• Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Michael and Gavin make a DIY Drink Cart from the Always Open bevs and deliver free drinks to everyone at the office.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Captain Scum
    Captain Scum 6 days ago

    watching thi shit is giving me scoliosis jesus christ

  • O Gomez
    O Gomez 9 days ago

    It feels like when Geoff stopped drinking everyone else decided to pick up his slack, not realizing that 4 of them can be full time alcoholics and still won't match Drunk Geoffs daily intake.

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 10 days ago

    Absolutely hilarious

  • Xeros Sturn
    Xeros Sturn 17 days ago

    I'd run a booze cart in an office building. Would be nice.

  • s0ulzen
    s0ulzen 19 days ago

    I like that the default for Gavin and Trevor when they see their love one is to smear their hand in their face

  • Fakie Prime
    Fakie Prime 19 days ago

    5:10 whose the baddy that walked out with that walk 😍😍

  • Cisco Navarro
    Cisco Navarro 20 days ago

    I almost forgot Chris existed until I saw this video

  • josh jones
    josh jones 21 day ago

    i wanna work here and do this shit every single day.

  • Dick Bong
    Dick Bong Month ago

    ...Why do they have a fucking soup can on the drink cart?

  • Captain BellyButton

    Barbara is 100% a clone of Trevor which is kinda weird now that im thinking about it xD

  • Ubersnipe
    Ubersnipe Month ago

    One of the best videos I've seen come out of RT.

  • Sir Prize
    Sir Prize Month ago

    3:38 - Jeremy spawning in like an NPC.

  • stormclawwarrior
    stormclawwarrior Month ago

    as a bartender watching this video is painful

  • Brendon Arce
    Brendon Arce Month ago

    We need a part 2

  • Big Disappointment
    Big Disappointment Month ago

    How did I never notice the Drawfee mug before?

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    The best part is that they blurred michael's plumber crack

  • chicken mama
    chicken mama Month ago

    Michael and gavin getting into shit is the best thing

  • Anony Ninja
    Anony Ninja 2 months ago

    This was the least funny thing i've ever seen. The lack of comedy is making me angry, i can't understand why this exists.

  • Zoey Inkling
    Zoey Inkling 2 months ago

    No wonder the slow mo guys channel doesn't upload much.

  • rivalcr3w
    rivalcr3w 2 months ago

    It’s achievement hunters version of clap trap 😂

  • sauce the boss
    sauce the boss 2 months ago

    Lads Automatic Drinking Service
    L.A.D.S for short😁

  • Bimbletin
    Bimbletin 3 months ago

    Gavin seems like the kind of person who has a pilots license, you know?

  • stinger9
    stinger9 3 months ago

    I expected them to bottle it when they saw Barb

  • Hydra Salesman
    Hydra Salesman 3 months ago

    This is the worst best idea ever.

    _MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 3 months ago

    When you realize why it's lads and not nice dinamite is because jeremys the one behind the camera

    Edit: 3:45 or not
    Who the fucks behind the camera
    And why isn't this nice dinamite instead of lads

    Ah it's trevor Trevor even a lad
    Wait I just realised I don't even know who's in what sub group anymore
    I remember the olden days when it was just gents and lads
    Ray gav and Mikey the lads
    Jack Ryan and Geoff the gents
    Who's in what now

    _MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 3 months ago

    One day both Gavin and Michael are gonna get fired but they'll just start there own channel and they'll surpass achievement hunter in a week because they'll market it on slow mo

      _MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 2 months ago

      @T_E_C_H_N_9_N_E MHPH ...why no...
      If you mean it'll never happen no da
      If you mean they aren't the most prominent achievement hunter members that's an opinion

    • T_E_C_H_N_9_N_E MHPH
      T_E_C_H_N_9_N_E MHPH 2 months ago


  • Jak of Hearts
    Jak of Hearts 3 months ago

    creeper ahmail

  • Yes I like MCR
    Yes I like MCR 3 months ago

    My 2 favourite people on this channel doing something stupid, just what I wanted to come home to

  • KroneYT
    KroneYT 3 months ago

    3:03 - *_b O t T o M o F t H e H o U r_*

    CHAVCHAZ _ 3 months ago

    Ok that camera dude was just wonderful

  • WJAI ,
    WJAI , 3 months ago

    This makes me want ochata with rum

  • Verse Jumper
    Verse Jumper 3 months ago

    blasphemy...calling Bombay bad gin.

