$100 Challenge: Urban Outfitters vs Thrifted!

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • I thought it'd be fun to do the $100 shopping challenge at Urban Outfitters vs Goodwill!
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  • Lilli V
    Lilli V 19 hours ago +1

    There goes my hero pitching once again. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jordyn The Chicken Nugget

    foo fighters, the best baseball team ever😊

  • Bob ross Likes to paint

    0:04 me when my friend asks if I am excited to go back to school

  • Kraaazyy Kattz
    Kraaazyy Kattz 2 days ago +4

    Yess foo fighters!!

    Only My Favourite Baseball Team!

  • Emily Tan
    Emily Tan 2 days ago +3

    *You should did a trying to get a job at Brandy Melville*

  • Jenna Joy
    Jenna Joy 3 days ago +3

    Foo fighters is a band😂😂but that's ok syd love ya❤️

  • Claire Louise
    Claire Louise 4 days ago +4

    “Foo Fighters... what is that?” Oh my GOD WHAT 😂😂😂😂 can’t be serious.

  • kusum gaud
    kusum gaud 5 days ago +2

    Sydney I challenge you you can't do the don't laugh challenge and I am damn sure 😎

  • Madison Renee
    Madison Renee 5 days ago

    this girl is so out of touch and annoying jesus christ...

  • Special K's Channel
    Special K's Channel 5 days ago

    I don’t like thrifting cause you don’t know where that shirt has been

    • Emily Palacios
      Emily Palacios 5 days ago

      Special K's Channel that's why washers exist

  • Gaby Cervantes
    Gaby Cervantes 5 days ago

    Foo fighters=band

  • Jenn Truong
    Jenn Truong 5 days ago +1

    The pleather jacket is cute! One rule of thrifting: Inspect before you buy!

  • Nahomy Mejia
    Nahomy Mejia 8 days ago

    Sindney i subscribe and turn on the bell for i can see more videos

  • Jaylin Martinez
    Jaylin Martinez 9 days ago


  • Meredith Tucker
    Meredith Tucker 9 days ago

    No offense but why is your hoodie $50?

  • jenna albin
    jenna albin 10 days ago

    ly syd 💕💕💕

  • jenna albin
    jenna albin 10 days ago

    my friend : what’s your fave baseball team?

  • ShezaVlogs
    ShezaVlogs 10 days ago

    If I ever get anything from Goodwill EVER, I will ask my mom to wash it. Like, put it in the laundry. Who knows what the person who used to wear it did to it... EW!

  • Dalal Bazi
    Dalal Bazi 10 days ago +2

    Why does she blink so much

    • softvvm
      softvvm 10 days ago

      stop hating omg

  • Emily Johns
    Emily Johns 12 days ago

    your so funny and pretty

  • Ava Bouchard
    Ava Bouchard 13 days ago

    ya u totally watched (snoopy) when u were little its called Charlie Brooooooown im dead right now

  • Caimme Benito
    Caimme Benito 13 days ago

    No hate but you look really weird in the thumbnail.

    Ps. Love you Syd.

  • Katarina Pjanić
    Katarina Pjanić 14 days ago

    OMG I literally have the same snoopy shirt

  • Jesselyn Wijaya
    Jesselyn Wijaya 14 days ago

    how she say hoodies😂

  • Emily Mae Murtha
    Emily Mae Murtha 18 days ago +2

    i applaud you for finding a pair of jeans for $9 at urban outfitters tho

  • ᗰOᑎᗪIE
    ᗰOᑎᗪIE 19 days ago

    Goodwill is the best 💕

    Btw im a small youtuber 💕

  • EJ styles
    EJ styles 21 day ago

    i'm sorry but the second pair of "joggers" from the goodwill are leggings!

  • A The cheerleader channel

    Foo fighters is a band

  • Emily Hice
    Emily Hice 22 days ago

    You are soooo pretty! And you kinda look like the Merrell twins (i definitely spelled it wrong)

  • Nadia Brewer
    Nadia Brewer 23 days ago

    lol she looks like jules from jules and saud

  • LøstSünfløwër0 8
    LøstSünfløwër0 8 24 days ago

    I’ve seen a lot of comments about how omg “she thought foo fighters was a baseball team” if ya didn’t know Sydney, foo fighters is a rock band.

