• Published on Oct 9, 2016
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Comments • 7 122

  • NexYT Gaming
    NexYT Gaming 3 days ago

  • Constant Mayhem
    Constant Mayhem 4 days ago

    when only Ethan laughed at his own jokes

  • Samflames881
    Samflames881 4 days ago

    77K likes 777 dislikes

    the devil is a liar

  • Atharva
    Atharva 8 days ago +2

    Crazy how 3 years ago willne and Steven were new to these guys and now they’re friends

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 20 days ago +1

    37:35 simon predicted it

  • O K
    O K 20 days ago +1

    15:13 How did they say the same thing at the same time 😹

  • The gaming Panda
    The gaming Panda 21 day ago +1

    Awards start at 29:26

  • Aryan Bhangu
    Aryan Bhangu 26 days ago

    2016 they sucked Nicholas Omilana off and they still do in 2019

  • DaGe
    DaGe 28 days ago

    josh is firing shots at skydoesminecraft but he has 9.1 million subscribers more

  • Logan_ Dacia
    Logan_ Dacia Month ago

    22:10 lucky it wasn't 2019😂

  • Its-Lukestar
    Its-Lukestar Month ago +1


  • Jannis Michael
    Jannis Michael Month ago

    44:47 that perfect timing

  • HaziqqHaiman
    HaziqqHaiman Month ago

    We need this in 2019

  • Vlad p
    Vlad p Month ago

    43:40 the best time

  • manny
    manny Month ago +1

    All I am waiting is for Harry to start talking...

  • Susan Wojcicki
    Susan Wojcicki 2 months ago +1

    I was listening to this podcast while doing Homework, forgot Tobi was in the podcast.

  • HK15 Harold
    HK15 Harold 2 months ago


  • Lucas W Gaming
    Lucas W Gaming 2 months ago

    look at 20:50 simon's face is when hes drunk

  • JessRyePlayz
    JessRyePlayz 2 months ago

    Vikk is the most boring youtuber

    IAMERROR 3 months ago

    Josh get hits story is at

  • Aman Mathur
    Aman Mathur 3 months ago

    3 years ago, Nikolas Omilana had the most potential. From that point on, he got awarded the biggest come up in 2018, again by the Sidemen. Madness. 😂

  • E30 M3 Racing
    E30 M3 Racing 3 months ago


    LXDF HDTV 4 months ago

    nobody is wherein SDMN merch

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 4 months ago

    At 44:06 Simon scared JJ

  • dylan hewitt
    dylan hewitt 5 months ago

    do more podcasts

  • Cl1pz K1ng
    Cl1pz K1ng 5 months ago

    8:20 😂😂

  • Emma Posillico
    Emma Posillico 5 months ago


  • College Sports Highlights

    rip headphone users at 31:05

  • Ty 1up_
    Ty 1up_ 5 months ago

    Look how much Stephan tries and blown now how times have changed

  • Stepan Posnov
    Stepan Posnov 6 months ago

    Crazy how far all the guys that got shoutouts have come

  • MZ RG
    MZ RG 6 months ago

    Where is niko's?

  • SlyStripes
    SlyStripes 6 months ago

    ayy dunkey

  • Gary Collind
    Gary Collind 7 months ago

    17:09 simon said i had a bonor

  • Will Thorogood
    Will Thorogood 7 months ago

    7:04 Thumbnail

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 7 months ago

    At 8:06 JJ was twerking

  • Anmol Monga
    Anmol Monga 7 months ago

    please bring back podcast.

  • 3v14 Mulheron
    3v14 Mulheron 7 months ago +1

    Every time Harry talked he couldn’t cause josh interrupted 😂🤧

  • Annabelle Townsend
    Annabelle Townsend 8 months ago

    Harry is so awk in this

  • Daniel Lawson
    Daniel Lawson 8 months ago +1

    Favorite parts were 18:41

  • Alana Lawrence
    Alana Lawrence 8 months ago

    Harry is so cute!

  • J-Squared
    J-Squared 8 months ago


  • MG Playz255
    MG Playz255 8 months ago +3

    Finally Harry’s actually using headphones not earphones

  • booly lu
    booly lu 8 months ago

    do another one plllllllleaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeee

  • Generic Villa Fan
    Generic Villa Fan 9 months ago

    Jj thinks their rigged but so was his fight

  • Keira Black
    Keira Black 9 months ago +1

    15:13 is so synchronised wtf

    • MZ RG
      MZ RG 6 months ago


  • Zain Khan
    Zain Khan 9 months ago

    I’m glad I pirated jjs film

  • IB72 HD
    IB72 HD 9 months ago

    What's funnier this or true Geordie podcast Ksi and Laurence are the two best RUcliprs out there

  • Sophie Sinclair
    Sophie Sinclair 9 months ago +1

    Can I just say,we need a video of sidemen doing ASMR as a challenge! Would be so funny to watch man 😂

  • Mr. Coconut
    Mr. Coconut 10 months ago +1

    anyone else heard them singing at 9:41

  • Ian Leo
    Ian Leo 10 months ago

    So JJ’s been punching people before he started boxing... nice lol

  • Nathan Cremin
    Nathan Cremin 10 months ago +4

    Go to 44:10 and look at simons mirror , what is that

  • Karvin Saravanan Year 9
    Karvin Saravanan Year 9 10 months ago

    29.33 thank me later

  • Deadpool L
    Deadpool L 10 months ago


  • Brody
    Brody 10 months ago

    I love when the awards start at 28:30 and JJ just gives one nomination per category, brutal af!

