How To Correctly Eat Sushi

Today I show you the proper Japanese way to eat sushi. Think you know how to correctly eat sushi? You're wrong! 90% of people don't know that they've been eating sushi wrong their whole life. This method is great because it allows you to taste every single flavour at once, preventing certain flavours from being too overpowering. This technique has been around for generations - unfortunately not many people know about it. Enjoy your sushi!

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Try not to cry 80% will



Автор Chelsea Walker ( назад)
I love your videos

Автор Baby Harley ( назад)
Just Nasty

Автор Minecraft Gamer ( назад)
For a second I was like finally he is doing something right then I was like uhh

Автор Zergonfilo yay ( назад)
what are the lyrics?

Автор Dougie Couston ( назад)
I love sushi🍣💜💶💷💶💷

Автор advizor mcpe ( назад)

Автор atiba aier ( назад)
shushi porn (with sushi cum)

Автор Ella Wragg ( назад)
I hate sushi so this is fine by ne

Автор Piggy Figgy ( назад)
Omg this is life changing

Автор Julian Emir Prawira ( назад)
I actually learnt a lot from this. I can consider this to be a proper tutorial ;D

Автор Vadim Potapov ( назад)
Пахом, ты ли это?

Автор MikaJD ( назад)
imagine the ppl that actually looked up how to eat proper sushi and this cameb up at the top vid and they watched it expecting it to be legit

Автор BunniesAngie ( назад)
u ok

Автор 뚱이 ( назад)
im korea넌 우리나라에게 모욕감을 줬어

Автор Alejandro Limo ( назад)
god, i thought it was the first normal video of this channel xd

Автор DarwenFlapper ( назад)
fack my brain and eyes

Автор Annie Thao ( назад)
You give the sushi to me

Автор ZombieX ( назад)
0:54 seconds of normal(ish)ness!!!


Автор I_AM_MOSES_ ( назад)
На 01:10 говорят по русски.

Автор Yamila Allegroni ( назад)
parece Marcel ()

Автор 太郎東京 ( назад)

Автор Shadow Angela ( назад)
the beginning was too peaceful .... but then peace ended.

Автор Carina Wong ( назад)
Made me throw up... but its okay.

Автор Travis Ward ( назад)
how to correctly offend Chinese people

Автор Alexandra Ciucā ( назад)
who the fuck created this video?... hes not normal.. thank you for this horrible and disgusting video. are you stupid, man?................................................fck yrslf

Автор Najla Syakira ( назад)
juice sushi is f***.

Автор Jaydan Laracuente ( назад)
At first I thought oh he's not going to make a mess bet then he'd did sooo that escalated quickly

Автор Hoots The Owl ( назад)
I feel like these are the sounds you hear when you enter hell

Автор Say Meow ( назад)
Is it american red21?

Автор NEON ( назад)
No please NO GOD!

Автор Даниил Иванов ( назад)
Holy Shit

Автор nawaf shams ( назад)
it is soooo funny

Автор 버워치영상오 ( назад)

Автор wrauscher1 ( назад)
At least he showed his face this time

Автор Gamer's Galaxy ( назад)
Man you hate Japanese and Chinese food

Автор Content Pit ( назад)
sure that's not puke?

Автор Denise Carlos ( назад)
This is how to eat sushi disgusting and you'll enjoy it :D

Автор Николь Дроботун ( назад)

Автор KainetheWolf ( назад)
anythingforviews is my shiy

Автор RMK Games ( назад)

Автор Азалия Рыскужина ( назад)
Зачем над роликами издеваться?!!! Зачем вообще над едой издеваться?! Взяли и Японскую честь и еду тронули! Дизлайк!!!!😈

Автор Lucy Merkun ( назад)
two girls and one cup recreated...

Автор Omar Rehan ( назад)
That's so funny (๑・̑◡・̑๑)❤️😂😂

Автор النمر TIGER ( назад)
شواذ ابناء قبحة

Автор Nicos Villasanta ( назад)
Dude Your Freind Must Be Like Dead Now

Автор that girl that watches too much anime ( назад)
(looks at vid)
This will probably ruin sushi for me.

