • brachypelmasmith
    brachypelmasmith 2 days ago

    RIP duskboy (part 14- part 14)

  • A Human
    A Human 6 days ago

    Michael the ultimate penguin would be better than Michael the ultimate robot

  • Eonwulf
    Eonwulf 6 days ago

    Ep 10 missing from the playlist just to let you know.

  • tAESr1
    tAESr1 13 days ago

    Battle Android. Sniper Android, Elemental Deity, Choco Boi, The Tinkerer, and Chef

  • Rob Tey
    Rob Tey 16 days ago

    there's a bloody giant rooster coming at me. Gavin on how RT hired him

  • Flygon662
    Flygon662 21 day ago

    Michael: Becoming the most advanced humanoid on the planet
    Jeremey: Mastering sorcery
    Ryan: doing literally everything for everyone
    Jack: forging every piece of armor and weapon he can
    Gavin: at least doing something
    Lindsey: right clicking dirt with seeds for an hour

    • TheHumanTarget84
      TheHumanTarget84 15 days ago

      She's gotten more achievements for them than Gavin.

  • SwaggerSnail
    SwaggerSnail 21 day ago

    [eps.] Death Counter: [deaths] [deaths per ep]

    9 Gavin: 15 [1.67]
    6 Michael: 7 [1.17]
    7 Trevor: 5 [0.71]
    8 Jeremy: 5 [0.62]
    4 Lindsay: 2 [0.5]
    11 Ryan: 3 [0.27]
    11 Jack: 2 [0.18]
    1 Matt: 0 [0]

  • Lord of Space Ducks
    Lord of Space Ducks 23 days ago

    I love that his background is Sting.

  • Xaintrix
    Xaintrix 23 days ago

    Editing still top notch

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 23 days ago

    9:12 Michael has Sting ( who he voices's) as his desktop picture nice XD.

  • Revan is Alive!
    Revan is Alive! 25 days ago

    The title should've been: "The Ultimate PENGUIN!"

  • Daegan
    Daegan 26 days ago

    I really want them to make an Android skin for Michael

  • shadowfinity
    shadowfinity 26 days ago

    Michael casually: who’s this fuck?
    Proceeds to slap trafalgar law like a butt cheek 😂

  • Alpaka Whacker
    Alpaka Whacker 26 days ago +1

    I cant remember the name of the block but you need like a growing frame or something like that to grow Tomato seeds on dirt. I think they might be called wooden stakes.

  • Carson Harrell
    Carson Harrell 28 days ago

    bring the corpirate back in wwe 2020

  • RiflemanZ51
    RiflemanZ51 28 days ago

    Waitwaitwait.... is Michaels background fat sting.... cause if so that’s fucking amazing

  • Kailob Moore
    Kailob Moore 29 days ago

    The term meme was first coined in 1977 and it was used for the first time in terms of the internet in 1993. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk

  • Sniper958
    Sniper958 29 days ago

    You guys should play space engineers in survival, that would be awesome to see

  • Draith
    Draith 29 days ago

    the god becomes more powerful

  • Qi
    Qi 29 days ago

    whoever edit this series, props to them

  • Omnaatrix 7
    Omnaatrix 7 29 days ago +1

    Jeremy has become the ice king

  • DamienGaming
    DamienGaming 29 days ago

    I love how Michael and Ryan are futuristic beings but Gavin and Jeremy are doing magic stuff then there's just Jack and Lindsey just cooking and being farmers

  • KingJohnMichael
    KingJohnMichael 29 days ago +1

    some give gavin his meds please

  • Chastity Strange
    Chastity Strange Month ago

    Here are all the Achievements from Ep 11: who got them, when the notification popped up in chat, the total for the episode and how many each person got.
    Let me know if any of them need to be fixed.

    Michael: 0
    Gavin: 0
    Jack: 0
    Ryan: 3
    Jeremy: 1
    Lindsay: 0
    Total: 4

    12:16 Overworked and .... > Ryan (I counld't see the rest :/)
    15:07 I'm Not Lazy, I'm Energy Efficient > Ryan
    45:05 Dead Cells > Ryan
    46:18 Slush Puppy > Jeremy

  • Lolani Faapito
    Lolani Faapito Month ago

    54:40 Michael is an advanced cybernetic WARganism.

  • Neopolitan
    Neopolitan Month ago

    Ryan rejected his humanity.

  • TheIcognitoTab
    TheIcognitoTab Month ago

    It's never the same without Ray (BrownMan)

  • shesaysdisco
    shesaysdisco Month ago

    I’m really loving this series! Michael’s journey to greatness is inspiring

  • Bryson H
    Bryson H Month ago

    Its funny how dumb gavin is

  • Dawn Breaker
    Dawn Breaker Month ago

    Love these!

