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  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
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    Tonkotsu ramen: less an essential skill and more a right-of-passage for the modern home cook. And, you know, an essential part of Japanese culture and day-to-day life. Sure, it takes two some-odd days to make, and sure, you can burn your hands on the alkaline salt, and sure, getting every element just right is a constant barrage of challenges. But with that first steamy slurp comes a superlative sense of accomplishment - not to mention, a truly delicious dinner.
    NOTE: Any time I said baking powder, I meant baking soda - do not write and perform voice-over at 7AM when you are not a morning person.
    Ingredients and Method for Broth and Pork:
    Tonkotsu broth:
    Chashu pork:
    Other Ingredients:
    + For the marinated soft boiled eggs:
    Soft boiled eggs
    Soy sauce
    + For the tare:
    Vegetable oil
    Dried anchovies
    Soy sauce
    Bonito flakes
    + For the homemade ramen noodles:
    Baking powder
    All purpose flour
    Bread flour
    + For ramen assembly:
    Sliced chashu pork
    Cooked ramen noodles
    Tonkotsu broth
    Nori (dried seaweed)
    Special Equipment:
    Rolling pin
    Pasta roller (stand mixer or otherwise)
    Music: "Mr. Miyagi" Blue Wednesday
    My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
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    Theme song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  9 months ago +4338

    I'm so sorry, any time I said baking powder, please interpret that as baking soda. I'm shy on sleep and I have lain waste to my own voice-over.

    • Thomas Adams
      Thomas Adams 9 days ago

      Audrey Moon You’re a pompous asshole🤣🤣

    • Simon Falkner
      Simon Falkner 18 days ago

      As you are merely converting the sodium bicarbonate (which baking soda is) into sodium carbonate (also called washing soda), when you put it in the oven, you could also just use sodium carbonate directly for the noodles. You can also use normal noodles and just put the soda in the water.

    • Eggsaladstuckcrafts
      Eggsaladstuckcrafts 18 days ago

      Can you change it in the recipe in the description? It still says powder

    • Secrecy
      Secrecy 28 days ago

      You've still not run short of ten cent words and excellent grammar though.

    • VistaAlert
      VistaAlert 2 months ago

      Binging with Babish this was the video that made me sub and tell literally my whole school about you

  • The Curtis Group
    The Curtis Group 17 hours ago

    He sounds like that other high tech chef guy. What was his name?

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    burningxdimx 2 days ago

    Wouldn't 4oz plus 2tbs just be 5oz?

  • R Y
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    RAMEN FROM NARUTO, but no improvisation just the ingredients from the show

  • ecsagun
    ecsagun 3 days ago

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  • immoralq
    immoralq 4 days ago

    I got my Kitchen Aid as a Christmas present one year, and then the pasta making set for it as a Christmas present the year after. The one time I went to make pasta with it.....the power went out.

  • zTheMonsterz
    zTheMonsterz 4 days ago

    Watching this without audio is like trying to learn how to cook from a wizard.

  • Ruby Alessia Henley
    Ruby Alessia Henley 5 days ago +5

    "Isn't loving yourself the best technique I can teach you?"

  • Bigbear TheBeardedbaron

    A great way to completely cover the eggs in the marinade is to cover a paper towel with it and place over your eggs.

  • joshua corcoran
    joshua corcoran 5 days ago

    I love this but I like to make tea eggs over the soy sauce and mirin marinade

  • Nickolas Ganadakis
    Nickolas Ganadakis 6 days ago

    My biggest disagreement is, well, why cook the pasta in plain water instead of that beautiful, beautiful stock you have?!

  • gemini
    gemini 7 days ago

    holy craP IT'S ART

  • TechnoGuz GD
    TechnoGuz GD 7 days ago

    Is it mirin or urine

  • Greg
    Greg 8 days ago

    Did he just make an Oingo Boingo reference? 6:15

  • Captain Cronk Jr.
    Captain Cronk Jr. 9 days ago +1

    Koizumi-san would be proud.

  • Lexi Uzumaki
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    You forgot the fish cakes!

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    Obalatan2010 15 days ago

    Wonderful. It is a little too rich for my blood -- for the moment, I shall stick with buying it at a restaurant. But getting to see the steps involved and demystifying it, for that I thank you. :) I'll have to try it someday. Once I can persuade someone to sort me out for a stand mixer... :D

  • LoLo Nicole
    LoLo Nicole 16 days ago

    Maybe a video explaining it from start to finish next time. That tampopo video isn’t how you make tonkotsu broth.

  • WyattDraws Decently
    WyattDraws Decently 24 days ago

    and *a* *_GUN_*

  • steven rohan
    steven rohan 24 days ago +1

    That's some real fuckin bs that's not basic at all way to stick with your word

  • sk8ter4fun
    sk8ter4fun 26 days ago

    You should do a basics with vegetarian or kosher meals. I love watching your videos and I wanna cook your stuff which I've done a little but I don't eat pig and I'm allergic to seafood

    • Lucas Laster
      Lucas Laster 25 days ago

      Hey as long as you still eat steak your still a human

  • William LePoint
    William LePoint 26 days ago

    "More Advanced Territory" with Babish

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    Song : Blue Wednesday - Mr Miyagi

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    AND A GUN!

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    ...I'm such a Basics Bitch

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    slurping noodle is a way of paying respect to the chef has already proven to be an urban myth.)

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    Yeah, slurp loudly so you can piss everyone off around you. Great advice.
    >don't be that douchebag.

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      Slurping your ramen is considered a compliment to the chef, dumbass.

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    A tip ive seen to not have to move the eggs around during marination is to take a paper towel and just lay it over that way the paper towel will absorb the soy mixture and the unsubmerged part of the egg will still get marinated

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