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  • Published on Oct 25, 2016
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    Few individuals have influenced the world and many of today’s thinkers like Plato. He created the first Western university and was teacher to Ancient Greece’s greatest minds, including Aristotle. But even he wasn’t perfect. Along with his great ideas, Plato had a few that haven’t exactly stood the test of time. Wisecrack gives a brief rundown of a few of Plato’s best and worst ideas.
    Lesson by Wisecrack, animation by Aaron, Tom and Mathias Studios.

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  • Rohith Kumar
    Rohith Kumar 6 hours ago

    Please talk about thiruvalluvar the author of tirukural - the book translated in many world languages

  • Justin
    Justin 2 days ago

    The idea that the womb wanders wasn't completely bad for women. The vibrator was invented to help "cure" this problem.

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco 2 days ago

    I'm not sure if Plato believed there was a literal world of ideal forms in another dimension. Also I think "noble lie" is a mistranslation of "magnificent myth" which is also not meant to be taken literally. Plato had an enormous impact on western philosophy but almost none in actual political practice. Our leaders are more educated than the rest of us but not more enlightened.

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco 2 days ago

    I have an urge to run around outside and eat grain without using my hands.

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson 4 days ago

    He was a totalitarian

  • enter.the.void.II
    enter.the.void.II 6 days ago

    Ask Aristotle about Plato's bad ideas

  • Brainlet
    Brainlet 8 days ago

    "Women = children" seems like one of his better ideas actually.

    • Malchik Blue
      Malchik Blue 7 days ago

      There was an ancient Greek play where women took over the forum and basically ran Greece into the ground.

  • scott left
    scott left 8 days ago

    I can just see him studying afterbirth and the womb of a childbirth victim and thinking it an octapus.
    Metal still plays on our phsyci....tems in society, culture, slang and film....Golden boy, silver tongue...hard as steel, blood and iron....."iron born"....etc, will always exist.

  • Cavman Bash
    Cavman Bash 8 days ago

    I the Sam Onella academy has a better explanation of the fatherless biped

  • PedrivoGamer 3,14
    PedrivoGamer 3,14 8 days ago

    Plato didn't create filosophy, this existed really before he

  • angelorf
    angelorf 9 days ago

    Plato did not classify humans as birds.

  • Quintaner
    Quintaner 10 days ago

    Personally don’t like Plato’s forms. I think it’s a bit ridiculous to say that there is any true objectivity or perfection

  • Anita Foster
    Anita Foster 11 days ago

    Hmm...the noble lie.

  • weezact7
    weezact7 12 days ago +71

    Of course he had some bad ideas. After all, Plato was just an imperfect replication of the perfect philosopher.

  • Grady Parazin
    Grady Parazin 12 days ago

    Play dough is amazing

  • DaRealFlamez98
    DaRealFlamez98 13 days ago

    Wait did he say 20th century?!?!?? Plato was around in 450 B.C

    • weezact7
      weezact7 12 days ago

      They said "Most of 20th century philosophy". As in, the philosophy he inspired was 20th century. Not him.

    THE BEE IN THE REEDS 17 days ago

    My dogs name is Plato. Aristicles collytus was his real name.

  • R Madayag
    R Madayag 17 days ago

    It's arguable if Noble lie + Philosopher king really was the basis for Dictators directly, but they are definitely based indirectly from these concepts due to many dictatorial regimes basing themselves off of Imperialist histories like in Italy, Russia, Germany, etc. These empires of europe and even some in Arabia and North Africa definitely had a basis in Plato's concepts of thr Philosopher King, Noble Lie, and his general pro-authority stance.

  • Balázs Koma
    Balázs Koma 18 days ago

    When I heard Diogenes, I knew that something will go down

  • Baguetti Spaghetti
    Baguetti Spaghetti 23 days ago

    Diogenes has entered the chat

  • Bullet Kin
    Bullet Kin 23 days ago

    God I love Diogenes

  • Mysterious Person
    Mysterious Person 24 days ago

    The reason why Plato said "fatherless bipeds" is because most people disnt know what monkeys were.
    Fun fact, from what I understand

    • Malchik Blue
      Malchik Blue 7 days ago

      I think he reasoned it solely on the fact birds are the only other true biped.

