Japan's Inland Sea Paradise | Shimanami Kaido

  • Опубликовано: 16 фев 2019
  • Japan's Seto Inland Sea is the most beautiful place in the country. And the Shimanami Kaido cycle route across the chain of islands that span it, is the best way to experience it. Even if it's one brutal undertaking on par with Mount Fuji.
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  Месяц назад +1445

    Honestly, I'd spent the first 1,000km journey across Japan looking forward to this day, and it didn't disappoint - even if it nearly finished me off! Thank you to Sharla for joining the adventure; may your legs rest in peace. IF you guys are coming to Japan on holiday, for the love of god set aside a day or two to cycle the Shimanami Kaido though. YOU WON'T REGRET IT. (But your thighs will).

    • Bradley Schoon
      Bradley Schoon 7 дней назад

      Ever since your first video where you put this route in one your videos it's been on top of my bucketlist. Pretty much my only thing as of now but definitely my number one! (I also enjoy cycling so it's kind of a no brainer)

    • Oliver Griffin
      Oliver Griffin Месяц назад

      Hey Chris, that day's cycle looks really pretty - was this really only filmed a few days ago? How warm is it down there? I'm up in Aomori entrenched in snow, but since hirodai's spring break has started I want to go south and enjoy some warmth! I'm getting a bit sick of snow and -7deg most days. I am really jealous of you quite frankly. Any tips? Can I go in the other direction? Can I hire a bike on one end and leave it at the other? Thanks :)

    • Tulkas Astaldo
      Tulkas Astaldo Месяц назад

      My family put me in charge of planning our vacation to Japan this summer. Happened to find out about the Shimanami Kaido just hours before you uploaded, and this video has definitely strengthened my conviction to make it a part of our itinerary.
      Beautiful drone shots btw, especially the one capturing the sunset was absolutely majestic. Not gonna lie I was kinda bummed out when the time between uploads starting getting longer and longer shortly after the start of the journey, but if this is the quality of footage and production we get in exchange, it's absolutely worth it.

    • dillogdall1
      dillogdall1 Месяц назад

      +blissblissbliss That is true, the seatposts should be higher. That being said, when we did the cycle the seatpost was way to low for me on the bikes you can rent there (I am 191 cm), it really does a number on your thighs.

    • Happy Cakes
      Happy Cakes Месяц назад

      Are you guys dating? Thats a really personal question but you guys seem to have good rapport 🤔❤👍

  • Bernabe De La Cruz
    Bernabe De La Cruz 8 часов назад

    “Lets enjoy this while it lasts” :3

  • chromaghost
    chromaghost 8 часов назад

    What's the song at 9:17?

  • Jonatan Engwall
    Jonatan Engwall 16 часов назад +1

    9:30 that's what she said

  • El Primo
    El Primo 16 часов назад

    that chick is hot

  • jerhaoui othmane
    jerhaoui othmane 19 часов назад

    sharla is single now...my boy chris should give it a shot...I mean what could be more romantic than cycling through Japan...

  • Aaron Bee
    Aaron Bee 19 часов назад


  • Aaron Bee
    Aaron Bee 19 часов назад


  • K Nana
    K Nana 2 дня назад

    Michigan has the longest suspension bridge

  • Juliana Guimarães
    Juliana Guimarães 2 дня назад

    I did this route because I saw the video of your first time doing! Unfortunately we went all the way to the end, because we started too late in the day :-( and we need to return our rental bikes, so we got to the Ikuchijima and run to get the last ferry back to Onomich! Would love to do it again

  • L une
    L une 2 дня назад +1

    Sharla is a person worthy of so much respect. You can tell she cares about everyone, every last one, so deeply. You both bring out the best in each other. Though pressures can seem overbearing, the most precious gems couldn’t form with out patience, time, and pressure! When people say ignore naysayers, most don’t tell you that sometimes you’ll be your own naysayer and have to overcome. Thank you Chris for the inspiration and setting a great example in the world, I’ve forgotten how much I miss biking! 😉

  • Tsundere Shyvana "it's not like I wanted to get a penta or anything...b...b...Baka!"

    I remember watching Abroad in Japan years ago hoping it would go big because the content was so good.
    Glad something went right!

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 2 дня назад

    5:13 idk if that's beautiful or just the definition of trauma

  • makai no kaio
    makai no kaio 3 дня назад

    Sharla is a beautifull view indeed... 7:38

  • alex a
    alex a 4 дня назад +1

    I wonder if they banged.

