Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 5.15.2019

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Tune in for a roughly 15-minute presentation packed with information all about Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch.
    Learn more about Super Mario Maker 2!
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Comments • 18 947

  • Emanuel janai Jimenez gonzalez

    🙀🙀🙀my favorite game

  • kimo the fun genius
    kimo the fun genius 2 days ago +2

    Now the wii u has one job :
    Retro gaming

  • Jamie Koch
    Jamie Koch 2 days ago

    10:51 creeper aw man

  • Jamie Koch
    Jamie Koch 2 days ago

    10:51 say sike right now 2.0

  • Milky Way AUTTP
    Milky Way AUTTP 3 days ago

    I Wish This Game Was On Android. :(

  • Stoplight Games!!
    Stoplight Games!! 3 days ago

    What does thl stand for? The horrible level? That wriggler was kinda trollishishishish.

  • Blue ü Potato
    Blue ü Potato 4 days ago

    What some of you memers came for 4:57

  • Ethan jacob Mendoza
    Ethan jacob Mendoza 7 days ago

    Seesaw has no uses

  • Ceiling Squid
    Ceiling Squid 8 days ago +1

    The dislikes are just shut-ins that say Nintendo is for babies and only play Call of Duty

  • Harvo Spoon
    Harvo Spoon 9 days ago

    3:14 different twister

  • Josh Sidders
    Josh Sidders 9 days ago

    We need it now!

  • Josh Sidders
    Josh Sidders 9 days ago

    We need the next dlc

  • Ladybuggames
    Ladybuggames 10 days ago

    Hey Nintendo CAN YOU A UNLIKE THING I Played i A thing In Course World And Boo It Now I Like it But Now i Boo it its Now Boo
    For Good Pls Add it Im Now Bad :(

  • status45
    status45 11 days ago

    I want a switch just for this!

  • marykaate
    marykaate 11 days ago +1

    My maker ID on super Mario maker 2 is 2TB8MR52H

  • David aventureiro Sanches Sanches

    Create super mario maker 3 😊

  • Red Koopa troopa
    Red Koopa troopa 13 days ago

    Did you see that in swinging claw the uner grond ground was a difrent coler

  • Damian Cartwright
    Damian Cartwright 15 days ago


  • Maruchan TV
    Maruchan TV 18 days ago

    Nintendo Create A Console Called Wii Deluxe

  • Duccio Terraria
    Duccio Terraria 18 days ago +3

    Nintendo fix the online mode

    • Duccio Terraria
      Duccio Terraria 6 days ago +1

      @Aramaru 1837 You must be the discerning one of the family

    • Aramaru 1837
      Aramaru 1837 7 days ago

      Duccio Terraria just say online kid, not that hard

    • Duccio Terraria
      Duccio Terraria 7 days ago

      @Aramaru 1837 multi-player mode? It's the same crap

    • Aramaru 1837
      Aramaru 1837 7 days ago

      Duccio Terraria “the online mode”

  • Julayla
    Julayla 19 days ago +1

    0:00-0:24 why couldn't this intro part be part of the selection of intros in the actual Super Mario Maker 2 game? The intro there is cute

  • BBKGaming
    BBKGaming 21 day ago +1

    Dose anyone know how to download 2 games in the same time to get paid only 99.99$ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • JoJoMKWUTeam
    JoJoMKWUTeam 21 day ago

    3:31, Whatever happened to the orange underground theme?

  • Jorge
    Jorge 23 days ago +2

    Super Mario 3D world would’ve been better if it was actual 3D instead of a 2d form 🤡

  • Subscribe so I get money

    Came for the game


  • Samuel Levi da Silva
    Samuel Levi da Silva 24 days ago +2

    Just missing Mario Odyssey's cap

  • Carlos_b
    Carlos_b 24 days ago

    Why am I watching this after I got the game?

    • Carlos_b
      Carlos_b 22 hours ago

      Guys. Just enjoy the game. lol

    • SM Piano660
      SM Piano660 Day ago

      @Aramaru 1837 A person who's a waste of oxygen by default is a waste of space so your comeback makes no sense. Try again.

    • Aramaru 1837
      Aramaru 1837 Day ago

      SM Piano660 you’re right. You’re a waste of space and oxygen.

    • SM Piano660
      SM Piano660 Day ago

      @Aramaru 1837 The difference is I'm not a waste of oxygen.

