UFC Summer Kickoff Press Conference Face-Offs - MMA Fighting

  • Published on May 15, 2017
  • Watch the eight face offs from the UFC Summer Kickoff Press Conference.
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Comments • 120

  • Shirt Pants
    Shirt Pants 3 days ago

    Kevin "The stanky leg" Lee

  • DeAironne Wilder
    DeAironne Wilder 6 days ago

    Bones once again kick DC ass .

  • Mirsyad Nasir
    Mirsyad Nasir 10 days ago

    3:40 👍👍👍

  • Patrick Wesley Ribeiro

    Russa maravilhosa

  • Лёня Лютый
    Лёня Лютый 19 days ago

    DC Чёртила 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • GrößteMafia SindDeutscheUnternehmen

    mostly of them already retired in 2019

  • Rıdvan İlter
    Rıdvan İlter 21 day ago

    Ufc /// ignorance

  • el 1000 amores
    el 1000 amores 22 days ago

    0:39,, sexy ass

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada 22 days ago

    I hate both these douche canoes but I hope Kevin Lee gets beaten to death.

  • julieto arapan
    julieto arapan 24 days ago

    Johny sins is everywhere


    1:03 best ass in right 😍😍😍

  • Tim Ray
    Tim Ray 26 days ago

    Who won tht kev n mike fight

  • Danuka Neranjan
    Danuka Neranjan 27 days ago +2

    When the Gentlemens enter to the stage!
    🤝👍 @03.25

  • В гараже у Евгенича

    Телочки воще красавицы!

  • Elizeu Barbosa
    Elizeu Barbosa 28 days ago +1


  • Далер Одинаев

    я не понял ето женской спорт или мужской

  • The Don Killuminati

    Dana white has body doubles everywhere

  • Neodiy.c0m
    Neodiy.c0m Month ago

    Weewitt claudia gadelha lovely

  • viva el rey palomo
    viva el rey palomo Month ago

    2:43 name?

  • R0dolfito Martinez
    R0dolfito Martinez Month ago

    I want her butt kicked by Amanda

  • Paryha
    Paryha Month ago

    3:04 left girl i fell in love :O

  • PR Andrex
    PR Andrex Month ago

    The girls who play ufc are so ugly and lesbian🤢🤢🤢

  • Indra Setiawan
    Indra Setiawan Month ago

    I love respect

  • Al Huda
    Al Huda Month ago

    Mark walhberg in there

  • Eliezer M
    Eliezer M Month ago

    13:19 I Love That is to be professional and always keep in mind that we are only enemies in combat.

  • Squaaaad_
    Squaaaad_ Month ago +1

    1:05 Name girls?

  • sketch videos
    sketch videos Month ago +4

    3:18 two gentleman 🙂

  • Joe Vitrano
    Joe Vitrano Month ago

    3:44 love that

  • jota juan
    jota juan Month ago

    holy i love you

  • Lakshay gupta
    Lakshay gupta Month ago

    Is face off a tradition
    I kinda find this idiotic

  • М Фрунзе
    М Фрунзе Month ago

    Валя наваляй сука этой Нуньес

  • Juana Badillo
    Juana Badillo Month ago

    El que está en medio es el pelon de brazzers o quien chingados es..

  • Franco Vazquez
    Franco Vazquez Month ago +1

    Que Hermosa esta la del vestido Verde..0:45

  • Officer Joey Kuffman

    please let these womans go back into the kitchen

  • roberto braz
    roberto braz Month ago +4

    Beth Correia Tem o queixo de copo descartavel. Mais ela tem um cuzinho delicioso! A Holmes é deliciosa também!

  • Yusef Mdah
    Yusef Mdah Month ago

    1:50 is that dana on meth?

