Produce48- Lee Chaeyeon cut - Ep1

  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
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    Produce 48 Ep1
    Produce 48 Lee Chaeyeon cut

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  • Shugyla Nurmolda
    Shugyla Nurmolda 5 hours ago

    Becky G

  • straymy love straybangtang

    We Stan a talented ball of fluff

  • kim seok jina
    kim seok jina Day ago

    4:29 bravo jajaj la ame

  • Sparkle Candice
    Sparkle Candice Day ago +1

    The ranking does nothing, everyone knows her talent!

  • Peppagip3boy
    Peppagip3boy 2 days ago +2

    The beginning looks like it would be a episode on bad girls club

  • YUYU
    YUYU 2 days ago

    I don't know but i feel so PROUD rn

  • i am jungle, jungle is me

    and she was in 12th place ?? uh tf

  • 김영은
    김영은 5 days ago +1

    채연이는 밝고 남을 잘 챙겨주는 언니인데
    트와이스에는 모모랑 겹칠 것 같고 나연이랑 다현이 그 외에도 많은 애들이 채연이랑 캐릭터가 겹칠것 같다 그래서 트스랑은 안어울림 차라리 아이즈원에서 밝게 데뷔하고 나중에 솔로로 데뷔하는것도 나쁘지 않을것 같다

  • 김태현
    김태현 6 days ago +1

    떡고새끼 케이팝스타에서 그렇게 간쓸개 다내줄거처럼 데려가놓고 데뷔안시키고 내보내는게 사람새낀가..

  • Chloe Ho
    Chloe Ho 6 days ago +1

    What’s the song in the intro ?

  • ims offiice
    ims offiice 6 days ago

    "Being scouted by YG is huge " :D HAHAHAHH the power of YG

  • Moira
    Moira 7 days ago +1

    That ponytail really made a good first impression too.

  • Ana Jubaida
    Ana Jubaida 7 days ago

    Does she create the two dance she perfome in this audition??

  • 세이
    세이 8 days ago

    3:05 꿈이 간절하다... 정말 울컥했네요 응원할게요 채연양..!!

  • めんま
    めんま 9 days ago


  • 김늘다
    김늘다 11 days ago

    춤추는거 멋있다,,

  • 김혜진
    김혜진 11 days ago

    이거 일본프로예요? 옷 입은 스타일이랑 머리랑 참...

    꼼지TV CCOMZI 12 days ago +2

    너무 멋있고 이뻐 채연이 ❤️❤️❤️

  • 홍민
    홍민 12 days ago

    이채연 진짜..대박이다..

  • 리무르_
    리무르_ 13 days ago

    1회때 채연이 볼살이 아예 없었내요

    CHAEKURA EXID 14 days ago

    Wow Lee chaeyeon 4M daebak

  • ll ee
    ll ee 17 days ago

    Chaeyeon have a beautiful voice and she so talent يجنن صوتها مدري ليش عنصرين عليها 😭💛💛🇸🇦

  • Bradd Dragnell
    Bradd Dragnell 17 days ago

    ohh i love this girl😍

  • 케시움마케힘
    케시움마케힘 18 days ago

    동생들이 언니자랑하는거보면
    채연이가 평소에 얼마나 좋은
    언니였는지 느껴진다..

  • 수연so
    수연so 19 days ago

    솔직히 채연언니가 트와이스로 데뷔했다면 모모 메인댄서 못했을듯...

  • 한광민
    한광민 19 days ago

    조회수가 400만;;

  • BTS Property
    BTS Property 21 day ago

    JYP waisted so much talents.

  • Sterben 6
    Sterben 6 21 day ago

    Wait, is Chae Yeon in the same agency as ChaerYeong now??? Oooor

    • Young Sone
      Young Sone 20 days ago

      Not anymore. Chaeyeon moved to WM.