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming Month ago

    Omg get that fire spreading staff out of Gavin's hands

  • Jeffrey Mullen
    Jeffrey Mullen Month ago

    Lindsay: “Is that the orgasm or the I’m done noise?” Is there a difference? Does Michael last forever? Who knows, find out on the next episode of dragon ball Zee

  • Victor Huff
    Victor Huff Month ago

    I wish I could figure out stuff in Sky Factory as fast as other people. I've been playing for two days and all I've done is make a bunch of different trees.

  • Cham17
    Cham17 Month ago

    they should do more mods lets play and make a playlist out of it because theres really god mods for this game please do a more mods lets play of minecraft...

  • Victor Huff
    Victor Huff Month ago

    I fucking love the editing in this.

  • Kaibah Habaki
    Kaibah Habaki Month ago

    Sooo is bloodagic in this version?

  • Kaibah Habaki
    Kaibah Habaki Month ago

    Man...I miss Geoff and his chickens

  • EPS-Nitro
    EPS-Nitro Month ago

    Why is Jack the worst?

  • Scott Crain
    Scott Crain Month ago


  • Ventus Organization

    Make Gavin a robot

  • Bingo Blango
    Bingo Blango Month ago +12

    Michael: “There are no skeletons in the nether”
    Skeletons that spawn at the nether fortress: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Nim Sköll
    Nim Sköll Month ago +1

    Anyone else wondering if there can be a war of the gods with those scepters

  • James Swollenballs
    James Swollenballs Month ago

    Everyone needs wizard staffs and space guns, and have an epic battle in the nether!!

  • Tango the Hutt
    Tango the Hutt Month ago

    Maybe the editor will see this
    Every time Michael says “android” it should sound metallic
    Just a thought

  • Riley Mateus
    Riley Mateus Month ago

    Jeremy has Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard. He is now a Final Fantasy Black Mage!

  • Ao Chen
    Ao Chen Month ago

    9:11 I love the fact that Michael’s desktop background is Sting.
    Definitely should’ve beat Natsu.

  • FireWolfXt
    FireWolfXt Month ago

    I'm Rdy for the BLOOD MAGIC

  • Dr. Funkenstein
    Dr. Funkenstein Month ago +1

    17:46 reminds me of a story I was told of my great grandfather.
    My great grandfather and his best friend were in a cowboy gang way back when and ended up getting in a shootout with a rival gang in the middle of the town they were in. They got a few of them but there were too many to kill them all so they managed to escape into the desert with the rival gang hot on their heels.
    They had been walking in the desert for days. They knew about getting water from cacti but food was extremely scarce. They found the occasional scorpion, spider, or snake if they were super lucky but it wasn’t enough. My great grandfathers friend said “we can’t go on like this. We should kill ourselves and be done with this torment. My great grandfather agreed “that’s a mighty fine idea. Let’s shoot each other in the head on three...one...two...”
    Suddenly, my great grandfathers best friend said “Wait, look over there, it’s a bacon tree we’re saved!!!” My great grandfather thought to himself “A bacon tree? What the hell is this guy talking about?” His friend said “Follow me we’re saved!!!”
    He ran full sprint at the bacon tree and was almost there when he was gunned down in a wave of bullets. My great grandfather, being the intelligent man he is, ducked behind a rock and waited until nightfall when it was safe.
    He reached his best friend who was miraculously still alive and asked “what the hell happened?!?!?!?” With his dying breath my great grandfather’s best friend said
    “That wasn’t a bacon tree, it was a hambush.”

  • Isaac Ferguson
    Isaac Ferguson Month ago

    Jeremy is slowly becoming the Avatar

  • Davonte Ricks
    Davonte Ricks Month ago

    so no one realized Gavin wields
    an actual AMATERASU stick
    the ultimate jutsu

  • Paul B
    Paul B Month ago +1

    With the overlapping conversations between the mad scientist, his test subject, the armorer/farmer, the loose cannon, the cookie baron, and the chocolatier, all working at counter-purposes, it's really hard to stay sane watching this.

  • SaitoIkari
    SaitoIkari Month ago

    what other staffs can they make in this mod?

  • Miss Vidzy
    Miss Vidzy Month ago

    Jack is way funnier than people give him credit

  • Dallas martinez
    Dallas martinez Month ago

    Does any body know the mod list of any kind in these sky factories?

  • Dylan Weiland
    Dylan Weiland Month ago

    Lindsay is tge definition of insanity

  • teqqqie
    teqqqie Month ago +1

    Lindsay, to grow tomatoes (and chili peppers) from rustic, you need a wooden stake or pole from rustic. You put that on the tilled ground, and then put the tomato seeds on that

  • king panda
    king panda Month ago

    Lol make the videos 20 minutes longer series that people are probably going to watch without skipping forward

  • Paul Elias
    Paul Elias Month ago

    Fuck Jack

  • siftr tals
    siftr tals Month ago

    I thought Gavin knew his UGK for a second