  • Li Miser
    Li Miser 25 days ago

    Why does the narrator sound like Ryan Reynolds?

  • John Alejandro
    John Alejandro 26 days ago +1

    I agreed that women are equal to children. They are more in tune of emotions to others and have a caring attitude than men. Best for raising Children but worse in leadership skills for a nation.

    • kaldaz
      kaldaz 8 days ago

      Women are not equal to children, but you certainly are.

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller 27 days ago +1

    I don’t think Plato said or thought that the womb travels or that we’re featherless birds. Pretty important topic to talk about without research.

  • debaditya bhowmik
    debaditya bhowmik 27 days ago

    The Noble lie is basically Varna system... And is actually a very good system for small civilizations, but fails hard when used in a large network

    MR_INTERNET Month ago

    >Implying Plato had wrong ideas.

  • DarkEchoes
    DarkEchoes Month ago

    I would like to hear an explanation for WHY Plato viewed man as a wingless bird before I'm told that I should reject it.

    • MetalMagpie
      MetalMagpie Month ago

      I have no evidence to back this up, but I wonder if his reasoning was that birds walk on two legs (like we do) whilst most other animals he would have seen (dogs, horses, cows, etc.) walk on four legs.

  • Flip flops
    Flip flops Month ago

    Ele foi foda, a galinha sem pena kkk

  • Beowulf Macbethson
    Beowulf Macbethson Month ago

    Behold! TedTalk's video!

  • Pavan
    Pavan Month ago

    Here it is- the perfect comment!

  • Juno Lee
    Juno Lee Month ago

    y‘all really stan plato huh...

  • Dionysus I
    Dionysus I Month ago

    Wouldnt platos theory of soul go under bad ideas, as this was debunked long ago?

  • Juan Pueblo
    Juan Pueblo Month ago

    confucius also talk a lot about the same things

  • pvuccino
    pvuccino Month ago

    I never knew about the chicken thing! But it was astonishing that he actually got the whole "we're descended from animals" right! He just guessed the wrong animal! Though I highly doubt there were any monkeys in ancient Greece!

  • Christos Roussos
    Christos Roussos Month ago

    Stop using "Σ" as "E" !!!!!

  • Udit Shroff
    Udit Shroff Month ago

    That noble lie is basically the indian caste system

  • Sebastian kolroW
    Sebastian kolroW Month ago

    Plato looks like little ceasar's pizza

  • Danny Flo
    Danny Flo Month ago +1

    how come plato looks like the little ceaser's guy? Pizza Pizza

  • Kishalay Sinha
    Kishalay Sinha Month ago

    Lakshmi nath

  • Kishalay Sinha
    Kishalay Sinha Month ago

    What about Apollo - god of medicine - bez barua

  • Vahe Ohanian
    Vahe Ohanian Month ago

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the "Noble Lie." It helps spur innovation, competition and a constant striving forward in evolution. I will never forget what my Marine Corps Drill Instructors said about coming in second in a competition. They said it was equivalent to being the first to lose. Nowadays, even losers in a soccer match get trophies. Pathetic.

    • Vahe Ohanian
      Vahe Ohanian Month ago

      +MetalMagpie The way you characterized The Noble Lie is probably not what Plato meant. Not everyone is born wanting the same passions. Some are born with a Gold spirit, others are happy with their Silver and some even more happier in Bronze. The type of metal or skills one has should motivate them to improve if they so desire. That requires competition and striving for improvement for the betterment of mankind. Plato was always advocating the pursuit of knowledge for citizens. Doesn't that notion contradict your position?