  • Phantom Toast
    Phantom Toast 3 months ago

    Drawfee mug

  • Ryan "Raucous Hearthstone"

    Damn, is it just me or do they look YOUNG!

  • TristanEatsYouNom
    TristanEatsYouNom 3 months ago

    6:20 drawfee mug spotted!

  • Tyler Skelton
    Tyler Skelton 3 months ago

    How did Michael fit in that thing

  • One-Leg Studios
    One-Leg Studios 3 months ago

    Even the two of them were better than the entirety of RT life at a heist

  • Nigel ThornBerry
    Nigel ThornBerry 3 months ago

    I would love for my job to give them drinks all day

  • FlashMan16
    FlashMan16 3 months ago

    2:25 This is where you can tell Gavin is nothing but a manchild. Sitting on the floor, finger on lips? That is absolutely from his primary school days (it's called Primary School because he's from the UK) and the teacher gets the class to quieten down by telling them all to sit on the floor with fingers on lips. I think it's adorable that that's his goto reaction to trying to remain quiet.

  • Holmesy87
    Holmesy87 3 months ago

    Currently sat on the shitter, bring me bevs!

  • Shelly Arell
    Shelly Arell 3 months ago

    This video still just makes me smile.

  • Zach Burton
    Zach Burton 3 months ago

    This had to be staged

  • Luis Salcedo
    Luis Salcedo 3 months ago

    Love this cheeky chit

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 months ago

    Trevor showcasing Barb’s “that tastes like shit but I’m gonna swallow because that kind of bad ass girl” face was kind of priceless.

  • The Gaming Mobster
    The Gaming Mobster 3 months ago

    I’m angry now cuz I really like that rum and I’m out XD

  • Zydrate Plays
    Zydrate Plays 3 months ago +1

    The slow pan to Barb was poetic cinema.

  • Gears war
    Gears war 3 months ago +1

    Sun wukong and his teammate Scarlett steal Qrows alcohol and give it to students and teachers.

  • moneyman295
    moneyman295 3 months ago +1

    The idea of triple sec and rumchata makes me physically ill

  • moneyman295
    moneyman295 3 months ago +1

    3:08 blurred buttcrack

  • MsCunningLinguistic
    MsCunningLinguistic 3 months ago

    *picks up vanilla liqueur* “this is vegetable oil”

  • Avery Destin
    Avery Destin 3 months ago

    6:20 was that a Drawfee mug?

  • Chuck Finly
    Chuck Finly 3 months ago

    What do this guys actually do ,like work wise?

  • Grace McCoo
    Grace McCoo 3 months ago

    Chris looks so tired😂

  • G
    G 3 months ago

    Say no to crack, Michael.

  • kilo1901
    kilo1901 3 months ago

    What bev do you make with Campbell?

  • Miley Wadlinger
    Miley Wadlinger 3 months ago

    Jeremy's just casually standing out in the middle of the parking lot

  • rafael ruiz
    rafael ruiz 3 months ago

    This was a heist before i even blinked

  • Mik Moen
    Mik Moen 3 months ago

    Camera guy got a little handsy. Was he dipping into the beverage cart off camera?

  • MS620BGtestAcc
    MS620BGtestAcc 3 months ago

    I like that they had three clean glasses and used two of them for the first customer.

  • Drake Cleland
    Drake Cleland 4 months ago

    Hey were trying to bring the drinks to you. You look like your , sitting here