First time eating JOLLIBEE

  • Published on May 3, 2019
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  • Quang Tran
    Quang Tran  5 months ago +400


    • Joe Joo
      Joe Joo 4 months ago

      @Quang Tran McDonald's fried chicken is my favourite and I would say the best!!! Please make a video of it

    • mazlifah abdullah
      mazlifah abdullah 5 months ago

      Ur from vietnam or?

    • Theodore ANIMS
      Theodore ANIMS 5 months ago

      0:18 big shoutout to me

    • Japen
      Japen 5 months ago

      Jolibeee is coming to
      Edmonton woop

    • Sumolarge122
      Sumolarge122 5 months ago

      I am pumped for this

  • Charles Asleigh
    Charles Asleigh 2 months ago

    you didnt have the pineapple juice. thats the best drink

  • Brian Jaime Chan
    Brian Jaime Chan 3 months ago

    Eat the chicken joy with the gravy. Gravy is key.

  • cooldude69ify
    cooldude69ify 3 months ago

    Eeeewww! did you just share that drumstick? Gross

    VENUS GAMING 3 months ago

    Akosidogie putang ina mo

  • phuc nguyen
    phuc nguyen 3 months ago

    Anh quang là người Việt Nam gốc à nói tiếng việt rành quá hồi đó tới giờ coi clip của anh toàn là nói tiếng anh của anh là người nước ngoài không chứ

  • Rasty Padilla
    Rasty Padilla 3 months ago

    MY REACTION -OH -*-****-*

  • TrixieBeeutiful
    TrixieBeeutiful 3 months ago

    its chickenjoy

  • Jano
    Jano 3 months ago

    Quan since you tried jollibee fried chicken can you do a version 2 of your copycat jollibee. make it same taste :D Thanks

  • Joe Joo
    Joe Joo 4 months ago

    What to do when your wife talks serious matter to you?
    Quang: DON'T BLINK!

  • RUSH AKO0909
    RUSH AKO0909 4 months ago

    Quang tran im pinoy 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • ex6tenZ TM
    ex6tenZ TM 4 months ago

    So u ate Jollibee? Rest in peace my friend Bee

  • The Baller Rivera
    The Baller Rivera 4 months ago


  • Flory Abalos
    Flory Abalos 4 months ago

    I an a filipino

  • Ardelle Dionisio
    Ardelle Dionisio 4 months ago

    4:46 yes that's the original one i'm a Filipino subscriber =)

  • Chaff LS
    Chaff LS 4 months ago +3

    Is that a glass dildo in the background?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Edit: Nevermind! It’s just a silver mirror🤣 what a change lighting can do

  • me8949
    me8949 4 months ago +2

    Absolutely beautiful, they are so supportive, and a natural on camera. You're wife and brother in law are both dope asf

  • me8949
    me8949 4 months ago

    Everybody at the table smacking they ass off

  • Samantha Vern Duray
    Samantha Vern Duray 5 months ago

    OMG where's the gravy??

  • Minh Ly
    Minh Ly 5 months ago

    Yeah man Jollibees isn't my favourite either, Popeyes and KFC is my favourite. I think Jollibees is just a hype thing for filipinos, its like a taste of home is what they say

  • 92SAITO92
    92SAITO92 5 months ago

    I have been a long time fan and subscriber but I cannot figure out what he says right before he says "I'm pumped for this" then takes a bite. I have been trying to figure it out ever since I started watching Quang's videos. Can anyone help me out?

  • Mr. Cheecky Top List Stories

    Hey, If you are interested on how to cook JolliBee Spaghetti at home.. You must watch this video link on how to cook Filipino Jollibee Spaghetti.

  • Aaron John Bangad
    Aaron John Bangad 5 months ago

    It's so nice to hear you speak taiwanese!

  • D L
    D L 5 months ago

    Quang, the chickenjoy was supposed to come with free gravy. The gravy gives the chicken a more distinctive taste. It tastes even good with rice or french fries. You should also try their peach-mango pie & halo-halo desserts. Also their aloha burger & their Fiesta Palabok noodles. I’ve never seen that sweet & spicy flavored chicken in US or the Philippines though.

  • jesusbonnie
    jesusbonnie 5 months ago

    If you was on death row...your last meal would be fried chicken.

  • Vlad Thee Impaler
    Vlad Thee Impaler 5 months ago

    Stop fucking smacking dude. Why chew with your mouth closed and then start smacking??

  • Meo Gia
    Meo Gia 5 months ago

    I’m kind of tired watching all the American junk food in vn. I’m disappointed about this first trip that he ever made out of his comfort zone and it’s nothing different than the one in Canadas. Quang, I know it’s hot but you pick this time of year to go so be more creative.

  • Jairus The Sport Stacker

    0:37 it's chickenjoy hahaha!

  • abdi yt
    abdi yt 5 months ago +1

    F*ck jollibee hahaha...

  • Jell O
    Jell O 5 months ago

    how about some subtitles next time? it would be a lot nicer to watch knowing what everyone is actually saying.

  • Ajae14
    Ajae14 5 months ago +1

    Quang you need to try the Jollibee in the states or in Toronto! I'm sure it's different from the one in Vietnam.

