Brexit draft agreement: What does the 585 page document say? - BBC News

  • Published on Nov 15, 2018
  • Adam Fleming has been up all night reading and digesting it - here's the Brexit agreement summarised in two minutes.

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  • Manolo Tusca
    Manolo Tusca 6 months ago

    585 pages of you are all going to be screwed.

  • Russian Métropolitan
    Russian Métropolitan 6 months ago

    Read all 585 pages. Its a great deal. Let’s take it and start taking back control

  • Terry Moore
    Terry Moore 6 months ago

    2 years and the EU provide more demands. My document is one page long and says... The UK is leaving NOW.

  • Mrs Flibble
    Mrs Flibble 6 months ago

    Stop it! Just stop trying to manipulate the UK like we're all stupid, it's insulting that you think this transparent and disgustingly obvious crap will be swallowed by us! Right now I'm watching a lot of anti hard brexit propaganda once again. Sick of having to listen to your rubbish child like attempts to create a fantasy reality. You would have better luck convincing me that big foot is real or that the tooth fairy walks among us.

  • King Naga
    King Naga 6 months ago +6

    Man, it's almost like the whole thing was a really shitty idea.

    • King Naga
      King Naga 6 months ago +1

      +Douglas Clan It's an important step towards the United Europe that needs to happen if we are going to become a more global society. What has nationalism done for anyone except cause literally the two largest wars in human history? People are confusing nationalism with patriotism and western democracy is backsliding into nationalism, xenophobia, racism, and authoritarianism, while communist authoritarians in Russia and China are on the upswing, pissing on international law with no repercussions, because the strongest nation on earth is dealing with an Orange Manchild in Chief, while the UK, which has always been a leader in European Affairs, is too busy going "eww, brown people", and trying to cut ties from something that will benefit it for generations to come because a ton of OAP's and their brainwashed millennial grandchildren outnumber the sane in your country by just enough to pass a referendum that is probably going to cost you the "United" in your name when Scotland and Ireland decide to stay in the EU like sane people.
      You know, just to name a few things...

    • Douglas Clan
      Douglas Clan 6 months ago

      Being in the the EU was a terrible idea that's correct, but when we ratified the Maastricht, and then the Lisbon treaty the EEC had devolved into a neo liberal governance machine that over 17 million people lost faith in. More people voted no thsn any other vote in British history... Now with a tory government that has 2/3 remainn voting cabinet members, giveing the Brexit the IMF want, not the what the voters or workers wanted . Still Brexit idiots need to realise they live in a capitalists society, not a democratic one their opinion means nothing do you not agree? And tell me what is it about the EU you love?

  • macintosh16
    macintosh16 6 months ago

    Sold up the river...... but the BBC just love water sports.....

  • Evangeloskelos
    Evangeloskelos 6 months ago +1

    Seems like the Britsh aren´t able to find a government to get the job done. Voting for leaving was alot easier then actually doin it. I´m so happy that i live in a EU country with a supra national organism abouve us wich we have no clue about at all what they are actually doing but it makes sure this matter doesn´t concern us at all...

  • Highway Pro
    Highway Pro 6 months ago +1

    Northern Ireland really tips the scales. Brexit would be easier if they rejoined with the Republic or Ireland. Regardless, Brexit has huge potential to break the UK apart considering Scotland's demand for their second independence referendum from the UK and the number of people in Northern Ireland shifting their stance on reunification after the Brexit referendum