    • MetalMagpie
      MetalMagpie Month ago

      My understanding of the Noble Lie is that people are born to particular roles in society, which means they shouldn't try to get above their station. If you're not "born with gold in your soul" you will never be a leader, so don't strive to be one. Which I think is the opposite to what your drill instructor was advocating for?

  • Guillermo El Nino
    Guillermo El Nino Month ago

    Women are children, change my mind.

  • joseph Ivernel
    joseph Ivernel Month ago

    You did not understand the world of form. It is not about the « ideal » it is about the essence of it. It is too long to explain, and I got neither the time nor the envy, but yeah, careful with what you say, you got audience.

  • Lorenzo Passero
    Lorenzo Passero Month ago +1

    Wait, what?!
    The first Western university was founded in Bologna (the same place where Bolognese sauce and lasagne come from), Italy, in 1088 AD.
    What you stated goes against every historical study and every historian's opinion. This is very uninformative and, honestly, I didn't expect TED-ed to commit these rough mistakes.

    • Anna Makara
      Anna Makara Month ago +1

      Plato was a philosopher during the 5th century BCE. He was a student of Socrates and later taught Aristotle. He founded the Academy, an academic program which many consider to be the first Western university.
      Plato (428/427 - 348/347 BCE) is considered the pre-eminent Greekphilosopher, known for his Dialogues and for founding his Academy north of Athens, traditionally considered the first university in the western world.
      While yes, "The first true university in the West wasfounded at Bologna late in the 11th century. It became a widely respected school of canon and civil law. The first university to arise in northern Europe was the University of Paris,founded between 1150 and 1170." That is the first *TRUE* university.
      "Plato’s Academy, founded in the 380s, was the *ultimate ancestor of the modern university* (hence the English term academic); an influential centre of research and learning. . ."

  • Elite Troll
    Elite Troll Month ago +1

    Linking women to children?? What a madman! What a bad idea..

  • Reda Ali
    Reda Ali Month ago

    Regarding the "truth behind reality" tho being vague, is often applied by scientest in some fields to compare some real factors with unrealistic circumstance, such as complete vacuum, perfect sphere, where we know these phenomena don't exist but we can articulate perfect imaginary forms to explain real life phenomena.

  • ubayd mir
    ubayd mir Month ago +1

    Socrates was the real genius.

    • me me
      me me Month ago

      Plato was his student. I guess you can say he influence him

  • Damian Grouse
    Damian Grouse Month ago

    He wasn’t all wrong about the womb thing...ever heard of “endometriosis”?

  • EMS 76
    EMS 76 Month ago +4

    Best and worst of Plato in only 5 minutes ... c'mon now. Let's get serious

  • starxtq
    starxtq Month ago

    Im greek we are thought all of this in High school

  • Jayadeep Jayesh
    Jayadeep Jayesh Month ago

    So our reality is a proxy file

  • Sam Osteen
    Sam Osteen Month ago

    Plus, he was a faithful friend to his buddy, Beetle Bailey.

  • n ziom
    n ziom 2 months ago


    • n ziom
      n ziom 2 months ago

      Hearing the word Plato made me want to say plankton for some reason

  • Airazor
    Airazor 2 months ago

    Featherless Biped?
    *looks at Kangaroo*
    Hey look, a man

    NGUYEN LE 2 months ago +1

    He was so angry that Plato called humans plucked birds, that he interrupted Plato's lesson by throwing a plucked chicken on the ground and made fun of him. I'm not even sure whether that is the epitome of pettiness, or the greatest and first murder by words.

  • Elena Adams
    Elena Adams 2 months ago

    Diogenes the petty

  • Christoffer Johansson
    Christoffer Johansson 2 months ago


  • Você mesmo
    Você mesmo 2 months ago

    Solution: anarcho capitalism

  • rishi roy
    rishi roy 2 months ago

    Was it only me who saw a matrix in the pile of papers!

  • Kudoshi
    Kudoshi 2 months ago +1

    Anyone here dont understand a single thing? Only me? Okay.

