FaZe Clan's Biggest Hater Came to the FaZe House...

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • leave a like and u can come over
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  • FaZe Apex
    FaZe Apex  Month ago +5796

    *leave a like and u can come over*

    • Diljan_mero Khalil
      Diljan_mero Khalil 3 days ago


    • Erica Klein
      Erica Klein 23 days ago

      FaZe Apex ok see ya soon I live 5 minutes from ur house

    • Flixx ll
      Flixx ll 24 days ago

      Can I join faze it is my dream I am a really skilled player I play r6 Fortnite and cod it would be my dream

    • adriano ferrari
      adriano ferrari 24 days ago


  • Hamid Nahom and Hamid

    I joined face by liking the video

  • Sss Close
    Sss Close Day ago +1

    Yo you said you will put the diss track at the end of the video and you did not put it

  • XxNeon SniperzzxX

    I liked im in faze yayyyy

  • Doomfire20
    Doomfire20 Day ago +2

    I have 3 fortnite wins pls wish me luck

  • xd ROCKs
    xd ROCKs 2 days ago +1

    I’ll never be in faze cuz I suck at games now used to be really good but now I’m trash

    • icydogwars 1
      icydogwars 1 17 hours ago

      Only good peeps get to plus I'm such a bot

  • PZ 48
    PZ 48 3 days ago +1

    I subbed liked and turned on notifications I love your vids :)

  • Venom
    Venom 3 days ago +1

    i wish i was in FaZe

  • Will Thurman
    Will Thurman 3 days ago


  • Toxic MBT
    Toxic MBT 4 days ago

    141k new faze members

  • Bloodyhund 14
    Bloodyhund 14 4 days ago

    Hey faz lite me be in faze and I will let you be in blood hund it is my clan name

    WOLFY SILVA 4 days ago

    If Gabe hates you does he like tsm

  • Og_clan Games
    Og_clan Games 4 days ago +1

    Yas im in faze

  • Charlie White
    Charlie White 7 days ago

    Can I be in faze🤣😂

  • XxxDustinXxx v
    XxxDustinXxx v 7 days ago


  • vtx UpfrontRecord32
    vtx UpfrontRecord32 7 days ago

    I'm to young for faze

  • Roman Manley
    Roman Manley 8 days ago


  • Raidyn Bricker
    Raidyn Bricker 10 days ago

    I in faze I sub and 👍

  • Instinct Fepo
    Instinct Fepo 10 days ago

    Good at fortnite
    Shout out plz

  • Cyclone Sxolar
    Cyclone Sxolar 10 days ago +1

    FaZe Powur

  • Brandon Finn
    Brandon Finn 11 days ago

    Can u add SuperMoonLord he just won a solo squad win

  • CaspimusNL lol
    CaspimusNL lol 11 days ago

    just look at the way gabe is wearing his hat

  • Livid Buffalo144
    Livid Buffalo144 11 days ago

    Subscribe to me!

  • TajZZY TV
    TajZZY TV 11 days ago


  • Jack Rohleder
    Jack Rohleder 11 days ago +1

    he just rhymed the whole time

  • Danny YT
    Danny YT 12 days ago

    Ok can I go to faze

  • TC DriftinSo10
    TC DriftinSo10 12 days ago

    I’m in faze

  • Isaiah Kelso
    Isaiah Kelso 12 days ago


  • Redsosa Number2
    Redsosa Number2 12 days ago

    I’m in faze I liked hell yea

  • Perron Gregory
    Perron Gregory 12 days ago

    How you call a boy cute smh

  • ShadowsGrowl
    ShadowsGrowl 13 days ago

    😂😂😂 “this guy sucks”

  • The supercell Addict
    The supercell Addict 13 days ago


  • Taha Jassim
    Taha Jassim 14 days ago


  • Chris Yoo
    Chris Yoo 14 days ago

    Am I in?

  • Burst Rage
    Burst Rage 15 days ago

    love you Apex keep up the good work ✊👊👍😀

  • Kavon
    Kavon 15 days ago

    I liked your video ❤️👍🏻🔔

  • Adam Ford
    Adam Ford 15 days ago

    I sub to your vid

  • Adam Ford
    Adam Ford 15 days ago +1

    Hi apex

  • jus Gang 6464
    jus Gang 6464 15 days ago

    \ /
    Press this and you get a free trip to Disney land
    And if you Subscribe you get 1,000,000,

    And post notifications you get a new TV

  • SkyR6
    SkyR6 16 days ago

    Sub if your a cool kid 😎

  • Oof_ Rj
    Oof_ Rj 16 days ago


  • Zayan Arif
    Zayan Arif 16 days ago

    watching 'faze' gabe tvs vd gave me cringitis

  • Jordon May
    Jordon May 16 days ago

    Why does offset look like Kevin Durant

  • F2 yako Yt
    F2 yako Yt 16 days ago

    Anyone realize dat guy look like nate hill

  • Barrage Playz
    Barrage Playz 16 days ago +1

    i subscribed and put notification on and liked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Coaker
    Daniel Coaker 17 days ago +3

    I love you’re vids and I subscribed and hit the post notifications

  • SUB TO Me clipz
    SUB TO Me clipz 17 days ago

    If I be in FaZe name would be FaZe_Cloudzy

  • sarvs73
    sarvs73 18 days ago

    Your my hero

  • Darth Whitt
    Darth Whitt 18 days ago +21

    👇like to undo

  • K Smith
    K Smith 18 days ago +1

    Gabe Tv sucks

  • Lachy vs Emma
    Lachy vs Emma 18 days ago

    I likened and subbed

  • Davion gang ya
    Davion gang ya 19 days ago


  • GG GG
    GG GG 20 days ago

    Please stop apex your clan sucks dick pussy Ningga

  • HPA Key
    HPA Key 20 days ago

    Can u sign me to FaZe I am a very very very very very VERY good at fortnite and I am a true gamer Please Apex read this comment

  • Ivy X
    Ivy X 20 days ago


  • Law
    Law 20 days ago

    I liked the vid I’m in faze now let’s goo

  • Dr Scepter
    Dr Scepter 20 days ago

    Fudge GabeTv

  • Snowezy
    Snowezy 20 days ago


  • Fynn Taylor
    Fynn Taylor 20 days ago

    YaY Im IInn FAze wOhO

  • Ruin
    Ruin 21 day ago +1

    I'll like faze clan if they start playing cod more often.