  • Hai Peeps
    Hai Peeps 26 days ago +2

    Wow her shoe size tho I mean it's a decent -ish size but like my shoe size is 8 - 8.5 oof (I am no where close to her age lol 😂)

  • E C
    E C 26 days ago

    foo fighters is iconic

    and not for baseball

    • Nirali Kumar
      Nirali Kumar 22 days ago

      I think she meant the style of the tee

  • That one Stereotype

    Foo Fighters...... Baseball? NOOOOOOOOO honest mistake I guess.

  • aud
    aud Month ago +2


  • rileyandss
    rileyandss Month ago

    as a lover of foo fighters I’m kinda mad lol

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith Month ago

    and i ooP-

  • Emma Aumiller
    Emma Aumiller Month ago

    What does distressing jeans mean?

  • stella 2
    stella 2 Month ago

    Who clicked the bell?😂

  • Eleftheria 〰
    Eleftheria 〰 2 months ago

    I expected more from
    The thrift shop after seeing you got so basic stuff that you can find on hm forever 21 for a few more money , you should try and develop your style more ❤️

  • Colleen Rose
    Colleen Rose 2 months ago

    Guys the foo fighters shirt is a baseball style teeshirt. She’s not wrong but it is pretty funny she doesn’t know who they are.

  • Iya Kim
    Iya Kim 2 months ago

    I love your vlogs and everything

  • Richie Ankles
    Richie Ankles 2 months ago

    Who came from the meme on Twitter making fun of her? 😂

  • Milskittle -
    Milskittle - 2 months ago

    Lmao who doesn’t know who the foo fighters are ffs😂

  • ZosoJuan
    ZosoJuan 2 months ago

    Wow imma kill myself right now 💀

  • Ashley Barlar
    Ashley Barlar 2 months ago

    Is this a joke or do you actually think the Foo Fighters are a baseball team? Lmao big fucking oof

  • maiaa robertt
    maiaa robertt 2 months ago

    i understand not liking rock music i guess but seriously don’t wear something when you don’t know/understand what’s on the shirt. i’ll never understand that

  • Thomas Novak
    Thomas Novak 2 months ago +3

    You dont deserve rights after not knowing who the Foo Fighters are, next.

  • adrien lol
    adrien lol 2 months ago

    pick up stuff you know/understand....

  • Kylee Schroeter
    Kylee Schroeter 2 months ago

    Hey so i know it's none of my business, but r u eating enough? I'm sorry, it's just that ur voice is a bit high pitched and u seem as if ur light headed. Also ur skin looks reddened, as if malnourished. I know it's none of my business, and I'm sorry, but I'm just a little worried

  • Ziemek
    Ziemek 2 months ago

    We are going down as a human race... It’s time to go meet with Kurt up there and apologise to him

  • Twitter Posts
    Twitter Posts 2 months ago +2

    This video makes me so sad. Someone like this can be so successful, and here I am hating my life

  • Keri Mulvehill
    Keri Mulvehill 2 months ago +40

    Bruh. Maybe look up who the foo fighters are before you post something cuz now you a meme on twitter

  • Angela Rabble
    Angela Rabble 2 months ago

    Don't wear shirts for bands you don't listen to omfg

  • Tom Shiner
    Tom Shiner 2 months ago

    electric chair

  • half the noises
    half the noises 2 months ago +2

    she said foo fighters was a baseball team we

  • Kara Minette
    Kara Minette 2 months ago

    I am shook that you got a PATAGONIA item for four dollars!😮

  • sophia francis
    sophia francis 2 months ago +168

    foo fighters the baseball team? heard their pitcher also pitched for nirvana

  • em bradnick
    em bradnick 2 months ago +235

    ah yes foo fighters.... my favourite baseball team

  • LexiBadlyCreates
    LexiBadlyCreates 2 months ago

    Foo fighters?? A fucking baseball team?? Gotta laugh 😬😔🤙

  • Bill Alex
    Bill Alex 2 months ago +3

    You dont deserve rights

  • helmet hair
    helmet hair 2 months ago +1

    this is so out of touch

  • Gabbie Sailer
    Gabbie Sailer 3 months ago

    Jeez you can’t visually know what your gonna find at goodwill.