      SPIDERM0OSE 6 months ago

      The only time Ireland has been united under a centralized Government was when it was ruled from London.
      In lay man terms the only United Ireland there has ever been has been when it was entirely a part of the UK so, rejoining or reunification is *IMPOSSIBLE* it can only be unified anew under an Independent Irish Government where the 4 provinces are represented.
      How thats likely to happen in this current Brexit scenario is this...
      The Irish Republic will be doing more shipping with France than before, as such our driving test will introduce learning on how to drive on the left, 20 or 30 years after that we will "Choose" to do away with right hand drive/British vehicles & rules of the road
      The Gaelic language will be revived to everyday use socially n we will continue to conduct international business in English until such time the international community decides to abandon the English language.
      The working class of the UK will suffer due to lack of EU Grants & Funding & difficulty in trading on a day to day level so Northern Ireland will depend upon the International Laws protecting the Good Friday Agreement enabling them to do business with the Irish Republic as freely as now n therefore giving them a foot in the EU door.
      The shrunken Britistani economy will result in EU growth due to us taking on the industrial responsibility, Northern Ireland as always will bear the brunt of a slow or shrunken Britistani economy n will become dependent upon the Irish Republic for its daily bread at a working class level, at which point even Northern Irish Loyalists will be openly campaigning for a United Ireland.
      Once again, reunification is impossible, rejoining is impossible because it has never been united under an Irish Government.
      E.U is the future.
      Britistan is the past.
      H'up Tha Ra !

  • Toffi Kai
    Toffi Kai 6 months ago

    Gotcha. Im so happy we are having our first own vassal state. :)

  • The knight of bad assness

    I was remainer I've now changed my mind on the EU entirely. An un-elected 4th Reich of a new German empire. Well done to France especially for such a well organised surrender.
    The price we pay for democracy.

    SERVO DESTROYER 6 months ago +1

    The document says" we'll pretend to Brexit, but not really. We'll fool those stupid serfs."
    So much for democracy.

  • 21upbowls
    21upbowls 6 months ago

    .... and young adults better get ready to enforced conscription into the eu army!

  • Goldfinga Sliverfinga
    Goldfinga Sliverfinga 6 months ago

    This is how the public o uk are being brain washed by Gangstalking bbc

  • Terrence P. Urbanis
    Terrence P. Urbanis 6 months ago

    Knowing you like to tell America how to act, I have to ask why don't you Brits get a P.M. with balls and tell the EU to fuck off??

  • d dd
    d dd 6 months ago

    Sort of like thinking, what if Napoleon had won? Would it really have been that bad? Our imports still have to have foreign names?

  • Joseph Tio
    Joseph Tio 6 months ago

    thank you for the summary of the 585 page document😵

  • Ken Siefert
    Ken Siefert 6 months ago +8

    I’ll save you some time...the agreement says Britain has fallen to the Germans and Muslim invaders

    • Ken Siefert
      Ken Siefert 6 months ago +1

      brock lesnar
      Yep, and instead you have what Germany has always wanted, complete control backed now by an EU Army filled in ranks with you know who.

    • brock lesnar
      brock lesnar 6 months ago +2

      +Ken Siefert bro i knw...but that ur govts fault...muslims are not invading by force..if u take a large population of refugee in a very short amount of time who are nothing like ur history tradition culture and religion...then its crystal clear ethnic problem will rise. the best way to solve the immigrant crisis is to stabilize the middle east..taking refugees from there will not solve their problem and only worsen europe..canada is also going down same path

    • Ken Siefert
      Ken Siefert 6 months ago +1

      brock lesnar
      At least you are honest about what’s happening.

    • brock lesnar
      brock lesnar 6 months ago +2

      why r u so prejudiced against muslims? u guys colonised many land areas including middle east arab and egypt just for oil dont like the taste of ur own medicine..??? lol..its gonna be fun watching demise of great britsh empire..if muslim invades we russians are there to help so dont worry

    • Ken Siefert
      Ken Siefert 6 months ago +1

      Nathan B
      Enjoy your brand new German/Muslim EU Army

  • Shoham Das
    Shoham Das 6 months ago

    Not gonna happen

  • Panzafat
    Panzafat 6 months ago +6

    The Brits and their great and tremendous Brexit...Nobody knew that Brexit would be so complicated ;-)

    • Sven Tempest
      Sven Tempest 6 months ago +1

      Ben Douglas
      Same tired old rhetoric. Same half baked nothing. Just parroting along like the useful idiot you are. You think it matters to me how you justify your country's suicide? You justify it however you want. Just remember that people tried desperately to warn you and *hope* that your government overturns the uninformed will of ignorant fools.

