Coachella 2016: Thank You

  • Published on Apr 25, 2016
    Song: "Aurora" by RL Grime

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  • SS J
    SS J Month ago

    FYI here you can see how real music festival looks like! Sorry, Coachella there is a lot to be learned...

  • Adult Film Star
    Adult Film Star 2 months ago

    fun times banging college girls in the camps

  • S H I N O V V X
    S H I N O V V X 2 months ago


  • Big Benzy
    Big Benzy 3 months ago

    Coachella is white people's Hajj

  • Fernanda Castillo
    Fernanda Castillo 5 months ago


  • Ouija Beach
    Ouija Beach 5 months ago

    beach goth is better tbh

  • Ouija Beach
    Ouija Beach 5 months ago


    AMARILIS CATCLAW 5 months ago

    Cant help to think about fyre

  • Ricky Brockamp
    Ricky Brockamp 5 months ago

    @coachella What no thank you videos anymore?

  • Derek Campos
    Derek Campos 6 months ago

    Me: am 9 years old and wanna go
    Mind: your crazy cause your not going
    Me:it’s 2019

  • centralpark216
    centralpark216 6 months ago

    Last great coachella

  • Mooimacat
    Mooimacat 6 months ago +1

    Just got a Coachella Pantene ad

  • Pm N
    Pm N 6 months ago +1

    another teenage Woodstock crap

  • Pm N
    Pm N 6 months ago +1

    boring and weird

  • 9x9 Jaymes ship UwU
    9x9 Jaymes ship UwU 6 months ago

    Really want to go this year 🔥2019🔥 bc QUEEN 🖤💖‼️

  • DontLet TheWorldRot
    DontLet TheWorldRot 6 months ago

    Is anybody going to see and point out the obvious occultist sigil symbol images flashing here or nah. Nah, who cares that there's a massive indoctrination on the youth happening right before your eyes, let's all just take a pic of a latte and post it on Instagram! Dear God, I hope that they can be saved...

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 8 months ago

    Thanyou for inviting blackpink im really excited for their performance

  • Torv anna123
    Torv anna123 8 months ago

    Where is the full video of the firework drones?

  • Daniel Sernaque Calle
    Daniel Sernaque Calle 9 months ago

    Coachella 👏👏👏

  • Chicken Little
    Chicken Little 9 months ago

    Living in the Coachella valley is crazy and amazing :)

  • 박마포구민
    박마포구민 9 months ago +39

    2019 BLACKPINK 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ajinkya Chavan
    Ajinkya Chavan 11 months ago

    I am watching this because I'm high

  • Drew Johnson
    Drew Johnson 11 months ago

    Rolling Loud > Coachella

  • starkiller ink
    starkiller ink Year ago +1

    Coachella is just a place to gather to find out modern music is shit. EDC shits on this 😂😂

  • Dr. Zwig
    Dr. Zwig Year ago

    Love your content! You can watch my latest video, Gusto God, here

  • Kung-Fu Kenny Family

    April 2018???
    Who else watching and reading comments in same time Lol😂

  • Schnippschnopp
    Schnippschnopp Year ago

    Stupid kids supporting an Anti LGBT and Nazi Billionaire... this world is sick!!!

  • My Trips
    My Trips Year ago

    This year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will take place over two weekends, starting on Friday April 13th and ending on Sunday April 22nd.Click here to get more details

  • Hope Johnson
    Hope Johnson Year ago +1

    1:28-1:30 Purity Ring Is the best

  • Stigmatized_Stoner

    looks boring, burning man is better.

  • Paulo Sulzbach
    Paulo Sulzbach Year ago

    Beyonce 2018

  • only. holys
    only. holys Year ago

    I'm wating beyonce's live day 14.

  • KnicksNYanks84
    KnicksNYanks84 Year ago +1

    Our youth wastes so much time and focus with stupid shit like this.

  • Patrick Jonas
    Patrick Jonas Year ago

    How many music festivals have you attended? Does this post make you want to attend one now? Let us know in the comments!

  • nora and ava
    nora and ava Year ago

    I want to go to Coachella soooo bad

  • Monkey Patron
    Monkey Patron Year ago


  • Wjimenez923
    Wjimenez923 Year ago +1

    Coachella. Where white basic people unite.

  • sangram chavan
    sangram chavan Year ago +1

    Who else wanna go but are poor 😭😭

  • Wojtek Szlek
    Wojtek Szlek Year ago

    coachella and tomorrowland are definitely places to check from your list before you die

  • Boy Hood
    Boy Hood Year ago

    I wanna come there

  • newcali2109
    newcali2109 Year ago

    All I need is $1 from 480 people!

  • 7 VIES
    7 VIES Year ago

    Hey i'm new here ! Please listen my new song and subscribe ! Have a good day ! :)

  • Joey Gaming
    Joey Gaming Year ago


  • Joey Gaming
    Joey Gaming Year ago

    I'm Guna go wen I'm 16 proble

  • Daniel Mclinn
    Daniel Mclinn 2 years ago

    I didn't like Coachella. Insomniac festivals ruined me for basic events like this. No atmosphere what so ever...they make it look beautiful in these clips, but it's not really the reality. Very dry... but security is cool. Nice people. You could probably get in free if you wanted to or for a lot less. But at least I can say I experienced it and left after the first day lol

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  • Kammy 04
    Kammy 04 2 years ago

    That's why I can't wait tell I'm 18 to go to one but my dream is the be the DJ instead of the party people😁😁all wish me luck on becoming one

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B 2 years ago

    That ain't really a music festival now is it well not compared to a uk one. wheres all the people off their nut on, coke, pills, mdma and ket its all to PC and clean

  • Adanna A
    Adanna A 2 years ago

    Damn i feel like i'm missing out BIG TIME.

  • Annie Trettin
    Annie Trettin 2 years ago support my world ♡

  • Talianess 11
    Talianess 11 2 years ago

    I hope theres still a coachella festival when I become 16 but that will be sometime from now

  • Dee Lee
    Dee Lee 2 years ago +5

    where's the one for 2017?

  • Rylenn
    Rylenn 2 years ago

    Fuck Coachella! Tomorrowland and Defqon.1 rules this universe. 👌

    M1RANDA 2 years ago

    omg I wanna go

  • wolfybezurkydonk
    wolfybezurkydonk 2 years ago


  • wolfybezurkydonk
    wolfybezurkydonk 2 years ago


  • Toasty #4029
    Toasty #4029 2 years ago

    i don't see the appeal.

  • Brett T
    Brett T 2 years ago

    I have gone every year since 2012 because I'm a local to the Coachella Valley and last year was easily one of the best experiences of my life. RL Grime absolutely blew my mind. Sad that I can't make it this year because of school 😩

  • Peter Stewart
    Peter Stewart 2 years ago

    Maybe next time the editor should not leave all footage in RAW format and colourgrade it..

  • Awedome99
    Awedome99 2 years ago

    I am living under a rock ...