TIME BREAKER JOHAN?! - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Xbox One Gameplay Part 33 | Pungence

  • Published on Jan 3, 2017
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 gameplay walkthrough on Xbox One! Time Breaker Johan?! Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is the sequel to Dragon Ball Xenoverse! Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a game based on the Dragon Ball Z series. After defeating Demigra, Mira, and Towa, it looks like there is a new threat! You create your own character as either a frieza, saiyan, majin, human, or namekian race. You will develop new skills as you get mentored by famous characters from the series. Outside of the main story, there are also side quests, PvP battles up to 3v3, and local multiplayer.
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  • the man
    the man Month ago

    do another omni god mod

  • Johan Velasquez
    Johan Velasquez Month ago

    Johan is my name bro

  • Erika Hong
    Erika Hong 2 months ago

    He died

  • Stacey Vasilovich
    Stacey Vasilovich 3 months ago

    Wh-Where’s chi-chi?

  • Landon Hollaway
    Landon Hollaway 4 months ago

    The doge treets

  • Alex Rosa
    Alex Rosa 5 months ago

    This man uses the exact same combo

  • Mantra Singh
    Mantra Singh 5 months ago

    did u see that reccom 's butts were showing

  • Christina Carter
    Christina Carter 6 months ago

    25:15, DAD, STOP THIS

  • Xenoverse 2 King
    Xenoverse 2 King 6 months ago

    How do u emporores death beam

  • Xenoverse 2 King
    Xenoverse 2 King 6 months ago

    How do u get final explosión

  • Caiden Switch
    Caiden Switch 6 months ago

    He’s not in this perfect form he’s in his first form

  • itsnathan shine
    itsnathan shine 6 months ago

    Pungence I love when at the start of the video you turn super saiyan
    gold and blue

  • Jessi Cardona
    Jessi Cardona 6 months ago

    Im level 99 and a god

  • A.I.M Videos
    A.I.M Videos 7 months ago

    shouldn't you have done Joku in DBX1 then Johan in DBX2

    • Conga Bonga
      Conga Bonga 3 months ago

      I mean- in the dragon ball universe Gohan is Goku's grandpa
      So it does make sense

  • Fern Roseweir
    Fern Roseweir 7 months ago

    If Johan is blinked out of existence, how is Joku still there? That defies the laws of physics because Johan is Joku's dad??!!!!??

  • Fern Roseweir
    Fern Roseweir 7 months ago

    26:54 Pungy's voice XD

  • ninjagokuxcno r
    ninjagokuxcno r 8 months ago

    JOHAN? 24:11

  • Favour
    Favour 8 months ago +1

    Joku turns SuperSayin4 Wen Johan Die

  • Shontell Trotter
    Shontell Trotter 8 months ago

    Can joku and Johan fuse

  • RÅzE Rlopez
    RÅzE Rlopez 9 months ago

    2019 anyone??

  • YoBoiiJandiel 5
    YoBoiiJandiel 5 9 months ago

    You need the super soul
    "A monster? No I am a devil!!

  • Fakhruddin Antri
    Fakhruddin Antri 10 months ago

    The story goes like this
    When joku is fighting johan
    Joku:dad stop please snap out of it.
    Towa:he is under my controll hahahahahaha.
    Joku:dad sorry
    And turns into ssj3 which johan could'n do.

  • Zaithoon Nila
    Zaithoon Nila 10 months ago

    Can you please help me with the shadow dragons level please

  • loise Coles
    loise Coles 10 months ago

    I know why he disappeared it’s cause Towa went back in time and made sure he never came

  • Heather Banks
    Heather Banks 11 months ago


  • Jenn
    Jenn 11 months ago +2


  • Droppedpanda 757
    Droppedpanda 757 Year ago

    If you have the super soul 40 tun weight equep it it gives you a bouns

  • Plasma kinesis
    Plasma kinesis Year ago

    Y didn’t u limit boost when u got stamina broken?

  • Takis Vidalis
    Takis Vidalis Year ago

    Joku was forced to fight his father

  • Dripppyboy lando Wells

    I have that on my Nintendo but I have no trans formations in my inventory on my awoken skill

  • PPAC
    PPAC Year ago


  • Danyalle Taylor
    Danyalle Taylor Year ago

    Maybe he is fighting the mask and trying to hold back

  • Amarjargal Chuluun

    I wish they animate everybody

  • Ajani Thompson
    Ajani Thompson Year ago

    He said what is wrong with these senses wow

  • L M
    L M Year ago

    Hi joe I love your channel and love dragon Bill z please do more dragon ball Z I play the 1 version my character is a close combat character like if your character is a close combat character? And you please play version 1.

  • SaiyanSonGoku Z
    SaiyanSonGoku Z Year ago

    If Johan disappeared would Joku disappear too?

  • camila teles santil
    camila teles santil Year ago +1

    Johan: Mr Joku I Dont Feel So Good

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown Year ago +1

    I'm level 78

    PUPPET GAMEZ Year ago

    I made joten

  • Amir Jackson
    Amir Jackson Year ago


  • SoulPro More Games

    24:07 Thank me later.

  • Sgt Flippy
    Sgt Flippy Year ago

    Bardock is the strongest of all saiyans!

  • Viviana CARDONA
    Viviana CARDONA Year ago

    Can you notice me?

  • Black Belts Recommended Nelson

    I can’t even see my phone is blurry

  • sumo pharma
    sumo pharma Year ago

    sorry for not canunet and to be control bad time breaker sorry pungence

  • Dr Gaster
    Dr Gaster Year ago

    Theres a certain order to,get the great saiyaman helmet, if u ask ill tell you, not putting it down now cuz not gonna waste time explaining if u dont see this

  • Suely Alvarenga
    Suely Alvarenga Year ago


  • Boruto Uzamaki
    Boruto Uzamaki Year ago

    Goju ssgb

  • Jeremy The Zombie

    May I ask how you got your time breaker mask for your Johan? I’ve been dying to get that

    • Jeremy The Zombie
      Jeremy The Zombie Year ago

      Or wait nvm sorry my bad that was for the Towa and Mira mission near the end my bad lol

  • Lisa Martinez
    Lisa Martinez Year ago

    It the guy who fight with goku.

  • Epic gamer Justin

    Nice vid

  • Epic gamer Justin

    I think you and your character have the same hair style

  • rooster slap
    rooster slap Year ago

    Use unleash your power do it

  • Tyler Chambers
    Tyler Chambers Year ago

    Always loved the Bardock custscene, that rapeface...

  • da what
    da what Year ago

    He has seven dragonballs and he didn't realize what the he'll

  • PICKLERICK99 gaming

    You don't have sleeves

  • Ryan Hardin
    Ryan Hardin Year ago

    i beated the game

  • Shaun Brown
    Shaun Brown Year ago

    At level 80 I think you get potenshel unlesh

  • djdjdjjdn sjsjsjdjd


  • YTPlayz
    YTPlayz Year ago

    22:29 _best animated scene_ *2018*