  • Gabbie Sailer
    Gabbie Sailer 3 months ago

    She’s the most ANNOYING RUclipd ever. I can’t stand her

  • landyn
    landyn 3 months ago

    did you take your airpods on a walk today?

    lmao its a joke❤️🤙🏼

  • janet sesay
    janet sesay 3 months ago

    How r u so gorgeous 😩

  • Isabel Rapp
    Isabel Rapp 3 months ago

    Who rang the door bell

  • Urban.greatness
    Urban.greatness 3 months ago

    Hey guys so I am Mexican and have only ever been around blacks and my own race and I’ve always hated white people but I am attending a mostly white college and I am trying to accept white people but it’s a lil hard because of them being racist but Ik not all whites are evil any advice on how to accept

  • Jade Yeeet
    Jade Yeeet 3 months ago

    Dave grohl has left the chat

  • Kelsey Cummings
    Kelsey Cummings 3 months ago

    I watch you whenever I’m down and dk what to do and thank you bc idk if I would be alive without you 😭❤️😘

  • Aud Diaz
    Aud Diaz 3 months ago

    Bro your not cute the front picture of your video was creepy

    • Morgan P
      Morgan P 3 months ago +1

      Aud Diaz sis that’s not true

  • eliza louca
    eliza louca 3 months ago

    Foo fighters what is that?
    Omg im crying😂😂😂

  • Maranda ohmer
    Maranda ohmer 3 months ago +1

    Brandy and target?

  • Avery G
    Avery G 3 months ago

    The foo fighters are a band... lol

  • Carlie Breiland
    Carlie Breiland 3 months ago

    Foo Fighters are a rock band

  • athina constantinou
    athina constantinou 3 months ago

    Love this video

  • princess cherish
    princess cherish 3 months ago

    Do you live in Minnesota?

  • Ezra Roehrig
    Ezra Roehrig 3 months ago

    Foo Fighters is a band not a baseball team

  • Zoe Lee
    Zoe Lee 3 months ago +1

    “I thought they were cute before I realized they’re broke” what everyone says when they look at me ( w/o the cute part tho)💀

  • Willa Soorus
    Willa Soorus 3 months ago

    Foo Fighters is a band...

  • ArilovesP!ATD Gonzalez
    ArilovesP!ATD Gonzalez 3 months ago

    IAM a women 9 1/2 Do u think you can do a giveaway and possibly give me them?? I mean I won't mind if you don't but Those are SUPER CUTE shoes! It's up to you! Well.. Luv ya!! ❤️ ~ Ariana Gonzalez

  • Jenna
    Jenna 3 months ago +1

    i hate that u didnt know how to say juicy couture

  • malena navarro
    malena navarro 3 months ago

    7:09 you look like you could be a part of the chicken girls

  • cherry
    cherry 3 months ago

    you are one of the worst thrift shoppers ever

  • 秘Heykeleah
    秘Heykeleah 4 months ago

    your so freaking pretty

  • Any Body
    Any Body 4 months ago

    You just seem nicer when you laugh so don't worry it's cute!!!!!!✌💕

  • Mikayla Magliocchetti
    Mikayla Magliocchetti 4 months ago

    Foo Fighters is a band

  • Miranda Harmon
    Miranda Harmon 4 months ago

    I’ve never heard someone say I watched snoopy instead of Charlie Brown until this vid lol

  • Jade Osborne
    Jade Osborne 4 months ago +2

    Y’all first time watching one of her videos and she doesn’t know who the foo fighters are? GIRL BYE

  • Logan Reffitt
    Logan Reffitt 4 months ago

    She thought foo fighters was a baseball team im dying😂 they are a band from the early 2000's and 90's (I was born a little after but they are still my Fav band)

  • Stella Malan
    Stella Malan 4 months ago

    1:05 criiiiiiiingee!!!

  • Stephanie vlogs
    Stephanie vlogs 4 months ago

    I love your vidssss but btw how old are you just asking

  • Ahmed F Rahman
    Ahmed F Rahman 4 months ago

    Hi ! I am new to your channel .I am a girl . You are
    too beautiful . Really more than Ella elbells and your videos are so good. By the way she was never beautiful .You are so 😎 .Ella elbells
    she just want subscribers . And you are so friendly
    I ❤️ your videos . Your videos are now my regular RUclip

  • Valerie Villarreal
    Valerie Villarreal 4 months ago

    She looks like the merell twins !!!

  • *Dasha*
    *Dasha* 4 months ago

    What mascara do u use ?:)

  • Emma Jones
    Emma Jones 4 months ago

    Peep the Christmas trees

  • Victoria Tackett
    Victoria Tackett 4 months ago

    Iron the denim and itll look better

  • Isabella Huff
    Isabella Huff 4 months ago

    I love your videos Sydney!!!❤️❤️❤️😁

  • Mia Henninger
    Mia Henninger 4 months ago

    anyone else agree that the urban outfitters outfit was nasty??

  • Carly Rae Nation
    Carly Rae Nation 4 months ago