• Published on Dec 4, 2019
    The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets, 105-96. Anthony Davis recorded 25 PTS and 10 REB for the Lakers, while LeBron James added 25 PTS, 6 REB and 9 AST. Jamal Murray tallied 22 PTS, 5 REB and 5 AST for the Nuggets.
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  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7 24 days ago

    The Lakers got a win.

  • Edward Santos
    Edward Santos Month ago

    Whats up wit da d for la?

  • Javier Carbajal Ramirez

    That was an amazing "Clean Up Crew" they have in L.A.
    All you have to do is drive to the basket, make a somewhat decent attempt to score and forget-about-it!!!. They are killing the opposing team with those put backs.
    Clean Up Crew:
    Honorary Mention
    Danny Green!!!
    A. Carusso!!!

  • Artis Rolland
    Artis Rolland Month ago

    Lakers my team but Millsap was doing AD

  • Nicholas Wiesing
    Nicholas Wiesing Month ago

    At 2:01 this guy says that plumlee and Dwight Howard are similar in athleticism 😂😂😂

  • ThEwAy RyE
    ThEwAy RyE Month ago

    The NEW lob city LAKERS

  • Jc
    Jc Month ago

    How do people still say Clippers with a straight face when they are losing to tanking lottery teams like the Spurs? 🤣 Eat a fat one

  • Ashley Henley 34
    Ashley Henley 34 Month ago

    Guys go see what espn saying about Carmelo Anthony so insane!!!! WHAT A JOKE

  • WelcomeTo TheTimes
    WelcomeTo TheTimes Month ago

    8:00 watch lebron 😂

  • BoxingWave 1on1
    BoxingWave 1on1 Month ago

    Dog walked these dog as nuggets

  • Mvndxxzy
    Mvndxxzy Month ago

    Anyone familiar with Yada ?

  • strictly business
    strictly business Month ago +1

    Caruso is playing like he wants to take someone's minutes. He is definitely putting in work when he is on the floor.

  • Reggie McCoy
    Reggie McCoy Month ago

    Keep It Up Lakers And Good Game To Nuggets Too Much Respect

  • Nate Creates
    Nate Creates Month ago

    theres no way lakers beat nuggets and jazz on their home cou.... welp never mind

  • Shin Freak
    Shin Freak Month ago

    That moment when i knew my crush has a bf 9:04

  • AC Babel Gates
    AC Babel Gates Month ago

    That Coach For Denver Sucks Ass!

  • Desert Viking Adventures

    With AD and Dwight on the floor at the same time, Lakers should be getting ALL Offensive rebounds and minimum 50% Defensive rebounds. No excuses.

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    2:28 is pure beauty. What a play!

  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf Month ago

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  • Torrey Pires
    Torrey Pires Month ago

    AC keep bangin on deez fools... Rondo wit the range tho too ok

  • Tacitus
    Tacitus Month ago

    Those Denver uniforms looks gay.

  • Mando 2.0
    Mando 2.0 Month ago

    Cmon lakers we suck we need to blow these bums out by 15

  • Greg Banks
    Greg Banks Month ago

    Lakers are really ass

  • Joseph Avila
    Joseph Avila Month ago

    Rondos game looks great!

  • JAY Lee
    JAY Lee Month ago +1

    Opposing Team : who we playing today
    Coach: The lakers
    Opposing Team: aight imma head out

  • Liam Marley
    Liam Marley Month ago

    Alex caruso silent killer

  • Boss Bosaboss
    Boss Bosaboss Month ago

    Left the group"

  • Edison Santana
    Edison Santana Month ago

    3:44 can’t help but watch that boy fly. And I’m a Lebron fan. But I’m truly impressed everyday by this short guy lol

  • Edison Santana
    Edison Santana Month ago

    I’m surprised about that boy Caruso. He’s gotten better. And that dunk after D green three point attempt shot was nice though.

  • Navakid Productions

    17th coming in 2020 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • max tatis
    max tatis Month ago

    last year Alex.c did the same thing but on
    four people vs the warriors

  • Jashon Crimley
    Jashon Crimley Month ago

    Rondo is really strap lol

  • Bobby Padilla
    Bobby Padilla Month ago

    Lakers get the W tonight!🏀🏀🏀

  • Yohao Echavarria
    Yohao Echavarria Month ago

    KUZMA needs to step up more 😔

  • Rondoletti -
    Rondoletti - Month ago

    Damn howard is great in lakers🔥

  • Bob Davis
    Bob Davis Month ago

    The LAKESHOW Is Unbeatable Yes Let's Go. Lakers!

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago


  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales Month ago +1

    Denvers rainbow jersey looks horrendous

  • Sesina Birhanemaskel

    i feel ashamed. denver coloradan rooting for the lakers😂

  • C- Will
    C- Will Month ago

    Bron on his stuff this year

  • Ali dacic
    Ali dacic Month ago

    les go nuggets

  • My big log
    My big log Month ago +1


  • My big log
    My big log Month ago +1

    Lego my ego if you know what I mean baby ;)

  • Molly Love
    Molly Love Month ago

    Entire Lakers squad about to get drug tested. Well....except Kuzma.😏

  • gonza gon
    gonza gon Month ago

  • Atrain973 main4life386

    The Los Angeles Lakers have lots of work to do. It’s nice to win but the team needs a 3rd option. Also when they’re up they like to cruise and you can’t take your foot off the pedal you have to keep going hard . No load management.

  • Jordan Chaney
    Jordan Chaney Month ago

    Damn Kuzma looks lost out there.

  • Business Man
    Business Man Month ago +1


  • B Dong
    B Dong Month ago

    Good defense in the first half. Made Jokic and Murray no shows.

  • M.A.G. Visions
    M.A.G. Visions Month ago +1

    Dwight Howard is really playing well. I believe that he was injured playing for the Rockets, Lakers.. the first time, Atlanta, Charlotte and Washington. He looks healthy and I'm really glad he's getting another chance. It's good to see him back in old Dwight Howard form. He's really making his presence felt out there on the floor this year.

  • Gabriel LionHeart
    Gabriel LionHeart Month ago +1

    Y’all all be talking about haters of the Lakers. Every single one of y’all only like them because they got lebron. How is it even fair to have Anthony Davis and Lebron James on the same team, that’s what’s really unfair. Just like last year, if they ain’t have a goatee team they ain’t going to the finals. That’s just how it works.

  • Allagadan Design Partners

    Hold my Whiskey.

  • kisswriters
    kisswriters Month ago

    Not a Lebron fan but hot damn, Lakers look oh so good!

  • BLT1967too
    BLT1967too Month ago

    I think the Lakers announcing crew is more excited about Nuggets highlights than this duo is. They're practically dead on the Lakers highlights.

  • Gansta Kermit
    Gansta Kermit Month ago

    9:14 that AD, Lbj pick and roll nice

    SRTHEMIMOPAR Month ago


  • Marcos Medrano
    Marcos Medrano Month ago

    Caruuuuuuusooooo my bboiiiii

  • Champ 226
    Champ 226 Month ago +1


  • Erick the Laker/Raiders fan


  • KillaTrollSeason 187

    I swear the be in the locker room like yo we gone lose on purpose to the mavs then win against the nuggets and just sit back and watch the media go crazy