    • Kudoshi
      Kudoshi 2 months ago

      Almost everything. I cant wrap my head around the concept mentioned and i cant see how it is applied or how the concept is related to how things work.

    • Petyr Baelish
      Petyr Baelish 2 months ago

      What do you not understand?
      It's not that hard...

  • LethalBubbles
    LethalBubbles 2 months ago

    The city of the Republic is your brain!

  • Otto Von Bismarck 1871
    Otto Von Bismarck 1871 2 months ago

    Diogenes: hey guys check out this human! *Throws down a cooked rotisserie chicken*

  • Michael Efraimidis
    Michael Efraimidis 3 months ago

    In this fake video it is stated that Plato said people are made with different materials which is WRONG. He said it as a lie in order to persuade the leaders of a country to use eugenics . If you don't believe me read it his book Politeia book #3 415.A where he discusses his idea about eugenics with Glafkonas .

  • Greek Boy123
    Greek Boy123 3 months ago

    Why did u make Plato look Egyptian

  • Balendula
    Balendula 3 months ago

    The main flaw of this video is calling an idea that is thousands of years old "bad." It seems bad to us now, but Plato had his reasons at the time for believing what he believed in.

  • Justin Marion
    Justin Marion 3 months ago

    If Plato was the inspiration for dictators and propaganda after him, then who was the inspiration for the dictators and tyrants before him?

  • neththom999
    neththom999 3 months ago

    The only time Alfred North Whitehead is ever mentioned is in reference to to his quote about Plato and even then his name is never spoken. It's all "It's been said..." or in this case "one 20th century philosopher even went so far as to...". The guy is the Voldemort of philosophy.

  • Mr Squeaker
    Mr Squeaker 3 months ago

    Sam O’nella talked about Diogonese better.

  • Siddharth Kakroo
    Siddharth Kakroo 3 months ago

    The real founder of political science was Kautalya. He wrote a book called Arthashatra. Why can't Ted ed make a video on him.

  • Melyssa Hawes
    Melyssa Hawes 3 months ago

    plato is the epitome of an enneagram type one

  • Gustavo Exel
    Gustavo Exel 3 months ago

    What great contribution Plato gave us. If only I could live in his so wonderful democratic utopia.

  • Gustavo Exel
    Gustavo Exel 3 months ago

    Socrates didn't even exist. In his journeys to the world of forms, Plato created Socrates.

  • Gustavo Exel
    Gustavo Exel 3 months ago

    Yeah, Plato was WAY HIGH in the world of forms.

  • Bryce Perry
    Bryce Perry 3 months ago

    The ancient Egyptians were the founders of philosophy

  • Jay Mazella
    Jay Mazella 3 months ago

    This whole video is based on the presupposition that there exist objectively ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ideas. I think we can safely assume that the axiom that they’re coming from is that of contemporary Social-Democracy, as though it represents the distillation of positive progress, rather than a decaying system.
    Thanks for telling me what to think, Ted-Ed. Whatever would we do without mouthpieces such as yourself guiding us through the big scary world of philosophy.

  • Team- 22
    Team- 22 3 months ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Hummingbird Journey
    Hummingbird Journey 3 months ago +1

    Laozi took different approch, which he believes the nature of mind is formless, shapless, and constantly changing through out the illusion of time.

  • Random Doggo
    Random Doggo 4 months ago

    plato looks like the mascot of little caesars pizza but with a beard

  • BulletBill110
    BulletBill110 4 months ago +1

    u can’t just say they are bad ideas, when that’s just your opinion

  • Anna Demidova
    Anna Demidova 4 months ago

    "Comprised of"... hurt my ears

  • Amogh Vastrad
    Amogh Vastrad 4 months ago

    Now primary school students are intelligent than Plato

  • Frayjais
    Frayjais 4 months ago +1

    Fun to play with, not to eat

  • kristeen
    kristeen 4 months ago

    Not sure but when I read the republic I thought it mentioned women being of the same intellect as men? Just not as physically strong which I thought was way ahead of its time. But maybe it doesn’t I haven’t read it in a long time

  • Yellow King
    Yellow King 4 months ago

    Women *are* childlike.

