News on The 700 Club: April 7, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," April 7: Trump launches attack on Syria, seeking God's wisdom to stop the 'horror'; A done deal: Senate poised to confirm Neil Gorsuch after 'going nuclear,' and more.

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Автор Karina Ferrari ( назад)
God be with our president to protect him and us, I pray with my heart and tears with love and faith in Jesus name, amen

Автор Robert Allen ( назад)
For the most blessed of the CBN audience, salvation has been prepared for you since the beginning, look toward Antarctica and meet the New Age of angels. Human suffering is only for the unlucky, the sick and the poor...

Автор Robert Allen ( назад)
Is everyone at CBN getting excited to see the Abomination of Desolation become revealed soon? For all those who prayed to participate in the end times... God loves you and has heard your prayers.

Автор Robert Allen ( назад)
When is Trump going to use the technology that Cheney took down the entire World Trade Center Complex on 911 including building 7 later in the afternoon? I bet Trump will have fun using this baby! Dr. Judy Wood has some evidence that needs to be noticed. It would be awesome to see Trump take down another building like the Mosque of the Dome in Jerusalem? That would make some good entertainment!

Автор Mavette Augustine ( назад)
But attacking is ok???

Автор TheJazzie6 ( назад)
yes they did show it they need God wisdom to they scared LOL!!

Автор Brandi Mata ( назад)
lets pray for people i dont want to die im in texas we did nothing please pray for me im 9 i dont want die

Автор Tami Starlight ( назад)
bleh. right wing oppressive dogma channel. kinda of like fox? white supremacists.

Автор Carol Maule ( назад)
Thank you CBN news as usual you bring the Lords concerns up front. Blessings to your day folks as you bless me !

Автор KNOWLEDGE First ( назад)
Nice suprised attack

Автор ANNA LUCAS ( назад)
Israel taking care of the wounded.

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