  • Oli Beard
    Oli Beard 5 дней назад

    What is the song

  • fizzie chin
    fizzie chin 5 дней назад

    Chris,are you always behind sharla so you can perv on her bum? ;)

  • ぶしどWilliam
    ぶしどWilliam 7 дней назад

    5:05 Are you using a gimbal or just a camera with really wicked image stabilization?

  • The Program
    The Program 7 дней назад

    Hear the intro, instalike.

  • TheCrazyGracie
    TheCrazyGracie 7 дней назад +5

    Sharla: Say something
    Him: Say something
    Sharla:Say something
    Him:Say something
    Sharla: * pauses* There is a mosquito on your face

    ABHISHEK LANJE 8 дней назад

    Sharla is a paradise herself, so cute

  • roy marven
    roy marven 8 дней назад

    sharla always seems so perky - what is the matter with her?x

    • Abby Lowe
      Abby Lowe 5 дней назад +1

      She’s canadian

  • Elior Mesika
    Elior Mesika 8 дней назад +3

    Today was a nightmare and not just because of Sharla

  • venomTang
    venomTang 8 дней назад

    Ryotoro is cool, but it's nice to hear a girl's laugh in these vids XD. And not just ones that love a good vein

  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone 9 дней назад

    How long has Chris been taking Sharla to pound town? I expect her to get pregnant soon.

  • 10,000 subs without any videos? ꧂
    10,000 subs without any videos? ꧂ 9 дней назад +3

    You road almost two marathons worth of cross country biking in a day, you should feel tired

  • Conan 1812
    Conan 1812 9 дней назад +2

    Are you and that Canadian blade an item? She’s single you know!!

    • Conan 1812
      Conan 1812 9 дней назад +1

      Oliver Hust he should bust a nut!!

    • Oliver Hust
      Oliver Hust 9 дней назад +1

      I think he's busting his moves on her ;) Is Chris allowed to havew a girlfriend, now he's owned by RUclip?!

  • oschoa
    oschoa 9 дней назад

    yo bro what's the name of the intro song?

  • Kholti Sylvia
    Kholti Sylvia 10 дней назад

    can someone help me where to view the sequels of this episode?

  • Buzzramjet
    Buzzramjet 10 дней назад

    Absolutely FASCINATING tour by bike. So very impressed you did it. A bit younger and I would have loved to have done the same.
    BUT NOW For something completely different. You once made a comment about being able to listen to Japanese music as another good reason to learn Japanese, then played a bit of that godawful ponpon rubbish.
    BUT do you go to concerts. WHAT kind of music in Japan do you listen to? Jpop? Jrock? I have found the new wave of Jrock led by the ladies such as Band Maid, LOVEBITES, Mary's Blood, Aldious Fate Gear, Bridear et al are such a relief from the crap we have in the West with regards to actual music with tunes in them.
    So what do you like and do you attend shows.

  • Wideboi 69
    Wideboi 69 10 дней назад

    8:58 Looks like Tony Stark in Ironman 1 , when Tony got his reacter heart pulled out.

  • Tytania 2
    Tytania 2 11 дней назад

    You are using a mountain bike right? If so why not change the gear so it is easier for you to climb the hill?

    • David Freeman
      David Freeman 8 дней назад

      The gears were broken off when he got it "fixed"

  • SunoftheCakes
    SunoftheCakes 11 дней назад

    I have to admit that I've been watching both of you for like what - four five years at least, and it seems like you get along pretty well - it's so childish of me to ship you guys - but hey, let me do that publicly :P

  • Pikku Munki
    Pikku Munki 12 дней назад +2

    I don't know, but it seems Chris is in-love with Sharla, he is a bit flirty ^_^. We must call them "LaChris" :-D.

    • Abby Lowe
      Abby Lowe 5 дней назад

      Well...i believe during this time, she was marries but now isn’t. These two probably had an affair.

  • LynnStrifeTsubame
    LynnStrifeTsubame 12 дней назад

    Another great episode; I loved it!! :D

  • サントカフェ江の島
    サントカフェ江の島 12 дней назад

    Just a thought:
    You cannot say Seto inland Sea is 'the most beautiful place in the country', since there are many other beautiful places in Japan.
    If you say 'Seto inland Sea is one of the most beautiful places in the country', that makes more sense.

  • るるる
    るるる 12 дней назад


  • IDark_Sougo
    IDark_Sougo 14 дней назад

    Stonkingly good bridges, amazing views and an exploding sun!! Nicely done Chris! You and your team have done some cracking camera work. Fantastic as always.