  • siroganes
    siroganes 21 day ago

    kpop부터 본 1인.... ㅜㅜ

  • 사랑해
    사랑해 22 days ago +3

    채연씨 보는게 언제부터인가 나의 낙이 되어 버렸어여~~^^케이팝 때부터 ~~~^^

  • 율희
    율희 22 days ago

    이채연 진짜 너무 내 첫사랑 닮음..

  • 킹갓제너럴댄서째욘

    갓채연의 등장 크 갓갓갓 그저 빛

  • 찐빵 공주
    찐빵 공주 22 days ago

    영인하고 승현이는 얼굴 몰아주기처럼 채연한테 너무 몰아져있어서 존재감을 살리지못한듯 .. 둘다 잘하는데 1차 탈락이라니 .. 채연이도 잘하지만 둘다 A 갈 실력되는데..

  • Metta Putri
    Metta Putri 25 days ago

    When i always see this i'll say ``JPY IS MISSING ONE PERSON!!!!!!!!''

  • 原田絢
    原田絢 26 days ago

    チェヨン のダンス好き!!!

  • つち
    つち 27 days ago

    0:42 What’s the name of this song?

  • 1016 yeon
    1016 yeon 28 days ago +3

    배윤정님이 이채연을 춤을 잘 춰서 좋아하신것도 맞지만 착하고 매번 겸손하고 자기꺼 하기 바쁠텐데도 팀원 다 가르치고 챙겨주는 모습도 예뻐서 좋아하는거..

  • alyssa alyssa
    alyssa alyssa Month ago

    *that highnote was so iconic it served all the tea that needed to be served during this time*
    Chaeyeon: like yes ya'll can dance and ya'll can sing but what i got is stability and consistency. Do both and i'll clap for ya'll.

  • 윤소영
    윤소영 Month ago

    파워 쿨톤,,!!! 흰색 분홍 검정 입으면 형광등이다

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi Month ago

    썸네일 미친듯이 예쁘네

  • 김예은
    김예은 Month ago +2

    채연이의 가수라는 꿈이 간절합니다 라는 말 정말 몇 번을 들어도 눈물줄줄임

  • Sads nm
    Sads nm Month ago +9

    comments are full of JYPE salty 'haters'.. hahahah..
    yes, they let Chaeyeon go, and others talented people too.. cuz, what are they supposed to do? debut 5277363 girl group at once?
    besides, almost every artist that part ways with JYPE are end up in good terms, never end up with lawsuit or contract breach(?).. they are not about that life.
    I'm glad all of 'em eventually found their way to success

  • patrociinioo
    patrociinioo Month ago +4

    Mnet tried to create a rivalry between Chaeyeon and Eunbi
    But today, they're almost soulmates

  • un Ge
    un Ge Month ago +1

    청하를 존경한다고 하던데 빨리 MNH로~

  • Joyce Marcelo
    Joyce Marcelo Month ago +1

    Seré el único latino? V'v

  • Western, Korea, Japan Music Lovers

    For Lee Chaeyeon Akgae Fans wherever you are:
    You should stop commenting under WM_Ggumnamu’s or Lee Chaeyeon posts in Twitter, Instagram, RUclip, Naver, etc saying "chaeyeon debut solo"

    Lee Chaeyeon with Hwang Chaewon, Young In, Seunghyun, Hyunseo, Maknae have been together since 2016 ~ 2017, the girls are supporting and waiting for Chaeyeon so they can debut together !! and chaeyeon definitely wants to debut with them!

    Akgae Fans say that Chaeyeon should debut solo and better not waste her time with the group and underestimating their talents but your girl / WM Entertainment Next Girl Group are actually so TALENTED too, but they didn't get the chance yet to show it like Chaeyeon did! !

    these types of comments will hurt Lee Chaeyeon's, Hwang Chaewon's, Young In, Seunghyun, Hyunseo, Maknae feelings. Please think of every single word before you post it, it might make them cry reading your comments.

    just to remind you guys, Hwang Chaewon, Young In, Seunghyun, Hyunseo, Maknae went to Izone concert to support Lee Chaeyeon and Lee Chaeyeon went to OH MY GIRL Sunbaenim concert to support her members as a back dancers.