Автор Joseph Kim ( назад)
... this is insane how is that eating sushi correctly!?
I feel sad for the fat guy

Автор BonziBUDDY ( назад)
Holy shit it's Bo Rai Cho from Mortal Kombat

Автор camreon johnson ( назад)

Автор PSD official ( назад)

Автор Zomb Rmx ( назад)

Автор Nuntapat Ponkrida ( назад)

Автор Nuntapat Ponkrida ( назад)

Автор durian maggot ( назад)
my nephew vomits from watching this......and he regrets for watching...and feels bad for the guy

Автор Daniel Alcapone ( назад)
poor man

Автор Nyangurlcraft ( назад)
He added way too much soy sauce

Автор Cracked Kandy ( назад)
Imagine matt from supermega watching this

Автор DAT BOI!!!! ( назад)
Damm,that's some good looking sushi 🍣

Автор chaotic studios ( назад)
Chad Roberts ladies and gentlemen

Автор diana diana ( назад)

Автор Előd Herczeg ( назад)

Автор DogeGamer16 ( назад)
Poor chad

Автор Николай Бойко ( назад)
good content

Автор Gracy Abertos ( назад)
Step 1:eat wildly

Автор 공사현장 바 라기 ( назад)
김밥에다 스시올림?

Автор Fatima abdallah ( назад)
Perfect just perfect

Автор Krig Kessler ( назад)
Em I the only one who notices the hidden messages in his videos?? I mean... really.. This guy is genius. FilthyFrank, HowToBasic, h3h3, idubbbz and other guys are just awesome how clever and wise they are.. THIS IS ART BRO !

Автор mr. Shalamana moo moo ( назад)

Автор Nayita XD ( назад)
Perfect! 👌

Автор Russ Johnson ( назад)
That was a weird ending;-;

Автор ジェミオス ( назад)
お お前・・・

Автор Xin Jin ( назад)
Btw, wtf did I just watch

Автор Xin Jin ( назад)
These thumbnails are so convincing

Автор やじう先輩 ( назад)

Автор M&H ( назад)
Hey Hey Hey!!! HEEEEEeeeyyyyyyy!!!! Sushi is traditional food in my country....T^T うちらの魂...

Автор Fernando Javier Llanos Rocha ( назад)
Lol 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼😂😂😂😷😷😷🤢🤢🤢

Автор fujimoto shiro ( назад)
I didn't know this was how to basic then i saw my mistake

Автор วัชระ บุญแก้วปอม ( назад)

Автор HELL SPOON ( назад)
how to eat fish poop.

Автор Chantal Rojas Pascheco ( назад)
pliss one normal video

Автор Fag ( назад)
1 guy 1 cup

Автор Tsunami Sushi ( назад)
I can confirm this is the exact method for eating sushi correctly. Thanks for sharing, it is of the upmost annoyance to me when I am eaten the improper way. Maybe people will see this video and learn.

Автор JooJ CeeC ( назад)
2 guys 1 sushi

Автор Sasha Pomazkin ( назад)

Автор 佐藤勝己 ( назад)
0:24 醤油の量が多い

Автор SmoothJackson5 ( назад)
I'm Japanese.
Crazy & Dirty:)

Автор -_ПупырКа* ChanneL_- ( назад)
*i was eating brah...*

Автор The_Pet Master ( назад)
1:20 i find this video INCREDIBLY satisfying!!!!

Автор Happy comments ( назад)
So how many sushi do I need to eat sushi correctly..?

Автор LoonyLuna ( назад)
the man in this video did not deserve such torture

Автор Oscar Espanol ( назад)
This Vid is so funny

Автор TheNaturalGamer XP ( назад)

Автор NotSoShyGuy ( назад)
who got offended

Автор Miki sav ( назад)
How do you pick your victims

Автор Brandi Vokaj ( назад)
i'm disgusted 😝

Автор Joel Alexander ( назад)
Um...I think I would stick to the normal way to eat Sushi!!! Who else?

Автор ender gaming girl ( назад)
everthing was fine untill that guy eat shushi

Автор Ms.Spider ( назад)
Is that guy ok?!

Автор Xepic boy123X ( назад)
ur money will gone because of that

Автор MasterNoob1 [Gd] ( назад)
xddxdxd watf

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