  • Adanos
    Adanos Month ago

    I love when they say MMA fighters are not violent people and then they want to go ham in almnost all the face-offs

  • KURD 7
    KURD 7 Month ago

    Lock kids 😂

  • Baxrom Niyozov
    Baxrom Niyozov 2 months ago +1

    So cute girls can fight to each other OMG is it possible ?😍😁😁😁😅

  • Mat Rémy
    Mat Rémy 2 months ago


  • Clash Royale SkyRich
    Clash Royale SkyRich 2 months ago

    4:27 tell me what this match name please dude

  • Petros Petrosyan
    Petros Petrosyan 2 months ago


  • nikos papadopoulos
    nikos papadopoulos 2 months ago +1

    1:05 nice a#$

  • Marco liuo
    Marco liuo 2 months ago


  • unknown person
    unknown person 2 months ago +1

    there are really professional and unprofessional.

  • XxZiiruSxX
    XxZiiruSxX 2 months ago

    Comir ist so ein Versager .. jedes Mal lassen die ihn gewinnen langsam wird’s langweilig liebe ufc ..

  • acuariio cald can
    acuariio cald can 3 months ago +3

    0:26 hermosa la karolina😘😘😘😘

  • punyo horming
    punyo horming 3 months ago +2

    Lol wtf Johny sins doing there😂😂😂
    Is he gonna fkkk the winner..

  • 5KATOR
    5KATOR 3 months ago +1


  • Hook Das
    Hook Das 4 months ago

    Рефери круче смотрится чем эти

  • Marco Pollo
    Marco Pollo 5 months ago +5

    😂😂It's crazy. What i can think about their husbands. OMG🤣🤣

  • xiaonen nen
    xiaonen nen 5 months ago +1

    What name of the first girl?

  • Асия Агыбаева
    Асия Агыбаева 5 months ago +1

    Респект боксерским девченкам,,,,,

  • 786 Nordlichter
    786 Nordlichter 5 months ago +40

    3:44 The best sports ethic.

  • Jetson Olive
    Jetson Olive 6 months ago

    Amanda Nunes lixo

  • wesley vitality
    wesley vitality 7 months ago

    Man that guy in the middle is tiny

  • zohaib
    zohaib 8 months ago

    Sm pretty ones but Dc johnj iz da one !!!

  • Evelyne Werff
    Evelyne Werff 9 months ago

    ben geloof ik voor cormier

  • yannick willems
    yannick willems Year ago +1

    Oh beth man thats some ass right there

  • hector j gonzalez
    hector j gonzalez Year ago +1

    This is by no means me being a hater but now that I watch this video Jon Jones was the guy that could’ve I mean this all he had to do was to stay away from trouble but I guess he is the could’ve GOAT

  • N I
    N I Year ago

    No1 gonna comment on Michael cheisas suit with Adidas white trainers dafuq 😂


    Ladies nad gentlemen we just witnessed a promotion of cocaine (bones ), violence, disrespect, and bunch of Brazilian ladies whom look like man alias PED

  • Eric DG
    Eric DG 2 years ago

    Where is the video that's up close to the fighters so you can hear what they're saying?

  • Bobber Life
    Bobber Life 2 years ago +1

    I have a feeling DC will beat Jon this time. DC is in his prime. But who knows.

  • Bobber Life
    Bobber Life 2 years ago

    Amanda Nunez looks more manlier each day

  • juan Estevez
    juan Estevez 2 years ago +2

    come on Amanda why you touch her face ...Respeita

  • Charlie ZzZ
    Charlie ZzZ 2 years ago +2

    I *heart* JoJo

  • zeek
    zeek 2 years ago

    Jon the cool guy chants went away when you failed the drug test buddy but don't worry well back you up again if you show up and fight

  • Something Simple
    Something Simple 2 years ago +14

    Karolina is hot!

  • LPFM28
    LPFM28 2 years ago

    DC that's not WWE lol

  • Brandon Alcala
    Brandon Alcala 2 years ago +1

    Why'd jon just let DC kick him off stage😂

    • Sokan1993
      Sokan1993 2 years ago +3

      Because he's the bigger man while DC is continuing to be all emotional.

  • It's Dev!
    It's Dev! 2 years ago +8

    DC - "I beat you after a weekend of Burger King"

  • Junior Kyle
    Junior Kyle 2 years ago +14

    White bald man everywhere

    • LPFM28
      LPFM28 2 years ago +2

      Finally he smile at 3:26 lol

  • Ryno
    Ryno 2 years ago +9

    why do people boo dc? i don't get it