  • Cathi Baker
    Cathi Baker 10 months ago

    29:30 Awards Start

  • lisa merc
    lisa merc 10 months ago

    Stephen Tries !! Awesomely funny

  • Becca Xo
    Becca Xo 11 months ago +1

    It makes me sad rewatching this and realising how quiet and sad Harry looks through pretty much the whole thing

  • VekaPlayz
    VekaPlayz 11 months ago

    This is when stephen tries and willNE were nothing (and burnt chip

  • Marian Seidl
    Marian Seidl 11 months ago +1

    Its funny watching this in 2018 and seeing how they talk about stephen and will when they were still fairly unknown. Now theyre up there with them killing the game

  • Yamaria P
    Yamaria P 11 months ago

    Simon should have beat JJ

  • James Hills
    James Hills 11 months ago


  • Supreme the Kid
    Supreme the Kid 11 months ago

    12:10 starts the awards 24:00 29:20

  • Bill Oddy
    Bill Oddy Year ago +1

    29:25 to 33:45 is the funniest thing 😂

  • Zephan Joseph
    Zephan Joseph Year ago +1

    Laid in America is on RUclip for free

  • Metalhead Matty
    Metalhead Matty Year ago

    Sidemen Vlogs
    Football Challenges (Revisited)
    CoD 4: Mike Myers

  • Osian Jones
    Osian Jones Year ago

    still watching :)

    BA_PLAYZ Year ago

    JJ quit RUclip and left the sidemen. Sooooo those questions were pointless

  • Ehern
    Ehern Year ago

    More 1hour podcasts please the most recent 25 minute one is not enoughh

  • Keshlan Pillay
    Keshlan Pillay Year ago


  • theHazrd
    theHazrd Year ago +1

    Harry 1% of this video: "most likely to make love to a pensioner"
    Harry for the other 99%:


  • Satans child
    Satans child Year ago

    WillNe has now got 1 million subs

  • Elias Heikkinen
    Elias Heikkinen Year ago

    society religion base sesyb protective reporting bomb back consist.

  • CARRZY _11
    CARRZY _11 Year ago

    Why all americans nominated????

  • Angelo Gomes
    Angelo Gomes Year ago

    Vikk needs to stfu

  • Jai_Vars SoundlessEchoProductions

    Podcast = rated.
    I would like to see more of these. Ive died of laughter just from the insane stories and banter. SDMN FOREVAH

  • tristan
    tristan Year ago

    *_d u n c a n o l a t u n j i_*

  • [Broken] Cyke
    [Broken] Cyke Year ago

    the fnny thing is jj left after that and he said i wont

  • damian french
    damian french Year ago

    its ironic because they don't realise how relevant the snake one is

  • Bostik
    Bostik Year ago

    love the shoutouts to willne and stephen tries lol

  • Mynameis7his
    Mynameis7his Year ago

    i nominate deji for most carried

  • Bruh really2424
    Bruh really2424 Year ago


  • Bruh really2424
    Bruh really2424 Year ago

    No viklan not ty!😓

  • Bruh really2424
    Bruh really2424 Year ago

    The one thing I didn't like about this vid is the things they said about skydoesminecraft and team crafted I'm sorry that's just what I didn't like.

  • Prats _69
    Prats _69 Year ago

    best entertainer jj

  • Jaden Hua
    Jaden Hua Year ago

    32:56 still cant figure out who said that. my best guess is lachlan lol.

  • Jack,o Lantern5093


  • The Game Detective
    The Game Detective Year ago +2

    8:30 23:22 look at vik and tobi....

    illuminati confirmed.dun dunn dunnnnn-------------

  • Maruska Thornton
    Maruska Thornton Year ago

    Sidemen Pro Clubs

  • Holly
    Holly Year ago +1

    6:07 #StopVikAbuse

  • Courtney Jones
    Courtney Jones Year ago

    Where's JJ's bandana???

  • elZ09
    elZ09 Year ago

    'most likely to disappear' XDXDXD JJ DID THAT FOR 4 MONTHS XD

  • Jess Herrick
    Jess Herrick Year ago


  • Jess Herrick
    Jess Herrick Year ago

    Sidemen Sunday’s now 😇

  • sam wilson
    sam wilson Year ago

    14:27-14:40 ethan sneeks off for a cheeky pic me up watch how makes sure his nose is clean

  • Pukhtana Khana پښتنه خانه khana

    tobi talk more!!!

  • Dhanraj Kotak
    Dhanraj Kotak Year ago

    Most likely to quit RUclip
    JJ: na

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Year ago +1

    Ksi and skydoesminecraft beef!!! Early sighs!!!

  • Alex McG14
    Alex McG14 Year ago

    I think one of the reasons so many people pirated the movie is because of the awkward title.. imagine going to the shop and buying laid in America with your mum

  • Clare Smyth
    Clare Smyth Year ago

    Tobi's face at 4:33 as they talk about black names😂😂😂