    Lee Chaeyeon real stans will support her & her members no matter what and dc about wether she debuts solo or group.

    Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart, Respect to WM Entertainment (Agency of Lee Chaeyeon) OH MY GIRL Sunbaenim Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie, Arin Unnie, ONF Sunbaenim Hyojin, Changyoon, Seungjoon, Wyatt, Minkyun, Yuto Mizuguchi Oppa, Hwang Chaewon, Young In, Seunghyun, Hyunseo like Lee Chaeyeon did.

    • s mng
      s mng Month ago

      And I don't know where you got that info but as a korean, what you are insisting (ggummnamu debuting as a group) is what people are guessing rather than legitimate announcement by wm company. Ggummnamu is a group of trainees under wm company, therefore the members(trainees, more exactly) change from time to time because they accept new trainees and some trainees leave the company. Also, there has been no announcement from the company that chaeyeon would debut as a group with these trainees. And please note that there are a lot of comments that disrespects Chaeyeon, too. Lastly, I do admit that what were happening in that comment section was disrespectful. But, I also think spreading false information and stating it is true is also very wrong.
      By the way, it is kind of wrong to say that they didn't have the chance to show their talents when ggumnamu account consistently showcases their performances for quite a long time now. One of the trainee even appears as one of the important characters in a tv show to show her acting skills, and another as a dancer on oh my girl performance. WM is doing a good job in showcasing their talents. The way you are saying they didn't have chance to show their talents is kind of disrespectful to them and the company who are working hard and consistently show their talents to public and the fans.

    • s mng
      s mng Month ago

      Wow, I think you are worse than those akgae you are talking about. You literally left this message to almost all Chaeyeon's popular videos, and she is in izone right now, NOT ggumnamu.
      If you want to make ggumnamu known and acknowledged, do it in ggumnamu focus videos.

  • 잘생긴거처돌이


  • 90’s girl
    90’s girl Month ago


  • Hwang Sinb
    Hwang Sinb Month ago

    Want to cry ? Watch this

  • jae ko
    jae ko Month ago

    예술은 돈이많이들어간다

  • Grim Chirico
    Grim Chirico Month ago

    oh I remember eunbi from woolim

  • 쁭연_[슬기꼬]
    쁭연_[슬기꼬] Month ago

    진짜 춤 잘춘다ㅠㅠㅠ 오징어야ㅠㅠ 이쁜 오징어ㅠㅠㅜ

  • selala92
    selala92 Month ago

    I honestly think that she's better than all female artists in JYP.. She's a great dancer and has the vocals too

  • WookiesrPpl LOL
    WookiesrPpl LOL Month ago

    JYP debuted Itzy with Chaeyeon little sister. The little sister didn't give up being trainee for JYP and now she's successful.

    You should look through more kpop group.

  • 애뽀빈늉
    애뽀빈늉 Month ago

    나는 채연언니가 12등으로 데뷔한게 너무너무 제일 아쉬워.... 진짜 솔로로해서 청하처럼 뜨자ㅏ

  • Adriana Molina Jaita

    Soy la unica que se dio cuenta que en el minuto 4:30 la chica del publico dijo "BRAVO" jaja

    • dani *
      dani * Month ago

      Es Yuri JAJSJAJS

  • 조하은
    조하은 Month ago

    채연이는 화장진하게 하는것보다 지금처럼 연하게하는게 가장 이쁜거같음 진하게하면 얼굴이 붕 떠보여....

  • [* ́θ`ノ] DAYEON

    이런사람은자기춤추는거보면 크으으역시나야 이럴듯

  • Sinead Haynes
    Sinead Haynes Month ago +1

    JYP out here always losing super talented artists 😳🤦‍♀️

  • Aline Souza
    Aline Souza Month ago +1

    I was sad when she was eliminated from sixteen ..