Baby Shower Blues

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • Would you support and attend your friend's baby shower when her baby daddy is going to jail and has 11 kids from different women?!
    Then, how do you confront your life long friend about being aggressive towards you?
    Plus, would you ever invite your best friends ex's to your birthday party without telling her?
    And, should you confront you career advisor after she fat shamed you in regards of gettin a job?
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Comments • 675

  • jasmine flower
    jasmine flower 23 hours ago

    That girl talking about the friend who's having a baby is DEAD WRONG. I hope it catches up to her.

  • Paula Palacz
    Paula Palacz Day ago

    He’s going to jail for something illegal? What a genius !! 😂😂😂

  • elizabethkittyx
    elizabethkittyx 3 days ago

    Lol first guy was so funny

  • Maroon Horizon
    Maroon Horizon 5 days ago

    The dimples girl is A HORRIBLE FRIEND OMG

  • MademoiselleLapin
    MademoiselleLapin 5 days ago

    She should at least mail a gift

  • Arame Issa
    Arame Issa 6 days ago

    Lauren is NOT a friend. Take advice from Anthony (the first guy) and don't air all your supposed friend's business on national television. Use the same discretion you'd like a friend to use with you with her. And just stop dealing with her if you're so disgusted by her behavior. Talkin bout "wait for it". *African tooth suck*

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 6 days ago

    I DISAGREE with Wendy I think she should attend the baby shower. My God she's pregnant and in need of emotional and spiritual support. Pray for her, she never said she has all the right answers and will never f*** up.
    She will wake up when she does.
    Hell Wendy let her husband have and 11 year mistress and side baby before she "woke up" so💁 a friend is a friend all of the time.

  • kayleen su'e
    kayleen su'e 8 days ago

    I JUST seen the lady’s hand or something getting caught in the other lady’s hair😂😂😂

  • trudyann murray
    trudyann murray 8 days ago

    The third lady dimple is so cute 😊

  • keto with Jebz
    keto with Jebz 8 days ago

    Love this look on Wendy

  • JFLD8
    JFLD8 12 days ago


  • Raz M.
    Raz M. 15 days ago

    Why would you have a baby shower for a second child?

  • Carson G
    Carson G 17 days ago

    That lady with the dimples is gorgeous. Wow. 🥰

  • Free Reign
    Free Reign 18 days ago

    Lauren your a hater and you never were her friend. She should sue you for airing her business on national TV!

  • Char'Kita Hood
    Char'Kita Hood 21 day ago

    She was a little too messy and was eager to tell all her friend's business and seemed to be delighting in being messy. Idc if the friend is making a poor decision, this girl is not best friend material. Bye

  • Lesha Macc
    Lesha Macc 22 days ago

    42 looks good

  • Egbert Carr
    Egbert Carr 22 days ago

    26 he looks old as hell

  • alizarta
    alizarta 22 days ago

    Who people think they are by flashing their friends' life on national tv, that 3rd girl humiliated her friend for free, and there was no reason for it. I het it her friend is a mess but she doesn't need to be judged like that by the whole world. we don't know her ok but those who know that girl do. people are so disrespectul jus to be on tv. Be a fool yourself if you care but every detail she added was worse . Even Wendy once admitted that her co hosts go too far

  • _EyesThatSmile
    _EyesThatSmile 25 days ago

    Monica is definitely talking about my friend. Now The whole story match.

  • Helen Mirsette
    Helen Mirsette 26 days ago

    Love this dress!

  • Raphie S
    Raphie S Month ago

    10 other steps 🚶

  • Deto Lydie
    Deto Lydie Month ago

    Lauren's dimples though!!!

  • ПLneu Ц
    ПLneu Ц Month ago

    Anthony is adorable

  • Jenell Lee
    Jenell Lee Month ago +2

    Advisors are literally the biggest haters on any college campus.

  • laptop laptop
    laptop laptop Month ago +1

    And shes probably throwing a baby shower cause hes in jail and somebody gotta buy them diapers as gifts😑

  • applebug
    applebug Month ago +2

    go to the dean!! Not her place

  • Katya N
    Katya N Month ago +2

    That’s crazy. I had a committee letter interview with my undergrad advisor prior to applying to optometry school to become an eye doctor & he basically told me my top school won’t take me so I should do some volunteer work instead or get my masters and apply next year. Basically interrupted me and threw his card my way, wished me luck and shut the door behind me. I was so discouraged but still applied, interviewed, and was accepted the next day to one of the most competitive programs in the US! It’s been a few weeks I was gonna contact him and kinda rub it in his face but I don’t wanna be petty lmaooo

  • RustyHornzMusic - Golden Era Hip Hop Production

    I'm Surprised Wendy Didn't Mention Lauren's Dimples, They Stand Out More Than The Lipstick. I'm More of a Freckles Person Myself, But My Daughter's Mom Love Dimples.

