New Titanic Gets Destroyed By Lego Tsunami! - Brick Rigs Gameplay

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • New Titanic Gets Destroyed By Lego Tsunami! - Brick Rigs Gameplay
    Camodo Gaming returns to the Brick Rigs series with tons of different Lego Creations! What kind of episodes should we do next?
    Checkout these games:
    Brick Rigs:
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  • Camodo Gaming
    Camodo Gaming  24 days ago +47

    I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Brick Rigs! What should we do next time?
    Ps throat is still a bit scratchy but it's getting better.

  • Paula Said
    Paula Said 5 days ago +1

    Friday the 13th

  • Bozidar Pesic
    Bozidar Pesic 11 days ago

    Did you apologise to Godzilla legendary yet

  • joeydoesmusic Thibeault

    Do a mega tsunami

  • hahaha e
    hahaha e 19 days ago

    How you say 'tsunami' *sunami*

  • Matthan Gallant
    Matthan Gallant 19 days ago

    Case it with a ice brk

  • Stacy Loyacano
    Stacy Loyacano 20 days ago

    I still remember when you meat dob but I would like to see more crash tests thanks love you videos....

  • games for life
    games for life 21 day ago

    Can you do a live stream hide and seek in the whole desert map,base battle.plz,keep up the good work,plz play with spy,Brandon,and ob.

  • The hover hart
    The hover hart 21 day ago

    I never new there was a brick tanick

  • Russell Willingham
    Russell Willingham 21 day ago


  • William Cudmore
    William Cudmore 21 day ago

    Titanic 2 is made.
    Comodo gaming- HOLD MY BEER

  • Alejandra Sanchez
    Alejandra Sanchez 21 day ago

    Hope u get better you sound sick(on grandma$ phone)

  • jose Rodriguez
    jose Rodriguez 21 day ago +1

    Komodo Play subnautica

    • The Fabolous Taco
      The Fabolous Taco 21 day ago

      jose Rodriguez just because you said so he isn’t gonna play it.

  • norman wilson
    norman wilson 22 days ago

    camodo I dare you to make dob invincible for 10 brick rigs videos.

  • boonie builder
    boonie builder 23 days ago

    DIE TITANIC DIE!!🙅🔫🔪🚬🎳⚓🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  • Pelle Engdell
    Pelle Engdell 23 days ago

    I want a rolplay swat vid

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 23 days ago

    You sound super siy

  • THOMAS Tuntun
    THOMAS Tuntun 23 days ago

    Your sound is differdent

  • Uro Taion
    Uro Taion 23 days ago

    ... define “d e c e n t s h a p e” 4:13

  • Bigboyplays 2005
    Bigboyplays 2005 23 days ago


  • Ian Neill
    Ian Neill 23 days ago

    Love your games you playing! How AWESOME! 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • nguntha iang
    nguntha iang 23 days ago

    No more roblox… :(

  • 22Noah Scott
    22Noah Scott 23 days ago

    what up with your voice

  • Alex
    Alex 23 days ago

    Brick rigs is not intuitive

  • ThaeranasaurYT
    ThaeranasaurYT 23 days ago

    more tracks!

  • Edi Tacoi
    Edi Tacoi 23 days ago

    dude thats So Cooooool!!!!!!!! In 10:21

  • squidy
    squidy 23 days ago

    Ur voice is like ___.._._.._._.._._.._.._._.____.._._.___....

  • Ninja Kraz
    Ninja Kraz 23 days ago

    Only true fans will like the video before it starts

  • DeniseJohn Hughes
    DeniseJohn Hughes 23 days ago +1

    Me nooooooooooooo shut up ads

  • Nnagozirim Nwabuko
    Nnagozirim Nwabuko 23 days ago

    Next you should check out new creations in multiplayer!

  • Sylvia Ward
    Sylvia Ward 23 days ago

    I like bob

  • Jennifer Caron
    Jennifer Caron 23 days ago +1

    You Should Do That In Multiplayer

  • yaakoub rouabhia
    yaakoub rouabhia 23 days ago

    nukes:vibe check

  • Zenny Vassallo
    Zenny Vassallo 23 days ago

    Bob: Fake news
    Just then the Titanic Flew passed Bobs house

  • Mocha ron
    Mocha ron 23 days ago

    10:20 so satisfaying

  • DeniseJohn Hughes
    DeniseJohn Hughes 24 days ago +2

    I'm the same my throut is also the same

  • Calvin's List
    Calvin's List 24 days ago

    Sorry you lost your voice

  • Ryan Milne
    Ryan Milne 24 days ago

    Could you play world box

  • Bola Dunia
    Bola Dunia 24 days ago +1

    Do this more!

    HAMAD ALJURAIFANI :D 24 days ago

    Do this in multiplayer with O.b and spy!

  • Isaac Gamer 99
    Isaac Gamer 99 24 days ago

    Do more tracks

  • HAKIMI 098
    HAKIMI 098 24 days ago +1

    Make a nuke destroying city vid

  • Liam Armstrong
    Liam Armstrong 24 days ago

    You sound sick

  • Carl Hinton
    Carl Hinton 24 days ago

    Camodo: It’s gonna take a second to respond
    Me tries same thing: .........
    Computer fans: Maximum POWER
    Me: It’s time to go

  • 최KB
    최KB 24 days ago

    Oh foolish me! I thought it was new stormworks video!

  • 최KB
    최KB 24 days ago

    Stern is pointy like bow?

  • xXMoon ligthXx
    xXMoon ligthXx 24 days ago

    Are you okay? your voice is like your sick...🙁

  • Wade Meservy
    Wade Meservy 24 days ago +2

    Man, you sound like you are dealing with something not super fun! Get better soon my dude 🤙🏼

  • the gaming alex
    the gaming alex 24 days ago

    are you sick camodo? cause you sound a little diffrent than normal camodo, welp hope you get better soon camodo. love your channel

  • BonniePlays
    BonniePlays 24 days ago

    why dont you and the others make any more of scrap mechanic and brick rigs roleplay

  • Hunter Segulyev
    Hunter Segulyev 24 days ago

    Add it on water next time

  • Robert Datario
    Robert Datario 24 days ago

    Camodo gaming is sick.

  • george adame
    george adame 24 days ago

    Camodo great job on the 1.9m subs

  • Mr. Nobody978
    Mr. Nobody978 24 days ago

    You should go into a server in brickrigs and try to protect Dob from getting hurt

  • gianne grewal
    gianne grewal 24 days ago

    Camodo gaming you havent done any multiplayer monday with moonbo, scrapman and kan gaming in forever and they replaced you with durf so can you please do some multiplayer monday with them or are yoy quitting?😥

  • Nathaniel Alexander
    Nathaniel Alexander 24 days ago +1

    Spinners wiggles , spy's cat died.

  • Nathaniel Alexander
    Nathaniel Alexander 24 days ago

    Spy built a new lava base. It is in his "garbage disposal". Go through the lava and water. His bedroom is through the bookcases. Brandon knows about it also.

  • Star WarsFreak03
    Star WarsFreak03 24 days ago

    Camodo r u still sick

  • Kyle Green
    Kyle Green 24 days ago

    Has do you play stomworks

  • Sherwin Santillan
    Sherwin Santillan 24 days ago

    Fly end den tayk of the legs