  • Amazingly Awkward
    Amazingly Awkward 14 дней назад

    Ladies and Gents, I think Chris just leaked the next Danganronpa game - Legendary Danganronpa 4: Never-Ending Cycle of Despair.
    Also what's the music at the beginning? Always wondered xD

    REVIEWSONTHERUN 14 дней назад

    Awesome place. Great view. ✌️

  • tommo scott
    tommo scott 15 дней назад +2

    god im in love with her

  • Gabriel Philipp Biffiger
    Gabriel Philipp Biffiger 16 дней назад

    Chris, you look great!

  • Bibek Shah
    Bibek Shah 16 дней назад

    I want to hear Chris Broad's narration in a NatGeo video.

  • Evan Stanley
    Evan Stanley 16 дней назад

    Your wheels are designed to grip into dirt which is a much different type of traction than the smaller less pronounced cycling tires and your frames are heavier than cycling frames those are the reasons for your difficulty uphill you're using mountain bikes

  • toshio shibabuki
    toshio shibabuki 17 дней назад


  • scythman99
    scythman99 18 дней назад

    You gotta rub her legs when she’s sore Chris 😉

  • Rhaz of Rheos
    Rhaz of Rheos 18 дней назад

    How are you doing those drone shots while doing what were you doing? is there a third guy?

  • Jerbear
    Jerbear 18 дней назад +9

    Ya’ll should date! She’s single now

    • Tahira Gibson
      Tahira Gibson 16 дней назад +1

      Jerbear -great! The grump who barely smiles and the ditz who can’t stop giggling...what a pair!

  • Stone2D3D
    Stone2D3D 19 дней назад +2

    I love this series; Thank you Chris, for showing us Japan! :)

  • Ren Ixion
    Ren Ixion 20 дней назад

    where is this follow up 🤔🤔🤔🤧

  • Joe Moran
    Joe Moran 20 дней назад

    Should have had onomichi ramen!!

  • Kaizen2011
    Kaizen2011 20 дней назад

    Am i the only one that sees Sharla and thinks she must be tasty....

  • MindTech
    MindTech 21 день назад


  • Virtual Boi
    Virtual Boi 21 день назад +1

    I love the way Sharla comes across as literally the nicest person on the planet, and Chris just takes the fucking piss out of her.

  • nickclone
    nickclone 22 дня назад +2

    Jesus, people! In order for ANYONE to be close friends, there has to be love. There are different kinds of love, not everything has to be about banging.

  • Luke Say
    Luke Say 23 дня назад

    He meant "Heatstroke" upon saying "Sun stroke". Don't worry.

  • KK LL
    KK LL 23 дня назад

    we dont need more touristst here in onomichi.

  • KK LL
    KK LL 23 дня назад

    lol you just drove infront my living space. tachibana.

  • Adam Schiller
    Adam Schiller 23 дня назад

    What is the intro music? Lol

  • esotericpig
    esotericpig 23 дня назад

    How did you get this much time off from work in Japan? 😂 If you're a full-time RUclipr, what do you do about your visa? Or have a part-time job that sponsors your visa?

  • Liew Cheng Yeh
    Liew Cheng Yeh 24 дня назад

    Hmm… i just got a bike box…
    Now i very tempted to fly to japan with my bike…

  • wingedshark star
    wingedshark star 24 дня назад

    not the focus of the video but what backpack is she wearing?

  • R Λ B Λ Λ B
    R Λ B Λ Λ B 24 дня назад

    Sharla is still in Japan?
    Oh! Sharla is on cycle, Sharla is on feet?

  • Stephen
    Stephen 25 дней назад

    date ;)

  • Antixx
    Antixx 25 дней назад +2

    Despite my yandere obsession for Chris I am starting to ship him with Sharla

  • Dave Orilian
    Dave Orilian 25 дней назад

    Best tour vid so far, please do a vid or text page on the practical parts of the tour for people visiting- eg. how to get tickets for the ferry, where to rent bikes + turn them in etc

  • Vlad Bene
    Vlad Bene 26 дней назад +1

    I did this cycle 2 years ago on my 1st trip to Japan, and you're actually the reason I got to do it - you mentioned it in one of your early videos that I saw while doing research for the trip. I even got stopped by a random person while cycling there, who waved me down just so he could give me an orange.
    Thanks, I got to see something awesome because of you.

