KUWTK | Kardashian-Jenner Family Deals With Robbery Aftermath | E!

Kim K. reveals she can't sleep unless there are 4 bodyguards outside her house--and Kendall has an alleged stalker. See "KUWTK", Sunday at 9|8c.

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KUWTK | Kardashian-Jenner Family Deals With Robbery Aftermath | E!

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Автор Gloria Gyan ( назад)
anyone know the name of the song playing at the end when the video is finished?

Автор Alice Martine ( назад)
Has this episode already aired?

Автор Natasha K ( назад)
good dinner but stalking is dangerous I hope they get them

Автор Genet Eshete ( назад)
I wish someone kill all of them , they are west of human space

Автор B'younce Watson ( назад)
when y'all flaunt everything in your lives this is what happens come on now

Автор Fer Sánchez ( назад)
en CNT en que canal es E! Entertainment

Автор matthew gaxiola ( назад)
One thing I will say though... I'm in love with how humble Kim got after she was robbed.. her attire is more conservative and her attitude is motherly. I may be a nobody but I've grown a new profound respect for this super star ❤️ I hope her a speedy recovery.

Автор Crystal Wong ( назад)
i finally found a show where nothing happened

Автор Gerald Finch ( назад)
I concur. 2 weeks of "I. Got robbed"

Автор Gerald Finch ( назад)

Автор play forward ( назад)
they shud learn some self defence instead of simply execising for body shape

Автор thekingchrissyg ( назад)
lol what gods do these wackos pray to

Автор Maddi Black ( назад)
I feel like it's the new trendy thing to have a "stalker".

Автор ☼YouBetterWerkItYooooooo☼ ( назад)
They signed up for this....sooo

Автор bb Bhupali ( назад)
they do like nothing.....

Автор Siyanda Bolo ( назад)
I believe Kim's Robbery was fake and I have proof too. I have watched one of their shows when they were talking about how Kylie is snapchatting everything and that she's putting herself in danger because snapchat shows your location. Kourtney and Khloe were talking about how they should do something to scare Kylie so she can realise how much she's putting herself at risk. Khloe suggested that they must fake a robbery where the person will pull out a gun and Kourtney told Khloe that would be too extreme. That's when they created that stalker that hung balloons on Kylies car and when Kylie came out from a shop and found balloons hanging from the car. It's in one of their shows where they were plotting for Kylie where a gun would be pulled out on her so she can realise posting on snapchat with her location was dangerous. AND NOW BAAAAAAM KIM HAS BEEN ROBBED IN PARIS WITH A GUN PULLED OUT AFTER SNAPCHATTING. It's all a sham Kim wasn't robbed they were planning that for Kylie and Kourtney said it was too extreme so the used the strategy with Kim. They just want to stay relevant and keep their show going after it was cancelled. If Kim wasn't robbed their show would be no more

Автор celticirish83 ( назад)
these people are insufferable

Автор Laura Sprouse ( назад)
the Kardashian family isn't poor at all but that's not a reason to take all their money and stuff

Автор Stormer248 ( назад)
Boo-hoo, 1st-class problems.

Автор UNICORNS ( назад)
What episode is this ?

Автор Nancii Santiago ( назад)
Blac chyna just looks dumb get out gurl

Автор matthew gaxiola ( назад)
I don't believe a single work Kendall says.. from her sleep paralysis to her robbery... she's too rich to feel the struggle.

Автор Lindee May ( назад)
Good to see she now understands her security needs to be armed at all times. Sad to see she doesn't agree the rest of us should be able to protect ourselves and families as well.

Автор Ydderf Hj ( назад)
Blac Chyna Is Irrelevant to the FAMILY !!

Автор Hey Hey ( назад)
The guy who stalked Kendall was probably a directioner. I'm a part of the fandom and I also mildly dislike Kendall

Автор Hey Hey ( назад)
The guy who stalked Kendall was probably a directioner. I'm a part of the fandom and I also mildly dislike Kendall

Автор Sam Kollins ( назад)
Where is Kylie? I need more Kylie not Kendall

Автор ToniEmoji ( назад)
Kendull 😴

Автор IBREATH KPOP ( назад)

Автор Daniel McIntyre ( назад)
so fuckin crazy

Автор d g ( назад)
Leave this poor we'll not poor at all family alone , go work fir your money , let them enjoy for what they work , they give money to charity sometimes , poor ppl like you work

Автор Robert R ( назад)
Lmao I can't sleep unless I have 4 security guards she definitely don't want to come to my hood

Автор Tiffany White ( назад)

Автор oisín ( назад)

Автор Marianny MC ( назад)

Автор Brooke Mari ( назад)
First 💞

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