How To Correctly Eat Sushi

  • Опубликовано: 31 авг 2016
  • Today I show you the proper Japanese way to eat sushi. Think you know how to correctly eat sushi? You're wrong! 90% of people don't know that they've been eating sushi wrong their whole life. This method is great because it allows you to taste every single flavour at once, preventing certain flavours from being too overpowering. This technique has been around for generations - unfortunately not many people know about it. Enjoy your sushi!
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    how to eat sushi after this...

    CUA COI 21 день назад

    What The Freeking Fuck

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    Cat 22 дня назад

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    cottencandy 3.0 25 дней назад

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    dabeez KNEEZ Месяц назад

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    Joseph Dinh Месяц назад

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