  • Studio KonKon
    Studio KonKon 26 дней назад

    13:10 I wonder if that is the challenge I submitted months ago (unless someone else copied it, I see many duplicates), can't remember if I put my account name on it, but seems like the same one.

  • NotHere
    NotHere 26 дней назад

    So when are you two getting married?

  • george h
    george h 26 дней назад +1

    I haven't watched ur channel in a while... :P sorry .... but I'm back...and I'm loving the vids again

  • Joshua Petersen
    Joshua Petersen 26 дней назад

    the hill scence got my like

  • Killuminati1blood
    Killuminati1blood 26 дней назад

    i want to be reborn japanese, so lucky to live in such peace :/

  • Yo NA
    Yo NA 27 дней назад

    I miss Japan :(

  • kerntoniTV
    kerntoniTV 27 дней назад

    I hope you two get married and have beautiful children :) -br all our moms

  • Aaron Luiz
    Aaron Luiz 27 дней назад

    0:11 which is the music ??

  • Sauce
    Sauce 27 дней назад

    my god, that place is beautiful. hopefully one day I can visit japan

  • Djoun TheFirst
    Djoun TheFirst 27 дней назад

    You and sharla are very cute, you should be together (are you)?

  • mikesmmaworld
    mikesmmaworld 28 дней назад

    7:38 is just .....😍

  • nut squirrel
    nut squirrel 28 дней назад

    i am just gonna leave this comment here to show support. last videos doesnt do well i guess and u are on the road. my boii needs to eat.

  • doctorakzel
    doctorakzel 28 дней назад

    I guess caving in and buying a drone paid off, uh? Beautiful stuff

  • Zitegiste
    Zitegiste 28 дней назад

    For anyone interested: The intro song is "Racing Hearts 3" by Martin Landh!

  • Evilkwiet
    Evilkwiet 28 дней назад

    Let's bridge!

  • King Khan
    King Khan 28 дней назад

    Thanks Chris for sharing this video. I hope someday I can cycle on this incredible route and soak up the beautiful scenery and views.

  • JJames666male
    JJames666male 28 дней назад

    Just throwing it out there since you talked about the best place in Japan.
    Have you been to Nanzoin? If you haven't you really should, even though it's a bit far from Sendai

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune 28 дней назад

    Just cycle around by yourself. No need to watch this.

  • ng choi
    ng choi 29 дней назад +1

    I did that back in March 2016, it was so great.

  • Dark Switch
    Dark Switch 29 дней назад

    what is the intro music 0:01

  • angyalhaj
    angyalhaj 29 дней назад +2

    I really enjoy your videos Chris, but this was especially a good one. Loved the end bit.

  • Giovanni Zanini
    Giovanni Zanini 29 дней назад

    4:25 someone didn't watch the Godfather trilogy

  • labmonkie :^)
    labmonkie :^) 29 дней назад

    Seeing that orange grove after the first bridge and having watched The Godfather one too many times, I was nervous for you both the rest of the episode. Oh, I'm just kidding -- no one can ever watch The Godfather one too many times. :^) Thank you again for your beautiful videos.

    WUDCHK 29 дней назад

    I want to do that on motorbike.
    Walking Japan for the past 14 days and doing 250km on foot...my legs need a break

  • Thomas Ferguson
    Thomas Ferguson 29 дней назад

    Chris the music selection for your videos is excellent! What’s the song in the intro?

  • Emily Sires
    Emily Sires 29 дней назад

    You totally did it justice, don't worry. That drone shot of the final bridge made my heart hurt with how beautiful it was.

  • Matt French
    Matt French 29 дней назад

    It's a fake castle, Chris ;)

  • Ken Sullivan
    Ken Sullivan Месяц назад

    Thank you for filming behind Shayla

  • Mr Cupcakes
    Mr Cupcakes Месяц назад

    You're hanging out with that married woman too much Chris. You two must be screwing....it's giving you a slightly negative image Chris..

  • AizaakTV
    AizaakTV Месяц назад

    I was in Onomichi the day this was released. Beautiful city, was just visiting my friend who lives there. 10/10 will go there again next time im in Hiroshima Prefecture

  • alice215
    alice215 Месяц назад

    next time think about getting saddlebags, much much easier on your body riding to carry things. climbing a hill with a pack is crazy.

  • dann462
    dann462 Месяц назад +8

    Top notch production quality as always, so much fun watching the series (and you suffering :D)! Sharla is such an energy bomb! :)

  • Yabai __
    Yabai __ Месяц назад +5

    9:30 which song is that??