    • Douglas Clan
      Douglas Clan 6 months ago

      +Sven Tempest the UK did not receive billions from the EU. That money was the UKs in the first place . Let's say you give me £1 i give you only 60p back, but also tell you what to spend that 60p on how and when to spend, the UK has had to bail out the EU more times than any other group or bloc of nations, we've spent more bailing the EU and propping it up that we spent rebuilding European after both world wars combined... . And you see this as success? Are you really gullible?
      We were one of the leading nation for science before we were forced into the EU. And you think once we leave we will stop investing in science.... Do you think fiscally we get more out of the EU than we put in?...... Lool, do you think there is a magic well in Brussels that spits out money ?.... . There is not ..
      There are thousands of MEPs they all get 50k a year. 45k a year expense and 80k pension for life....(we pay that, yet have no influence in law or legislation through the power of our vote that can effect the EU legislation, they are not answerable to you or I. Only the commission and committees ... A dictatorship.... And because they tell you UK won't invest in its science sector... you believe them. Blindly like a good servant of the EU masters...

    • Matthew Collins
      Matthew Collins 6 months ago

      This is why you disentangle yourself while there's still a chance at doing it.

    • Douglas Clan
      Douglas Clan 6 months ago

      +Panzafat true.... We are special and different... . Unfortunately though we can't save Europe from totalitarian dictatorship again this time. you scumbag losers are on your own..:)

    • Panzafat
      Panzafat 6 months ago +3

      +Douglas Clan I have never noticed you as real Europeans. You have always thought of yourselves as something "special"...just my opinion ;-)

    ONE WORLD GONE WRONG 6 months ago

    BBC, I'm sorry but this JUST will not do...
    N Irl.Border is obviously an extremely important issue...
    But just highlighting trade negotiations and 'cheese'!!?
    • NHS
    • The list of of the real life consequences are endless

  • Kirsty Sinclair
    Kirsty Sinclair 6 months ago +13

    This whole affair has been a drawn out suicide for the uk.
    This government has destroyed our economy , it is the slowest growing in Europe . Theresa May has turned this into a 2 year farce based on lies .

      SPIDERM0OSE 6 months ago

      Kirsty Sinclar
      #BackwardsBritain reverting to a style of government from a period in time they held a political & cultural status that no longer exists.
      Unless they're secretly planning ANOTHER World War & are preparing for the aftermath ahead of time , Brexit at best can only be described as the final death nail in the coffin of "Great" Britain
      The British economy will sink to EU poor relation status, the EU economy will rise proportionately & the UK working class will suffer because of lack of EU Grants/funding & difficulty in common everyday trade.
      Culturally bankrupt Northern Ireland will deservedly become the Republic of Irelands impoverished little brother at which point they will start campaigning for a United Ireland.
      Europe loses *NOTHING* from Brexit, it only grows in status & influence geopoliticaly.
      Britain gains nothing from Brexit unless like I said they are secretly planning yet another of their murderous slaughters of European people on European soil.
      Who knows what the future holds but in the short to medium term its hard/er times ahead for Britistan & they're gonna be tightening their currently overcompensated belts.

    • batman51
      batman51 6 months ago

      +Cosi Fan Tutti Because Europe tanked while we continued to grow over the last few years they have had a short burst of growth which has now run out of steam; unemployment is still awful; the euro is likely to go into meltdown again soon and as for Italy...

    • A Google User
      A Google User 6 months ago +1

      +Cosi Fan Tutti yes you are with no international investments in the UK. With no legal migrants working in the UK. Your economy will fly. OMG. Rip to your thinking. 😑😂😂😂😂😂

    • Sven Tempest
      Sven Tempest 6 months ago +2

      Jason Adams
      Bullshit. The UK is entirely based on tertiary industries and banking. The banks want to leave after brexit.

    • Cosi Fan Tutti
      Cosi Fan Tutti 6 months ago +2

      Wrong, the UK is growing faster than Germany, France and Italy. If we grasp the chance and leave with no deal our economy will fly

  • Matthew Hardwick
    Matthew Hardwick 6 months ago +4

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. Brexit ain't gonna happen. Don't believe the lies

  • Vertical Games
    Vertical Games 6 months ago

    If you ever think about how fucked this is, and how brexit isn’t going the way that you expected when you voted for it, and you think we’re getting dicked over. Just remember, you did this.

