Shark Attack - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Connor Murphy
    Written By: Connor Murphy
    Voice Actors:
    Lifeguard - Kris Wilson
    Swimmer - Connor Murphy
    Kid - Autumn Soeder
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
    Animation: Matt Thurman, Seth Gordon
    Character Design: Jerald Lewis, Natalie Zusman
    Background Art: Shawn Coss
    Animatic: Chance Kubesh
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
    Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
    Music: Steve Lehmann
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
    Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

Comments • 80

  • Handsome White Devil

    Absolutely amazing what entertains people these days.

  • Jasmine Doe
    Jasmine Doe Day ago

    I love this

  • Ludvig Frithiof
    Ludvig Frithiof 2 days ago

    Damn, a lifeguard that doesn’t just sit around on their phone. Weird.

  • No reason to live
    No reason to live 2 days ago

    The attack of the *butt shark*

  • 0 5
    0 5 3 days ago


  • Evursia Qzuada
    Evursia Qzuada 3 days ago

    It is what it is

  • Roma Povidlo
    Roma Povidlo 3 days ago

    Fun fact: humans kill approx. 11000 sharks per hour.

  • Senn Grant
    Senn Grant 4 days ago

    I can’t believe they made a movie off this

  • Dominik Mitchell
    Dominik Mitchell 5 days ago

    I legit expected the life guard to save the shark and let the human die

  • The Pasta Maker
    The Pasta Maker 6 days ago

    Still better than 47 meters down

  • Scp-173 Gaming
    Scp-173 Gaming 7 days ago

    Didint my friend have this card game

  • spencer world
    spencer world 7 days ago

    What a relatable situation

  • Draco Matfield
    Draco Matfield 8 days ago

    and here i thought sharks where scary

  • zombie on fire
    zombie on fire 8 days ago

    I can't breath 😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Official - RVG
    Official - RVG 8 days ago +1

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that they literally leave that dude to die..

  • geronimo de caceres
    geronimo de caceres 8 days ago


  • Poptrixmania
    Poptrixmania 8 days ago

    I want a sequel

  • Poptrixmania
    Poptrixmania 8 days ago

    My god

  • Dith Ponce
    Dith Ponce 9 days ago

    0:52 *🎶next time won’t you sing with me🎶*

  • Dith Ponce
    Dith Ponce 9 days ago

    1:00 Stikbot Attack!

  • Nothing 01
    Nothing 01 9 days ago


  • Kharen Carminelle Asuncion

    I badly wants to see what happened after that post-credit 😐

  • the undertaker
    the undertaker 10 days ago

    Why shark Rad

  • ZachAttack SniperMod
    ZachAttack SniperMod 10 days ago

    I am so confused ._.

  • Turtle Gaming
    Turtle Gaming 10 days ago +1

    Still waiting for that shark dad sequel...A good one too(or at least for shark dad, I just want the kid to die lol).

  • Griffin Layeski
    Griffin Layeski 10 days ago

    Why would the sharks take over and where did they all come from?

  • Tinalj
    Tinalj 10 days ago

    i loved that lol

  • Brent Groen
    Brent Groen 10 days ago

    What did i just whatch

  • 999 Arto
    999 Arto 10 days ago

    good one

  • Sauce
    Sauce 11 days ago


  • Ryder Mclauchlin
    Ryder Mclauchlin 11 days ago


  • David Rosier
    David Rosier 12 days ago

    Do a part2

  • Gamer lover With the fam

    So what going to happen is something going to happen like this HELP THERS A HUMEN (later) they won this time

  • Private Person
    Private Person 12 days ago

    it's like what the stupid demorats are doing by trying to save all by destroying all

  • Terrel Grier
    Terrel Grier 12 days ago

    Shark Rad's leaked origin story confirmed

  • Rogue
    Rogue 13 days ago

    Honestly thought it was gonna be sharkrad

  • Maddie Bowman
    Maddie Bowman 13 days ago

    And kids,that’s how our ancestors lived in the water and created our home Sea US

  • sempre quando ler os comentários eu vou estar lá

    Traduzem para mim sou do Brasil

  • Ally Uy
    Ally Uy 14 days ago

    Part 2 please

  • Victorious Plays
    Victorious Plays 14 days ago

    Oh no human attack!!