  • Sandra Parsons
    Sandra Parsons Month ago +1

    Is her baby daddy Future🤣😂

  • Patrick Da don
    Patrick Da don Month ago +1

    keyshia cole is that you?

    • applebug
      applebug Month ago

      right lol. she's so cute

  • beatjunkybg
    beatjunkybg Month ago

    Wow, Monica could easily pass as a 45 year old

  • D. Davis
    D. Davis Month ago

    Ugly dress.

  • newnimprovesT3
    newnimprovesT3 Month ago +2

    Anthony (the rosy cheeked guy) doesn't look 26. Is it just me??

    • V Lee
      V Lee Month ago

      No it's not lol

  • Dee Stevens
    Dee Stevens Month ago

    A chardonnay gal... cute 😅

  • Erika Cortez
    Erika Cortez Month ago +1

    Nice plaid dress Wendy! I love the colors! 👍🏼

  • Hanna W
    Hanna W Month ago +3

    Why wouldn’t you go to your friends’s baby shower? If she wants to have a baby it is what it is

  • Milla R
    Milla R Month ago

    Second woman is sooo beautiful ❤️

  • Amalia Grace
    Amalia Grace Month ago +1

    1:58 she grabbed that woman’s ponytail 😂

  • Lvly
    Lvly Month ago +1

    11 kids and a jail bird! They both knew he was trouble. At 30, too, smh. The whole situation

  • Nicole Victrolia
    Nicole Victrolia Month ago

    I want to retwist Lauren’s hair from Nashville.

  • HannahEstherRuth
    HannahEstherRuth Month ago +1

    Well, who taught her?!

  • Jonelle85
    Jonelle85 Month ago

    I feel like I wouldn’t support her _publicly_ by attending the baby shower. It would make me complicit and appear that I was condoning that hot mess of a kerfuffle. However, I’d probably still send a gift. The baby shouldn’t go without just because he/she has ridiculous parents. Also, your friends children are like your unofficial nieces and nephews, so I would still want to be apart of that.

  • nadiyahx
    nadiyahx Month ago

    Lauren..why you jealous? Hater even

  • Hmm No
    Hmm No Month ago

    Best Ask Wendy ever! When she dragged Monica around byeeeeee

  • Shaw Mou
    Shaw Mou Month ago

    Again! Back!

  • Emily Slaton
    Emily Slaton Month ago +1

    How is it possible to be 21 and about to graduate law school??? That would mean she would’ve started college at 14.

    • L W
      L W Month ago

      Right? Something seems off about that. Law school is 3 years, so even if she graduated college at 21 and finished in two more, she would be 23. Sounds like a made up story.

  • FreeForAll
    FreeForAll Month ago

    Anthony is just too adorable.

  • QveenLee !!!
    QveenLee !!! Month ago

    I love the first guy

  • Natasha N
    Natasha N Month ago

    Wendy is ruthless 😂😂😂

  • Gilbert Redondo
    Gilbert Redondo Month ago +1

    Ummm this was very good, she seemed very into all of them.

  • matthew perez.
    matthew perez. Month ago

    How do you graduate from law school at 21?

    GAVIN GAVALLI Month ago +1

    I disagree with the last girl: that woman should not be working in advising if she is fat shaming people! She needs to be disciplined!

  • Finesse Curves
    Finesse Curves Month ago

    Dang I was bullied by counselors too

    NEWDAY NEWYEAR Month ago

    This is why....when people say..."so what's going on? What have u been doing?", knowing they REALLY don't give a dam, my response..keeping busy and minding my own business. if they push it, I tell them to Google MYFB.

  • splendor Inthegrass

    The first man will keep you youthful looking. Girl looked 40 something.

  • Jesus Palomino
    Jesus Palomino Month ago

    @2:35 lol that lady in the corner face expression 😆😆


    When Wendy said shirts poppin and so are the kicks I immediately noticed how she she stood up her shirt caught the lady’s hair in blue lmfao

  • CNO
    CNO Month ago +2

    How does the first guy have young skin,but still look 40,lol.

  • C C
    C C Month ago

    That blingy blouse almost yanked that lady's hairpiece!😐

    NYCITY3 Month ago

    The first guy is so adorable.