  • battered walrus
    battered walrus 6 months ago +7

    so you want to leave ok, but how are you gonna get the 160+ countries of the WTO to agree to a base trade system with us? Bearing in mind that 20+ counties including Russia are already saying that they won't allow us to join and Australia and New Zealand are threatening to do the same. And add to that the US will likely bully us into a one sided deal once we establish that we cannot setup deals in WTO? Oh and there's over 330,000 catergories of goods for trade each of which have to be agreed upon by those 160+ countries oh and don't forget about the 10,000 trucks carrying good through dover each day, with each different good having to have it's own stack of paper work and we only have 200 clerks in country qualified to do this type of work when 8,000 alone are required to do this at dover to make the process work (not including ports at NI, Ilse of Man or Wales) . And ironically enough the white paper states that Britain is and always has been sovereign, oh and don't forget that the EU is actually more democratic, with proportional representation, a law aproving body that is accountable to the government unlike the house of lords/elected peers oh and they also have a cival servent appointing commission that is directly accoutable to MEPs, which is far more democratic then our own British system.

    • battered walrus
      battered walrus 6 months ago

      +The Lord sigh i've already said 20+ countries are saying THEY WILL DENY US access to the WTO aka no trade on the international level

    • André Sperrle
      André Sperrle 6 months ago

      +The Lord please read the first comment again and rethink about that

    • The Lord
      The Lord 6 months ago

      +battered walrus yes because we are known for sticking to the worlds rules. Nvm anyways they won't deny us, we are too rich of a nation to be denied, stop fear mongering

    • battered walrus
      battered walrus 6 months ago +2

      +The Lord we can't if we're not part of the WTO as it's an international agreement that must be ok'd if we want to trade that's a fact of life not fantasy. If 20+ countries don't want us in it means we will have no trade partners once we leave aka 40% of our fresh produce comes from overseas

    • Sven Tempest
      Sven Tempest 6 months ago +2

      You are calling others non player characters to imply they have no independent thought. The irony is that you are part of the real hive mind of stupidity. Have I spelled it out for you enough?
      No. From the outside you'll just be a non entity. Your only and I do mean _only_ industry will leave. You will become an irrelevance. Your country has nothing that the world wants. Nothing.

  • Marcel DeSouza
    Marcel DeSouza 6 months ago +3

    If the Brexiteers are sure this is the right move then let's have a vote on the final draft.

  • stewart william
    stewart william 6 months ago +15

    The RESIGNATIONS all tell the same story:
    But MAY will and does!
    And history will record it so!

    • Russian Métropolitan
      Russian Métropolitan 6 months ago

      stewart william history will be very kind to Teresa May. Third rate politicians resigning who cares

    • The Hatchet Harrison
      The Hatchet Harrison 6 months ago

      Sven Tempest Wow i cannot believe what you are saying. Do you really have no confidence in our country? Are you implying we are a useless country? A country that can do nothing? The educational institutions have alot to answer for...

    • joe caterman
      joe caterman 6 months ago

      +M Lawson EURGBP has dropped from 0.91 to 0.86 since 2-9-18. Meaning pound has risen above euro or euro has dropped below pound quite significantly.

    • M Lawson
      M Lawson 6 months ago

      Yeah I think history is definitely going to be very kind to this whole Brexit idea, and praise it as a fantastic, smoothly operated, non-economically damaging exit. Just look at the pound and the stock exchange, and Ireland - all are FINE, don’t listen to that Project Fear. They’re wrong and Saddam can definitely launch WMDs in 45 minutes!

    • Imrahil
      Imrahil 6 months ago

      +Rægenhere II are you the imbecile talking about being "violent and harsh"? You might want to fresh up your history on the period leading up to the first world War.

  • Vipps Millennial
    Vipps Millennial 6 months ago +10

    That document just says, 'Get Out of this Titanic-of-a-ship!!'

    • Alfa&Omega 00000
      Alfa&Omega 00000 6 months ago

      That document says "please,don't we are hanging with one hand, don't let us go!"

  • David S
    David S 6 months ago +1