  • TheCrimsonCross
    TheCrimsonCross 14 days ago

    Fun fact: Sharks don’t like eating human due to the amount of iron in blood.

  • XxxIts NovaxxX
    XxxIts NovaxxX 14 days ago

    Everyone off the water

  • XxxIts NovaxxX
    XxxIts NovaxxX 14 days ago

    Everyone off the beach

  • Rino_ BWN
    Rino_ BWN 14 days ago

    Now this is funny suoer freakin hilarious muahahahahaha

  • Gaming Noobz
    Gaming Noobz 14 days ago

    Thus the origins of Shark Rad is told.

  • Itachi's Will
    Itachi's Will 15 days ago

    Poor guy 😢

  • forest foresworn
    forest foresworn 15 days ago

    Part two plz

  • Ganda Gandara
    Ganda Gandara 15 days ago

    What did we just see? 🐟

  • vessel thanatos
    vessel thanatos 15 days ago

    Is this how we got sharkrad?

    REEENMUSICBOY R.N 15 days ago

    sharks r humans and humans r sharks WTF

  • Koula Islay
    Koula Islay 15 days ago

    Need moar BUTTSHARK!

  • Collin P.S. it's long
    Collin P.S. it's long 15 days ago

    Wait wait wait, you're telling me they had hands and fingers the whole time!? I thought they were like the power puff girls, they magically use chopsticks with nothing but rounded arms

  • James Bay
    James Bay 15 days ago

    Wait what..

  • ray shoto the plush tuber

    Jaws 2.o

  • Wilder wolf The wolf
    Wilder wolf The wolf 15 days ago


  • Approved Charisk
    Approved Charisk 16 days ago

    Am I the only one expecting Butt Shark to pop out?

  • Nick XD
    Nick XD 16 days ago +1

    Shark attack but in a Alternate universe
    Also is the shark Amphibian?

  • Joshua Atieku-Dzandu
    Joshua Atieku-Dzandu 16 days ago

    Part 2 please 😤😤😤😤

  • Maribel Penafiel
    Maribel Penafiel 16 days ago +1


  • Deepak
    Deepak 16 days ago

    we will back

  • BrokenHeart1080
    BrokenHeart1080 16 days ago


  • iFurbish Pro
    iFurbish Pro 16 days ago +1

    Like this petition for explosmentertainment to do more cyanide and happyness shorts

  • Bhavin OfficialTV
    Bhavin OfficialTV 16 days ago +1

    Like who agrees

  • Bhavin OfficialTV
    Bhavin OfficialTV 16 days ago +1

    This reminds me of the movie BAYWATCH😂❤️

  • doge gaming
    doge gaming 16 days ago

    Universe reset

  • WillMac RealTalk
    WillMac RealTalk 16 days ago

    Somebody's gonna make a stupid ass ladder joke!

  • Dude Same
    Dude Same 16 days ago +1

    Kinda disturbing....

    Kinda awesome

  • sam _429
    sam _429 16 days ago

    they we're like a shark

  • Legen Yang
    Legen Yang 16 days ago +1

    Wow I like the new Jaws trailer

  • Octane Never Give Up
    Octane Never Give Up 16 days ago +1

    explain it plssssss🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • James Monk
    James Monk 16 days ago


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  • Honey Liaa
    Honey Liaa 17 days ago


  • Edjelyn Enriquez
    Edjelyn Enriquez 17 days ago +1

    If the shark is attacking then humans will attack back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Apsonait PRO
    Apsonait PRO 17 days ago

    Българи юнаци !!!

  • Chandler Kolb
    Chandler Kolb 17 days ago


  • Brody Davis
    Brody Davis 17 days ago

    First scene with subtitles sais amber swimming with me Jane

  • Chloe Martin
    Chloe Martin 17 days ago

    uh oh looks like humans going to get revenge on sharks (LOL)

  • xXTheDemonXx
    xXTheDemonXx 17 days ago

    Hahaha sharks go in the beach in joy in the beach

  • Makaelah Willis
    Makaelah Willis 17 days ago

    I can't 😂