  • E.S.T 1989
    E.S.T 1989 25 days ago


  • This Fucking Retard
    This Fucking Retard 25 days ago

    3:21 Korekiyo: DID SOMEBODY SAY SEESAW??!????!?!!??
    Angie:please stop

  • Brian Dubberly
    Brian Dubberly 25 days ago


  • Ethan jacob Mendoza
    Ethan jacob Mendoza 27 days ago

    Wii u: my mario maker was better
    Switch: no mine
    Wii u: no mine
    Switch: you lier
    Nitendo: its okay your mario maker was best

  • Larry koopa gamer z0
    Larry koopa gamer z0 28 days ago +1

    I have an idea for an update maybe you nintendo workers can update bowser jr by tap and holding him and can swap to different koopas larry,lemmy,iggy roy,wendy,ludwig, and morton. The bottom right corner does say the version of the updated game

  • Larry koopa gamer z0
    Larry koopa gamer z0 28 days ago +1

    I have an idea for an update maybe you nintendo workers can update bowser jr by tap and holding him and can swap to different koopas larry,lemmy,iggy roy,wendy,ludwig, and morton.

  • Alex K
    Alex K 28 days ago

    i think we all came for the madlad boom-boom

  • PoKo Mario Gaming Channel

    I want to have beach theme as well in super mario maker 2. Whether we play it by buying beach theme DLC or by update from Nintendo. We have forest, winter, desert and everything. And with beach theme, it would be more perfect. Because beach theme music is really awesome in every Mario titles. 😀

  • Ring_ Rang
    Ring_ Rang Month ago +1

    Only OG’s remember when directs were called digital events

  • Flame The Braixen
    Flame The Braixen Month ago

    Everyone: Slopes, ! Blocks, Clear Pipes, Vertical Courses
    Me: Bucken Berry returns

  • Earth Bounder
    Earth Bounder Month ago

    Hello Nintendo may you a update this game like more enemies and items thank you😁😁

  • Your 1839
    Your 1839 Month ago

    On 2:59 is the blue one slippery like in New Super Mario Bros. Wii?

  • ZR Gaming
    ZR Gaming Month ago +1

    Nintendo can we please have pokeys, spikes, fuzzys, penguin suit, mini mushroom, amp thwimp, huckit crab, waddle wing, broozer, spiny cheep cheep, urchin, jelly beam, flame chomp, fire snake, swoop, fliprus, dragoneel, bramball, foo, cooligan, para beetle, and mega grrro?those items would be dope!

  • 2Day4Real
    2Day4Real Month ago

    i dont't think that you need to unlock things in the build mode.

  • FurwiMienai
    FurwiMienai Month ago

    Twister Can't make everything fly! The ground does not fly!

  • Oscarm1258 channel
    Oscarm1258 channel Month ago

    3:31 it shouldn't been done for changing color in underground theme.

  • Daniel Machaca Paredes

    Este juego muy pronto saldrá para la Wii u?

  • 그래픽현우
    그래픽현우 Month ago

    14:45 Three Combos!

  • Jefferson Gonzales
    Jefferson Gonzales Month ago +1

    Nintendo debería hacer un modo cooperativo donde todos ganan los mismos Puntos like. Para que NINTENDO LO VEA

  • Caron The Cat
    Caron The Cat Month ago +1

    Im watching this on the wii u browser (not joking)

    • Caron The Cat
      Caron The Cat 22 days ago


    • Mahdi RANA
      Mahdi RANA 23 days ago

      Caron The Cat
      Sadly my Wii U is broken. It still works but the screen has dents on it.

  • Ники Чавдаров

    Super Game!

  • Ulrika Jansson
    Ulrika Jansson Month ago

    Wii u: you had one job Nintendo switch swich:Nintendo made it

  • Melissa Hull
    Melissa Hull Month ago

    B O O M B O O M👌

  • Melissa Hull
    Melissa Hull Month ago

    M A D L A D👌

  • InFootball
    InFootball Month ago

    Mario 3d world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Undeadpixel08
    Undeadpixel08 Month ago +1

    3:31 what how is the ground orange

    • Mahdi RANA
      Mahdi RANA 23 days ago

      It’s just a texture that they were gonna use but it’s scrapped for unknown reasons.

  • kirby99
    kirby99 Month ago

    Those 2k dislikes are from Super Mario Maker 2 Wii U owners

  • John Neill
    John Neill Month ago

    Ian Neill thinks this game is better then the last one! Don't you agree nintendo!

  • Crystal Unicorn gacha

    Please add pokeys to super Mario maker 2

  • ICDuck
    ICDuck Month ago

    it came out and i got it pre ordered but i still enjoy watching this lol

  • Bomb Anderson
    Bomb Anderson Month ago

    My Favorite. I Love Super Mario Maker 2 😍

  • SpicyGrunter
    SpicyGrunter Month ago

    The game is epic

  • DjangoBreeze
    DjangoBreeze Month ago +1

    Did you know red yoshis breath fire?