  • EsPiri Reis
    EsPiri Reis 4 months ago

    So who founded plutocracy? was it pluto or someone else?

  • Max Luna
    Max Luna 4 months ago +1

    Plato: This is "Featheless Bipeds!"
    Diogenes: *Shows plucked chicken* BEHOLD, PLATO'S MAN!

    • weezact7
      weezact7 12 days ago

      No, it was probably a raw chicken. Not roasted :P

  • R3TR05P3CT
    R3TR05P3CT 4 months ago

    0:48 Minecraft Oof.

  • mburak78able
    mburak78able 4 months ago


  • ToxicAssaultGD
    ToxicAssaultGD 4 months ago

    They should do something on Diogenes :D

  • gear drop
    gear drop 4 months ago

    plato was a brotha, athens was part of the neo-nubian empire

  • Kyle W.
    Kyle W. 4 months ago

    Lol founder of political science is actually a massive insult

    A SEARCHER 4 months ago

    Hi everybody , I have a channel about philosophy . I am sharing philosophy chat series. If you watch my first video and give me an advice about philosophical method , I will be very happy 🙏❤

  • Rapid Fire
    Rapid Fire 4 months ago

    Plato's idea of the ideal society had been divided into three for a very important reason, that one person was only naturally capable of perfecting or mastering at one job and if for example someone who was a shoemaker or a business man but he had naturally been born to be a guardian or a soldier then that man would not just damage or destroy himself but also the entire society or the community because everyone depended on everyone and if one person would not be perfect at something he would hold back the entire community. There are perfectly logical reasons for Plato to not support certain aspects of democracy and if you wish to prove them or the results incorrect then you must first read and understand The Republic which clearly has been described in the video but rather the final ends of the dialogue or the ideas of Plato.

  • Aaron Calcuim
    Aaron Calcuim 4 months ago

    الله يجازيك الخير وشكر جزيل لك يا مترجم لكن السبب يجب ان يغير للعقل فهو الأقرب لشرح جزئية Reason 1:50

  • Guillermo Perona Guerrero
    Guillermo Perona Guerrero 4 months ago +1

    Actually, Plato did not argue anything, at least in the kind of way that modern philosophers do. What we call "Plato"s philosophy" is just an interpretation from his Dialogues, most of the time assuming that the real thoughts of Plato are under the character of Socrates, but this is just a naive mistake, because each dialogue is situated in a very deliberated dramathic scene like also the characters that dialogue with Socrates, because both are in relation with the subject that appears in the Dialogue so in that way the text is able to express it implicitly and explicitly (while the rest of most writed philosophy only pretends to express itself in a explicit way; that's why it is always imperfect). In a Dialogue like the Phaedro and also in the VII letter (and the specialists are mostly agree about its authenticity) we can see the very deep understanding of Plato about the implications of trying to write philisophy.
    So, in a way, maybe it can be clear that some of the thoughts of the Dialogues are part of the real thoughts of Plato, but we can not be sure at all, especially when in the VII letter he says that it is not apropiatte for a serious philosopher to write his real thoughts. So maybe it would be better to talk about Plato's philosophy with a little more caution.

  • Emperor Of Wall
    Emperor Of Wall 4 months ago

    Neville Goddard
    Alan Watts

  • Jack Ash
    Jack Ash 4 months ago

    Plato's decision of society in three groups sounds lot like the cast system in Hinduism.

  • Yasser Pundaodaya
    Yasser Pundaodaya 4 months ago

    2:18: savagery at its finest

  • FortegoLite
    FortegoLite 4 months ago

    0:44 The tripartite and winged soul mythology made the cut as a "good" idea?