  • Nick Barone
    Nick Barone 5 months ago

    This is so awkward

  • Godz Gt
    Godz Gt 5 months ago

    Jollibee is Philippine food

  • Joy Benko
    Joy Benko 5 months ago

    You’re missing the gravy that you eat with the chicken. They have a mango/peach pie is the best !

  • Tensai Albert
    Tensai Albert 5 months ago +1

    It makes me feel bad how bad Jollibee is in Vietnam, lmao. I mean, seeing the quality and everything makes me laugh so hard😂.

    • Cai Cruz
      Cai Cruz 5 months ago

      Yup, like the chicken is not as juicy as a waterfall like here in our place

  • C B
    C B 5 months ago

    Jollibee is the best!! KFC is to greedy for me, and Macdonalds is really chicken? lol Macdonald in the states is nasty you kinda feel sick afterwards.

  • OPTION - Rules of Survival

    How long can he escape police??
    Quang Tran: Quicktime

  • Blessed Mrs V
    Blessed Mrs V 5 months ago +2

    When you're your own notification gang 3:49 lol

  • takaa e
    takaa e 5 months ago

    KFC is so good in a lot of Asian countries. Don't know about Europe, but KFC in the North American is total crap.

  • Jake Lo
    Jake Lo 5 months ago

    What village did you find her in. Great videos always

  • Alysha Corin
    Alysha Corin 5 months ago

    Nope. Jollibee is still better than KFC. A lot of youtubers said that. I don't know what's wrong with your tastebuds... 🤔

    • Alysha Corin
      Alysha Corin 5 months ago

      Nicolas Cage69 ok. Bilang pinoy mas gusto ko ang Jollibee kasi hindi greasy gaya ng KFC. Nasabi ko lang yun kasi mas marami ako napanood na may input sila on why they have that opinion.

    • Nicolas Cage69
      Nicolas Cage69 5 months ago

      Di ako galit para kasing nirarant mo siya dahil di niya gusto jolibee porket ganun ba may Mali agad sa tastebuds niya hahahaha.. iba iba Kasi panlasa Ng mga tao un lng

    • Alysha Corin
      Alysha Corin 5 months ago

      Nicolas Cage69 bakit ka galit sakin kuya?

    • Nicolas Cage69
      Nicolas Cage69 5 months ago

      Luh nasaktan pala ako

    • Alysha Corin
      Alysha Corin 5 months ago

      Wow! Hindi ko alam masasaktan ka pala sa sinabi ko. Kaming mga pinoy kasi we love Jollibee. Nagsasabi lang po. Tabi tabi po.

  • Jackie Sanchez
    Jackie Sanchez 5 months ago

    there’s is no taro pie in jollibee only mango and peach pie has ..

    • Mags Deguzman
      Mags Deguzman 5 months ago

      Jackie Sanchez every country has something different on the menu.

  • Jackie Sanchez
    Jackie Sanchez 5 months ago

    Looks like that jollibee is different from any other country? the spaghetti, chicken with no gravy sauce, and the pie?? even the container of all so different

  • Osarum Obasanjo
    Osarum Obasanjo 5 months ago

    Records in Canada...uses chopsticks. Records in Vietnam...uses fork. You're just a riot!!!!LOL

  • Đạt Phạm
    Đạt Phạm 5 months ago

    em là người việt này anh

  • Betty Arlo
    Betty Arlo 5 months ago

    QT I thought you were gay....

    FIISHLA Jr 5 months ago

    A Translation would be great

    STUPID_DECISIONS 5 months ago +2

    Bruh dis dulde LITERALY took a bite out a of every chicken 😂😂

  • Tram Nguyen
    Tram Nguyen 5 months ago

    You should make a video with your wife speaking Vietnamese and put subtitles for us! I would love to see her interact more with us now that she's getting more comfortable on camera :)

  • GOAT
    GOAT 5 months ago

    Now Jollibee is in Edmonton.

  • Bryan Olan
    Bryan Olan 5 months ago

    Jolly spaghetti looks different

  • Daniels Shans Tales Jalas

    Jollibee is originally from the Philippines.

  • Ceerstar Ceerstar
    Ceerstar Ceerstar 5 months ago

    Ya kno what I noticed?? Lmao Vietnamese smack chicken when they eat jus like us a black ppl. They must have good chicken too lol

  • Jessa Villacorta
    Jessa Villacorta 5 months ago

    Try their peach mango pie next time. It is better than mcdonald's apple pie.

  • Jessa Villacorta
    Jessa Villacorta 5 months ago

    No gravy?

  • Jason Oyangoren
    Jason Oyangoren 5 months ago +1

    I’m your subrcriber from the Philippines 🇵🇭 and imma hit like button with my beautiful clean hands!

  • Olanrose Fernandez
    Olanrose Fernandez 5 months ago

    I'm from the Philippines the birth place of Jollibee if you go to Vietnam you get the Vietnamese style if you to Philippines you get Filipino style of Jollibee the original

  • Theodore ANIMS
    Theodore ANIMS 5 months ago

    0:18 shoutout to me

  • Kila ishere
    Kila ishere 5 months ago +1

    Quang got a wife thtll lick his chicken bones

  • Everette henry
    Everette henry 5 months ago

    I'm concerned for you quang u could get scammed by her. Dont be a fool to love